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  • thoughts__around__ 1w


    Shining silver stars
    Guiding bright moonlight at night
    Zephyr to kiss the soul~ joy

  • sujmamchat 6w

    The Windchimes

    Listen to the tinkle of the windchime
    It's like a poetry which does rhyme
    Like a cuckoo bird which tells us the time.

    It's a sound of music that touches the soul
    Each of its limbs, always engaged in a role
    As if the windchimes are aiming for a goal.

    It is said, wind chimes bring us blessings and wishes
    Is it a baby girl blowing her kisses ?
    Or is it, the luck brought by turtles and fishes ?

    It has the bells which rings out with pride
    Hanging by the door, swinging with the tide
    Sweet smiles of a lovely, shy bride..

    The gentle zephyr makes it go around
    Making the merry tinkling sound
    Cherishing, the new life, that it has found.

    Reminds us of the luxurious, windy breeze
    Blowing in and out of the door, to please
    The windchimes, whose motion does never cease.

    It hums like a child who has found a treasure
    In a calm moonlit night, which adds to pleasure
    In the vastness of the beach, having no measure.

    Good fortune, the windchime forever sings
    Like a peace loving dove which flaps its wings
    And tidings of good luck it always brings

    @ Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

  • gutzwvw 8w


    All the rhymes are revolting.
    All the butterflies escaping.
    In this landscape we are making.
    Souls united for one purpose but to thrive.
    Come with me dear dove and dive.
    Into the deep we go.
    Forgoing worry and stress.
    Be blessed as the rest.
    You are not alone in heaven.
    These grey and white walls.
    Hide many secrets.
    These gardens have the fruit of our labour's.
    Believe little one, in the infinite.
    A place made of ash and dust.
    With shade and water.
    And the perfect breeze.

  • aphrodite53 12w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #haynaku #wod #zephyr

    Thank you WN for the ❤️ and EC!!

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    Filled zephyr
    Reminisce of you.

    -Elita Sheen

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 22w


    The wishes for her,
    The memories of her,
    The love I had for her,
    The thoughts about her,
    All came in like a Zephyr,
    And left me cleansed.


  • fervent_writing 26w

    And, how do you describe his love towards you..??
    her best friend asked.

    His love is soft and gentle like a zephyr.
    She blushed.


  • divshetty04 28w

    That zephyr,
    When he passed by my soul
    Kissed my cheeks,
    Whispered in my ears
    Of his love for me.

  • athulya_nair 30w

    Gliding through
    The lock of
    My hair.

    Is my
    Heart, waving along.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 31w


    That night was the most scenic blushing with an auroral glow,
    Darkness was embroidered with multi-hued artistry, the moonbow,
    Moist petals of the vagrant clouds drizzled with warmth and affection,
    Tranquilizing the breath (zephyr) of cradling waves of ocean.

    The velour of the sky was being knitted by the angels,
    They embellished with glinting beads, in divine apparels,
    A crescent diamond was engraved to blow a scintillating kiss,
    A tinge of a moonbow elevated the quantum of bliss.

    It was the first time she was with him all alone,
    In the night time, in the middle of a beach, where starlight shone,
    He cloistered her soul within his arms, she rested her head on his chest,
    his heartbeats matched the tone of the waves escaping shore's arrest.

    The collision of souls in sheer silence, helped them find solace,
    Amalgamation of their solitude, glided in with grace,
    Gazing at the skies, they felt as if heavens nodded in acceptance,
    Showered their Union with the stardust, the most glorious, in pleasance.

    #moonbow #night #lovers #moon #seashore #zephyr #romance #beach #starlight #heaven #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquil #writerscommunity

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  • puranidiary 35w

    @writersnetwork ��❣ thanku for liking the post (9th)�� ...me loves you(❁´◡`❁)

    ������������ ���� ����������������..

    Wistful eyes possess rugged wave of memories
    And the sinking heart keeps on scribbling stories
    Hoping best to survive in those fullstop & comma
    Beholding the mask of poet, blaring the trauma
    Sometimes it lets down the rage on ruffled pages
    Fierce ink weaves the silent Poetries and phrases
    Seldom the words put on serenity as their attire
    Vague love shattered crafts the origami of desire
    paints Mosaic of emotions with tears falling apart
    Gist of pain decorates the cold facet of her heart
    Seeking the sense of euphoria in her numb scars
    As zephyr blows she breathes life under stars...

    Just a silly try to cover up for few prompts i missed ..
    I know it feels incomplete... :-/
    P. S:- any suggestions for coping up with writers block.��
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay @fromwitchpen
    @mirakeeworld #mosaic #mask #origami #poet #zephyr #prompt #heart #tears #poet #phrases #emotions #she #follow #wod #pod

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  • sunset_in_autumn 38w

    BLack Swan

    It's little past midnight. Pale moon, lucid stars, wistful wind,me and my emotions frozen to the soul. Inactivity, coldness in and out. Clouds heavy with emotional mayhem veiling the moon, yet the moonlight penetrates through the light illuminating the duvet of stoicism, muffler of acceptance that are lying frosted in the dark.
    // Memories shivering of cold//

    I burn the wet woods of loneliness with blaze of philosophy. No fire,but wisp of smoke forever rising and choking me.Out of breathlessness, I look around. There is a seductive highway persistently persuading my forlorn eyes with enticing warm gaze. Highway is less travelled by, reluctant I am but the warmth is promising and I stroll down the memory lane.
    // Emotions melting in bliss//

    I see us sitting down, bathing in moonlight as I ramble in the alley of amnesia. Cuddling each other, drenching in love. Ruddy moon flirting with you, bright stars twinkling to woo you, playful zephyr embracing your sleek curls. Nature was desperate that night. Envious of me, moon swooned, stars slept and zephyr turned around, for they knew you were mine.
    // Mercury rising, blood diluted with nostalgia//

    Restless sun nudging the horizon to kiss you.Your eyes awakening dawn, giving rise to the thoughts of infinite. I see myself bathing in bliss besides you. You shy yourself in me, the touch so ecstatic, so fervent and whisper " together till eternity".
    //Fire is horrendous, outrageous now//

    Heart pumps fast, pupils dilate, tissues burn, melancholic blood draining out. Soul shrinking in pure starvation. All burnt but eyes and I lie dead with longing eyes dewed with saudade. Promises, togetherness till eternity crucified and hungered by wrath of reality feeds on decaying me.
    // Conflagration//

    My eyes smile as a black swan sits besides me. Pitying the plight, settling karmas, she closes my eyes.The touch so ecstatic, so fervent, so familiar. Casts her spell, heals the burnt, brings me back to life. Why?
    To die again!!
    // There is no Nirvana for memories//


  • rhythmic_beats 43w

    Heya! Today is world poetry day♥️

    Poetry: Mirakee's heartbeat��

    Happy world poetry day
    @mirakee @writersnetwork ��
    You are inspiration for writing down poetry✨

    I have tried to reflect the zephyrs of various poetry which we all love to write down. Poetry is zephyr every soul want to have in their majestic yet mysterious life.

    Mistakes welcomed ��

    #zephyr #poetry #poet #try #different #rhymes #life
    #worldpoetryday #typesofpoetry #love
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Zephyrs of poe|t|ry

    Zephyrs of poetry
    Cuddles our soul
    Like the moon cuddles
    The peaceful night.

    Day starts with
    Metrical patterns of
    /Blank verses /,
    A wake-up call to the
    Sleeping dreams.

    Words start walking
    Into the path of
    /Rhyming poetry /
    Like the colours
    Of dawn rhyming
    To the endless sky.

    Sitting under the
    Shade of tree
    Penning down
    /Free verses /
    Of life.

    Words lined up
    One by one ready to flow in
    /Narrative poetry /.

    The zephyr of
    /Haikus /
    Is favorite among all
    Like a nap from tired life.

    One finds himself
    In the magical
    /Pastoral poetry /
    As he blends
    To the harmony of nature
    And dances of rural voices.

    Like fourteen principles
    Of management, waves
    The beauty of
    /Sonnet /
    Bonding along with
    Lovely rhyming couplet.

    /Limerick poetry /
    Accompanying with
    Short rhymes like
    The smile rhymes to
    Adorable gaze with loved ones!

    /Lyric poetry /
    Flowing like a waterfall of emotions
    Which the soul drenches
    Into it completely.

    The pen and pages
    Hold the crown of a poet
    By winning the
    /Ode poetry /
    Of a poet as they are poet's
    Key to open the door of love.

    Like melodious
    Musical instruments comes the
    /Ballad poetry /
    Singing its own mellifluous tunes.

    One frees the pain of loss
    And melancholies by tears of
    /Elegies poetry /.

    How can one miss the
    Biggest satisfying zephyrs of
    /Soliloquy poetry /;
    Unwinding his cells, heart
    And soul in the journey of life.

    /Villanelle poetry /;
    The ecstatic queen
    With pride of five tercets
    And a quatrain having
    Dazzling internal rhymes
    And smile having
    Sweet obsessions.

    The soul, the biggest warrior
    Of universe who daily battles
    The challenges of life
    Finds himself in
    /Epic poetry /
    Like The Odyssey.

    Whatever our soul inks
    Surely waves the
    Zephyrs of poetry;
    Zephyrs of poet's try!

  • samswan 47w


    What is it like to be a wildflower?
    It's like dancing with the sweet zephyr and taking voyage in wilderness of the world.
    Sleeping under free azure
    without the fear of seizure.
    - Samiksha

  • ndichuu 57w


    Gentle as a zephyr.
    To my scars you're a healer.
    You are my escape when I'm bitter.
    You bring merry to my inner.
    Like cherrywine, your blood is rare and sweeter.
    How I love you my lovely sister.


  • puranidiary 57w

    All my life

    All my life I've looked at words as rhyme of all life jingles
    Luminous of my dark kingdom as those stars twinkle
    Coated with concealed pain expressing all giggles
    Washing down past taints like those fresh sprinkle
    Pouring my inert sensation just like brook flows
    Comforting my bleeding heart as the zephyr blows
    Illustrating my life illusions all sweet and fray
    Disclosing through eyes which lips fail to say
    And Scribbled letters,the Swords of my all fights
    All my life I've looked at words as my knight

  • unnibabu 62w

    Midnight Zephyr

    Midnight zephyr sneaks through the window
    Cleansing mind that got tainted by thoughts.
    It is love; it is hope
    It may be the benevolent sigh of God.

    Midnight zephyr heralds the dawn
    Carrying the essence of what the future has got
    It is strength; it is faith
    It may be the messenger of the soul.

    © unni babu

  • rinky_kumari 62w


    Untold word are silent on the heart
    Some things cannot be said
    Some things cannot be expressed
    Some things cannot lie to yourself..
    Just we can feel the sorrow of unspoken word


  • daphnae 63w

    Time flies, just like the hummingbirds from our window. And memories stay, somehow digging their way up once our senses come into contact with their chattels. Some words still, can weave the same ecstasy we felt, when we heard or read them for the first time. And today, of all the other days, is different. The misspelled tattoo which I have been carrying on my arms as a mistake, I am admiring it with my tears. It's been so long, but I can still breathe the air filled with my anger that day, for you ruined the tattoo on my arm.

    A hot, summer day, cradling the sanguine zephyrs, swiftly blowing the strands off my loose bun. I went to you, eagerness dripping off along my sweat. Eagerly waiting for my first tattoo done, with my pen name: Saya! I saw your troubled face, once I entered. Eyes, dancing along with tides of confusion, and they stopped by me, as if I was the shore. You made me sit, and started with your work. That huge machine, took my life out, until you assured me, telling me about my dress. I couldn't believe the sight I saw, after you were done. I still remember my tears flowing incessantly and you panicking like I already stopped breathing. I remember my scream, "You spelled it wrong! That's why I said, I hate tattoos. And I hate you." And I left.

    What still makes me laugh, the same way I did that day, when you came with a sorry note to me, is: I never had any clue how you found me, and your eyeballs still danced staring at the floor until they made their way into mine. I grasped your shaking hands, until they shook mine. The current passed, and is passing now through my skin, tingling each and every pore. And somehow, I felt you deeper, beyond my eyes. I slammed the door on your face.
    Little did I know, that place beyond my eyes, was my heart.
    Little did I know, I would never get to drown in your eyes again.
    Little did I know, I would still be writing about you with your blurry face I carry in my memories.
    And the strangest thing is, I adore the misspelled name on my arms: it's like the moon full of scars, still being the reason for many people being poets.

    #zephyr #andthestrangestthing #mirakee #wn #pod #octoberodyssey #blurc @writersnetwork

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  • leena_afsha_ishrot 65w

    16/10/2020 5:44 p.m.

    ���������� �� �������� ��������, �� �������� ���� ���� ������

    I ain't expecting of a fairy fondness
    All I want a hand to hold me
    Whenever I feel to mute from the worldly thoughts
    And walk on the shore
    Where cold zephyr embrace me
    And the couches sing lullabies
    To sleep under the starry night
    Which lightens the beauty of the night
    And lessen the feeling of nothingness

    #leena_unsaidwords #zephyr #full_moon #pod #writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay @writershub

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  • amsterdam 67w

    @writersnetwork, thank you.������✨

    Zephyr: A Promise Of Better Days Ahead

    How is your day going on so far?

    Mine is a stretch of quiet joys inspiring me to live and write about. Telling me to switch off my phone, find a space in the balcony and bask on the gentle zephyr promising peace, all mine to enjoy on a lovely afternoon. When the weather is made of beautiful dreams and the sepia glow frames a cinematic view as Christmas songs fill the air with warm nostalgia, I take a deep breath and let it all sink in.

    Days like today fill my cup with hope to the brim. When the sun paints the skies with the most breathtaking hues of blues, washing away all the ugly blues. Like a soothing balm doing wonders to the weary soul, making me feel everything is going to be fine.

    I no longer count the days and try to label them good or bad. I simply take them as they are and receive the gifts they have for me. The lessons and life hacks that get me through trying times and keep me sane amidst the chaos and uncertainty.
    I'm not going to pretend that it's all sunshine from this side but I dwell on the gentle knowing that no matter how seemingly strange or dark a season is, it always carries some light.

    It may seem hard to find things to celebrate about nowadays when the world seems to be upside down and things can get overwhelming.
    But we will surely get by.

    Cherish tidbits of happiness no matter how small they may be. Look for the little packets of silver linings scattered on secret corners you'd never imagine waiting for you to be found.
    When all else fails, still, be gentle with yourself.
    Breathe deeply like you never did before. Let the soothing zephyr touch and heal your soul.

    Hold space.
    Embrace the gentle parts of today.
    Of every day.

    ( After LT. Gomez)

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