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    She was married in early age
    To the one who was much older.
    Despite having sense of everything
    Time couldn't make her bolder.

    At the first night, He disrespected her,
    And used her body for his need.
    How could be he so?
    He was a pervert indeed.

    Without her will, he did sex with her
    And acted brutally, when she wanted to stop.
    Neither she could be a villain
    Nor she could be a cop.

    Even after getting pregnant
    She was never left.
    He used her as his 'sex machine'
    Her dignity was totally theft.

    She gave birth to a dead child,
    Still he continued to play with her.
    And when her private part became loose,
    He sold her to others.

    They also used her as sex machine,
    And she couldn't raise her voice.
    She was being beaten and dragged,
    The life wasn't of her choice.

    Even when she died, She died naked,
    And no one cared.
    They had mean just with her body,
    That they always shared.

    With her, died all the humanity
    And died the made rules.
    Where did everyone go,
    Who had their pens as their tools?

    Now a days people think
    Sex is so cool and must needed thing.
    They play with bodies
    And leave others in the closed ring.

    We fought for child marriage
    As teenage is not the age for sex.
    But nowadays teenagers themselves do sex,
    To the own feet, they become the axe.

    Not only girls but also boys,
    Yes boys are also used as sex machine.
    We forget humanity
    And ignore whatever is seen.

    Really? Is a human being a sex machine?
    Doesn't matter if he or she.
    Is this really ok to remain silent?
    Doesn't matter if you or me!

    Sex is not a pleasure
    Nor anyone is the sex machine.
    Think twice over it
    Don't be a mean.

    Rules will be in making and breaking
    We'll have to be active.
    Never do or let anyone do such things,
    Always be attentive.

    This post is fictional here
    But is real with many.
    You must pay attention
    If you see any.

    This is the way
    We can bring the change,
    Else we'll keep listening to these news
    And will be acting strange...


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    She Or He -Are They A Sex Machine?

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    She was waiting for a bus,
    With a 5 months old, in her lap.
    The little one suddenly started crying,
    After waking up from a nap.

    Oh my son,you must be hungry,
    You're needed to be fed.
    But how do I feed you,
    without sitting on a bed.

    The crying was getting louder,
    But how could the little one control it.
    And she forgot to carry the milk bottle,
    But anyhow found a place to sit.

    She opened the hook of her frock,
    And started feeding the toddler.
    While giving him a breast feeding.
    She saw some eyes staring at her.

    "Look how shameless she is",one of them said.
    She's showing her breast to us.
    She shouldn't had to do so at the public place,
    Couldn't she wait for the bus?

    You can't feed your kid here.
    Won't be for you, but for us it's embarrassing.
    Taunting with all these to her,
    They kept harassing .

    Oh wow what a perfectly shaped breast,
    I wish, if she could feed me.
    How lucky her baby is, who's getting that milk,
    I wish if I was that baby.

    Listening to all these she started crying,
    Still kept feeding her son.
    Hiding him in her arms tightly,
    She also tried hiding herself from the bad one.

    Rest public stood silently,
    Like it gave them any victory.
    Those who were unorthodox,
    Also couldn't change the history.

    She returned back home,
    With thousands of questions inside her.
    Was it wrong to feed her hungry child?
    But there was no one to guide her.

    The question that arises here is that,
    Why do we create issue over every thing.
    Aren't your wives,sisters,mothers have babies,
    Don't they give their kids, breastfeeding.

    When models and heroines show the
    bulge and shapes of their breasts.
    Everyone loves to see and appreciate them.
    Why don't men cover their own chests.

    To those,who feel excitements looking at breasts,
    Whenever they see cleavage.
    Why do you stare at those breasts
    Why do you tryna touch them,showing oneself sage.

    And to those women,
    Who feel shy to feed their kids in public
    And stop other women to do so,
    Are you all mentally sick?

    Why do you think that it's organ performance,
    It's not any intention.
    Why do you think if she's feeding her kid,
    Then she's giving you invitation.

    They just feed their hungry kid,
    It's the right of kids to have their food anywhere.
    We should not arrise questions on this activity,
    Stop acting weird and looking here and there.

    Don't you take your foods at public places?
    Does it make anyone feel embarrassed?
    Likewise it's the food of a baby.
    Then why breastfeeding makes you harrassed?

    Breast feeding is good for both mom and child,
    No one should feel shy.
    And if someone embarrasses you over it
    Just slap them with a question,',Why'?

    Let's change the world's mentality,
    Let's take a new resolution.
    It's the ultimate reply to all the orthodoxies,
    And this is the ultimate revolution.

    ©Rani Shri

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    Let the babies get their food
    Let the mothers feed.
    Let's change our thoughts,
    Let's bring a new need.

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    It was midnight. The clock was showing 3AM. I felt something uncomfortable which had interrupted my sleeping. I felt like something wet in my lower undies. As I'm habitual, I got my periods was started. And then I get to know about the reason behind the pain that occurred two days ago. I woke up and opened my closet to take out the pad. While changing the pad, I could see the reddish black blood as a wet spot. I attached the pad with my undies keeping the adjustments in my mind. I checked the front, back and the sides that if I had fit the pad correctly or not. Done with this, I came back to the bed and tried to sleep again but the periods pain had came along with it, which was provoking me to wake up and fight with it. The baby sleep had turned out into the temporary insomina. Changing the sides in every five minutes, I was trying and trying...

    Any how the time passed and the night turned out into the morning. Doesn't matter if I had remembered the date and was mentally prepared for it but still the pain is pain.The killer pain had increased now which couldn't be removed by any painkiller. But still, I had to fight with it. I woke up for the daily basic routines. Went to washroom, while peeing, I could see the reddish black blood flow on the toilet seat.

    The pain and the cramps were increasing by the time. I was clearly feeling the pain in my vagina which was continuously laying me down. The pain and cramps in my pellet,waist,thighs,legs, backs, buts and even in breasts were breaking me. All the inside functions were affecting the outside part of my body. It seemed like someone is spearing the poke inside the uterus and it's walls. I can't have the painkiller as it's not the matter of a single day and having painkillers every month will affect the health. There aren't any perfect ointment to massage over them but some exercises help out in reduction in the pain. The hot water bags help out in this. The period cup, tampons are useful in absorbing the blood. I'm thankful that I don't use leaves and old clothes.

    I choose the wooden stool over the bed to sit down. Everytime I check if there is any spot on bed or on my trouser if i sit there. I don't have to touch the auspicious things. I don't have to go to the temple and kitchen. I can't touch pickles as it is said that touching pickle in periods can decay them. I have to wash my clothes by my own.I avoid wearing white clothes because of blood stain. I have to wear a smile everytime to hide the pain. The day passes with the changing mood and different mood swings, but I have to hold them as a secret. I can't share my pain with anyone nor I can talk over it with my father or brother. They say what happened why are you acting weird and sitting like that,but I can't answer them. The periods makes me feel like stranger and untouched at my own house. Or I myself had isolated myself from the crowd. I want to shout but I can't. Any type of tension or stress can affect the date and bleeding. To maintain the hygiene, I have to wash my body part, where the blood comes out from. Everytime I have to wrap the pad into a paper to throw it. Even when i go to buy it, they wrap it into a the newspaper.

    I can feel the hot flow of the blood and the thick blood clots. I have to wash every garment that I wore, doesn't matter if for 24 hours or for 24 minutes. I can't eat something sour. I can't eat pickles as it will increase the bleeding. I can't move any where. I feel like lazy. Sometimes I get pimples because of periods. I have to face the orthodox. People with a different mindset say that "you are a girl and periods comes so that you can have a complete rest of 4 to 5 days". But how do I tell them that, "I can have a rest just from daily works but I can't have the rest with all these pains and cramps". I have to check for the leakages and I have to change my pad time to time. Sometimes the pungent smell of blood vanishes the fragrance of pad. The wet pad sticks with the butts and everytime I have to unstick it and bring it back to the position. The night passes in changing the sides but I'm directed to sleep by left side.

    Fighting all the night, I move to the second day. I can see the blood spot on the bed sheet. I can see that the bleeding this time was much more than the previous one, that's why it leaked out from the side and it is now on the bed. I have to wash the bed sheet. Earlier I used to cry over this but now I am mature by the mind so I think it's normal but still cursing 'why I am a girl?', shouting and abusing 'why I am a girl?'. I am bound to wash the bedsheet. I am feeling weak but I can't do anything. I call my bestie, she catches me with my voice and ask if I was fine and then I say 'no I am going through my periods'.

    She says 'I am also going through it, ok which day?'

    'The second day'.

    'OMG, it's the second day of mine too'. Laughing over the true best friendship, we are going through it.

    Ugh it's itching now and it is itching very badly and irritating me now. Oh no! I just sneezed & I am feeling like the blood is flowing like hell ,does it change into the sea of blood whenever i sneeze? Suddenly my mommy sees a blood spot on my lower that makes me feel embarrassed and she scolds me to change it as soon as possible and says me to take a shower. The bleeding is more than the first day. Also I'm feeling like vomiting and headache. My body is motionless. I use two to three pads a day and sometimes forth one too.

    The third day, the bleeding reduced still I'm suffering all the unconditional discomforts. The number of using pads also gets less. This is how these days pass. It's the fourth day when I have to do shampoo to change my impurity into purity. And eat something sweet. The pain has also decreased so as the bleeding. As I know it will bleed less, so I use the small pad instead of the big. I'm free of the periods after the fifth day. A pinch of pain ,I felt on the fifth day as well. My periods are over but just for this month. It will come again and again the every month and I'll have to face and suffer all those things. It's the tragic story of every month that every girl or woman goes through.

    So this was the story of periods. It isn't easy the way it looks. It's not easy to bleed for continuous five days and suffer the pain and pressures..
    We don't need sympathy, we need some love , hugs and a lot of cares, that's it...


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    Written by many people
    Explained in many books,
    But suffering periods isn't
    that easy,the way it looks.


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    I was born a baby girl,
    but nobody looked joyous.
    My mother was smiling with
    the motherhood, brave and pious.

    She looked after me,
    swallowing to the grandma's taunt.
    She taught me the morals,
    bearing the fires in the back and front.

    Slowly, I was turning 16 and by then,
    she taught me to fight.
    One day unfortunately,
    she passed away in the mid night.

    I was married to a man,
    who was more than double of my age.
    Before this, I could spread my feathers,
    the bird Inside me, was closed into the cage.

    He forcefully used me as his physical need.
    And left me making pregnant.
    The fire inside me was spreading rapidly,
    and I didn't want to become more tolerant.

    Before getting healed,
    I gave birth to a dead girl child.
    The pain became now a fire,
    which didn't remain mild.

    The scattered bravery had to be collected,
    The tears had to be wiped out,which fell like the rain.
    With the broken pieces of my strong existence,
    I created 'the brave me' once again.

    Despite giving me morals,
    my mother had filled me with bravery,
    which was now my weapon.
    The ultimate weapon to cut the slavery.

    I gathered my courage
    and thought to fight back.
    I put all my efforts
    to get all my rights back.

    Being a courageous human being
    and this time not becoming naive,
    I made them all punish.
    Yes! I was turning 'brave'.

    Every time, keeping my feet on new step,
    I found my mother inside me.
    By the passing time,
    I was the bravest woman and so was she.

    I,then lived the life,
    that she wanted me to give.
    Motivating every next person,
    happiness is all, I recieve.

    My mother was very brave.
    And the same I received from her.
    To change the world's existing history,
    I created the another.

    Bravery doesn't come from the birth,
    It's what you have to gain and bring.
    Because to fly high in the horizon,
    You need bravery in your wings.

    This is all, I just want to convey,
    To everyone, I would like to say-
    "Being weak will leave you of nowhere,
    Remaining silent will kill you of fear."

    "Live the life being brave,
    Before living in the grave."


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    "Live the life being brave.
    Before living in the grave."

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    Read only if you have time.
    1st story

    What will you charge for one night?
    Thousand of more.
    Ok whatever it is,will see later
    First close the door.

    Putting off her clothes
    Opening the bra and petticoat.
    Touch,kiss,suck from the breast to vagina
    Quenching the desire of thirsty throat.

    Enjoying her body thinking that she's a prostitute
    And she's trying to satisfy him any how.
    After all it's her profession
    She has to satisfy him now.

    Now he's done he's leaving
    He paid the amount of the night.
    It was a great pleasure with you
    And moves away after one more bite.

    2nd story
    She's passing through a mid of market
    And they start taunting and commenting.
    She feels shy and embarrassed
    And they weren't melting.

    He was one of them to make her feel low
    Of what she's and what is her profession.
    They were looking at her with disdainful eyes
    After all she's in prostitution.

    She sleeps with many men
    Every night there's someone new.
    She's a curse to our cultured society
    Spreading her bad impact is all she has to do.

    She didn't say anything
    And came back where she lived.
    Even after giving her body to him
    This is what she had recieved.

    You're not that much attractive now
    Oh your vagina is very loose.
    I want some new item
    You're none of my use.

    Sometimes she also gets raped
    And sometimes she dies due to HIV disease.
    Left in pain with no person to serve
    Sometimes left,with no please.

    She's forced to eat pregnancy pills
    And is left if she gets pregnant.
    Her kids are ignored in society
    And are treated very violent.

    Her mother is prostitute
    He has many fathers.
    Listening to all these
    Still the courage to live ,she gathers.

    Did we ever think why do they do it?
    Some of them do it to get a food packet.
    Some of them are unwillingly doing
    Caught for the business of sex racket.

    Some become habitual to this
    So they compromise with destiny.
    And happily share their nights
    With the rates max or mini.

    What's her fault?
    Being a prostitute & sharing her nights?
    Is this the profession
    That stings your sights?

    Even if we see the positive aspect
    She's the saver of many lives,We will find.
    She gives her body to fulfil the sexual desire.
    This is how she saves an innocent,with greedy mind.

    A heroine wears short dress
    And creates the erotica and desires.
    But a prostitute sells and sacrifices her body
    Putting herself in this fires.

    Yes, Prostitution is not good at all
    But a prostitute lady indirectly saves.
    Not only you but also me and others
    From the person,for the body,who always craves.

    Prostitute or Non-Prostitute
    Everyone needs a good respect.
    They also have right to live happily
    This is what,from us, they expect.

    Don't talk to her if she crosses by you, it's okay
    But at least don't misbehave with her.
    Thinking about she is also one of the reason
    That our dignity is untouched by people sinister.

    No one is happy in giving their dignity
    But if they do it,then there must be some reasons.
    Don't think bad and disdainful of her.
    Just think and be clear with visions..


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    She was passing by the street
    The street light was falling on her face.
    Being followed by someone
    A person,perhaps, with no grace.

    Scared with the daily news
    And here she was all alone.
    Who will help her now
    All her partners were gone.

    Her Dupatta fell down
    But she didn't care.
    She cried for the help.
    But no one was there.

    Her steps were getting fast to faster
    But he still continued to follow her.
    At the very lonely place
    She felt the hands ,stranger.

    Please leave me brother
    I have to go from here.
    Why are you following me
    Said she with the teary eyes and fear.

    Here's your dupatta 'sister',
    Relax I won't harm you any way.
    You're also like my own sister
    Whom I lost some day.

    You're calling me sister
    Then why are you following me.
    Will you defame the pure relationship too
    Oh God just see.

    No sister,I'll drop you at your place
    I promise, you're safe with me.
    I really say sorry for scaring you
    And he lied on his knees.

    But why are you helping me
    I didn't ask for so,
    And what happened to your sister.
    The story, may I know.

    He started-
    Some day at another place
    I was busy teasing and molesting a girl.
    I was about to touch her dignity
    And a call made me swirl.

    My sister called me that
    Some boys are molesting her.
    I was just shocked
    And she wasn't that much stronger.

    I left that girl and said
    I am sorry with my crying heart.
    The call of my crying sister
    Was stinging me like a dart.

    I ran to save my sister
    But till then they had left her raped
    And she had left the world
    And I was standing with my mouth taped.

    Somewhere I was molesting
    And snatching dignity of her.
    And somewhere I was getting punished
    By the rape of my own sister.

    And this is the place where
    My sister had lost her dignity.
    And this is the place where
    She left me with a responsibility.

    Since then till now
    I feel like every woman is my sister
    I wander here to save them.
    I don't leave in any condition sinister.

    I couldn't save my own sister
    But I promised her to save others
    And here today I was behind you
    To save you from problems like brothers.

    His eyes was full of tears
    And she was also in silence.
    Heading towards the destination now
    Without fear of any violence.

    She was silently thankful to him
    And looked at that gem.
    And he returned back there
    To save another sister from problem.


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    The Brother : A Rape Savior

    Taking her dignity,
    Won't increase your manhood.
    But saving her like a brother
    Will make you a man good.
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    Oh man look at that body
    That one is the perfect body figure.
    Look at that sexy girl in short dress
    Isn't she having a killer point of trigger.

    Hey, beautiful
    Will you share your bed and night.
    You'll damn enjoy it,
    Let's move somewhere else, right?

    Just shut up, She said angrily
    But they kept molesting her.
    She shouted for help,
    But no one helped the helpless poor.

    Have we ever thought what is rape?
    Just a forceful unwanted sex with someone
    And hitting her vagina, is this it?
    No there are so many things million.

    Looking at her with the greedy eyes
    Thinking having sex with her.
    Taunting over her physique and outfits
    Getting erotic over sexy figure.
    Isn't it a kinda rape?

    Trying to see the glimpse of her breasts
    From the clear showing cleavage,
    Holding her hand forcefully
    Acting with her like savage.
    Isn't it a kinda rape?

    Knowingly touching her hands, breasts, waists,
    belly, thighs,hips, when passing through,
    Why do you pat her hips and vagina
    When it's shameful act, you all know.
    Isn't it a kinda rape?

    Thinking to have physical relations with her
    Staring and having fun of her joggly hips
    And breasts while she walks or jumps,
    And talking about her glossy lips.
    Isn't it a kinda rape?

    Acting like someone pushed them
    And falling on her body like unknown,
    They think she's stupid.
    They don't know but,their intentions are well known.
    Isn't it a kinda rape?

    Raping her and leaving her
    And Rejecting her when she's pregnant.
    Not marrying her then
    And proving oneself innocent.
    Isn't it a kinda rape?

    Molestation and sexual exploitation,force kiss
    Domestic violence and marital rape,
    Yes sometimes boys also get victims of all these,
    Still on our mouths,we stick a tape.
    Isn't it a kinda rape?

    Isn't it weird,
    We see, we hear, we read, we write,
    We talk, we think and then we forget.
    But we never try to fight.
    Isn't it a kinda rape?

    We close our eyes ears and mouths
    And never try to fight for justice,
    Isn't it a kinda rape,
    What we always knowingly miss.

    Isn't it a rape not only with the victim
    Doesn't matter a boy or a girl of any age
    But also with their emotions and lives
    Still we block ourselves in cage.

    Isn't it a kinda rape not only with
    The justice but also with law.
    But also with us,our silence, anger and much more
    And the stories in news we draw?

    Just think over it.
    Make strict laws change mentality.
    Burning candles and protests are never gonna work,
    Turn your strength in fighting capability.

    Just think before doing or seeing such act.
    That she's someone's mother wife or sister.
    Live and let live everyone freely.
    Leaving the act and mentality sinister...


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    Isn't It A kinda Rape?

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  • rani_shri 96w


    Look at her,It's been 6 years of her marriage
    Still she's childless.
    Despite being so many years,
    She's living a life, full of mess.

    Her in-laws blame her taunt her
    And say she's bodeful
    His in-laws thought, he cheated them.
    He is one, who made them fool.

    The world sometimes judge him
    And sometimes arises question on her.
    Sometimes both are taken into gossips,
    And here, they both fight with each other.

    Why can't you give me a kid,
    And a heir to me.
    Why don't you improve your manhood,
    Why do only ,I see.

    But deep down they both were sad
    Unable to face people with low mentality.
    How do they prove that it's not their fault.
    They're also being, with some low abilities.

    You both are incomplete ,having no kid
    How will you cross through your old ages
    You should adopt one,
    Who'll care in those phases.

    Oh why don't you go to saints,
    Rather than fighting on bed.
    It's better than surrogacy and test tube babies
    Why to take burden on head.

    It's your fault, you're infertile.
    Why this infertility is bane.
    No one knows it's fault of none
    But will blame each other like insane.

    Infertility can be defined as, not being pregnant
    Despite having frequent and unprotected sex.
    Sometimes it's an issue with both
    And sometimes being unsex.

    In male, it's generally due to
    Abnormal sperm production or genetic defects
    In female, it's because of failure in ovulation
    Or menstrual issue, which effects.

    There are so many techniques to cut it,
    Like surrogacy, AI or donor egg/sperm.
    Just don't be ashamed of it.
    It's not a negligible term.

    There are so many reasons and techniques
    Dont let them feel descent.
    It could be with anyone.
    All they need for them is our positive ascent.

    Infertility is not a fault or curse.
    Nor it is God's punishment.
    It's just some biological and natural effect
    Having a many solutions in the time, present.

    Topic suggestion : @rupanshu_saneedip


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    Infertility:It's not a curse

    Read The Caption.
    And Think..

  • rani_shri 98w


    Everyone was happy except her.
    They were getting her married in the age very small.
    Yes! The doll herself was getting married,
    In the age of playing with doll.

    At the first night, what will he do,
    Unconsciously, She was afraid too much.
    But she was very perfectly known
    With the good and the bad touch.

    The so called husband of her Father's age came
    And stared her with the greedy eyes.
    With the fearful eyes,she was sweating,
    The heart was the witness,were the real fear lies.

    He came closer to the girl who was now married,
    And tried to hold her.
    The strength was getting down
    In the bold her.

    I'm married to you,I'm your husband
    No one can stop me using your body.
    Threatening laughter was falling like thunder,
    On the girl,who was just innocent and noddy.

    She tried to throw him apart,
    But couldn't move him even a little bit.
    And he forcibly touched her private parts,
    And the tiny virginity, he then took it.

    She was in pain, still tried to save herself,
    Dark Blood was flowing like hell.
    And he was continue using her body,
    Like she was brought free in sale.

    After quenching his thirst, he left from the room,
    And she was lying down.
    Defeated from her destiny
    She was like defeated pawn.

    Handling herself, she went to ask for help
    But no one helped her, not even her luck.
    You're married, he has full rights on you
    Oh these words just suck.

    She was surpressed saying,
    He was her husband with full rights.
    No laws are made to give you justice
    Aah! no one could help her in her fights.

    She was physically abused,despite being married,
    This is what we call a marital rape.
    Which we think shouldn't be talked
    And on our mouths, we stick a tape.

    Marital rape is a situation, where
    No one has right to force for sex without permission.
    Doesn't matter if you're married,
    You're bound under certain condition.

    There are many laws against this,
    But only few knows about them.
    Better we spread it as a knowledge
    Doesn't taking it as lame.

    No one can force you for sex,
    Even your own husband or wife
    You have your own rights,
    To freely live your life.



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    Marital Rape...

    Read it and think.

  • rani_shri 99w


    Can you give me a whisper choice ultra pad
    I asked loudly at the shop,
    Everyone started looking at me,
    Like there was a silence pin drop.

    I heared two ladies murmuring,
    How shameless is she,
    How she's shouting in public
    It doesn't good sound to me.

    Yes she should think,
    Were she's standing right now,
    She should maintain the dignity and privacy,
    That's what she doesn't know, how?

    Some of customers were staring at me,
    Some were judging me,
    Some were just silently praising me
    And some were treating as smudging me.

    I took pad and paid for it,
    Returning back home, i thought
    Why this thing doesn't change,
    Why they judged me like a spot.

    Go to a ladies' shop
    If you have to buy a pad
    Don't shout it in public
    Else they'll call you a mad.

    Don't discuss in front of father or brother
    Nor say them to bring it
    Don't let them know what is it
    Not even a knowledge a little bit.

    If a child asks what's that ,mumma
    No no it's just a packet of bread,
    Oh why don't you teach them what's it actually
    Why don't the general awareness, you spread.

    Why to wrap it in paper while giving,
    Why to carry it secretly as if it's a gun,
    Why do you change the channel or feel ashamed
    When the ad comes of pad, why do you run?

    What to feel ashamed of?
    It's just made of super absorbent polymer
    And the cotton, which is waterproof
    Some fragrances and generally white in color.

    It's a thing that has reduced
    The issue of using clothes and leaves
    Helps in leakage of periods blood,
    And a relaxation from red spot, it gives.

    Why to feel ashamed
    Or why to feel shy?
    Just a stupid mentality it's
    Can you answer the question of this 'why'?

    Pad, Sanitary Napkins,
    Tampon and periods cups are same.
    They all help in periods,
    Same work, but known by own name.

    Feel free to say what it is,
    They have no right or should take no interest to know
    Just because they're men,
    That's how ourselves, we show.

    Better we change this
    And spread general awareness
    Rather than hiding it like a big issue
    Why to be knowledge-less?

    Why to make issue,
    If any step,we can't take
    We live were it isn't taught,
    And if talk, they treat like, some rules, we break.


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    PAD:Periods Absorbing Device

    Read the caption.

    It's not a packet of bread.
    Nor a thing to feel shy.
    No one of us has the answer
    Of the one word question i.e. "Why"..

  • rani_shri 101w


    I was crossing through a street,
    And i heard a crying voice,
    Near the bushes n the garbage box,
    Someone was there,who was no one's choice.

    I found the thrown baby,
    Thinking about recent girl child case,
    I checked the baby's private part,
    But after that a weird thing, I had to face.

    The private part was not of a boy
    Neither the baby was a girl,
    Then why was it thrown like this,
    Thinking all these, my mind swirl.

    Suddenly something strikes my mind,
    And i remembered about the third gender,
    Yes the baby was neither a girl this time,
    But of the sex, we call transgender.

    I took the baby with me,
    And gave it everything till my best,
    But my null mind,
    It wasn't in the mood of rest.

    I thought,
    Why do we treat with them like this,
    Why do we do this act inhumane?
    Sometimes we call them inauspicious,
    And sometimes we call them insane.

    A person who is inauspicious
    But their claps and blessings are bliss,
    Taunting them is reducing our dignity,
    And this is what, here, we miss.

    Boycotted by us, they feel like cursed,
    And why they have a different society,
    We change our ways seeing them,
    And by chance if we face, we feel like anxiety.

    One more thing that I thought,
    Why we call someone a 'Gay' ,even in fun?
    And why do girl best friends are called Lesbians
    When they're closer to one.

    So what if they act like woman nature,
    Despite having a man genitalia,
    Why do we laugh at them,
    Making them feel like, they hold nostalgia.

    And ya,why the 'Gay' or 'Sixer' word
    Is used to abuse?
    This is not any abusing term,
    Your manhood,which will reduce.

    Bisexuals are also humans,
    Then why showing middle finger is so cool,
    Does it really mean you have low stamina on bed,
    Doesn't it make us fool?

    Why they suffer transphobic harrassment,
    And why do they face inequalities,
    Why don't we understand that
    They are also humans with some other qualities.

    They are also humans,
    Don't judge them on the basis of their gender.
    They too have a right to live and grow,
    Don't act like they are any stranger.

    Give them your love,
    Being human, don't do things inhumane,
    It's just what, God have gifted them with,
    So never take it as their bane.


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    Transgender: A Curse?

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  • rani_shri 102w


    Hmm, so this is what you were worried about?
    Well, what if I say, that I don't need your virginity.
    Nor I will judge you, by your past.
    I want your hearty not physical purity.

    And what's virginity?
    Having a sealed membrane to be broken,
    To show your manhood by taking it.
    And feeling proud again n again.

    If breaking of membrane or so called 'seal'
    Flowing of blood, and leaving a girl in pain
    Then calling all these as loss of virginity,
    And achieving the real manhood then,

    Then better people change this mentality,
    Because,a virgin girl may cheat me.
    And being non virgin you can be loyal,
    This is how, these all , I see.

    For me virginity is not all about
    Taking it by breaking it.
    Nor it is about giving blood and pain,
    It's not an enjoyment kit.

    For me what's more important
    Is your mental purity.
    If you're so,
    Then I'll call it an unbreakable virginity.

    For me virginity is not physical
    But an emotional attachment with man.
    And I'm no one to judge you on this basis.
    We'll be emotionally supporting, as much as we can.

    Sharing bed with someone else before,
    In a little age, was just your immaturity.
    But It never means you're impure
    And it never takes your hearty purity.

    We live in an era, where everything is developed
    Except poor n old mentalities
    Where a girl is called slut,if she losses virginity,
    And boy is a real man, with manhood abilities.

    Well, sometimes boy are also judged,
    But I really don't care,
    To start a new life, I don't need your virginity,
    But your trust and love,which is totally fair.

    I know virginity is a sign of purity,but
    What will i do taking a virgin who won't respect me.
    I just need a true and open minded girl like you.
    Who's transparent with her words.
    Everyday whose love for me, will be totally new.

    I really don't need your physical 'VIRGINITY'
    never ever, I repeat.
    So now would you like to be my wife now?
    And now may we happily meet?

    Still you should think twice.
    What the world will say?
    Won't they blame me,
    In direct or in indirect way?

    Just chill man
    Who's gonna tell them all these,
    Oh, My dumbo, would be wife.
    It's just about you ,me our love &
    Two souls but one life.


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    Virginity: A Basis Of Purity?

    Part 2
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  • rani_shri 103w


    As we are going to marry soon,
    I would like to share somethings.
    We should clear our pasts and secrets,
    Before we exchange the rings.

    Yes say, you're free to say anything
    And anything you may ask.
    It is good to share everything,
    Nothing should be covered under unseen mask.

    I, I have a very poor and dark past.
    I don't know,how you're gonna react.
    But I had a boyfriend before,
    We were in a very closer relationship, in fact.

    Ya that's okay, I'm ok with it.
    What to worry? Everyone has a past
    Even I also used to love a girl.
    Who got married to someone else, the year last.

    She( with a deep breathe) -
    But The most secret part of our relationship is
    That once we had had sex And I'm non virgin,
    Sharing my bed with someone before,
    I have done a huge sin.

    But I have overcome now, and will be loyal with you
    I lost my virginity in an immature age,
    Will you judge me on the basis of my past
    And will you break this marriage?

    I don't know what you're gonna think,
    Or either you won't care,
    But to start a relationship strongly,
    Everything,I thought to share.

    He remained calm
    She remained silent.
    Tears were coming out non stop,
    Will he be now violent?

    To be continued


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    Virginity : A Basis Of Purity?

    Part 1
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  • rani_shri 103w


    Can you show me a bra of size 32?
    Hey please say in a low voice.
    It doesn't sound good.
    Don't say it that way twice.

    Why did you openly hang your bra
    Just cover it.
    Idiot what will they say?
    Keep the towel over it.

    Why your bra stripe is looking,
    You're so mannerless.
    You should maintain it,
    You are crossing shamelessness.

    Why your bra is thrown there,
    What if your papa or bro will see,
    How many times,I'll tell you,
    Why don't you listen to me?

    A bra shouldn't be seen
    By any men ,they make fun of it.
    It shows you're interested in sexual activities,
    Oh you uncovered it.

    Shame ,shame see
    How openly they're advertising it,
    It should be private ,Man.
    Don't they know a lil bit?

    Always buy it from a Lady's shop
    Along with a carry bag.
    Don't talk with anyone on this topic
    Leave it like a rag.

    Enough!! That's totally enough
    Why Man why?
    Why are you making big issues or fun
    And Why do I feel shy?

    It's just a piece of clothe,
    Made to cover the female's private part.
    Not to cover the mouth of us.
    Just think not from mind but from your heart.

    Just because it is an undergarment,
    So we should avoid,
    It's made of the same clothe like pants & shirts
    Then why it's void?

    Who says if the stripe is looking,
    Means you are 'that type of girl'.
    It could see out by chance, Man
    Don't your minds swirl.

    When it protects the one of the private part
    From the bad eyes of society.
    Then how could be it a bad or shameless topic
    Having zero variety.

    Make a clothe to cover your mentality
    Not the bra or it's stripe.
    Don't laugh on the tears
    When you can't wipe.

    We are living somewhere, where if you talk about it,
    They'll throw you on fire.
    Can't you just take bra as
    BRA: 'B'reast 'R'ecourse 'A'ttire.

    Why to make big controversial issue,
    When you can't talk over it.
    It should be talked openly,
    And in every mind, it should be fit.

    Taking strict actions against it
    Better you try to respect.
    Because you mother and sister also wears it.
    Nothing more you can expect..


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    BRA: 'B'reast 'R'ecourse 'A'ttire...

    You must read it.
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  • rani_shri 103w

    You take me to your room
    To complete a chorus
    A chorus of first night before marriage
    And you call it a bonus.

    You lock my lips,hold my hands
    And say it's a way to be loved
    Without marriage, you say it
    As thing for which, we have to be behoved.

    I keep quitting
    And you keep forcing me.
    For me, it is not good.
    For you, it is like endorsing me.

    You undress me
    And say it's just romance.
    But for you it was just
    A very poor chance.

    I wanted you as
    My emotional support,
    But you, Aah!
    You felt like winning a fort.

    Literally , I thought,
    Sex is an untold emotion.
    But you left it nothing,
    But a commotion.

    For you it might be
    Just a physical attraction.
    But for me it was like
    Solemnly interaction.

    I was being told, that
    It's a two way communication.
    But you say that
    I'm a proustite, n it's prostitution.

    You use me as a playing body
    And say it's a mutual trust.
    And after completing 'your' desire,
    You named it as 'my' lust.

    For you, my body was an aim,
    And sex was a game.
    You didn't only take my virginity,
    But every time, you took my dignity.

    I wish it was just a dream
    Where you throw no blame.
    But it was a sad reality,
    That is gonna remain the same.

    Now for you, I'm just a slut,
    And it was a deal.
    Aah my poor luck.
    Now from all these, I have to heal.
    What i took it as,
    I wish,the same, you could also feel.

    But remember just one thing,
    Sex is not love or lust,
    Neither Lust or Love is sex.
    Where, after completing desires,
    The person remains nothing but your ex.

    #1000th #post (numerically)
    (Actually i got notification of writers_assistant for completing 1000 posts on my previous one only, but in numbers its was showing 999 only.
    So numerically it's 1000th


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    Sex: Just A Love or Just A Lust ?

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  • rani_shri 104w


    Think about this side of society.

    He was walking on terrace
    Lost in thoughts,probably he was in stress.
    Is he going good in life,
    Or just having a mess.

    What could be the reason?
    Oh boy! You're a man.
    What problem will you have.
    Forget it you ,Damn.

    Remembering the things happened with him
    He was now full of sweat.
    Someone had hit his soul, perhaps.
    Inside the closed gate.

    Yes! he had suffered some physical things
    That are now creating mental issues.
    Yes! This time not she but he was sexually harassed.
    Wiping tears with don't know how many tissues.

    Yes!He had felt the bad unwanted touch
    On his chest waist and the most private part.
    Abused, accused, beaten, blackmailed, sucked up.
    All these things were stinging like a dart.

    Unfortunately he was living in a society,
    Where he found no one to share his problems with.
    Who's gonna believe his words?
    They'll say it's just a myth.

    The world will blame him only,
    It's a world, where no one will listen to him.
    They'll see it as his mistake only.
    The emotional pain, even, will be given to him.

    You're a man, you can't show your tears.
    And tell me how can you suffer?
    Doesn't is look silly or weird.
    Look what's you're talking, you duffer.

    Thinking all these ,once more he thought
    To share his problems with family n friend,
    But what if they deny?
    So he chose to give his life an end.

    Aah! He committed suicide.
    And many questions behind him, he left.
    He could overcome with all these
    But can't face society, with eyes,suspect.

    This is a century where
    Both girl n boy aren't safe,
    Still we are living here with closed eyes
    And act like dumb n deaf.

    Boys are told to respect girls,
    But what if, he himself is molested?
    Will the law accept him
    And will be the real culprit arrested?

    Yes! Despite being a man, he suffered
    The physical harassment case.,And
    Not to suffer the emotional n mental issue anymore,
    Towards the death, he turned his face.

    Who says Men don't suffer?
    Who says they don't get hurt?
    Who says they don't cry, have zero tears
    And who says men have a stone heart?

    Just they don't share anything
    Or not express,
    It never means that
    They're emotionless.

    Tag your male friends, brothers n others.


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    Yes! He Also Suffers...

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  • rani_shri 104w

    Note:- better you don't comment rather than a fake comment. Read honestly������

    It was getting evening
    The dark was getting darker.
    And suddenly it starts raining
    With thunder clouds & sudden parker.

    The mother bird was returning home
    But on a tree ,she stopped.
    The speed of her wet wings stanched
    Like, due to rain, they were chopped.

    Having food in her mouth
    She was worrying for her kids in the nest.
    But the helpless poor bird,
    Aah! How can she take a rest?

    Suddenly she feels a warm breathe
    Of some another bird coming closer.
    Oh God! It's a big eagle.
    Seems, her life is now over.

    She gets frightened
    Shivering body, terrified eyes.
    Still holding food in mouth,
    She anyhow wants to fly through the skies.

    She remembers the news of raping
    And killing of females these days.
    Now, Is something like that gonna happen
    With me,in herself, She says.

    And whatever next happened
    Was really hard for her to believe.
    Siting next to her, "Relax sister" he said,
    I have a shelter of my wings to give.

    She couldn't believe on her eyes and ears
    And he continues, I'm not like human beings.
    Who takes advantage of a helpless,
    And then cut those independent flying wings.

    Trust me, I'll not break it.
    I'll help you to reach your kids.
    I won't hurt you anyway, Sister,
    And will be the fulfilment of your needs.

    She couldn't thank the eagle
    Not only for helping her.
    But also clearing all her fears
    Still thanked her new brother.

    He spreads his left feather,
    And covers the mother bird.
    And drops her to her kids
    And kept his every single word.

    Mommy Mommy, where were you?
    We were in tension for you and are hungry.
    The mother bird with wet eyes says,
    Here I'm, my kids, now don't worry.

    The eagle left, without telling,
    And she couldn't see or thank him again.
    And His voice was echoing in her ears,
    I'm not a human, who only does inhumane.

    She was thankful to God
    To make them bird not the human beings.
    Who satisfies his needs
    And leaves the half cut wings..


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    I'm A Bird Not A Human Being:
    The Bird And The Eagle

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  • rani_shri 106w

    Marry A Guy Who...

    Marry a guy,
    Who knows to take care of you on your periods
    Rather than demanding for sex only...
    Who knows about the sanitary pads
    Rather than knowing more about condoms.

  • rani_shri 107w

    Note:- Read if you have time, n then comment here.
    Fake comments not allowed..


    It was 11Pm
    And she was returning home.
    To find a taxi
    Here n there, her feet roam.

    A group of boys there,
    Suddenly she found.
    Handling her Dupatta.
    She looks all around.

    Oh No! They encircled her
    And she clenched.
    With the killing fear in eyes,
    She was fully drenched.

    Holding her hand,
    Pulling her hairs
    They were treating her,
    Like a food,someone shares.

    And she was screaming
    Please leave me. No! No!
    Don't do this to me
    Please forgive me and go.

    But no one was there to
    Help the helpless.
    Humanity, once more was
    Feeling shameless.

    Touching her private parts,
    They thought they are real men.
    Putting hand on her dignity,
    They were proving their manhood, then.

    With every screaming voice of her,
    They quenched their thirst one by one.
    And she with eyes full of tears,
    Abusing onself for the times, million.

    Perhaps God was also
    Sleeping that day
    That's why the demon in the form of man
    Got a chance to play.

    Leaving her in condition bad
    They moved away.
    Protecting own sister from others,
    They 'raped' someone else's sister that day.

    And she was silently lying
    Like a lifeless life.
    With her tears and torn blood stained clothes
    She was having a silent strife.

    Facing all these now
    She had to face the social face
    With thousands of questions and taunts,
    Then tell them everything about this case.

    They will defame her family every time.
    And no boy will accept her.
    Better to leave all these because,
    In actual no one will understand, except her.

    To save herself from all these
    She committed suicide
    And this is how,everything,
    She tries to hide.

    News came next day, candles burnt
    People showed sympathy with a sad face
    And the law was bought with bribe
    And this is the ultimate closure of every case.

    And She,
    She left so many questions after her
    What was her mistake, where was she wrong
    Being a girl, or being herself, or
    Wearing clothes doesn't matter short or long.

    Can you stop the rape,
    By designing the specific dress,
    Not to make her wear,
    But to cover the bad thinking and a face..


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    Rape: A Fight With Whom?

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  • rani_shri 107w

    Trigger Warning:Periods

    It was 2 AM
    Everyone was sleeping in the night.
    Except that teen girl, because
    She was having a fight.

    What could be the reason
    Behind these actions.
    Perhaps that 'Girls' Problems &
    Yes, it was similar to that reactions.

    With the bloody lethal
    Pain in each part.
    She feels the flow of blood,
    And cramps are like a dart.

    Abusing herself, She murmurs
    Ugh! Being a girl is not like a toy.
    Girlishness is a hellish curse,
    Oh God! Why I ain't a boy?

    With the every mood swing
    She tries and tries.
    And after failure fights with the pain,
    She only cries and cries.

    Trying to sleep, she was
    Continuously changing the sides.
    This time in a pillow,
    Her head, she hides.

    If there isn't any stain on the bedsheet,
    Every seconds, she checks.
    After losing again,this time
    The painkiller is what, she takes.

    And changing her sanitary once more
    She finally gets some relaxation.
    And with all these things
    She pays an unemployment taxation.

    Fighting with the pains and cramps,
    The whole night.
    The morning is also not easy, and
    The society is what with, now she has to fight.

    She can't do something auspicious,
    Because society calls it impurity.
    But she has fought and she'll fight
    Because she calls it a symbol of maturity.

    May be the society change later
    In the days ,evens or odds,
    But currently who's gonna respect
    A girl on periods.

    And she
    Every month this happens
    Every month she bleeds.
    But a care and some strength
    Is all that, she needs.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork


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    A Girl On Periods...

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