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  • narcos_ke_ 1w


    Do I deserve this?,
    Am I that destroyed that I can't be repaired?,
    Am I a that of a tangled mess of contradictory things?,
    Do I suck that much nowadays for no one to care?,

    They said I was their ride or die,
    But then I guess their feelings faded like a dye,
    I was once their pride,
    But now there ego's stand high from me they hide,
    They always promised to be by my side,
    Always welcomed me with their arms open wide,
    But then today I guess to them I'm dead,

    I made their days at their very worst moments,
    Right now I'm a loner not worth dollars anymore just cents,
    I remember them buying me cologne but now I have no scent,
    I smell the like abyss no cash to pay my bills, no rent,
    There are times I stood up for them,
    But for me right now I guess to them I'm dead

    Am I beyond repair?,
    Am I useless like that black charcoal smoke in the air?,
    Am I that worthless unlike the Nike air they wear?,
    Am I that wrecked?,
    Wrecked for anyone to get me checked?,
    Well I have a million questions but no one can answer them because I guess....to them I'm dead,


  • pallavi4 3w

    Dear place that I had to leave,

    Oh my beloved whom I had to abandon
    And desolate and lonely roam
    How I miss you terribly even today
    The gateway of my affection - my dear home

    I was forced to let go of you
    My from own haven I was thrown
    I expected nothing more from Him
    Other than to be left rejected and alone

    I remember the wildflowers near your gates
    And the antique lamps in which you shone
    You were comfortable, secure and peaceful
    There was a time you were just my own

    I hope you are looked after well now
    Kindness and gratefulness are shown
    You will forever remain that piece
    That from my heart was brutally torn



    16th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me- Hobbiton, New Zealand (2018)

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  • biswajitdev 4w

    *Bloom like a #wildflower stained with strong #willpower*

    Dear Redolent #Florets,
    Have a glance for sure and drop your favourite flower �� if you feel so within the verse.
    A #Bud is waiting for your suggestions.
    ** Are you worried, My #Flower !
    Not being worn on the #Remembrance day nor drooped in the #Beauty's midnight hair
    Growing in the lone #grace of #sun and #dew that none glare or care!

    Smile like those #abandoned flowers
    showcasing true colours of #summer and #shower
    The art of #abandonment makes you wildly free wildflower
    reminding all a spirit lives free and sustains with strong willpower.
    Reach out, discover inner beauty and #bloom becoming #precious
    as there's so much #hope and #happiness to share ... **

    Remembrance Day - The action of remembering dead souls, Droop - Bend or Hang downwards (Decorate purpose), Beauty - Represents a woman here, Grace - Charm, Glare - Stare, Abandoned - Havinh been left, Showcase - Show or Display, Sustain - Undergo, Willpower - Dedication*

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    Picture �� credit to the rightful owner
    -- Pinterest --

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    Wildly free Wildflower

    Are you worried, My Flower !
    Not being worn on the Remembrance day nor drooped in the Beauty's midnight hair
    Growing in the lone grace of sun and dew that none glare or care!

    Smile like those abandoned flowers
    showcasing true colours of summer and shower
    The art of abandonment makes you wildly free wildflower
    reminding all a spirit lives free and sustains with strong willpower.
    Reach out, discover inner beauty and bloom becoming precious
    as there's so much hope and happiness to share ...


  • divyanshi28_03 5w


    I have been growing hope in your backyard
    Planted the seeds of tomorrow,
    nurtured with fertile mind
    Pouring some faith and determination
    to let the roots in the soil closely bind.
    Basking in the gleam of bright sun,
    my seeds got winged in summers
    And ethereal flight in winters.

    Smile like those abandoned flowers
    For they stand silent,
    holding memories floating inside.

    When sunflowers fall off my eyes
    yellow petals struggle to brim cups of dew
    Golden fingers of sunlight draws me in
    I can hear their laughter within me
    in the garden through.


  • euphoriccree 13w


    Always on my back
    More than just a sack
    Filled with nothing but pain,
    Happiness is what I lack
    This burden is leaving a mark
    Of my sufferings every day.

    It's making me suffer
    Even more than a hawker
    I just want to leave,
    Am I not just a fragile daughter?
    Who craves some water
    But it's something a can't treat.

    Cree Sameon‚ô°
    5. 9. 21.

  • euphoriccree 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Helpless
    By @euphoriccree
    #creesameon #truth #dark #depression #helpless #abandoned

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    No matter who pretends, I'm helpless.

    Cree Sameon‚ô°

  • pallavi4 14w


    I am a minuscule speck of dust
    A tiny grain of filth
    I am the swollen wooden floor
    A can of water spilled
    I am the grimy furniture
    A mess upholstered with despair
    I am the candle splattered table
    A leg broken off of an ornate chair
    I am the spider webs of desolation
    A tangled thready nightmare
    I am the peeling paint on the walls
    A thing at which people would once stare
    I am the falling plaster of loneliness
    And stuck between the past and present
    I am the rusty pipes that clang
    A series of dirt laden crannies and dents
    I am the shattered porcelain vases
    A bouquet of dried and rotting flowers
    I am the mangled music box
    A grandfather clock left counting hours
    I am the frayed and threadbare carpet
    A once celebrated and admired finery
    I am the crumbling brick walls
    A burden full of doubt and misery
    I am the broken hopes and desperation
    A basket full of your incessant lies
    I am that house you left abandoned
    And conveniently forgot to say goodbye


    28th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- The New York Times

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  • miss_architect 15w


    Tonight I'll keep my sermon short, becase all the books on love, from which I've preached from, have been hollowed out to disguise loaded guns. You have to learn to build walls before you learn to take them down, and I've built mine in stone with vaulting arches and tall spires. 
    You look beautiful in my dress. If I love you, am I allowed to not like how perfectly a sharp plunging neckline sits between the soft valley of your supple breasts? Or how your midnight black hair reflects an infinitesimal portion of any light that dares touch it? Or how smoothly your hands move over your full hips as you try to tame that ochre yellow swirl of a dress. My dress. Would you feel betrayed if I told you about the smile that tugged at my lips when the little zipper resting on the side of your waist refused to move up?

    I'm broken. You can see the cracks, at least, the ones that are large and gaping. The smaller,  more dangerous ones I've kept hidden. During our louder fights they allow sharp words in. But when there's peace, sunlight tip toes in bringing a strange feeling of acceptance. 
    In the beginning I had screamed, as though if I could just speak loudly enough you'd hurry to wipe off that lipstick. If I could just piece together in the right combination and permutation a string of words and slash them into the air with my tongue they'd float into your ears and then into your brain and the right combination and permutation of electrical impulses and chemical reactions would finally finally persuade you to reach for the pair scissors and use them on your glossy curls.
    Back then I could still see the V of your torso. I could still feel the smoothness of your chest and breathe in your woody scent as I laid my head somewhere close to your heart. That to me was hope and hope is a dangerous thing.
    But today that zipper does not put up much of a struggle. Not as it did before. And as it reaches its mark a large smile erupts on your face betraying your disguised happiness. I am ashamed and guilty in equal parts. I hand you the bottle of your favourite meadowy sweet fragrance of lily in the valley and pear and I smile back at you, because that's what I do now. I smile back at you.
    ©Anupama Premanandan

  • jkhusty 18w

    You left me shattered with a bleeding soul,
    I still stood on your fake promises,
    You told me you would return....

  • luvkitten 19w

    Lost, Abandoned, Left

    Lost in the entanglement of time,
    Lost in the loneliness of day and night,
    Lost in the darkness of obsidian bullet,
    And Pulled the trigger to keep myself guarded.

    Abandoned by the touch of warmth,
    Abandoned by the feeling of being found,
    Abandoned in the deepness of dark forest,
    Flicked the lighter just to find my regalia burning.

    Left in the scarce of emotions,
    Left in the deficiency of essence,
    Left by the site of assumed shelter,
    And now I'm playing hide and seek with my perception

  • sonu99 24w


    There is a saying that "Art is incomplete without an Artist".But an Artist is also incomplete without Art.
    Life of an Artist become deserted along with abandoned Art.

  • jana_3009 24w

    Plight of a poet who had given up on poetry...����

    @writersnetwork #poet #poem #abandoned #art #poetry

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    I haven't touched
    the diary for ages.
    My pen lies on the wooden
    table lifeless.
    Thoughts and emotions
    stuck in my head.
    I feel like I'm dead.
    I am voiceless.
    Without words
    I have become

  • lunarwolf 24w

    Inspired by the challenge.

    Chest Of Abandonment

    The floorboards creak
    while dusty cobwebs and the ceiling meet
    seconds have become years
    as darkness conceals my tears
    paralyzed by other beings that burdens me
    for time has led him to forget me

    Memories of playfulness
    unified our togetherness
    never was separation an entity of intimidation
    for we both needed each other in the form of realization
    we laid together in covers of warmth
    yet now I lay here devoid of warmth

    His life seem to have evolved
    for my absence in his life is now at no cost
    he goes through life with a new attraction
    as I lay here slowly accepting his detachment
    my home has become this crowded chest
    in the corner of an attic is where it rest
    O'how I miss the little boy
    for I dream that once again I can be his toy

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod #pod #attic #abandoned

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    Chest Of Abandonment

    I'm left in this pseudo coffin left with only my memories of my only friend's departure

  • divshetty04 25w

    The Abandoned House

    The corroded hanging windows
    The cobweb filled rooms
    The jammed old doors
    The hushed backyard
    The paints on the walls falling off
    The abandoned house had a life once,
    Forgotten with times
    Was filled with memories inside,
    Now the walls speak
    The drawings made by the kids
    The rooms that were shared by siblings
    The love the parents had
    The stories told by grandparents in the nights
    The family was blessed with full of bliss,
    But the house was growing old
    So they shifted to a new
    & as the time passed there remained
    Only memories in the forlorn house.

  • rupestral_flower 25w


    People make you feel criminal
    If you are not stressed on the things they are
    Truth is when you are aligned with universe,life purpose
    There is nothing to worry
    If it looks like losing the battle of life
    They will ashame you for not being like them
    Make joke of your orions,hurt & play with emotions
    You are being prepared from future revolution
    Have faith!
    The contented pace is the signal
    Don't entangle in what should be done or not
    Stupid and baseless volumes of other heads
    brainwashing your head to echo same
    You are running on the main course fluently
    Your dreams and reveries hold you
    stronger and better
    Where you focus should be!

    You have to live in shadow of fake lavendars
    To be holder of real sunshine against gravity that pulls concious down,mirage world
    Its the skill needed to practice for survival and rise,slaying everyone from truth sword
    It will light up all dimensions not only there where you live
    This is the process of evolution black& white
    Don't ever blunder to change the track
    may get lost in vaccum
    To remake destructive things is not easy
    when you left nothing but a rag of yourself
    Afterall you will live and die alone not with spectators

  • wildpoetess 25w

    If I ever reveal that
    how scarred my soul is,
    would you still admire it
    as the most attractive shade of the rainbow.


  • authentic_penned 25w

    #abandoned #wod #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    ( grant my delay due to unavoidable circumstances)

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    Forsake hopes!

    He saw a thousand people running towards him,
    running with different vibes,
    different opinions,
    different individuality,
    along with a difference of mind.
    He tired to hold on, but was trapped within ,
    the illusion of fake concern!

    People came like a storm and blew him off!
    He lifted his eyes, saw his father in pale dress,
    his face like the late winter's moon!
    Ahh! It's too late.
    Doors of eyes kept closed till now,
    No new could enter ever than,
    All left back was,

    An abandoned mind within dimed eyes!

  • lilco444 25w

    Abandoned House

    Boarded up windows,
    Overgrown and cluttered,
    Abandoned long ago,
    For something Divine.

    Broken glass with dirty smudges,
    Long grass, long neglected,
    Worn foundations, sore and tired,
    Attic a hoarders palace.

    Yellowed walls with vivid peels,
    This house not what it was.

    Look closely,
    And listen intently,
    You'll find something there,
    That wasn't before.

    Look beyond the closed shutters,
    Through the overburdened walls,
    Towards the quiet yard,
    You'll find a special place.

    Effervescent giggles,
    Bubbles tethered to the wind,
    Smiles for every star,
    Love in glorious daylight,
    Bedtime cuddles with a kiss,
    A true place of bliss.

    This house long abandoned,
    Only for a promise,
    A love not of passion,
    Yet a love so true,
    Universes built from it's light.

    Look past the worn exterior,
    You'll be sure to see,
    A yard filled with children well-loved,
    Sheltered in security,
    Warm in its tired embrace.

    For this home,
    A mother's grace.

  • happypenning_sad 25w

    From afar, when the fragrance of orchid
    That I never planted, welcomed me
    to the decolored house that I once painted;
    I didn't know it tresspassed my home

    Black grills turned brown,
    Brown wooden floor turned green,
    As I open the doors they frown,
    with a series of squeaky screams

    Ah! there hangs the wind chime,
    amidst dust and cobwebs now,
    but still greets with the same old rhyme
    as windows allow a gentle blow

    Sofas became thick with
    a layer of dust covered
    nevertheless it is dearth
    of all my childhood memories

    As I look around the empty house,
    Which had I once abandoned ,
    I can feel the pain and morose,
    because they are all still mine!

    #wod #abandoned @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    My Abandoned house

    I can never actually abandon my abandoned house. Which is why I pay a visit.

    P.S Read the caption for full poem

  • ani_enem 24w

    One dusky evening as I was walking by,
    an abandoned house across the street caught my eyes.
    My foot stopped marching & I stood there for a while,
    thoughts began to pour like rain on my mind.

    The tilted iron gate glued to its broken fences
    has laid out an invitation;
    which I have accepted reluctantly.
    Guiding my footsteps with an utter hesitation;
    I walked towards the entrance steadily.

    Dripping rooftops, encroaching tender vines
    holding its misery; all over this time.
    Rusted windowsills, broken window panes
    screaming out its agony;
    echoing all over the mossy lanes.

    The fractured wall paints,the missing staircases;
    slowly unwrapping its bygone history.
    A chilliness lingers through my skin for a moment
    producing inside me; a melancholy.

    The sunset faded in the distant skies
    as I stepped out from that place; all alone.
    Taking a handful of memories of the house
    along with its secrets; still unknown.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Image Source: Pinterest

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    An abandoned house

    One dusky evening as I was walking by,
    an abandoned house across the streets caught my eyes.