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  • mane_auraa 8w


    sometimes i wonder if it will be enough, looking away when you look towards me wondering if i'd recognise you from the not-so-distant past. sometimes i wonder what you'd do if you were me and i was you? would you look away, pretend we are strangers and not lost souls wandering in the depths of abandonment, just trying to survive? or will you smile at me and reminisce the beautiful past where strangers were just people we saw on the streets and not broken bonds and distant promises? will you try to solve the mystery of why we are apart or leave me in silence, hanging on a thread of hope that it isn't as loud as the demons that haunt you when you close your eyes, dancing in the flames of wanting retribution for crimes i do not remember? will you remind me of all that went wrong and all that could have gone right if we had just spoken and not held on so tightly to our need to be right? will you prompt me for wanting a bit more and not wanting to concede to the life we lead right now, following ideas like mindless sheep and words of idle men? or will you question all my desires and leave when you get tired, because it's not enough and it never will be? i do not know, for I am Me and You are You and while i wonder if all these questions are really ever enough, you become even more distant in the not-so-distant past.

  • mane_auraa 10w

    Nothing to Deny

    A lot of history riding on our words,
    yet you throw them out soo callously,
    like it all seems absurd.

    Your unspoken words and whispers of chaos,
    leave me numb and, honestly, hurt,
    yet I act like I don't care and then somehow cathart.

    You pretend you don't see me,
    as if this is all my fault,
    but your brain creates scenarios that do not seem to halt.

    You do everything to hate me and seldom wonder why,
    yet sometimes that's all I think about at night,
    and still, find nothing to deny.

    I do not mean to sound soo vain,
    soo self-obsessed, a snob,
    but I cannot understand what did I, from you, ever rob?

    Cause you make it out to be,
    that the world will stop for you,
    yes, you've got some problems,
    but darling, I do too.


  • pallavi4 27w

    Dear you who hurt me,

    I’ve spent an eternity willing for you to suffer,
    Be in constant pain like I was for a very long time
    All the while pretending my heart was not broken
    That inspite of all the anguish you caused, I was fine

    Through it all I might have appeared composed which
    Couldn’t be further from a well cultivated lie
    I’ve spend a considerable amount of time hurting you
    In my mind while watching the world pass me by

    I don’t harbour any ill feeling towards you now
    Like a dead river, it has become dry
    With the passage of seasons you’ve become inconsequential
    And my anguished heart like a cloudless clear blue sky

    But I do hope at least once in this lifetime
    Someone comes along to teach you wrong from right
    Someone who teaches you what it means to be wounded
    And have no one around to help you in your plight



    14th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • biswajitdev 28w

    *Bloom like a #wildflower stained with strong #willpower*

    Dear Redolent #Florets,
    Have a glance for sure and drop your favourite flower �� if you feel so within the verse.
    A #Bud is waiting for your suggestions.
    ** Are you worried, My #Flower !
    Not being worn on the #Remembrance day nor drooped in the #Beauty's midnight hair
    Growing in the lone #grace of #sun and #dew that none glare or care!

    Smile like those #abandoned flowers
    showcasing true colours of #summer and #shower
    The art of #abandonment makes you wildly free wildflower
    reminding all a spirit lives free and sustains with strong willpower.
    Reach out, discover inner beauty and #bloom becoming #precious
    as there's so much #hope and #happiness to share ... **

    Remembrance Day - The action of remembering dead souls, Droop - Bend or Hang downwards (Decorate purpose), Beauty - Represents a woman here, Grace - Charm, Glare - Stare, Abandoned - Havinh been left, Showcase - Show or Display, Sustain - Undergo, Willpower - Dedication*

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    Picture �� credit to the rightful owner
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    Wildly free Wildflower

    Are you worried, My Flower !
    Not being worn on the Remembrance day nor drooped in the Beauty's midnight hair
    Growing in the lone grace of sun and dew that none glare or care!

    Smile like those abandoned flowers
    showcasing true colours of summer and shower
    The art of abandonment makes you wildly free wildflower
    reminding all a spirit lives free and sustains with strong willpower.
    Reach out, discover inner beauty and bloom becoming precious
    as there's so much hope and happiness to share ...


  • eyeenma 32w


    Be Good,
    They said,
    You are so fair,
    People must like you a lot
    They said,
    You are so Tallented.
    They said,
    You are so caring.
    They said,
    You are so lovable,
    They said,
    You are so good at your work,
    You sould get a good job.
    They said,
    You are so beautiful,
    You should get a good Guy,
    You are so adjustable,
    You deserve the best
    They said,
    You are such a wonderful being,
    You deserve happiness.
    They said.
    They said so much
    In the sea of Shoulds and Woulds and Deserves
    I fare my way.
    Crashing in the waves of
    Uncertainty, apathy, discord, loneliness..
    I want to figure out my solitude.
    For the role performance is paramount
    And your mere existence means nothing.

    Your likability does not guarantee you a placement.

    There are so many reasons
    to Abandon
    no matter what you deserve.

  • pranksy0310 34w

    Story of abandoned homes

    Unfastened hinges could perhaps open doors of dilapidated buildings,
    Which were once open to all, without misgivings,
    Sheltering their inhabitants from dangers and strife,
    Waiting to offer comfort and security at every point in life,
    But when the hinges got noisy, and doors creaked at night,
    The same shelter transformed into a source of fright,
    Easier to abandon, the inhabitants chose to leave,
    The furniture and valuables were sold, leaving these once bustling buildings alone to bereave.


  • writtersfeelingz 34w

    Instagram user....

    Nowadays it's the one
    I see everytime someone
    Leaves just because
    We loved them truly
    Lust won the aces
    Breaking my heart into pieces

  • medha_himanshu 38w

    You fear that, don't you?

    There are times, you just want to stop,
    stop hearing, stop sharing because
    In your head, it has become loud and smothered.
    all the noises and their perspectives,
    Which aren't yours, is too much to take in.
    sharing allows for your situation to live in two minds, creates room for two reasons.
    no more, it remains just yours.
    You start feeling the divarication,
    Which you've had always shunned.
    Genuine conversations, shared life is almost like stripping every chunk of your clothing in front of someone.
    Time and again you fear your trust to be not respected, you fear that the priority you give is to be scarred. You fear; you've over-shared, it's gonna hurt. You fear the person you chose to get along with is going to do you wrong.
    You fear that, don't you?
    You believe that
    every time you fight
    You need to cut the ties.
    either you're too attached to be able to break something by yourself or you keep cutting your ties after every time someone disappoints or mumble lies.
    Bestowing someone the power is startling
    When you have abandonment issues.
    You fear that, don't you?

  • mane_auraa 39w

    My Vice

    You say they made you impuissant,
    And you hated feeling that way.
    Yet you open up to me,
    And say I'm not your friend.

    I listen to every word you say,
    And give you sound advice.
    And in the end you hit me back,
    And call caring, my vice.

    Sometime I feel like a ragged cloth,
    Used to clean the mess,
    And then I'm thrown to the side,
    Replaced by a brand new dress.

    I gave you many chances
    To show me that you care.
    Yet then again, I forget,
    You've caught me in a snare.

    A part of me wants to escape,
    And prove my worth to me.
    But I'm still stuck in an endless loop,
    The other doesn't want me free.
    And tried, I have,
    To free myself and find a better path.
    Where pain won't be the only thing,
    I receive, along with wrath.

    And though I know,
    You are soo good, and loving towards all.
    I still feel like a thousand souls,
    Will reach you before my call.

    So help me understand the reason
    Why every time we talk, I lie?
    Cause to me, you are my bestest friend,
    Yet you often make me cry.

  • monette 40w

    Healing Temperature

    The umbrella, the morgue, the abandoned home, the broken heart

    The cemetery, the sad songs, the goodbye, the rejection

    The quiet, the packing, the reveal, the replacing

    The loving memories, the justice, the rebuilding, the forgiveness

    The renewed hope, the fire in your soul, the introduction of new passion, the self love

  • saphyrahhh 46w


    You used to say cigarettes are no good for me
    ~so are you.


  • saphyrahhh 47w

    Broken dolls.

    You and I are broken dolls belonging to our own mind, the mind which is childish. A young mind. Our mind decided to grow up but our heart didn't. We both are still craving for our mind to notice how broken we are.

    Among the chaos we both lay in the room in the darkness which we are afraid of for our mind is ashamed of how wild we are. we are left inside beds to fight with the monsters which we feared the most at night. Remember our mind cling to us thinking of the demons? We fight those demons in the darkness every night.

    You and I are broken dolls abandoned in darkness. we have observed all the demons we once feared, now we won't listen to anyone. We would go running to the arms which loves the child in us.

    The mind abandoned us, now it shall fear the little demons we are.

    —hearts are broken dolls with demons who fear abandonment.


  • karenallen284 49w

    Abandonment is an aching wound that never seems to permanently heal. It continues to open up even during the best of times.

  • rachelatherton 49w

    Abandoned property

    The house was on sale
    Had been for the last 60 years
    The paint was chipped
    There were gashes across the hallway
    The windows needed a touch up
    The curtains were frayed
    And yet, as old as this house was
    She was beautiful
    She had worn her beauty
    With grace and dignity
    I loved the way the wildflowers
    Had floated up into the second floor
    They decorated the place
    Like a new set of furniture never could
    She was beautiful
    And so I spent every day that I could
    Refining her back to the glory days
    And getting to know her old soul

  • ananias 52w

    If your schedule was a garden, then I feel like the weeds. I am sprinkled around in places where you're not focusing on things. Always outside the box, not the gift being received. Never the last one that's still standing tall if there are changes in the breeze.

  • alanna_argudo 53w

    You left.

    The night you left, I remember.
    You kissed me for the first time.
    I told you I loved you.
    Now, tell me.
    Why do I see faces in confusion?
    Why do I see faces in pain?
    When I tell them you left, they say,
    "You have to let go,"
    "This isn't healthy,"
    I know, I know I need to let go.
    It's just that I can't get out of my head,
    "We all thought you stopped seeing him."
    "Seeing who?" I finally asked.
    "That man none of us can see."


  • ananias 58w


    Have you ever seen a "good"-bye? They must be pretty rare. I have moved around, come and gone, and seldom good is there; in abandonment. Or would you call it tough love? Are you teaching me a lesson by reticently giving up? I would be surprised, no really I would be shocked; to learn that you still cared when your messages and calls stopped.


  • karenallen284 61w

    When I found you, you appeared somewhat fragile. And all I've ever wanted is to be there with you. You opened up and spoke to me all about her.

    Amidst your own chaos, you helped me make sense of mine. I adore what we have built together. I have never valued a friendship to the same extent as ours. Every interaction is bliss, every moment is precious, every date - a treasure.

    Today, you gazed towards the floor as you sat opposite me. I sipped my coffee while you wiped the lens of the glasses you usually wear. You begin talking about how you're fixing things with her, slowly. You tell me it will never be the same, that you resent her for whatever she has done. However, your words and my gut instinct are asynchronous. For I wonder, how long is it going to be before you decide to leave me for a future with your past.

  • suwayda_aroosh 62w

    Nameless Frenzy

    was smelling the rose.
    a few beads of dewy pearls
    kissing the petals in a fluid
    artfulness -
    and in a nameless frenzy,
    permeating their velvet
    ergo, leaving my eyes
    in a perpetual abandonment.

    - the last few drops.

  • girlnextdoor477 63w

    Abandon All Hope

    Being left behind is one of the most gut wrenching feeling to have.
    The abandonment is like a ghost that lingers.
    You try to ignore it, but it only ever gets worse, and you begin to question yourself.

    You attempt to find a solution, but often enough people just assume you’re crazy, so you give up.

    You give everyone excuses on why you’re being distant, but if for only a minute, they would look into your eyes they would see your pain they hold.

    “It’s not you, it’s me” they say, but if that were the case why do they always leave me?
    Not everyone can be wrong, can they?

    You fixate on an idea, an idea of what more can you change about yourself until eventually the person staring back at the mirror is a stranger.

    So maybe they do stay, but is it really you they’re staying for, or is it the persona that you’ve created.

    Maybe you’re okay with that, but deep down you’re empty inside.

    Love is like a flower; you can’t just plant it anywhere and hope for it to grow.

    You must find the perfect spot where the soil is turn and its full of nutrients, water, and sunlight.

    But if you put the flower in soil that’s bone dry and forget about it , it will die.
    So you can go through life as a stranger, pretending to be what they want.

    But let me tell you, if you try to force that love, it will never be genuine.
    The love you formed will never grow ,it will slowly dissipate until it’s transformed into something dark.
    It will spread through your body like necrosis.

    Unless you acknowledge it and treat the infection it will continue to spread until it weakens every aspect of you and kills you.

    In life we rarely get a reset button, but I guess that’s what makes love so extraordinary.

    You can’t find great love if you don’t take big risks which means they might abandon you.
    Only you can dictate if they’re worth the risk.