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  • divya_diya 38w


    an Act of acknowledgement
    a Bubble betraying boredom
    a Chaos carrying choice
    a Dance denying the dirt
    an Emotion endless
    a Flawless fight
    a Gigantic glance
    a Heaven to haunt
    an Intimidating itch
    a Joyful job
    a Katta-meeta ketchup
    a Luminous lie
    a Mingle of motherhood
    a Nightless nightingale
    an Opaque orchestra
    a Painless pinch
    a Quenchless quarrel
    a Realistic rainbow
    also a
    Scaly sahara
    a Temptating tension
    an Ultimate utter
    a Vigorous veil
    a Weird weight
    a Xenial xenagogue
    a Youthful yard
    n a Zingy zeal...


  • ladywillow 56w

    A lad's night thought

    The light is off and dark
    I hear the dog's bark
    I hear cricket's chirping
    Like a bell that's ringing

    I hear the geese flying
    In the middle of the night
    Not a scary crying
    But a sound of mighty knight

    The sound of this night
    Is like an orchestra
    Relaxing music , it's very light
    Like an Old song in an opera

    This music is my lullabies
    It forces me to close my eyes
    Whispering me to sleep tight
    For I will say to myself "goodnight"

  • cardelljhardy 89w


    I've runaway from you countless times
    Just to find my way back to you.
    Kindly from inside this fish I beg of you
    Let myself have another chance
    Make Nineveh hear my message
    Not to burn down or have any wreckage.

  • unquiet_spirit 89w

    ABC Poem


    Adorned I was, with
    Blissful tranquility
    Cliched momentary life, until
    Dubious puerile greif queered me
    Elan waning, emotions stirred
    Palpabe silence was heard.

    Frugal meal and
    Gallivants ceased
    Husky throat
    Impertinent I became with
    Jeopardized spirit and
    Running from reality amidst

    Knidled mind
    Listless soul, yet
    My heart awaits
    Nemesis devouring me
    Over the dying embers
    Propitious time paves the way
    Death forthcoming
    Day by day..

    Quietness of aura
    Rapport 'tween
    Stoicism and pain
    Thwarted my grace
    Unkempt life
    Persuading my grave.

    Veiled emotions ,
    Woven the fabric of my destiny
    Xebec of life sinking, for
    Your presence is missing
    Zeal for you survives
    Digging my sepulchre
    Next to your shelter.


    #ABC poem

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    Veiled emotions ,
    Woven the fabric of my destiny
    Xebec of life sinking, for
    Your presence is missing
    Zeal for you survives
    Digging my sepulchre
    Next to your shelter.


  • the_nonchalant_one 90w

    I came to you with my head hung
    Just then, showed me colours and magic tricks
    Know this, once, the spell lifted,
    Lovely butterflies around my neck became a noose...
    My love, you are a hunter and I lose.

  • wordsofedge 90w


    Absolutely lost in my own imaginations,
    Bewitched by her flawless persona,
    Can i ever be Normal again.
    I don't even want to be exonerated.
    Normal is often exaggerated.

  • shwetasays 90w


    Although we're meant to live
    But there's evil to steal
    Chaos and problems are everywhere
    Defense is still in our hand
    Even we're surviving on our desire
    Fake and filthy world is around
    Grisly and greed is taking over
    Heinous is harrowing every second
    Illness and hunger is homicide
    Jealousy and loathe is forever behavior
    Key of positiveness is yet to find
    Love is rare and hate is wide
    Minimizing the worries with own strategies
    Navigating the way to live and paradise
    Obstreperous is still being in many lives
    Perfidy Is from our loved one
    Questions are many but answers are lies
    Radiance of hope is an anticipation
    Sacrosanct Is the new beginning
    Threshold is the way, tantamount is ending
    Unanimous equality and virtuous is need
    Valiant personality begins the peace
    Whim of happiness, allow to freed
    Xany of an bliss with unbounded lease
    Youthful glow surrounding the ambiance
    Zeal is the result of living valiance.


    #ABC poem

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    Poem on alphabetic order


  • missinghalf 90w


    Allign yourself
    Be the real you
    Conquer with cleverness
    Double your thoughts
    Magic will happen

  • weirdowriter 90w

    We live in society where still you can't talk about Menstruation openly...although it is natural biological cycle but they can't understand this.Still there are few villages where girls are kept out of their house n live in a Shed outside the house...how far is it right? N how long will it be sustained? Why people still see strangely when you go out to buy Pads..why is it wrapped in A paper?When Condoms N other stuffs are sold openly n not wrapped thn why pads are wrapped?? Mentally women suffers a lot n this makes you suffer even more so whoever whether their father,brother,friend,husband should understand and make them feel comfort Coz their Mother,sister, friend,wife go through this n need you to understand,love and Care for them.
    Do share if agree.
    #poetrywednesday#ABC poem#Womenpower#writersnetwork@mirakee

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    Periods takes away sleep,body pain,cramps makes feel half dead...
    Questions raised,Why is your mood off..why aren't you worshipping..why u sad????
    Restless painful nights but
    Silently she has to suffer n act as if nothing happened
    Coz she cannot answer some questions...

  • thaarani_senthilkumar 90w

    Nonetheless of the ruthless spirit with the falcon is;
    Ominous sky and black clouds does scare this mighty beast;
    Perhaps, it reminds him he is not as dominant as he thinks he is;
    Quirky way of taking it, so does all the predator species;
    Reassuring and reclaiming power over any defenceless vulnerable minion there is.


  • shivatado 90w

    In the search of self,
    Jungle to peak,
    Keeping the wanderer alive,
    Lost, not original but weak.
    Found, a curious, for life.

  • sulu80 90w

    An hour of quietude
    Both frozen, gazing at eyes
    Cupid's arrow, an amorous look
    Dangling hair dancing in between

    Enraptured by the present
    Feeling cozy in the arms
    Grandeur in appearance
    Heavenly bliss prevails...
    #poetrywednesday #writersnetwork #mirakee #abc poems @soulfulstirrings @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @raghavendran @nivi07 @rahul_govindan

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    An hour of quietude
    Both frozen, gazing at eyes
    Cupid's arrow, an amorous look
    Dangling hair dancing in between

    Enraptured by the present
    Feeling cozy in the arms
    Grandeur in appearance
    Heavenly bliss prevails...

  • inked_it 90w

    Memories Flashback
    Nothing is worst
    Our Journey till now
    People who were the strangers, Now
    Queen of his life
    Refreshing each other's past
    Secrets to churn
    True and everlasting love

  • 2write 90w


    Sad, and scattered
    Torn apart but all together
    Unhappy one moment feels like a year
    Vague life is not clear
    Yet, choosing to smile for others.

  • _nikita_p 90w


    The way it resides,
    Under my breathe,
    Vanquishes my tranquillity,
    With manifold feelings,
    Xanthic it seems like a caged phoenix
    Yelp Yelp my stifled darling,
    Free your soul and fly to your destination.

  • anthonyhanible 90w


    Bridge to
    Doubtful because it's not a
    Getting all
    I'm not
    Joking I'm
    Kinda in
    Love with you
    Marry me
    O baby
    Rescue me I've
    Slipped and it's
    Taking me
    Under but I'm
    Viable but
    Z there would be no me
    So now you know my ABC"S
    next time will you sing with me

  • doc_nagu 93w

    #ABC poem

    Ambitious you are,
    By gods grace!
    Courageous and contagious,
    Dearly and divine,
    Eager to see you,
    Fly to me sooner!
    Get all that you want,
    Hurry my dear.
    Ignite our spirits,
    Just don't restrain,
    Kill our egos,
    Let love prevail.
    Mend the broken,
    Nurture the needy,
    Open your arms and
    Pave way to your soul.
    Quench our thirst of knowledge
    Rest is up to the god,
    Send him our message
    Tell him that we need you.
    Unique you are,
    Very different from others
    World's creator,
    Xenophobic we are
    You are our angel
    Zealous and take us to zenith!

  • kottak 103w

    ABC of tonight

    A summer night used to fix it all
    Billions of stars in the sky
    Crickets and bull frogs in the background
    Dogs barking at things I cant see Euphoria is how I used to feel
    Frankly I don't know when it changed
    Getting that alone feeling might be why
    How did I let it get this bad?
    I used to hide the pain so well
    Just a friendly smile and nothing more
    Killing myself slowly because I hid it.
    Loneliness is my enemy and tempter
    My life, when did it get turn upside down.
    Nodding off in the arms of someone else
    Oh how I miss them. All of them
    Perhaps everyone feels like this with age
    Quietness killing all of us. Maybe it's me.
    Rest assure I will get my peace back
    Settling for lack luster love got me here
    Tonight I focus of higher healing and love
    Unleashed emotions and I do not care
    Versions of my life play on repeat
    Why tonight
    Xenodochial if i was only friendly to me
    You were always my saving grace
    Zoo of emotions flow through me
    The ABC's of tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of new adjectives and people. As I remember that I have been given the greatest love and I have a purpose.

  • asishajo 119w


    After all the years
    Blood, sweat and tears
    Children, now soldiers, on a battlefield
    Dead, and for what? (What, indeed) After
    Everything that's happened, history that testifies
    Fighting is pointless
    Grudges and passions lure us on
    Holding us in their bloody claws
    Impatient, to rule the world! All this, for
    Just a throne, and who suffers?
    Kings and queens? The leaders? No, but

    Little kids sending their fathers off
    Mothers, never to see their sons whole again, and some
    Never at all
    Oaths are taken, king and country
    Penalty is death—death a constant shadow, and how
    Quickly, life changes!

    Riot of bullets, endless marching
    Sleepless nights, cold and dirt and mud
    Unmarked graves.

    View the carnage
    What goes is a human, a flag returns
    'X' marks the grave
    Yonder, a splatter of bodies strewn in a green field.

    Zenith of technology, epoch of civilization
    And this is what we're at.


  • the_inhabitant 119w

    The might possessed by abhorrence,
    Unites those ridden with ignorance,
    Vanquishing the bonds of love,
    Wrenching the threads of humanity,
    Leaving behind the pieces of broken amity..