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  • pallavi4 14w


    I must be dead, I think I am at the end
    Lying prostrate in a pool of blood
    The last thing I remember is falling
    Down the stairs, landing with a loud thud

    I think I’m dead, everything around me is peaceful
    While I’m lying in the middle of a crime scene
    There seems to be no one
    In the house anywhere to be seen

    I should be dead, I wonder realising
    I must’ve hit my head on the hardwood floor
    All my bones feel badly broken and
    I can’t feel one side of my face anymore

    I could be dead, I struggle to stand up
    Unable to see clearly in the dark
    Wondering is this where my soul
    On a new journey shall embark?

    I may be dead, the struggle between us
    At the top of the stairs I remember
    I recall the unfired Glock in his hand
    Recollect the fireplace and its dying embers

    I can be dead, the fight had ensued after I’d
    Talked about his cheating with my friend
    Would a shallow man’s infidelity be
    The reason for my untimely end ?

    I’m definitely dead, I painfully try and
    Take one step at a time
    I discover that his body
    Had been lying right next to mine

    I’m imagining myself dead, he seems to have no pulse
    I can feel the blood still oozing from his head
    Shockingly I know now that
    To his death he seems to have bled

    I ought to have been dead, there is no cut nor wound on me
    Although my whole body is painfully sore
    How come I’m still standing and not
    Being made to walk through heavens doors?

    I can’t be dead, the blood was his and not mine
    I could kick myself for being so naive
    He might not be but today
    The gift of rebirth I have received

    I am not dead, with his death love for me
    Has ended like a bittersweet song
    I thought love would last forever
    Evidently I was wrong


    19th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Dark Beauty” by Paulina Siwiec

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  • hafisha98 15w


    Thoughts I never feel..!
    But writers can feel love and pain so much ��
    Keep support me @hafisha98
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

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    LOST my LOVE

    Hard to losing,
    Loser mine love -found my own,
    Ways never far....!!
    Will I wait until haven
    Get close.
    Made I anger-you gave that pain ..!!
    You leave me alone with refuge of lies..!
    Rest in peace love - I be there
    As soon as.....


  • raman_writes 24w


    अरसे पहले एक हादसे ने मेरी जान ले ली थी ।

    उसके छोड़ कर जाने के बाद मैं ज़िंदा नहीं रहा ।।


  • raman_writes 24w


    बहुत फ़ासला तय करना है तुझ तक पहुँचने के लिए ।

    तू बहुत दूर जा चुका है मुझसे ना जाने किस तरह ।।


  • jazro_ 24w

    Tomorrow without you

    Wake up, I thought in my mind
    your eyes looking up into the sky
    Cheerful, moments ago but now blind
    Your soul leaving and rising high
    Warm hands are getting cold
    My reality collapsed and fading away
    Nothing left to grab or hold
    All my bright colours turned grey


  • pallavi4 25w

    Sooner or later

    Sooner or later she had to wake up
    From this Snow White like slumber
    He thought to himself wondering
    If ever he could hope to rectify this blunder

    They had been fighting all evening long
    Shouting and screaming at each other
    Unafraid who could hear them outside
    Unconcerned whom they might bother

    In the heat of the moment she’d lunged at him
    And scratched his face with her nails
    He in turn pushed her towards the stairs
    Where she hit her head on the iron rails

    She slumped down and went limp
    Once he recovered from the shock he came
    To see her frail body lying in a pool of blood
    And wondered from this who exactly had gained

    Her unmoving form scared him badly
    He waited a while for her to move
    Realising she wasn’t even breathing
    He knew somehow his story he had to improve

    He knew for him there was no hope
    Nothing could save him from his fate
    If only in some way he could dispose her off
    Once in the evening it was dark and late

    So he wrapped her in a wide bed sheet
    And cleaned the blood with bleach
    Then in the dead of the night carried her out
    To make sure she would be placed out of reach

    He drove off into the night with her
    Dumped in the boot of his car
    He drove to the lake outside town
    That was comfortably safe and far

    He dragged her dead body out of the car
    And discarded her off in the lake
    Then stood there watching her drown
    Without a shred of remorse on his face

    With nerves of steel he drove back home
    Showered and got into bed
    The fact that he hadn’t taken care of the scars
    On his face never entered his head

    The next morn he was awoken by the cops
    Someone had complained about the noise
    He tried to shoo them away after telling
    Them off with grace and poise

    The scars across his face from her nails
    Never let him stand a chance
    The cops knew something was wrong
    From the very first glance

    They came back that afternoon with a warrant
    And after seeing the quiet and tranquil home
    Knew that he had something to do with his missing wife’s
    Disappearance into the unknown

    He confessed to the accidental murder
    And then the erasing of evidence later
    Meanwhile there was nothing left of the body
    In the lake because of all the gators

    Sentenced to death for the murder of his wife
    As he sat on the electric chair he wondered
    What if she had simply risen after being pushed
    He would’ve been saved from this terrible blunder


    3rd of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • _shattered_soul 27w

    When I got admitted in ICU

    One makes many plans for future ,

    worries for future ,

    Unnecessarily start hating his rival ,

    Waste time to fulfill the expectations and dreams of others which may be trival ,

    But all this vanishes when one become sick or meet a life taking accident .

    For that moment , one only wish for his good health ,

    Prayes to walk like others ,

    Prayes for quick recovery and thinks to do what he likes ,

    Realizes that nothing is important than a fit body and a good health.

    Why we forget this very important thought after we recover ,

    Why we forget that few people have never recovered and are in bed for forever ,

    Why we forget that health is the base of everything ,

    Why don't we invest time on the most precious gift from the Nature - The body.

    People especially , Young generation is indulged in drugs ,

    Few claim they are so busy that they can't even exercise for half an hour ,

    Have you noticed a old man walking so fast in the garden ,

    As his doctor told him you may die soon if you will not exercise ,

    Then why to wait for such statements ,

    If you are healthy then you feel happy ,

    If you are healthy then you think good ,

    If you are healthy then you experience life.

    It's very true that health is wealth .

    Lessons, learnt on ICU bed....

    Ride Safe...Mom is waiting at home!

    #Accident #ICU #Life& Death #LifeAfterAccident #Mirakee #RoyalEnfield #Mirakee

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  • lollipop71 27w

    Is Life What You Make It?

    You've heard people say, "Life is what you make it"?
    What exactly does it mean? The meaning according
    To the dictionary, you decide what you want in life.
    What about accidents you will have, like
    Ending up paralyzed? No one would ever wants to
    Be paralyzed it makes no sense.
    There is no way to be able to control every moment of
    your life.
    Is it your fault when your heart gets broken? No, and if
    you knew what was going to happen in your life all the
    Time it would drive you crazy, really it would.
    Your brain would be on overload.

    You can plan your whole life such as whether you will go
    To college or get married, buy a house or have kids. That
    You can plan, but unwanted events or accidents that happen in
    Your life you can't plan.
    So I ask you, " Is life what you make it"? Depends on how you
    look at it I guess.

  • darkmoon696 28w

    I wonder if we'll know in the aftermath that death took over and left us dead.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post

    #monsters #creatures #scary #horror #blood #fear #ghost #dark #accident #sad #death #debris

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    The Rail Accident

    Making my way through the debris, I walk slowly to the corner of the warehouse.

    'How have I ended up here', I ask myself.
    'Where is my wife?', I exclaim as I stand still, gazing at the debris.

    'She'll soon be here, my child', a semi-transparent figure what appears to be an old lady affirms.
    'Be here? What is even this place? And why can I look through you?', I ask her.

    'You don't remember, do you?', she replies.
    'The last thing I remember is having a drink with my wife on the train as we entered a tunnel', I say as I have a look at the debris again.

    'This is what is left of that train, my child. And now you are one of us', she says and vanishes.


  • teekty 29w

    Robbed by a grave

    Brain functioning in dismay -
    Thoughts wander about here and there
    With glances in between
    And bleak traces within.

    Like a swam, we gather around
    Trying to recollect and comprehend
    There are moments of laughter
    But there’s enormous torment, anguish and pain

    A gem is no more
    Why, we ask? Why was she stolen from us?
    She lay there alone
    In those final hours
    Probably torn,
    Yet with so much to spawn
    Leaving us to mourn

    Who do we charge with this crime?
    Such a beautiful life lost in its prime!
    Within a short space of time!

    A portrait of beauty in and out, she was
    Each echoes these truths
    In celebrating a life that was
    And a feeling of emptiness remains
    With all that she gave.

    We can only look up to the Creator
    For consolation, in spite of our trepidation
    In (an) attempt to accept mercifully
    In faith that her soul will rest peacefully

  • gigachad 30w

    Accident / script / Dialogue

    Father: I’m warning you; tomorrow I’m going to be pretty pissed at you. Tonight, I’m just high-fiving Jesus that you’re okay.
    Daughter: I’m sorry about the car.
    Father: It’s just a car…
    Daughter: You love that car.
    Father: No, I love you
    Daughter: I love you too and I’m scared
    Father: Why?
    Daughter: I don’t want you to be guilty. I don’t want people to look at you that way. I want them to know how great you can be.
    Father: You shouldn’t be thinking about that. That’s too much for your brain. All you should be thinking about is boys and rock ‘n roll and stealing your old man’s car keys. But not anymore because I’ll chop your hands off. Okay?
    Daughter: It was a nice day wasn’t it?
    Father: It was. It was really nice. It was the perfect day.
    Daughter: Right up until I ruined it.
    Father: You didn’t ruin anything. You just made a mistake. A really terrible mistake, we all do. Look at me, I take a breath and make a mistake. Then we just get back up and shoot for another perfect day.
    Daughter: I’m going to be thinking good thoughts dad, on Monday.
    Father: Thank you.

  • _poetry_army 31w


    The massive and the unsinkable ship
    The "QUEEN OF OCEAN " she was named to be
    The largest moving object was sailing on the sea

    Everyone arrived to say good bye
    No one knows these temporary smile will change to permanent sigh ;
    As she was moving from Southampton to haunted pole
    No one knows they are near to show their powerful soul

    Everyone asleep till the voice "COME SHIP SINKING" was heard
    Every brave man cried "LADIES AND CHILDREN FIRST"

    "THIS SHIP MADE ME FEEL SAFE" as everyone thought
    The grave of these people greedy ocean got

    The sea laughed on the ship I guess
    Because overcoming the natural forces her name suggest

    Someone said this ship can't sink
    At 2am 15th April it was broken within a blink

    The band still playing "NEARER..MY GOD TO THEE"
    People on the lifeboats , sinking titanic they can see

    The eyes that once saw the majestic deck
    Now seeing the titanic's wreck

    What if the 5 th compartment was not filled
    1500 people on board can't be killed

    The stiff as rock titanic was thought to be unsinkable
    Untill it really sinked

    The menace of starlighted midnight
    Why can't titanic see the early morning Monday light

    The same thing reciprocated as 'THE WRECK OF TITAN "said
    Was it really the moving death bed ???
    -Anshera Mulani

  • akshay_vasu 39w

    My universe, crashing into yours, was the most beautiful accident this creation had ever witnessed.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • james_taumas 41w


    Not paying attention
    Pain shoots up
    Lightning bolt struck
    Nerves screaming
    Think the worst
    Look down to confirm
    All toes accounted for
    Only one stubbed
    Deep breaths
    Waves subside
    Back to normal.


  • 7secondsauthor 47w


    जब से चेतना है,
    मैं अकेला ही हूँ।
    जन्म लेने के बाद से
    मृत्युशय्या तक भी, और
    गहन देखभाल इकाई से
    पुनर्जन्म लेने तक।
    इतना अकेलापन अच्छा नहीं,
    सोचने का अखण्ड समय मिलता है,
    मैं उन क्षणों से निकला ही नहीं,
    ७ मई २०१० का अब भी पछतावा है।


  • 7secondsauthor 47w

    Tears Don't Fall

    I feel that my tears,
    They dried up in 2010.
    During that accident saga,
    I pent up every last one of them.
    Now, I do not bleed, I do not weep,
    I just watch helplessly as people leave.


  • sandeep_prasad 48w


    चल रहा था सड़क की ओर,
    खीच रही उसे एक डोर,
    एक सपना था उन आँखो मे,
    मन ऐसा की हो गई भोर।

    अचानक आई एक गाड़ी सामने,
    तोड़ गयी उस डोर को,
    सपने हुए लहू लुहान,
    देखा न गया उस ओर को,

  • afza147 53w


    Having my first accident in 2021
    And I embarrassed rather than feeling like a victim
    I was shaking yet I just want to leave the scene quickly
    It still hurt my wound.
    Yet the embarrassed of the situation hit even more

  • raman_writes 73w

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    हमने तो मोहब्बत की है, हम तो मोहब्बत पर ही लिखेंगे ।

    हमारा दिल टूटा है, अब हम किसी से क्या मोहब्बत करेंगे ।।


  • transientfemale 78w

    Poem about a car accident I saw a while ago
    #dodoitsu #accident #blood

    July 30, 2020

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    Dodoitsu #2

    A dozen cars jockey
    For a space on the highway.
    As police usher us through
    Blood pools in the dirt