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  • alex_89 4d


    You are just another person,
    just another heartbreak,
    just another love song,
    never meant to stay

    You are everything I wanted,
    yet nothing that I need

    I will not bleed for you,
    I will not cry a single tear,
    I will not ache for you,
    even though I clearly love you dear

    No, you're not meant to be alone,
    but you're just not meant,
    you're just not meant,
    no, you're just not meant for me

    So I will release you love,
    I will release your every being,
    oh I will let you fly,
    soar to another human being,
    Oh until you find your path,
    and you will settle down for sure...

    Just believe,
    you are not meant to be alone,
    but you're also just not meant for me


  • shiningarmour 6w


    I miss him so much
    So much so that
    It has turned into a physical ache

  • adhyakrti 10w


    At any point of time, it's the amount of belief that you had,going to decide the level of ache that you get when everything dissolves..!
    So believe less, cherish more!!

  • _flow_of_words_ 11w

    Craving for being left alone!

    The screen lit up, making my heart race with the speed it had never raced before. A message popped up, but this time, I was scared to read it, as if I knew that it was the end of something that had been precious to me for millions of years. It was the end of something I had always longed for, and I knew this was it merely because it wouldn't work. It just won't, no matter how badly I want all those people to stay. Because for how long will I hold them from going away from me? But my heart isn't ready for it because it aches solely after thinking that everything was made in my mind, and there was nothing real in what I was calling real. Why does it hurt when I was completely aware that it wasn't worth fighting for? I am exhausted. My mind is exhausted too. It just wants to be free from every thought that's been bothering it for ages because that feels right at this moment. But what if it isn't right to make those thoughts go away? What if I wait for some more time? Will that help in making everything right? But I can't let myself wait anymore for something that won't come true! Because my heart and my mind are screaming from the pain that can just be felt. My eyes can feel the tears on their edges, and I know that every emotion is at its peak. And I crave for being left alone because maybe I will get what I am craving for, as solitude it is, after failing the war I fought for such a long time!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 31 Oct 2021 @03:46 hrs IST

  • shakra26lee 12w


    Drums beating through the crevasses of my brain
    Solid ice flows through the warm rivers in my veins
    Chimes sound the war of Migraines
    Damages bring forth endless pain
    Silent cries echo through the rain
    Chimes sound excruciating raging vain
    Sanity lost the war to Migraines


  • spirit_13 15w

    Aching creator

    What aches the creator more...

    A person loved by everyone yet feeling alone that he kills himself


    A person hated and killed by everyone with all fragrance of creator lost in him

  • insearchoftheseaandthesoul 17w

    On nights like these,
    When I cry myself to sleep
    Or on mornings
    When tears can't
    Stop flowing down my cheeks
    No matter how time has flown past
    Melancholy settles on me,
    Like a sudden change in the weather
    A kind of intangible sadness
    An ache that you can't pinpoint
    Exactly where it hurts
    You just know it does
    You just feel it deep in your bones.

  • mindscapeofamy_95 18w

    There are days,
    When you just want to stay in bed
    And do nothing.
    The world ceases to exist
    The chatter of people seem distant
    The things you cared for don't matter anymore
    The ones trying to hold conversations with you
    Unfortunately are speaking to themselves.
    You don't know why it is so
    You cannot find the starting point
    Or fathom how it would end.
    Or would it?
    You want to scream
    You wish to shatter a glass
    You want to rip something apart
    You wish more pain to yourself
    Than already exists
    Sigh! Am I depressed?

  • pranalishah 19w

    - Torimodosu -

    The body aches to breathe sometimes,
    The ache tends to seep through the bones sometimes,
    For cries die down in the whistling winds,
    And tears just about drain the oceans pits…

    Sometimes reasons are
    far from one’s comprehension,
    But then sometimes,
    it’s the only route to be travelled
    in order to move a step further in life…

    It’s difficult without a doubt but then
    the journey will most certainly be worth it…


  • lethological_thoughts 20w

    �������������� :

    Both have changed. And its drastic. Each past phase they went through has been most beautiful but this is something really painful to go through. Both are filled with ���������������� ���������� entangled with blissful �������� towards each other. A state of misery, where each decision will construct a route to either a deserted land or safe return to ��������.

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  • pranalishah 25w

    - Laugh -

    The heart often aches to hear that one person laugh
    and unconsciously or subconsciously
    we ache to be the reason…


  • tokingbetweenthelines 28w


    When I was a boy,
    I didn't know what I wanted to do.
    I tried things to see if they brought
    a smile to her face,
    nothing seemed to do it.
    She didn't smile very often,
    so I didn't either.

    I had no dreams of my own,
    I was content in my present.
    Content in my toys, my bed,
    her cooking, her embrace.
    But then
    she told me to decide my fate,
    so I hovered my finger
    over a list of prospective futures
    until one
    brought some life into her eyes.
    That, I chose.

    She never told me to do it,
    she never asked for anything;
    but her eyes always seemed to plead with me.
    The glint of desperate dreams
    nudging me on to roads she left untraversed,
    telling me to turn stones she left unturned,
    imposing the life she left unlived onto me,
    imposing the only thing
    that might make her smile.

    I can't recall her ever asking me who I am.
    What about me, ma?

  • bushbaby 30w

    death of a loved one

    Your hands were cold
    Your eyes had drifted close,
    There were two of us,
    But I knew I was alone.

    I battled against numbness;
    Our memories too valuable for me to lose.
    I sent my happiness after you;
    You were free of needles, of pills,
    And stubbornly silent rooms.
    You stood beside me as I said goodbye,
    Lingering even as the saintly shroud signalled the end of the rites;
    But your face was that of a stranger,
    Hauntingly severe, and utterly indifferent to my cries.
    Even my senses turned against me;
    Testifying for wishes that never solidified.
    And I disowned my faith,
    Guilty of using it to feed on lies.

    Regret proved loyal:
    Fiercely guarding me from Sleep,
    Time who raced to the finish line when you remained with me,
    Slowed down, in an ironic show of pity.
    I investigated into your case,
    Desperate for inconsistencies in your love for me;
    For reality came with an unbearable ache,
    The reality that you could never be replaced.

    Time picked up his pace once again,
    I covered my ears and played blind,
    When he pointed to the road ahead;
    For I still clung to you,
    However stranger to me you grew.
    And although Time may continue on his course,
    Grief had become a friend,
    And Living had become a foe.


  • bemyheartless_love 32w

    Dear broken heart,
    It's okay to live with aches
    I'll write every ache within
    different meaning of love

  • charlieka 33w

    the ache of bones
    ember glow spreading
    forecasting a weather change
    warm amber jewel
    raised to the lips
    honey smooth tonic
    erasing a little pain
    highlighting another
    so easy to remain
    foggy with distant constant longing
    pealing just under the surface
    the skywalking lighthouse light
    jump roping through
    gritty grey mist
    silently reaching inside
    wiping away
    controlling emotions
    deep inside agony
    relief in vivid dreams
    such a sweet after taste


  • nibiran_saikia 34w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #pain #ache #childhoodfear

    My Childhood Fear

    Recalling the days of old
    Sitting in his shoulder from the winter morning to the summer evening
    From home to the market I insisted to follow
    Because there is a fear of loosing him
    That grew in my mind when I was little.
    With passing time we moved into new place surrounded by unknown faces
    Still the fear followed me — when he go for work after leaving me in my school
    The beautiful days where I sit in my small saddle of his bicycle is now remained as a beautiful memory.
    Now he is above sixty five, old and with light wrinkled skin
    Still do all the hard things which he used to do during my childhood days.
    His growing age and high blood pressure gives me pain every now and then.
    A week ago he said to me, " I am old now, I cannot pull my body like before"
    Gave rise to the old childhood fear in my mind again.
    Tears roll every time I see him as the lines he said were like an sudden pain
    But all I can do is fell the devastating side of mother nature and cry in the silence of dark
    As he is the only person in my house who love me no matter how hard the situation is and can be.

    *Correct me if You find any mistake thank you.

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    My Childhood Fear

    #My identity


  • charlieka 35w


    sometimes it just feels like
    I'm not gonna make it this time
    when this day rolls around and it does so quick
    and I think
    I'm not going to give in this time I won't
    then I wear my tears inside my throat until alone I can release them
    there doesn't seem to be much hope
    to overcome the way I am
    and I wonder

    How much more
    How much longer
    How big can this get
    How much room will it take up

    How much more can this expand until beginning to poke out through all of my pores and burst through my skin covering my outer shell like a cobwebed cocoon continuing to spread across the earth and the sky until there is nothing left save this encompassing ache



  • lookingformyikigai 37w


    The sudden bursts of tears
    Turned to night long crying in pain
    The body seems perfectly fine
    It was my heart that ached.

    The eyes are now swollen
    They look bloodshot red
    I check my body for a fever
    I just feel incapable of even leaving the bed.

    I just lie down there
    Covering my mouth while I cry
    I didn't wanna make a sound
    I was trying to be as sly!

    My stomach feels knotted
    My head now bursting
    Is this how it is when you cry all night long?
    Body tired, and my mouth is dry and thirsty.

    I want this to be over
    I want to feel okay
    But I guess staying this way is convenient now
    Am I weird to be thinking this way?

  • poukii 39w

    The ache of saudade

    I cosmogyraled night after night in search of a star,
    a bolide, within the hidden celestial bodies.
    I enquired to all the million synodic cealitis,
    who visited me in sweven about you.
    Never I did found a shining phosphene like you;
    then, why vermouth blood flows out of my eyes,
    whenever I stare at night sky, honey?

    Even though you are thousand miles away from me,
    I try to sing this song of love for you,
    every night when the chords of my guitar starts to thrum,
    then, why my voice gags everytime I try to utter your name, honey ?

    When, I see your faded shadows in the gumusservi
    on the near by lake,I sense your caim in it, darling;
    caim of your invisible hands, when I hide in the rug on those witch hours.
    then, why is the moon too whiter honey?
    even whiter than your sparkling face.

    My lips are cracking and drying out without tasting your chocolate kisses,honey.
    then, why my heart is pucking out dead ashes?

    still, you don't miss me,

    why ?

    I don't know..
    I don't know..
    the reason behind it, honey.

    All I know is I have the desire to feel you again;
    your delicate fingers and cafune you again in our tryst in the white night.
    I have the desire to feel your chords again and turn you into a melody.
    All I know is you faded away in the depths of deep blue ocean, leaving me alone in the shoes of pain.
    All I know is my head whirls like a storm whenever I think about you..
    All I know is every cells of my body
    " ache in saudade" for you .
    As I feel a deep" Mizpah " with your soul,
    that will never end until I leave this world.

  • light_ofthe_heart 41w

    Break Up Message

    I thought I could do this
    I thought it wasn't going to be painful
    But it sure hurts
    I can't take in the pain anymore
    I don't want to do this anymore
    I can't be a second anymore
    Let us both go our different ways
    And don't care about me anymore
    Don't worry about what I will go through
    This isn't a first, probably won't be a last
    I have endured more than this hurt
    I will learn to unlove you with time
    Just don't come back to hurt me
    Let me heal in peace and not in pieces
    This is my break up message for us