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  • sweedle 22w

    I am always escaping, running away from places where my heart truly belongs. My feet are on the lookout for running, even in the middle of the night. I am too afraid to surrender my all, don't know if I can take the hurt like I did before. So when you see me shrinking to the corner, hold my hand and don't let go. Stop me from getting lost in my own puzzles.

    © Sweedle

  • fizahfiz_ 22w

    It's too much of a beautiful night to be strong at our fishing rods. We should also admire the rocks, the water, and the moon.

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    I've been fishing near this river all day long,
    But all I've caught is a minnow before calling it quits,
    Although I feel bitter, I should let it go,
    it's not easy to catch a big fish.

    Rig your fishing line and look up at the moon,
    The night has already befallen, I hear n owl's hoot,
    I'm still wide awake, so I shall stay here for a while.


  • lonesome_artist 23w

    Reading and Writing

    As a child I was fully conscious.
    I have no ability other than reading and writing,
    My score in science and art is still salty in the sea,
    My drawing, on the other hand, looks like firewood.

    I didn't want this to be the only thing I could do.
    I also have a lot of skills I want to acquire,
    But in other things it is not obvious.
    I wonder to myself, why can only reading and writing be done?

    I thought of becoming a singer, but my voice is sometimes strained.
    I thought of becoming a politician, but I didn't want to be called a barber.
    I thought being a teacher I could teach but, I was rude.
    I thought of becoming an architect but, my drawings are nothing as ugly

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    With my lack of ability in many things, I was wondering to myself. Maybe I have a big curse. Curse that to me gives heavenly grace. Because reading and writing alone makes me very happy.


  • sproutedseeds 23w


    I love to appreciate every effort
    I love to encourage every attempt
    I love to motivate every fall to rise
    I love to see the miracles therein shown
    I love to see the blessings showered
    from the people around near and far
    from the Lord always near but looks far.

    Every person's feelings
    I emphatize
    young or old
    I try my best to help, guide them
    through in their lost way with the
    light of hope on their path to
    reach their destination.

    I have stumbled through my path
    Now, I try to smoothen it straight
    with my tough experience faced
    for now, let others walk without
    any difficulty of slip or fall.

    This is my activity in every endeavour.

    Fall but rise
    Stumble but smoothen
    Pray for the well being
    of myself and every
    breath around me to be
    safe and healthy.

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    I love to appreciate every effort
    I love to encourage every attempt
    I love to motivate every fall to rise
    I love to see the miracles therein shown
    I love to see the blessings showered
    from the people around near and far
    from the Lord always near but looks far.

    Fall but rise
    Stumble but smoothen
    Pray for the well being
    of myself and every
    breath around me to be
    safe and healthy.

  • thoughtsprocess 23w

    #activity #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork Thank you so much for Editor's choice ����

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    When I am
    Surrounded by the darkness
    When I don't find any ray of hope
    With closed eyes
    Tears rolling on my cheeks
    Touching my lips
    Unable to hear any sound
    I surrender to God
    Though he is omniscient
    I pour my heart out to him
    I expect guidance from him
    Though I can't hear his voice
    I can't see him
    But I feel his existence everywhere
    I have deep faith in him
    I am sure
    He will hold my hand
    He will show me the right path
    He will remove the darkness of ignorance
    and light the flame of
    knowledge and hope


  • _teal_ 23w

    To my unknown,

    A une époque, you asked me, what is it that I would compare a relationship to, then I looked at you and my mind was completely blank. I was at a loss but now I know what I should have said, is it too late to reply? God I hope not.

    Because, I came to the understanding that I could relate relationships to sleeping. How? You may ask. Let me tell you.

    If you have ever tried to sleep on a mattress with no bedsheets, you know how uncomfortable it is, it's a rough surface, so unknown you can't wait to get away from. That could resemble the first days you meet the one you might date, the anxiety of a first date, the lack of comfort when you eat, almost like some brain cells are lost. You can't even remember the right utensils to use.

    Now, let's try sleeping in warm clean bedsheets covering the hard, rigid surface. That is the honeymoon phase, the period you can't say no and your partner can do no wrong in your eyes, it is the moment of bliss, inside jokes, partying and phenomenal sex.

    But when you drift to sleep in that comfort it is a mark, the end of an era, the honeymoon phase if you may please. The dreams you experience in that sleep with be the reality of your relationship. Depending on how you built it, you will experience nightmares or a wonderful world.

    The nightmares will be the lack of communication, the arguments with a sole purpose of scoring more than growing, the selfish choices. The wonderful dreams, will be working as a team because you both understand that you are one. And meant to build a loving partnership.

    Morning come when you wake up, it will be a wake up call literally, it will be the moment to decide if you pray away the nightmare through a break up or if you rejoice the merry dream in a commitment.

    Oh! Before I forget, the interrupted sleep the person who wakes you up before time, that is the cheating. The reason a relationship is interrupted before it's timely end or happy ever after.

    I hope with this, I get to explain relationships to you more clearly dear one.

    Yours truly,


    #wod #activity #miraquill #writersnetwork #letter #mirakeeworld

    24th. August. 2021 day 1 of the challenge

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    A relationship is like sleep and just like sleep it has it's stages that proves its success or failure.


  • aryaa_anand 23w

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    thank you for the ♥(10) @writersnetwork :)
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    sitting by the window
    with sadness lurking around
    misty eyes carrying memories
    of sitting in your lap
    caressing your red cheeks
    and feeling the beads of sweat
    roll down your forehead
    for when we were close
    our hearts' d race as fast as thunder
    lost in my fantasies
    hallucinating you of being with me
    I spend my afternoons

    the sun sets & the moon shows its charm
    but I sit there inconsolable
    waiting to have a peek at you in the night sky
    soon you arrive and twinkle at me
    your pals wink at you and the moon smiles
    I blush with cheeks pink and eyes shining
    for I am bestowed with your euphoric shine
    and I believe - you are the immortal apple of my eyes.

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    I wait for a glance of you in my favorite star that beholds you in your true essence in the dark sky, sparkling with the moonlight.


  • shabz_felix 23w

    Cooking with Poetry

    I waxed traditional prose
    Cooking counterfeit poses for a cause
    Made a sonnet banana split
    That assigned ma a work permit

    Viggie meal a healthier choice
    Had to abstain from animal kingdom with due benevolence
    Conventional delicacies a good feel
    Rather prepared nourishing meal

    As my soul cook up, writers link
    Always drop in natural ink
    In metaphorical soup
    Serving often plan base prose

    Cooking daily is a beautiful compart
    Creating a variety of culinary art
    Season with lyrical herbs
    Likely to give an appetizing read

  • lovely_rachana 23w

    Dancing out the madness

    Shook by the upcoming fears
    Sorry for the past years
    Something inside screaming
    To come out just shining
    When paused for sometime
    With a feeling of puff and chime
    My body said it's your time
    To increase the volume and squeeze the lime
    Of fun and happiness blasting inside
    And loving life's every side
    Every second I vibed to the beats
    And killed every single of depressing beasts
    Bonding with life my glow did glitter
    Dancing out of passion life much better
    Cause despite the entropy of the world
    I released the entropy inside and became a sword
    For myself I became stronger
    Dancing out the madness made be younger

  • _solitaire_ 23w

    Im a flickering body
    In the dust filled sky
    Which lies above
    The silent graveyard
    Holding constellations
    Of my dead selves

    In the dark room
    Lying in a corner
    Im a stiched cloth
    Of a darker shade
    Who can only kill
    Any light breathing

    The shadows of which
    Diminish the breaths
    Of my heart
    For Im a dark eclipse
    In the damaged radio
    Of frozen memories

    Im a cracked shell
    Brought back to the shore
    By the burning waves
    And in a wooden box
    Of those pretty numbers
    Im simply a vacant zero

    Im within me, And dead

    �������� �������������� ���������� ���� �������������� �������� ���������� �� ������, �� �������� ������ ���������� ���� ����.


    (P.s: The lines in // are translated below.
    Will read yall soon)

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    //तूम जो भी हो जैसे भी हो खुदको खुदमे रखो
    खुदके छोटेसे हिस्से को भी भागने ना दो//

    Whoever you are, however you are, keep yourself preserved in you. Don't let even an inch of you flee away.


  • juanogando 23w

    The Waiting Room Chronicles

    The woman marinated by a long life sits.
    Rosary beads performing acrobatics along
    Fingers dancing with anxiety, scented
    With the Christmas meal she abruptly left
    To chase the ambulance bringing her husband here.
    She sits.
    Under flickering lights and a healthy Sansevieria.
    Faded posters with graphics give medical advice.
    She looks up startled with anticipation
    At every doctor and nurse rushing by.
    She’s invisible.

    The young woman across from her
    Also waits, in a state of shock,
    Plucking shards of glass from her lap
    Onto the floor. Seeds
    From the automobile accident
    That brought her and her sister
    To two different rooms of the hospital.
    Her sister whisked into surgery while she waits
    Replaying the brilliant lights that suddenly struck.
    The crunching sound of metal
    Sending the car lunging into the woods.
    Her parents still haven’t been contacted.

    The well groomed man paces.

    She prepares the Christmas meal
    Anticipating the arrival of her family
    While her husband sings watching
    Futball on the flatscreen entangled
    With knotted cords, loose ends unresolved.
    Anticipating a goal from his team
    Cursing the missed opportunities.
    She has trimmed the fat
    Rolled ribs into the flour
    Browned the hot shortening
    And spooned off the fat.
    She watches the roasting time go by.
    When her husband gurgles her name.
    Now she’s here. Tears balancing
    On the rim of her eyes. Fingers
    Continuing to dance with rosary beads.

    The sisters bid goodbye to their guests
    From the posh Tamil restaurant hosting
    The baby shower for the first time mother to be.
    The older sister rests her hands protectively
    Over her child growing inside and naps.
    The younger sister drives her home.
    Both dreaming of the new life this child
    Will bring. Her parents enter the waiting room
    Pulling her from the horror she relives.
    The parents hug the daughter who still spills glass.
    They wait for their son-in-law and news
    From the surgeon.

    The well groomed man paces.

    Pacing, the well groomed man
    Pulls out a small box and opens it.
    The light catches the facets of his proposal.
    The jarring contrast of this bland room
    With the meal overlooking the sea.
    Intimacy for two. With a charming
    Server subtly keeping things light.
    He’s positive she’ll say yes. Right?
    When suddenly her nut allergy grips her throat.
    Of all the ways he adores seeing her
    The fear in her life threatened eyes
    Jars him into helplessness.
    She’s going to be okay.
    He brought her here in time
    And he waits for the moment
    They bring him to her room.
    He will bend a knee and ask for her hand.
    Now, even more resolute in his commitment
    To this woman he can never lose.

    The old woman’s tears spill,
    The rosary beads are tightly held.

    The young sister blames herself
    As her parents worry for both their daughters.

    The well groomed man paces.


  • dove_notes 23w

    You are "living" even when u hate urself
    You are "living" even when u r beside a dying person
    You are "living" when you are lonely
    You are" living "when u are laughing
    You are "living "every moment
    Lets do it with grace. And with a grateful heart

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    An activity that no one can do for you,
    An activity that has no book of rule to follow,
    An activity that none has excelled in,
    An activity that each one has to do,
    An activity that each one of us, has been bestowed with,
    An activity that gives meaning to life,
    An activity that predominates all other activity,
    An activity of survival, of existence,
    That activity is LIVING!

  • eshamahajan 23w

    Playing with words,
    And wreathing them,
    In the beautiful metrical strings,
    Gives me my own magical wings,
    Using which I fly in the utopian world,
    Where everyone is busy in making their strings pearled,
    Spellbound by their creations,
    I fell as if I have dived in dilettante's ocean,
    Where everything is sublime in nature,
    And that reminds me of our world's creator,
    Wants to live in this cosmos forever,
    Where I would remain busy in my own endeavour.


  • tuiethetweety 23w


    I am a bookworm person,
    loving reading literary or
    other different topics as well.
    My addiction for books and
    novels especially the thrillers.
    As i am also a writer from this
    very genre,and just a huge fan
    of suspense,mystery and horror
    literature,these are my favourites.
    i can't get sleep if i don't get to read
    at least a few pages of a novel book
    before going to sleep,this shows
    my passion for reading,somewhat.
    reading broadens our knowledge
    and nevertheless it also makes us
    more mature and sensible,gives us
    ideas and issues we should know.
    even if we're not graduated degree
    holders,yet we are not any less too!
    because we read and grow mentally.

  • soulo_scribbles 23w

    Anything we engage in to ease of our mind is meditation.

    #activity #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Via the melodies of ardent devotion.
    In cadence claps of lyrical adoration.

    Through the susurrus of grass blades.
    And the winds that swirl to it's sways.

    In the thick of gurgling waters of wilderness.
    And in fauna that swoons over it's winsomness.

    From the monotonous chirps of crickets in resting tunes.
    Even in the recurring shores playing tag with sand dunes.

    Amidst the larks of foolhardy.
    I spot you in children's cacophony.

    From the echoing hymns of composure.
    I find you escape from the monks of stature.

    The hunter of minds in fog.
    A trailblazing pedagogue.

    You are cure to my sadness.
    Method out from madness.

    I bow to the penance whereby mind persuades.
    A commander of quietude thereby placid prevails.

    You are a tap away from omnipresence.
    Transcending strength, power & conscience.


  • libra_fey 23w

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the repost...was this my rakhi gift?��������❣❤ #wod #activity #dance

    I spread my hands,
    And lift my toes
    With the music’s high notes.
    I move and move,
    And jump as high as I can,
    Feeling the freedom of a bird,
    Though for a small instant.

    I balance on my tips,
    I don’t want to stop,
    Though it hurts,
    I like the scar.
    I lift one foot,
    And now weight is on one,
    It's okay I won’t fall,
    I’ve trained myself to balance alone (on-one).

    I whirl and whirl,
    Centrifuging the anxiety,
    That my hair held in its curls.
    I whirl and whirl,
    Spinning the world,
    From dusk to dust,
    Now its only space,
    In which I will again whirl.

    I tie this aerial silk around me,
    Like manipulating my mind's control,
    And I swing around a big circle,
    Like I am revolving around the universe.
    There is no rushing air in this room,
    But the chill air of my soul's sigh,
    Leaves me thrilled.
    It’s a pride that every soul has,
    It’s an art that can glitter the faintest life.

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    A therapist for my heavy head,
    Dancing is my only med,
    Its every step is a cure of my every bug.

    Curled up in this aerial silk,
    Feels like thousand hug.

    Let the pain come,
    It doesn’t hurt,
    Its just a warm up for this life race.

  • lady_witch 23w

    It's time to leave, bye...

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    And now the quill is digging my flesh
    to hibernate metaphors those are still un-conveyed...

    //are my wounds enough to make room for poetries?//

  • steady 23w

    Oh I love to sing
    To have it sweet melody crown my head like a king
    Oh I love to dance
    To let my feet move me into a trance
    Oh I love to read
    To let the suspense hang around my neck like a bead
    Oh I love to write
    To have my pen take me to a place where everything is right
    When I close my eyes I can see
    The connections between worlds are words

  • heartsease 23w

    I've sailed shores of pastels
    the day I held paintbrush in
    hands and dreams in eyes,
    I've dyed a khadi cloth saffron
    at top with verdant bottom
    before swotting nursery rhymes.

    I've moved along borders to
    turn forbidden sky blue at sun-
    rise and saffron at sunsets,
    I've led fire on canvas to burn
    bleeding scars with crayons of
    broken edges.

    I've bloomed hope on sleeves
    of awaited nights by flaunting
    moon as immortal on canvas,
    I've lifted this world out of
    monochromes when I stopped
    colours adjoining into wars.

    I made rainbows breath alive
    and illuminated eyes to see
    beauty in tiny wildflowers,
    I painted smile on the face of
    dancing butterflies the day
    I dissolved hues with flowers.

    #activity #unique_chall #paintc

    Due to my academic session I'm unable to spend much time here so just continuing with writing up till that time. But I'm extremely grateful to each one of you for the amount of love you shower on me, it really means a lot, without you all this journey wouldn't have been possible.

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

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    I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.
    ~Van Gogh

  • enike_ 23w


    it spills
    The wind refills
    I hear trees
    One two threes