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  • grim_lyssa 204w

    Grim Divorce

    Irony, how it will be, when you try to forget me.
    Never will you achieve this, though you might wish, You will always think of me. Say you don't wanna be my friend, go ahead, pretend, my offer always stands. Please, be careful who you trust, demons snarlin and they lust, once they see protection gone. I wonder who that could be? Only one, that's me, I'm a friend who will defend. I pray you don't push me away, because of your own mistakes, there's no reason to be hateful to the one who was loyal till the end. Realize this, ever since we had kids, it was no longer about me or you. This is the same thing, I may leave, but I'm still your friend, now my reason is for God. See it's not about me, Or the tears you weep, I need to help bring heaven to this earth! There's too many good people, consumed by hate and evil, and my job is to take away their pain, bring them love again, and put fear in those who wish to do them harm. Once it's defeated, the Lord will come here and greet us, and everyone will have true love. Look beyond your own needs, your actions caused by your lust and greed, don't forget the adulteries, I am not your enemy. To be angry, is just selfish, when you chose these, you knew the outcome was that I left, so own your punishment with pride. Like I said, No regrets, just become a better man, with or without me, yes you can. Be the man you're meant to be, be humble, kind, and friendly, never hateful to another, please, I ask you as my brother. Remember, I will always be there, I will always care, I will always wish for your joy to come times ten, I will always be your friend. Even if you don't care