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  • sameerved 9h

    [ bloom ]

    he weaved a flower on his handkerchief

    the same yellow that he wears
    on his luscious long hair when tied,
    and calls it the braid-smile

    it has always been an inexplicable affair
    - between him and the flowers
    as if there's some history between the two I know not of!

    probably a few hundred poetries were once scattered
    in a graveyard of sorts!

    he asks me to cry,
    like it's ok to!
    like there's comfort in it,
    like he knew I've been wanting to all this while
    but I looked at him with eyes that needed no crying

    smiling without any hesitance, he hands me over the handkerchief
    and says, "Rain on it, let the flower bloom!"

    ~ कलम-e-समeeर

  • _truesayings_ 31w

    सच और गलत दोनों की परख थी,
    पर क्या करें उस गलती में भी सुकून था।


  • navingovindhan 31w


    Your eyes are like
    The scoop of moon
    With two tablespoons
    Of stars

  • _truesayings_ 36w

    खुशियां खो गईं है इस दुनिया की भीड़ में,
    घर वापस लाने के लिए, उसे ढूंढने निकलना है।


  • lazybongness 46w

    Septolet on the theme of affair.

    Just a lame try ��

    She was Pretty.

    Glamours for the world
    Loneliness and isolation within.

    He was Odd.

    The time when,
    We are not in love.

    Sweet Affair

    Divided into two parts,
    One is brave and happy
    Other is sad and lonely.

    We broke up.

    Beneath the trials of betrayal,
    Soul is looking for rain.

    Queen of reverals

    A women who still ,
    Wants to be in love.

    The old aphorism

    A promise to return with,
    The joy of remembrance
    Kept in a closed jar.


    #septolets #affair @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    An Affair


  • passion_pearl 49w

    I've Dossal of Pain,
    In very corner of my Heart
    And it Hurts Badly
    It Lacerate my Wounds,
    Which never Exist

    I've Complicated mess of Life,
    It's a never-ending,
    Web of Problems ,
    Which is never desired

    Promises aren't everyone's Cuppa,
    Some can make it , but can't fulfill it
    Some don't even have guts
    Some have bunch of lame excuse lying there
    And Some have shit false promise

    So, In this Era of Fallacious Hope,
    Are You Insane enough to Promise ,
    R(EVOL)UTION & Embrace it all
    But you wouldn't dare , Would You?

    The Darkness Got
    My Love After the
    Moon Confessed That It Have Scars Too & You Knew

    Are you Loony in Moments like me?
    Been in Pain like me ?
    Or shared your Mash Feeling Only with Your Soul?
    As this Ruthless Humanity Grasped me
    I finally realised ,
    The beauty Of Saying 'NO'..

    #pod #life #love #promise #dusk #mirakee #heal #pain #moments #alone #solitude #affair #writersnetwork #wod @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Are you brave enough ,
    To Promise me,
    My FOREVER ?

  • yashashwani 53w

    इसलिए ये सवाल नहीं है कि कौन देश श्रेष्ठ है,कौन देश अश्रेष्ठ है।सवाल ये है के किस देश में अधिकतम श्रेष्ठ लोगों का निवास है और किस देश में अधिकतम निकृष्ट लोगों का निवास है.............. मैं सारी दुनिया में चक्कर लगा आया हूँ सभी जगह अच्छे लोग हैं और सभी जगह बुरे लोग हैं, लेकिन
    बुरे लोग ताकत में हैं हर जगह और अच्छे लोग शक्तिहीन हैं हर जगह । अच्छाई कि एक मजबूरी है,अच्छाई आक्रामक नहीं होती है, हिसात्मक नहीं होती है । बुराई आक्रामक होती है, हिंसात्मक होती है ।........... अच्छाई को कोई मौका भी नहीं मिलता, दूसरी खूबी अच्छाई को कोई आकांक्षा भी नहीं होती, कि उसे स्वीकार मिले, अच्छाई अपने आप में ऐसा सुखद अनुभव है, कि अब और कुछ और नहीं चाहिए।...... बुरे लोग छाती पे सवार हैं और अच्छे लोग इतने अच्छे हैं कि उनसे ये भी नहीं कहते कि अब उतरो भी ।



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    वसुधैव कुटुंबकम ।

  • amatullahsabir 57w

    Une Affaire Interdite

    I rise again,
    Willingly or hesitantly I don't know.
    I see him shining right there,
    Mixed with the clouds.
    All they do is whisper,
    C'est une affaire interdite.*

    Love is meant to raise you,
    But all I see is him setting down.
    He is right there let me touch him,
    A thousand things come in between,
    They push my hands back, yes I know.
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    Dusk till dawn,
    Dawn till dusk,
    I await the tiny moment,
    To see him again, show people us.
    Our love still sustains, even if,
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    They love me and him individually,
    Yet shudder with the thought of us together.
    Squeals when me and him are in the sky at once,
    But only on the opposite ends,
    We try to approach a little, they scream,
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    I sacrificed myself today,
    So will I always.
    You hate us together,
    It's because of him I shine.
    I wouldn't be here if,
    C'était une affaire interdite.**

    They call it a bad omen,
    When once in a long time we come close.
    Their world turns darker,
    Yet it is a spectacular phenomenon they are aware.
    They capture us close, make sure we know,
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    I'm moon,
    This is my story,
    Of how I'm kept away
    From the light of my life.
    And all that people see is,
    C'est une affaire interdite.

    *This is a forbidden affair
    **This was a forbidden affair

  • james_taumas 58w


    Soul exposed
    Truth scrapes and tears
    All my crimes unfold
    Infidelity cannot pronounce
    Lies turn to dust
    My confession to you
    Listening and unreadable
    Reaction brewing
    Wait now
    Judgement is yours.


  • james_taumas 60w


    You shattered my soul
    Your hidden liaisons
    I waited at home
    Were they worth it?
    Everyday you'd lie
    Sometimes I'd believe them
    We made a vow
    You betrayed those words
    Sitting in the dark
    Alone and free.


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  • deeptimishra 67w

    तुम कह देते न,,
    मै काफी नहीं थी तुम्हारे लिए
    तुम्हारे जिसम पर के निशान
    नजर आ जाते हैं मुझे..

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  • smartsam 70w


    Oh woman matured
    Pull me in thee!
    Ripe in thy soul
    you wanton bless me!

    Hold my cheeks
    give me the hint!
    If delay it guage
    smile & give wink!

    Randomly thee lady
    give me a call!
    Call me for help
    say u can't do it all!

    When I'm there
    turn on your magic!
    Without my knowledge
    hug wrap me quick!

    Ye lone lady
    me a single young man!
    Life is uneasy
    where I park my grown van!

    You look silent
    but I sense your stress!
    All you need is hug
    Lift up & love suppress!

    I just keep on
    hovering round your phase!
    Open your window &
    sign, invite me in
    Let's us we both
    this thirst erase!

    Ye feeble weak
    wobble on bed!
    In night dark red high
    I know your plight!

    You are bloomed
    ripe n blossomed!
    Me a young man
    may be little handsome!

    You're dying yearning for
    Hint me sly, call me in woman
    I walk for you in thy abode
    in night all darksome!!


  • crimsonni 75w

    I Want to Have an Affair

    Sleep used to be an ugly creature,
    Back in my younger, more naive years.
    Yet the older I grew
    The more handsome he revealed to be
    His silent whispers,
    Non existent caresses,
    Nightly paintings,
    Promises of tomorrow.
    He became perfect with every blink of my tired eyes.
    Our nights progressed to brunches
    Eventually breakfasts.
    But it was never enough.
    I craved more, begged and pleaded, nearly cried from every denial
    Thus our distance grew. Tired be my eyes, they remained open.
    And soon after, I wanted to have an affair.
    Death used to be an ugly creature.
    Back in my more desperate days, when I thought life possessed specialty, value.
    Yet the older I grew,
    The more appealing he revealed to be.

  • the_untoldpoe_try15 80w

    मुझे ना भरी महफिल में भी उस शख्स का इन्तज़ार है ❤
    जिसे इतनी भीड़ में भी दिल ढूंढता बार-बार है
    कहा मैंने कुछ ना होठों से,,,
    मगर आखों से एक बात कहनी थी
    "कि सुनो कहीँ और जा रहे हो ?? या मेरे पास रहना है ""❤

  • __dilettante_ 83w

    Its all You i crave for..


    #love #eyes #you #affair

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    Whenever you come close
    I realize,
    My eyes are in
    Affair with
    Your Lips


  • soulfullyps 87w


    एक्स्ट्रा मैरिटल अफेयर या पुराने प्यार की वापसी ... जो भी हो तीन ज़िन्दगियां उलझी हुई है ... उस समय जो मन में सवाल उठता है ... इन पंक्तियों में वह ही बताया है

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    पाप का भागीदार !

    जब तुम लंच टाइम में
    अपनी बीवी के बने हुए खाने के साथ
    मुझसे बतियाते हो
    तो खुद के साथ-साथ मुझे भी
    अपने पाप का भागीदार क्यों बनाते हो
    डिसाइड क्यों नहीं करते
    कि क्या करना है
    उनके साथ रहना है
    या मेरे साथ बसना है
    जब उनसे इंपॉर्टेंट मीटिंग का बहाना
    करके मेरे साथ डेट पर जाते हो
    तो खुद के साथ-साथ मुझे भी
    अपने पाप का भागीदार क्यों बनाते हो
    गलती मेरी भी बहुत लग रही है
    आज जो बीते हुए कल को
    फिर से जीना चाहती थी
    कुछ पल के लिए ही सही
    फिर से हंसना चाहती थी
    लेकिन उन्हें रुला कर जब
    तुम मुझे हंसाते हो
    तो खुद के साथ-साथ मुझे भी
    अपने पाप का भागीदार क्यों बनाते हो
    इस पाप पुण्य की दुनिया से कैसे बचेंगे
    क्या हम इन मर्यादा ,
    इन सीमाओं को लांघ सकेंगे
    मुझे पाने के लिए
    अपने अपनों का भविष्य
    क्यों जलाते हो
    खुद के साथ-साथ मुझे भी
    अपने पाप का भागीदार क्यों बनाते हो
    चलो आज से बात
    करना बंद कर देते हैं
    उन रंगीन हसीन सपनों को
    भंग कर देते हैं
    अपने लिए मेरी आत्मा को रोज
    क्यों धित्तकारते हो
    खुद के साथ-साथ मुझे
    भी अपने पाप का भागीदार क्यों बनाते?

  • chingngaih_ 94w


    Only you and I knew
    Of this little affair that grew
    Into this weird affection
    Silently seeking attention.
    Brewing our feelings in the dark,
    We deny all our actions
    And bury all our emotions.
    After all,
    Our little love story for the night,
    Was never meant to see the light.


  • amcart1221 95w

    An affair ended

    Wow, It's been a year since we first met! A whole year that just flew by! A year of discovering you, getting to know your quirks and personality. A year of sharing and enjoying your body. A year of kisses and hugs and countless "I love you's". And a year of revelation for me. Discovering who I am apart from J- when I love someone else. I never thought the day would come when I could care for someone as much as I cared for him. You showed me how wrong I was. You showed me that I can love again. Wholly and unequivocally. Giving myself, my body and my heart to someone whom I'm vulnerable to and for me, it was beautiful. Wrong or not, I'll treasure you all the days of my life. You told me the next time I call it off with you for me to be sure because your heart can't take the back and forth. I'm sure by now you know what this note is. I promise you I haven't made this decision lightly but, this time, I'm sure. This past year has also been a year of envy and jealousy; of guilt and confession; of forgiveness and redemption; of loneliness and trying to find my worth and value. I've never wished I was someone else more than this year. Wishing I was someone more prominent in your life rather than a shameful secret hidden in a secret folder in your phone. And I've NEVER wished I was born anywhere else like New York or New Jersey but, this year I did, so that perhaps it was me that met you first. But life happens as it happens and here we are. A girl in love with a boy who she can't have. I started this journey with the mindset of wanting to find someone to have a relationship with that led to marriage. Instead, I found you. I don't know why we have this connection between us. All I know is that it's intense and really REALLY hard to walk away from (you'll never know how hard). When I'm away from you I tell myself that I made it up in my head. That there isn't possibly a connection as strong as I think it is. And then I see you and it's like the world stops and everything slows down. I'm aware of nothing outside of us and yet, my senses are heightened. It's just me and you and no one else. My mind that is so cluttered and confused and constantly daydreaming just stops and clears out and you're all that I see. You're all I can think of even while I'm physically with you. I'm consumed by you and your presence. But that consumption doesn't stop for me once we're apart. I think of you constantly. Always wondering what you're doing. Are you smiling? Are you dancing? Are you eating chocolate? Are you tired? Are you singing? Are you thinking of me too? I thought that I could see you until I meet someone else but, once again, you showed me how wrong I was. I'm stunted by my love for you. You see, in thinking of you constantly there's no way that anyone else could possibly have a chance to win me over. How could they? They aren't you. They don't compare. They've lost before they even begun. But I desperately want to grow with someone. Plant roots with someone. Have inside jokes and car rides with the windows down while we listen to music and hold hands. I want hugs from behind while I'm standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I want naps on the couch while we hold each other. I want late night talks and early mornings of whispers asking "are you awake?" I want someone who I don't have to be a secret to. And I can't have that and keep you too. I have to choose. I have to walk away from you. Please know this isn't easy for me. If this were a letter then the ink would blur from my tears that are falling. I'm sorry for sending this after seeing you. There's no way I could've said all this to your face. I would go silent and it would physically be impossible for me to even form the words to tell you goodbye. I'm afraid I would be highly emotional and crying violently. And I can't see the sadness in your eyes, let alone see you cry. It would break me and make me want to call it off and say "I'm sorry I'll never leave you!" But, my love, that's not fair to me. The only way I can do this is like this. I know you asked for me to allow you to "release" me but I can't do that either. I would never go through with it. I could never walk away from you. Instead I have to slink away as one unseen. As a secret that no one knows about. A chapter ended in a book that no one knows you even read. But, when you reflect back, I hope that this year has been as magical and revealing for you as it has been for me. I hope you find satisfaction in your marriage K-, I sincerely do. I hope, in the end, that you're happy. This life goes so fast and so suddenly and before you know it your children are grown, the house is paid for, savings have accumulated and you're grey and a little more worn down. I hope you're able to look back fondly and feel gratitude for everything that you've experienced. I hope you look back and feel proud for the man you are and will be. And I hope you know how amazing, talented and exceptional you are. You're the sweetest man that I've ever met. I'm so proud that I got to meet you and I feel lucky that you saw something in me worth loving. I thought I wasn't worth loving from a good man. But, again, you showed me how wrong I was. Thank you for that. I needed that lesson. Because of you I know I can require more from someone. That I can hope for a man who is funny and sweet and loving and who wants a life with me. And try as I might, I'm sure I'll see you when I look at him. That I'll see you and what could've been. That there is no him without you. Because you were the sacrifice that had to happen for him to happen. I'll be thankful to you and for you always. Thank you for what's to come and thank you for loving me. I needed that.

    All my love -