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  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 3w

    Wonder if life exists
    The afterlife
    After we are declared dead
    Is there really a white light to the divine?
    Do all of are illnesses go away
    And we are all made anew?
    Are we then born again, back here in this life?
    I have seen the afterlife
    Not long enough for a conclusion
    If we believe there is a life after this one, will it then exist?
    So, atheism is that some bull we been fed to believe?
    What if all religion is just to convince us all to "feel better"?
    I mean we all should have belief
    Muslim beliefs in Allah, but they killed him?
    I don't get that.
    God died with nails hammered in to his hands left to die, to save His beings after Him?
    How do we even know
    Its not some made up bullcrap?
    Did any of us see this for ourselves?
    Proof, where is it?
    Just because books were written for us to read about it, told what to believe in?
    So, we do.
    I mean I don't.
    But, it makes me really wonder
    This lifetime of such hatred
    And selfish beings, how are they that way?
    Killing babies, saying the Devil made me do it, declared insane.
    Killing children, with no sorrow?
    If you do believe in religion, do you think you're forgiven?
    Because, you were told to kill?
    Do what your told,
    Then you're forgiven?
    Sounds like a bunch of hogwash
    That's just my opinion.
    To each their own.

  • reshms 4w

    After life

    Someday we will meet again
    At the other side of life,
    I will bring pizza
    You bring gossip
    About your daily rife.

    And when we will meet once again
    Do share your feelings once more
    On how time and distance tore us apart
    And how your heart went sore.

    And now that you have left us alone
    With a daily battle to fight,
    I still hope at the end of our tunnel
    We see your beaming light.

  • anthonymustoo 4w

    Fallen From Grace

    Right in the crosshairs
    Of a poet's eye
    The visual ensnares a fall
    From grace

    The sillheoutte of Icarus burned into the
    Summer's shifting solar winds and the blinding sky
    Eclipsed by the explosive imagery
    Depicting the shadow of Icarus
    a fall
    From the grace of the ground
    Into the unforgiving skies

    The silence that follows revelations in heat
    Famines and outbreaks of disease
    Ingestions, infections, and fleas
    Manifest themselves in violence and aromas chasing like a river of blood from a wound as it bleeds into itself and itself into sleep
    Defiant of the obtainable
    Only reaching from the penetrance of the ground
    Digging through trenches of ancient texts
    Ripping sheets like a pearl or a glass
    Until now breaks into a split
    And time expands itself like a taste from a nightmare that can move
    Like a colossal war machine on the horizon
    Each step breaks the earth
    Every metaphysical slip is present in any and every dimension of the indefensible experience
    We cannot separate ourselves from it
    We can not decorate the ground in blood
    And step away hoping life could somehow grow from it

    The dreams as well as what you fear
    Cannot be trusted
    Like a rage that could expel you from the skies
    After the first piece of humanity is recovered
    After this page has been dusted
    Only then, can we understand why
    Everything we know, feel, and understand
    Must somehow be as important now as it is
    And as it will be when it all inevitably
    And explicitly dies
    Somewhere in the meridian the truth lies
    The melody of a song's wings
    Carrying a new lullaby from a desert's spring
    And from it, glimmering a new life

  • myhiddenlies 7w

    Live the way you want to die !!

  • sanveda 9w

    I just tried to imagine how life of ghost will be. How it feels as a ghost.
    #herlife #death #ghost #afterlife #imagination #land_of_fantasy

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    Her Life After

    She lost her life in an accident
    Then in afterlife she accepted of being a ghost
    She wandered here and there
    She visited places everywhere
    She observed the stories of alive
    She just thought, how miserable it was to survive
    She thought her death brought her pleasure
    But now got tired as nothing was left to her
    She wanted to continue the life after
    But Alas! She stuck here forever
    Then she joined agency of grim reapers
    There she understood that life was fair
    To everyone around who loved and cared
    She realised the story of imortal
    Where everyone dies but still lives life after...

  • angalina 10w


    Empty thoughts of opportunities missed,
    choices unchosen, poems unfinished

    Reflecting upon my omnipresent self that brings the shadows

    Forbidden thoughts irrational actions, unsatiated desires rehearsing in my brain

    Temptations pondered to long, what if's shamefuly entertained

    Cohersing me to follow
    Not being present in fullness


  • chimobi 10w

    Framed by nature,
    all lines leads to heaven

    #Nature #Dust #Soul #Lent
    #Christians #Life #Afterlife

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    Framed by nature
    All lines leads to heaven

    From dust, breathe is given
    To dust, soil and flesh each other embrace

    Framed by nature
    All lines leads to heaven

    Our nothingness we prove
    When soul is taken and body is left forsaken

  • tanya_s_quill 11w

    When I die,
    Remember me
    As a willow branch
    That thrived to survive,
    In the cruel weathers.

    That stood with pride
    And also shook in fright.
    In suns and moons,
    In stars and clouds
    Having learnt nature
    Which bloomed beautiful flowers.

    And remember in your heart,
    To yearn unwittingly...
    Breaks the willow branch.

    #remember #wod #pod #miraquill #micro-tale #willow #me #thrive #grow #break #memories @miraquill
    #quote #poetic #deep #survival #readwriteunite @writersnetwork #yearn #greed #death #afterlife #remembermenot #forget #Tanya30 #writersofmirakee

    Thnk u so much Writer's Network for the repost!��

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    Remember me as a willow branch...


  • tinkling12 18w


    A knock on the door of my heart,
    But before i reached to open,
    You slitted my heart with deterrence,
    Hues of emotions dripped down through soft corners,
    I saw you wincing there too,
    The way,you dabbed my eyes with your fingers.
    I harked your numbness thereafter,
    But forgot to bury that behind your footprints,
    Oh! And your departure,left me shivering in pain but with a hope to be mine afterlife..

  • ray_ofhope 22w

    Losing a loved one is never easy!
    But those we love never truly leave us. There are things that death cannot touch!
    This is a msg from those loved one who are not with us in this journey of life to us!
    I tired to pour out my heart!
    #dedicated I believe you would have said the same to me��
    Comment your views!
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @miraquill_assistant
    #love #family #feelings #life #truth #afterlife #wod

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    Breathe Again

    I know i am not with you anymore,
    Far, far away on another shore
    And here you are...
    Standing at the edge of reality and disbelief,
    As a broken soul that shivers deep,
    Were torn and shattered on the reef,
    A new day, a new week,
    A new beginning, almost frightened to speak,
    Days that seemed to go on forever,
    Having to deal with a challenge within!
    Ever thought,how i feel up here?
    Seeing you in despair!
    With all my hopes and dreams being high,
    Alas! I lost my battle of life.
    At the end of the tunnel,i knew
    You're there to keep my promise alive.
    Breathe again your precious, fragile soul..
    Sometimes soft, at times bright!


  • faulty_puppet 24w


    Dead Road Can’t Go No Further
    Oh Lord, Shouldn’t Have Hurt Her
    Pushed, Shoved, Broken And Battered
    Oh Heaven Don’t Save A Place For Me
    I Feel A Lot A More Colder
    Dead Life And Nothing To Tell Her
    The World’s Just A Heartless Butcher
    God And It’s People Aint My Cup Of Tea

    I See The Heads All Stressed, Messed, Lead Made
    And All The Fancy Breeds
    Their Soul Just Smells, Tells Rings Hell’s Bells
    Keep Them On Their Knees
    I Have Seen All The Hurt, Blood, Dirt, Mud
    And All Of Their Greeds
    Throughout All This Life I Know
    Hell's The Best Home For Me

    Dead Soul Has No Road Further
    Oh Lord I Shouldn’t Have Come Here
    What’s Left Of Me Is All Tattered
    Heaven With You I Don’t Want To Be
    Sometimes I Feel A Loser
    Ended Up A Hopeless Loner
    Left The Way They Came Here
    Life’s Just Been A Living Hell For Me

    I See Them Flirt, Blurt, Hurt, Curt
    And Proud Of Their Deeds
    Then They Pry, Lie, Cry, Don’t Try
    But Raise Questions On Me
    I See How They Hurt, Spill Blood, Mud, Dirt
    Say This Is The Way To Live
    After I End This Life I Know
    Hell's Got A Place For Me

    Lord Don’t Save A Place Coz
    In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company


  • vinayakrugvedi 29w

    How to live the life of breath, to let it live for eternal after you leave the life of breath..?


  • madinah_writes 36w

    Poetry stained on my lips,
    Fire burning through my hips.
    Arguments drive in broken friendship.
    Torment paints you odd to worship.
    God's forgiveness you crave.
    Till regrets pushes you to grave.
    Life moves on,
    Words rolls on.
    What exactly have you gain?
    When there's nothing at your domain.
    Here after comes,
    Your grave is full of worms.
    Then, what would you tell your Lord?
    When the world has fallen behind to mud.
    The one that breaks friendship is lost.
    It's the best religion on earth, he's worst.

  • madinah_writes 36w


    What differenciates the garden and the graveyard is what you plant in it.
    Seeds or bones are nothing, but it would resurrect again.
    This is the picture of AFTERLIFE.
    It would definitely come.


  • naqsaif 38w


    "Flirting with insanity was one thing; when insanity started flirting back, it was time to call the whole thing off".
    ~Rohinton Mistry.

    Sometimes insanity is all that sanity isn't.
    Great people embrace insanity with a pinch of humor. Be that person.

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    In this life
    And after,
    Till eternity
    I hope you can endure
    All the despair
    And the sanity.


  • thethought_fox 42w


    Ticking Time bombs we all are
    Since the time our feet
    caressed the ground.
    Awaiting an explosion
    that sends us shooting
    towards Zenith where we arise,
    Now as stars we grace
    the sky, watching our people
    Distant and God-like
    Until we burst into stellar dust.
    Finally free, insignificant,
    mere dust, finitely infinite
    Forever to roam the dark expanse.
    ©Sanjana Varma

  • sarah27 44w


    Just let me catch my breath
    Beating through my chest
    Is this about to be my last breath
    Terrified and helplessly awaiting my death
    Someone rescue me
    I'm laying on the floor
    I think I'm about to walk through after lifes door
    And maybe thats why I'm laying on the floor
    I caused this and now I must suffer my own despair

  • tiwarianushka17 46w

    Something was strange. The cold breeze brushing past my face had numbed my senses and the scent of a distant lover unsettled my inner storm. The floor beneath my feet seemed nebulous like clouds. Or maybe it was cloud.
    I wonder how I am experiencing all this. I remember crystal clear that I died. Yes, I did... But how is this possible!
    I could see someone approaching me from blurry horizon.
    Is this you...? No, ofcourse not, it's impossible. You can't be here.
    "Why not? So, this means you no longer miss me."
    How can you even think of it. I can never forget these eyes of yours, which screams how much they love me. I can't forget this smile, gently reminding me of promise of our forever. Or this person who is my whole world.
    "Finally you agree it's me."
    But you...you died 2 months ago. Whatever this is, I am out of the world right now. If it's a dream I wish, it stays forever. All I want is you. All I need is you. I can't even think of breathing without you. But you don't love me; how dare you leave me alone. No worries, what if you left me; see I came here for you. Remember we promised from earth to heaven we will never let go of each other.
    "Yes, I remember very well. You are the reason I am dead."
    Me?! What did I do? Even in my wildest dream I would never think of it love.
    "You forgot. You forgot that I never died. How can I die if I live within you. But you killed us both. Even if one of us wasn't their how you forgot the value of other. I'm watching you form 2 months, how you die every day. And you call it love. No dear, I am still alive in you. You just need to embrace yourself. My eyes still have that love for you, go see the mirror. And when you cry my love, our love flows in form of tears. It's the pain that I feel everyday. Watching you in pain gives me the feeling much worse than hell. Promise me to love my love more then I love her. Take care of her. Make her happy. For her one smile, gives me happiness of a lifetime!"
    I promise... I love you. I love... I...
    "I love you more."

    Where am I? What's this place? Who are you?
    "I am Dr. Singh. How are you feeling now?"
    Doctor... why I am in hospital? Where's he?
    " He? Ma'am no one's here. You were in comma. You had an accident few months ago. And from then you were asleep. You almost died. This is a miracle. Let me call your family. They will be so happy to know this. "

    ...Accident, no it wasn't an accident. I jumped off that bridge to reunite with you. But you won't even let me die peacefully.
    So, here I am living the life you want me to live. You wanted us to live. I feel you when I breath. I hear your heart beating within mine. I don't know it was afterlife or I was dreaming. But I promise I'll keep my promise.


    I don't know it makes sense or not, but still��
    #creative #wod #love #life #afterlife
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwark
    @rimi_ojha Tried!��

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    Life. Death. Afterlife.


  • _gkishu 48w

    drenched in the odour of daisies,
    the land feels cold,
    fading pulses echoes,
    compiling a vague beautiful rhythm.

    It feels like a lament is being written,

    had a delusion that the path from death to the dead would be like a labyrinth,
    it turned out to be a single way voyage,
    there is no returning,
    but things are coming to a warm end,

    closing the eyes,
    as they still lack the courage to see reaper in eyes,
    loosening up the body, knowing he will hug tight,

    in the middle of the field,
    we sat together for a while,
    left the baggage,
    and walked in eternal life.

  • rincythewriter 29w

    I want to be buried with peace...