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    31 Dec 2021 4.54 pm

    I Iove all colors, but I've done so many vibgyor rainbows, so for now these are my favorite #color zz ♡ #ak_all_colors

    R Red
    O Orange
    S Sapphire
    E Emerald

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    When My World Drapes in Heavenly Hues

    Red is the rouge rivulet that rise and ride betwixt bones and brawn
    Red is the rufescent blush of amorous aether that summons love spells
    Red is the lateritious lacuna that looms in lambent lonely hearts
    Red is the ephemeral yet enlivened ember that embraces emergence to extinction

    Orange is the ornament of avenging aurora and sacriligeous sùton
    Orange is the safarnama of autumn ailes that wed fall with faith
    Orange is the aligerous scintilla of a Phoenix's fyrgebræc
    Orange is the auburn atticism and precise paraphernalia of prosody

    Sapphire is the solivagant spark serenading the skylight
    Sapphire is the soaring singularity of nyctophile nepenthe
    Sapphire is the brimming bliss from bathic basins to banking birches
    Sapphire is the moonstruck silverware embellishing nubivagant nefelibata

    Emerald is the everlasting endurance of sustenance and serenity
    Emerald is the sillage of saudade filling the floresta of forlorn mind
    Emerald is the glitter glow of prosperity and profound patience
    Emerald is vigorous viridescence and tapering tilluel tranquility

    Rose is the reminiscence of halcyon hues of hailstorms
    Rose is the caelitis crystal crowning cerise climbs and curves
    Rose is the beauteous balm on blooming springan blossoms
    Rose is the poet's prized treasure tingling rhythmic reveries


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    17 Oct 2021 11.11 am

    These are unique color shades ^_^

    Hues of Haven ~
    Mondos /

    1- What does Xanadu evoke ?
    Part grey of monotone idle and part green of vibrant melodies, fusion of factual and fancy /

    2- What is Sarcoline shade ?
    Orange of sunset dreams melting on brown of barren mind, forlorn falling and fading out /

    3- What burns Coquelicot ?
    Fire of rage and rain of passion where orange and red twist and turn, swirling desire and dare /

    4- What does Smaragdine suture ?
    The emerald emotions and jocund jade, needles of time spin and spin, till scars heal /

    5- What is Mikado's muse ?
    Sweven of sunshine to sashay in spring where blooms of yellow beams in warmth and joy /

    6- Why does Glaucous glitter ?
    Sprinkle of tints and shades on plums and plains, powdery snowflakes of winsome winter /

    7- What welcomes Wenge ?
    Earthly dust and coppery crumbs, duals on homesick wanderers land, wafting wonders /

    8- Where does Fulvous fly to ?
    Flashing fervour and beckoning butterscotch, blurs into beams, basking in shadows of rage /

    9- What does Falu follow ?
    Heated halos and mixed mischiefs, painted on scenery of serenity and solitude, a rusted rouge /

    10- What is the ecstasy of Eburean ?
    Washed off white and ironed ivory, parchments pastel and pigments of past /

    11- What amuses Amaranth ?
    Bleeding mortals and blaming immortals, blooms believed to never beseech, everlasting love /

    12- What color does Poetry fade into ?
    Poetry pours in multitude hues, beyond beholder's blues and above amassing vibgyors, it melts into shades of souls /

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    All Rights Reserved

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    ✜// Hues of Haven

    What color does Poetry fade into ?

    Poetry pours in multitude hues, beyond beholder's blues and above amassing vibgyors, it melts into shades of souls


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    2 Oct 2021 1. 55 pm
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    Basic shades of RED are 20 /
    & Coz Red is m y favorite color /

    Thank you for EC ❤️ Thank you so much for the read and love everyone. I love you all here ❤️
    Thank you so much for Repost ❤️ @writersnetwork
    3rd Hattrick !!
    Red POD ! Whoa ��❤️ I love this the most ������
    Thank you so much @miraquill & everyone who loved this !

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    20 Shades of Red

    Red ~
    I wasn't even five winters old when I first fell in love with red. Beauty, from then was, etched on those tints and shades of red, as if, while every color passed by, red lured my attention and all attraction.

    Cherry ~
    Kindergarten was a kaleidoscope of rainbow hues yet the bento box with cherry slices sticked to my taste buds. Adolescent days had me fantasizing of cherry kisses that his lips would brush on mine.

    Rose ~
    I was a toddler springing with bees and butterflies in the park when that scent seeked me. Blossoms that enchanted me with dreamy redolance and beauty was red, a hue that sparked within me such vigour and passion.

    Jam ~
    Playdates and picnics baskets with Grandma's special fruit jam thwarted homesickness to a limit. After her, someone special also has his favorite jam strawberry, while my favorite part was stealing bites of his breakfast bread.

    Merlot ~
    Autumn roasted verdant dreams and toasted hopes on grilled grief and nights had me etching my heart onto parchments. Verses soaking merlot memories and dripping metaphors were addictive while amor was so far away.

    Garnet ~
    Purging pyre polished the stone heart into glittery garnet just like my heart that pains in flames and later let all the light inside. Grieving was prohibited, for glory awaited at the end of trials.

    Crimson ~
    Sunset ribbons red over the horizon, cloudland blushing a robust rouge. That was my first kiss. Twineyes in the drowning twilight, cried crimson to the careless waves yearning caresses. That was my first heartbreak.

    Ruby ~
    Pale skin infected with infatuation, some butterflies fluttered near hip bones and ruby pimples sparkled on my cheeks while my heart slipped at his feet. Later on at late nights when sleep evades me, I grind some ruby and chew some philosophy.

    Scarlet ~
    Though A letter in Scarlet print was stamped for shame, it synergized to pride through flipped pages. Dawn welcomed my days only when he spreads some scarlet sindoor on my forehead, and that's where pride glows.

    Wine ~
    When winter passed without a summer or spring in reserve, dusks lead me astray and some bottled wishes swished in an oval glass to bring me back to the land of undead. Winedrops that parched my momentary thirst knows how deep my drought rooted.

    Brick ~
    I was twenty two summers when I held his arms and stepped into our cottage in the hills. The brick walls smeared red of our raging scent and tapped our whispers. Those winter bricks sang lullaby to my loneheart clutching to a faded silhouette.

    Apple ~
    I wasn't going to fall for temptations in this birth and you shouldn't have too. Yet history repeats itself but altered in a way, in the place of single serpent, venomous tongues tracked you. And I couldn't say no when you pushed a poisoned apple into my hands.

    Mahogany ~
    I was sweet seventeen, scared and shy, eyes searching for alphabets sewed into stories slumbering in mahogany shelves, when his gaze crossed mine and we fell into a new story. Scenery turned sweet to sour while memory remained sweet.

    Blood ~
    A hue is innate to me within, running circles while blooming life into me. Blood red races as a tapering ivy, branching off beliefs, illuminating illusions and igniting musings. If passion has a color it would be blazing red.

    Sangria ~
    First grey clouds on our skyline didn't fade away but gifted some purple patches. They lay fuming betwixt frowns and tears. Eventually cascading as burnt red anger. That was our first fight, the one that we couldn't resolve afterwards.

    Berry ~
    I was as ripe as a pink berry, and kisses were never enough. Some cravings yearned for more than sweetness. We danced through blue to red and reached purple and sour desserts sated souls. One bite of berry and I'd think of your marks on my soul.

    Currant ~
    And I hide behind black and grey shadows when my own love scares me to death. Red also meant danger, so I lay under the veil of tinted melancholy, my love growing in the shade. My red wasn't really red, it was a mirage of black.

    Blush ~
    And he never wrote Poetries about my smile or sang songs about my dimple. When the last of my blushes sank, I realized that he did nothing but made my blushes bleed.

    Candy ~
    I was twelve springs young and ignorant of the taste of kisses but my dreamboat chewed on bubble gums as if obsessed of it. He replaced the flavor of candies and gems and sowed some red seeds that tasted of his breath.

    Lipstick ~
    Life was too short to stay wilted forever. As the spring of love dried up leaving lipstick smudges as signature of heartbreaks, I gulped some red and saved the rage to ensure my fight. Because even if love ends or not, life sure goes on.


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    2 October 2021 10.55 am

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    Lovelorn heart and Lasting purple

    My lovelorn heart adorned amethyst
    laced lavender scent and
    painted the skyline
    p u r p l e
    so your rainbow could shine through
    and reach the trust end of hopeful hue

    A color of teardrop coral
    beading dews on starry eyes
    and dripping a promise of
    togetherness once again

    // That a heart would always hold
    another heart within,
    in the name of love //

    Once the welkin fell for
    the last hue of rainbow that
    arched across the pearly heaven
    and faded while stealing
    an adamant heart, hell-bent
    on never giving up on dreams

    Then the heavens itself poured
    some raindrops of rhythm
    upon me as a silver lining that
    I could hang onto while bleak days
    and blistering tides swayed me

    Now love isn't a flame
    that sets me on fire but a flash
    that lights up my heart
    For all the rains I sent paper boats
    in the sterling stream
    You send me a cloudland
    past rainfalls that inked my heart
    p u r p l e


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    3 May 2021 1.29 pm

    VIBGYOR-Violet–Indigo–Blue–Green–Yellow–Orange–Red is a popular mnemonic device used for memorizing the traditional optical spectrum
    ROYGBIV, the exact reverse of VIBGYOR; the sequence of hues commonly ascribed to rainbows (wiki)

    ~ Two-way Acrostic Prose - VIBGYOR- ROYGBIV ~

    / Rainbow lend me dewdrops of seven colors
    Painting all of my eventides in blissful hues /

    Violet weaved velvet dreams in my heart. Hues of royalty and grace. Volatile in extravaganza yet vulnerable in ambiguity. A mystical touch with serene vibes. Vigour and voracious. Those passionate strokes of violet shades lend my wings the faith to soaR

    Indigo imbibes my intuition. My deep instincts have the aura of this shade between violet and blue. Healing my soul with a touchstone of magic hue. The bold strokes of indigo lets me grow with a spiritual glow. And I let my Intel flow and insecurities gO

    Blue means more to me than a beautiful color. Hues of blue holds the anchor of my heart. The azure sky splendour of inspiration and the ultramarine waves distilling emotions as my essence. Night colors me both in blues of bliss and blues of melancholY

    Green guards my soul, the way it guides my silence to peace and myself to prosperity. Green is growth, synthesis nature and symbolizes my progress. It sparks a photosynthesize in me, converting my balmy melancholy to gracious metanoia. Green to me is the soulful healinG

    Yellow showers me in happiness. Yards of gleeful blossoms align in my memory. It adds moments of that innocent childhood where I chased dragonflies on valleys of buttercups. Golden sunshine energizing me and the daffodils of dreams enchanting me. I let my mind wander in the golden light and reveries absorB

    Orange is the color of my nostalgia. Hues of autumn leaves drag me into chapters of reminiscence. Somewhere along the maple leaves of lost love left its imprints in my heart. Such feelings amuse me. This color have the scent of ecstasy. Sacred as in ShantI.

    Red burns me and I love those fiery flames. It is the hues of desire with which I painted the walls of my heart. Red was love, is love and will always be love. It flows within me, from me and into me. Dangerous yet addictive. Attractive yet admirable. Red gets my heart reV.

    / Pretty violets and bluebells merrily sing
    Red roses and sunflowers joyous dancing
    Me and my heart sways along lost in musings /


    OMG Thank you so much for the repost. Probably one of the fastest one I got ���� @writersnetwork I ❤️ U !!

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    Rainbow lend me dewdrops of seven colors
    Painting all of my eventides in blissful hues


    Pretty violets and bluebells merrily sing
    Red roses and sunflowers joyous dancing
    Me and my heart sways along lost in musings


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    There is spoiler for KTH1 in this one ��
    2July 2020 7.20 pm

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��������������

    Beautiful Colors of Me

    My vision is the shade of my perspective
    Expression of the color my mind projects
    It changes as I perceive them one by one
    Every mood is a different shade and feel

    Favorite color by far is red, as it bleeds truth
    Color of desire, love that burns a fire inside
    Red red roses, evoking feelings deep within
    Bed of thorns when I curl up in love, painful
    Blood I drip in the pages of my life, blooms
    This love is red, this love is fire, this love kills

    As they say, yellow is a happy color, joyful
    Maybe that's the color I feel when I smile
    Forgetting my pain and feeling alive, I sway
    With the daffodils in the field, sun so bright
    Then my gloom reminds me, all of my aches
    How sun left me, in pain the pills were yellow

    If peace is a lily it be white, a dove it be white
    A jewel it be pearl, an opportunity it be canvas
    Within my closed eyelids, laying on white sheets
    In my daydreams, my attire is white like those
    Angels singing on the cotton clouds up above
    Of sorrow, of tomorrow, hoping today is white

    As I wander through those woods dark green
    Endless possibilities open their leaves at me
    Positive feeling the way green grows around
    Future could be green, as I've always dreamed
    The birthstone that grounds me when I float
    The color I return to, my home forever is green

    Pretty is pink, those teenage days of my life
    Adding a lovely filter in every frame I capture
    The sweetest taste in every candy and lollipop
    Fall so fast in love like the cherry blossoms
    When obsession hits only that pink remains
    The bottle of syrup to drown in tears is pink

    Down the lane of memories, in fall it's orange
    Dried leaves are scenes I wish to erase from
    My mind, if nostalgia is a color, it's orange
    Sour on my tongue, tangy as the playlist sings
    Singing a duet with you, tango of emotions
    As the orange sun dips in the lake of sorrow

    Once the moonlight was blue, I couldn't sleep
    The day I first saw you it rained, I was blue
    The sky my wings adore, the ocean in my heart
    The best of my days and my dreams, in blue
    The color of my destiny and my confidence
    When I sing about you in solitude, I'm blue

    The color that hold my life, that warmth is brown
    The hues of earthly shades, feelings embrace
    Trail I followed when you walked, those roads
    Your old coat, the diaries I wrote about you
    The umbrella which you hid in when I poured
    The scent of petrichor, the scent of love is brown

    When love ends, this loveless heart turns grey
    Fogs of fear, mist of tear, all the lonely years
    They are grey, life is raw and love is hollow
    There are no more lies but the invisible truth
    Walls that display pictures of my empty mind
    As real as reality, as good as grey is that life

    Where it all ends, all days end in that black
    Which is that tough and strong to hold me in
    All through the night, it's the ultimate color
    Soaks my tears to shine them bright, it's magic
    My eyes that hold dreams, locks that zephyr kiss
    The end from which everything begins is black

    Today my darling asked, 'what shade are you?'
    My Dear M, I'm the color of heavenly dreams

    I'm purple, the most beautiful and charming
    The hue mixing peace of white, hope of blue,
    With fiery red adding tints of pink and joy of yellow
    Royal purple - magical, mysterious and majestic
    Blissful and whimsical, pure and precious purple
    Faith end of your rainbow love, I'm your purple


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    My Shade of color

    Today my darling asked, 'what shade are you?'
    My Dear M, I'm the color of heavenly dreams

    I'm purple, the most beautiful and charming
    The hue mixing peace of white, hope of blue,
    With fiery red adding tints of pink and joy of yellow
    Royal purple- magical, mysterious and majestic
    Blissful and whimsical, pure and precious purple
    Faith end of your rainbow love, I'm your purple


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    Colors of Life

    I wished to live my life to the fullest
    But closed it was until a heartbreak
    Tears shed in secret demanded to know
    Why it hurts so much ? Why the colors lied ?

    But I was ignorant to the way life bloomed
    I opened my mind to welcome the colors
    And the colors spread eveywhere in me
    Roots grew in me the way my heart broke
    Branches spread the way my tears flowed
    And the much awaited spring came at last
    With the blossoms of a lifetime as surprise
    So vibrant in colors, so vivid in their nature
    Now when I look back in my life, it was clear
    The colors never lied to me, instead it's me
    Who failed to see how each color grew in me

    Some people are morning sun, beacon of yellow hope
    Source of endless care, nurturing and caring green
    Some people remind you of the sunset dark
    Wiping the colors of hope and filling fear in you
    But it's you who always have to remember that
    The colors are all within you, growing in you
    The paintbrush is in your possession always
    And the canvas is yearning for you to paint

    Why would you fear to color the way you want ?
    Take the paintbrush even when your hands tremble
    Dip it in the colors within your heart, your mind
    Gently touch the canvas, stroke it lightly with love
    Carefully color the rainbow of your dreams
    See how beautiful you paint your own life
    When you fill it full with the colors of love

    Smiles shared are golden, holding hands blue
    Friendship yellow hope, kindness white pearls
    Embracing in love green and kisses are purple
    Love so passionate red and want fiery crimson
    A sweet sweet heart is saffron, making love rainbow
    Your colorful love filled my black-and-white heart
    Together wishing to paint the colors of love
    Now I am drenched in the colors of life


    HAPPY �� HOLI �� EVERYONE ��❤️������������

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    Your colorful love filled
    My black-and-white heart
    Together wishing to paint
    The colors of love
    Now I am drenched
    In the colors of life