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    31 Aug 2021 5.35 pm

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    Souls are sempiternal stars
    satiating sentinel skies of selcouth sensibilities with a signature of saffron-smeared stardust 


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    31 Aug 2021 12.23 pm

    To flowers, my first and forever love ����������
    Thank you so much for EC ��

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    Fancying felicitous flowerets 

    Oh dulcineas of delightful dreams ! Thou art 
    The exquisite ecstasy of ephemeral life 
    The fragrant fragility of fractional span
    The calm canoodling cordiliums to the core 
    The winsome whimsicality of eternal elysium


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    26 Aug 2021 11. 47 am
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    I don't really cook yet so¯_(ツ)_/¯
    But look who's here in break ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Will read everyone soon tc •_•

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    Pacing Poesy

    17th winter break fed my heart some lies of trust ~

    Another lonecold night had my heart itself breaking apart
    With nothing but false promises creeping my taste buds
    I was famished with a hunger my soul hitherto never knew of 

    That night I cooked an illusion with mere crumbs of thoughts 
    With everything I was lacking, ink swirls were anything but that
    In a cauldron of boiling aches, I sautéed loud lamenting lexicons

    Until they turned into glazed metaphors of grief
    With sizzling sepulchral rhymes and allspice alliterations 
    Some marinara of shattered dreams blended with forlorn hope 

    I cooked a saturnine elegia in the steam of melancholia
    Garnishing it with crystalline couplets that my ink synergies savory 

    | Soul munching and lapping the sweet and savoury soup 
    • I reckon •
    Sour heartaches and lost love tales taste anything but sour |

    *~ a poet is a progression of poignant past ~ *


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    25 Aug 2021 1.40 pm

    Missed, thank you so much for Repost ☘️ @writersnetwork

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    Nature, a verdurous rhythm

    Virescent veil of verdant gloss
    Lush tapestry of touchwood
    A turntable of rhythmic reveries 
    Zephyrus token of soul's toska 
    A tranquil theurgy of peace


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    3 Aug 2021 11.18 am

    Satori - sudden spiritual enlightenment
    10 words /

    Be like clouds ~

    Thank you so much for EC ����

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    Nefeli sail welkin
    squelching stigma and
    sculpting sense of satori 


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    23 July 2021 1.55 pm
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    22nd Winter Waning
    31st Snowflake Melted
    16th Hour Draining

    Still miles to go before I sleep ~
    ~ a poet lost in autumns of past

    When it's 3 am and you can't sleep because past keep playing like a broken record in your mind, hues of crimson heartbreaks keep swirling in your veins, keeping you up all night, ears straining to accept the mysterious symphony of silence and eyes boaring into burning charcoal flames over the night sky...all you wish is to screech aloud into the dark entity consuming the world - like a cicadas in crisis.

    Snowflower, do you remember ? You were once a nightingale enchanting Aurora and serenading Selene. You were the only voice of hope while light slowly slips into waves of time. Your songs bewitched blossom buds to awake and dance, smiling into the zephyr. Your echoes waltzed through the giggling and glistening spring stream. 

    // When did the dark shadow trap your whimsical wings ? When did the nightmares embrace your serene silhouettes ? When did your hopeblooms wilt and wither into the awaiting tenebrous terrains ? //

    Today, the past froze the almighty time, as I sweeped the cobwebs in my secret shelf. Timestamps on letters felt like tombstones on the graveyard of memories. My words were covered in pastel shades of pain. Lilac daydreams, creamy hope, lemon yellow worries, grass-green glee, baby blue wishes, rosy reveries, sandalwood secrets, orange lily desires we're all riding the turquoise tranquil waves. 

    And those pictures, stolen life in still sceneries. You were embraced by thirty shades of love, holding hands with sixty-six sunflowers, smiling with forty clovers and kissing twelve full moons. The galaxy was glittering while you were in slumber on shooting stars. You've wished upon a field on dandelions in a forlorn forest and have danced in the rain to the beat of euphoria.

    Your verses still glow in this dark days like firefly in the night, still scent the petrichor of past rain. And these journals are waiting for you to adorn their  ivory sleeves with maroon metaphors and scarlet similes. 

    You're not a cicadas in chaos, you're not a cypress trailing cacophony, you're not a cyclone destroying love.
    You're a blue Iris of benevolence, a demure dandelion of daydreams, a delightful dahlia of forelsket, a mesmerizing magnolia of meraki.
    You're a timeless nightingale with charming wings of change.

    | You're a poet... a pure one in that
    Neither you have a rebirth of cicadas
    Nor an afterlife of cherry blossom
    All you have is this life, all you ever need is now
    Pen all you want to, let passion burn all your pain |

    I loved you, love you and will always love you ~
    ~ a poet seeking hiraeth in halcyon days


    Thank you so much for EC ��

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    Your verses still glow in this dark days like firefly in the night, still scent the petrichor of past rain. And these journals are waiting for you to adorn their  ivory sleeves with maroon metaphors and scarlet similes. 

    You're not a cicadas in chaos
    You're not a cypress trailing cacophony
    You're not a cyclone destroying love

    You're a blue Iris of benevolence
    A demure dandelion of daydreams
    A delightful dahlia of forelsket
    A mesmerizing magnolia of meraki

    You're a timeless nightingale with charming wings of change

    | You're a poet... a pure one in that
    Neither you have a rebirth of cicadas
    Nor an afterlife of cherry blossom
    All you have is this life, all you ever need is now
    Pen all you want to, let passion burn all your pain |


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    Amaranthine Nefelibata

    I'm a mystic middlemist rose in the labyrinth of thorns
    A hyacinth of halcyon days and cacti of unconditional love

    I'm a poet with blood alike molten yet magnanimous lava 
    A scribbler sewing scintillating scenery with a sorcerous silhouette 

    I'm a nightingale serenading promiscuous dawn in promises pink
    A night jasmine blooming in nocturnal reverie of rendezvous

    I'm a soldier sworn to solemnity, inked heart intended to heal
    A celeste born of crystal crescent and stellar stars to guide souls

    I'm a nefelibata soaring in the ethereal empyrean
    An amaranthine prophecy of love in blood, flesh and spirit


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    10 July 2021 12.22 pm

    Poetry - freeverse
    Haiku - 5 7 5 syllables
    Etheree - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 syllables
    Quote - Begins & Ends in Paradox
    Prose - Used phrases by Emily Dickinson in quotation ('')

    Paradoxes - Used in subtitles as well as within prose ^_^
    All subtitles are paradoxes. Count how many ? =_=

    Thank you so much for Repost & EC@writersnetwork����

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    Paradoxical Phantasm

     / Beginning of the End /    ~ Poetry

    As early as the buds of creation were born
    Fight and fall,  wilt and wither has begun

    Aurora wakes knowing sunset awaits her
    Dawn break daunt not, but dashes to dusk

    Selene rises to shine and fade away to light
    Mangata meandering like a film out fantasy

    Wall-clocks rotate to meet the same mark again
    Sandgrains in the hourglass fall back to back

    Destiny of a voyage around the world is beginning 
    Startline becomes the end line, a worn but worthy ending

    • • •

    / Deep down, minds are really shallow /   ~ Haiku

    Diving in doldrums
    Desires dread while digging deep 
    Deathbeds quake daunting

    Sowing and reaping
    Solemn solace sprouts and soars 
    Surge and slip shallow 

    • • •

    / Dearth deflate not even while abundance advances /          ~ Etheree

    Not, Notion 
    Nullifies as
    All progress backtracks
    When demand and supply
    Plays hide-and-seek in both the
    Economy & ecosystem
    Scarcity parallels sustenance
    Abundance advances yet aches augment

    • • •

    / I know one thing, that I know nothing /    ~ Quote 

    Human are the best examples of paradoxes as humanity has become a parade of cruelty masquerading kindness. In an era where masks of phantasm parade, I'm a joker who painted smiles on my Scarface but not to deceit, just to delight so my despair never shows up. I don't own a mask of malign. But I know one thing for sure, that I know nothing with surety. 

    • • •

    / I'm nobody /      ~ Prose 

    Reality is an illusion, I murmur to the mirror as mellow moonlight sews a fantasy in my mind with the threads of nightmarish nylon. Past is a phantom choking my present, uncooked future already burnt. 'I taste a liquor never brewed' with a pinch of truth, a salty sugar. It boils in a cup of loyalty shaded lies leaving a bittersweet aftertaste on my tongue. 

    'Wild nights - wild nights !' Wildest of whimsical winds blowing whiplash at me while my wayfarer mind is way out of grasp. What dazzles over my silhouette is mangata of a fallen moon. 

    Life makes no sense while my soul is hanging upside down anytime to drop at the edge of a cliff of insanity. 'I felt a funeral in my brain' as soon as death bloomed within my lungs and my breath sensed the incense burning at the afterlife - I felt the flames of hellfire while burning alive to ashes. 

    While munching on the dessert of dread, I realize that my soul is still starving for another sip of melancholic wine. Old and ominous, preserved in poignant past.
    High on halcyon hues, soliloquies of my soul echo in the reflection - 'I'm nobody ! Who are you ?'


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    16 June 2021 9. 05 pm

    Shadorma - 3 5 3 3 7 5

    " The marks humans leave are too often scars. "
    - John Green

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    12 June 2021 7.17 pm

    Tautogram Haiku ~

    Thank you so much for EC ����

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    12 June 2021 2 pm

    Singularity ~

    Sinewy souls
    Stich sour scars

    Sombre sunsets
    Synergize to surreal surprises
    Springing serendipitous smiles

    Solitude sizzles
    Solace soaks sorrows
    Sensibilities soar
    Sensations synthesis

    Silent sirens
    Sacred symphonies
    Splendid stories
    Serene sceneries
    Saurial smiles

    Sacrilegious scenes
    Stoning saints sickening
    Sympathetic shadows
    Sectarians segregate

    Sins surrender, secrets stumble
    Sole survivors, solemn sacrifices
    Sincerity solves, self-love surefire

    Sails soon surges sea shores
    Starry soul's singularity sears

    // Solemnity o' spirit
    Singularity o' soul //


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    5 June 2021 11.11 pm

    7 Words Wild Feelings challenge

    // Yore spun yarns yonder
    Yearning amors' warmth //

    _ a frozen inamorata

    2 #ak_amor_anejo

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    Happy Birthday @himanshi_sharma ♡♡♡♡♡

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    29 May 2021 7. 5 pm

    Katuata - 5 7 7

    Soul Solace ~

    You are Rain to my
    Parched heart, Petrichor to my
    Poignant soul lost, you Purge me

    You are Dawn to my
    Darkest despair, Dusk to my
    Depressed mind, you Delight me

    You are Fire to my
    Forlorn dreams, fragrance to my
    Fantasies, you Fulfill me

    You are Wind to my
    Wilting hope, Water to my
    Withered blooms, you Waken me

    You are Songs to my
    Shriveled rhythm, The Soul to my
    Shattered words, you Salvage me

    You are Summer Sun
    Resplendent shine, gleam on me
    Golden heart, you Enthrall me

    You are Spring Siren
    Enchanting me with your spells
    Redolent, you Surprise me

    You are Autumn Ale
    Reviving my spirits with
    Hearty zest, you Awake me

    You are Winter Warmth
    Embracing my frozen heart
    Healing my soul, you Saved me

    You are Sole Solace
    Salvation to my sour soul
    Solivagant, You Sate me

    // You are my Sole Solace
    My Soul Solace //


    Thank you so much for EC ♡♡

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    26 May 2021 1 pm


    Olfactory Order ~

    Awaiting beauteous blooms redolence
    Eccedentesiasts expected birth
    Horror to the mass assuming fragrance
    Aurora's veil slipped, stinking them in mirth

    Rebellious Rafflesia blossoms in pride
    Emitting the stench of decaying meat
    Rebelling receptor cells, gag and chide
    Nervous neurons react, proves to effete

    Carrione corpse arrives scavenging preys
    Odour of rotting flesh surrounds the air
    Betrayal inherent, ensure species
    Spineless Stapelia suicide fair

    Aroma of Amorphophallus stinks
    Enchanting effervescence wishes sinks


    / Abhor Assumption of Aromas
    Accept Inherent Odours, Nature's Order !
    Who births Petrichor Perfumes and Funereal Flowers
    Breaking Masquerades of Eccedentesiasts
    All Scents are Fair in Creator's Gracious Garden /


    Thank you so much for repost �� @writersnetwork
    Thank you so much for EC ��

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    BG edit- Bae @arya_abhipsa

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    17 May 2021 10.25 pm

    / Z to A - persona + wardrobe - Alliteration/

    Wardrobe of her World ~

    Zephyr caress the zorbeez robes in tangerine hues, humility and humanity at the zenith
    ~ a Zen monk

    Yellow weaves of Youghal lace adorns the yearning soul of a guru to whom world yields
    ~ a Yogi guide

    X-rays of nightmares in a hollow body of mutants, a cloak of misfortune and mystery in a xyst
    ~ an X men

    West wind tickles the woolen coats of a wanderer, a hang watch in waistbag and a warm blanket in backpack
    ~ a wayfarer

    Velvet veiled gowns and velour suits rests in her closet, her hands on the bow, heart on a vow
    ~ a violinist

    Unleashing her virtue and vigour she packed ultrasuede ensembles in her suitcase and her passion, an ukulele
    ~ a unique persona

    Tapestry of daydreams weaved in textiles of amorous beauty - her precious possession, she treads
    ~ a tourist

    Scintillating silks of harmony in hold the entire soul of her, orchestrating a seraphic symphony
    ~ a singer

    Roses of reminiscence, reticella laced attires, she springs with a brimming heart, for her Romeo
    ~ a romantic lover

    Quaffing the ale of ethereal empyrean and beyond, questions encircle her being, quite yet quick
    ~ a quantum soul

    Polaroids of still life moments, an array of albums as prelude to her passionate life, and plush fits, her world shrinks to a picture
    ~ a photographer

    Odes and oracles converge, ottoman silks and ornaments of speech, narrating an odyssey
    ~ an orator

    Nameplates and nemesis urge her to attain more, she flys high, evading nets with notions and novellas
    ~ a nefelibata

    Music awakens her, food for her soul, muslin weaves in magenta shades, and her muse
    ~ a musician

    Love is the embodiment of soul, its eternal attire, linen threads and lilac lace of luck, sometimes lost at life
    ~ a lover lost

    Kaleidoscope of visions and kite-like vibes, knitted dreams, she seeks knowledge
    ~ a kalon beauty

    Jubilant waves of change, she outshines everyone, cwtching the jewel of soul
    ~ a jewel

    Inking stardust on a stellar sky, gleaming over nocturnal life, in her veins is color blue, inscribing imaginations
    ~ an Inara

    Holistic hues of desire splashed on the canvas of life, she paints a holy heaven
    ~ a haven of colors

    Gardens blossoming in spring, awakening the growth of a soul, adoring the garment of nature
    ~ a gardener

    Fragrance in the wind, fragile blossoms surrounding, fashionista of a kind, fusion of flavours
    ~ a florist

    Embodiment of Elegance, embellished in golds and silvers, enchantress in ethinic wear
    ~ an empress

    Dashing and delightful, breathing life to dormant dreams, doleful and dainty, dancing to drums
    ~ a dancer

    Cuddling clouds of white and coloring the welkin in neon, some crumbled notes and coins
    ~ a cloudwalker

    Blues and greys combine, silky silhouette sways, enchanting the audience in the tale of blackswan
    ~ a ballerina

    Array of stars make way for her abode, adorning angelic white, and devoting life to art
    ~ an artist

    Wardrobe of Her

    Halcyon days weaved Habutai silk gowns for her, part hailing happiness, part haunting horrendous... nonetheless left her heavy heart longing for a hiraeth

    Eagerly awaiting phobias in Eolienne,corded curtains, entailing her endeavors, emerging to erase her efforts to embark on an enlightening journey, tempting her to elope with ego... whereas she ensures to engage in embodiments elegantly with energy, envisioning a future well enlivened

    Reveries reformed themselves into raging Russel cords, reminiscence running in warp-wise lines, entangling with her reflexes and veiling her reflection... hitherto rests those rare records of her rosy life, recollections of rains and rainbows reviving in riveting rhythmic refrains

    // She's a Ballerina of Beguiling blue nights
    Inamorata of the Balmy Moonlit sky
    Inking Blissful verses, a Buoyant star //


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    ~doorway to dreams~

    What determines the expiry date of dreams ? 

    Is it when the heart gets weary of longing for what it loves ? 
    Is it when love leaves one at the altar of self-worth and frenzy ? 

    Is it when the world isolates the dreamer and crucifies him for believing ? 
    Is it when the mind map gets lost in the labyrinth of life ?

    Is it when desires drop dead at the feet of the dreamer ? 
    Is it when the words leave the poet at the funeral pyre of dreams ?

    Is it when the song succumbs to the symphony of the singer's death ?
    Is it when the dancer dies at heart when their steps falter forever ?

    Is it when the story surrenders to the broken nib of a writer ? 
    Is it when the tears fall for the whims of the fears and choke to death ? 

    Is it when passion stops to pursue and play puppet to the past ? 
    Is it when phobias built a nest inside the phantoms they feed ?

    Is it when the silky smooth skin turns into braille of memories ? 
    Is it when efforts numb the bones and crush them to crumbles ? 

    Is it when the beating heart ceases to slumber within the bone cage ? 
    Is it when dreams leave the dreamer at the doorsteps of demise ?

    // Dreams go beyond beliefs
    Dreams go beyond the dreamer
    Dreams go decades to deliver their desires //


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    Winter Blossom

    Wants keep wishing and whispering
    Worshipping the wilderness within the
    Whitewashed walls of wandering mind
    Whereabouts of waking dreams of life
    Wild flowers bloomed in her warm-heart
    Waterlilies woke up to the waning moon
    "Where is he ? Why so late to wake me up ?"
    Waiting for him with waterlilies in her eyes
    When will love win this war of winterfrost ?
    Winned winter with her winsome nature 
    Winter child, a warm-hearted winter blossom