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    19 February 2021 5.30 pm

    We are celebrating the First Anniversary of Our Army Chatroom. BTS surprised Army with the concept 'Curated_For_Army '. We are celebrating our anniversary with the concept of our own Army Room. This one is open for indefinite period. I'm excited to know about your room.

    Gist - This is both a dream and a description of my
    room. It's my safe space for all my activities, creativity and also healing. Some of them are real like bedspace, bookshelf, photowall, speakers and my violin. I wish to have a gramophone, it's one of my musical dreams since childhood. There is a collection of Audio cassettes and then music albums. I wish to have more albums in future. ( Of course, BTS albums. Today BTS launches BE Essential edition) Even though Narcissus is my birthflower, I think baby's breath represents me the best, as it symbolizes purity, innocence, sincerity, love, compassion, trust, everlasting love and romance. It's also small and precious like Me. I used to have Jasmine flowers growing by my window side, in the room I had since my teenage. I spent years in that room and the fragrance of Jasmine blossoming was so soothing in the night. I wish to have that again. Grow up and glow up is the motto here. Nirvana here simply means, ( def by L.S. Cousins) " the final removal of the disturbing mental elements which obstruct a peaceful and clear state of mind, together with a state of awakening from the mental sleep which they induce." Finally I wish to have floor to ceiling glass windows with soft angelic white curtains and lavender scented candles. Peace. ��

    ~ Army Room ~

    Life Goes On, set on a momentous sail, I go on...
    Instilled into melancholy are those mellifluous melodies that echo
    Fantasies materialize and visions manifest within this sphere
    Embellished with virtues of baby's breath in a classic ceramic vase

    Growing and glowing keep abreast with Grace, becoming golden
    On a corner grows Jasmine on strings of passion, my hope blossoms
    Elegance of vintage Gramophone and Violin, my soulful companion
    Silvery Safe Haven with sunshine hues and lavender blush

    Over the moon, flying on buoyant wings of peace, fueled by a thirst for life
    Nirvana, beyond the realms of dearest daydreams, I find it here... In My Room


    I Purple You ��������������

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    Life Goes On
    Set on a momentous sail
    I go on...