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    19 Sept 2021 3.43 pm

    Etheree - 12345678910 syllables

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    ❇// Mind on Money

    € £ ¥
    And matter
    Moves, morphs and maps
    Selcouth and strange routes
    Hunger horns and human
    Chase, chances to amass wealth
    Measures extreme, methods brutal
    Morale thrown out, masquerade ensues
    Mourn for none, might for won, message undone


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    10 July 2021 12.22 pm

    Poetry - freeverse
    Haiku - 5 7 5 syllables
    Etheree - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 syllables
    Quote - Begins & Ends in Paradox
    Prose - Used phrases by Emily Dickinson in quotation ('')

    Paradoxes - Used in subtitles as well as within prose ^_^
    All subtitles are paradoxes. Count how many ? =_=

    Thank you so much for Repost & EC@writersnetwork����

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    Paradoxical Phantasm

     / Beginning of the End /    ~ Poetry

    As early as the buds of creation were born
    Fight and fall,  wilt and wither has begun

    Aurora wakes knowing sunset awaits her
    Dawn break daunt not, but dashes to dusk

    Selene rises to shine and fade away to light
    Mangata meandering like a film out fantasy

    Wall-clocks rotate to meet the same mark again
    Sandgrains in the hourglass fall back to back

    Destiny of a voyage around the world is beginning 
    Startline becomes the end line, a worn but worthy ending

    • • •

    / Deep down, minds are really shallow /   ~ Haiku

    Diving in doldrums
    Desires dread while digging deep 
    Deathbeds quake daunting

    Sowing and reaping
    Solemn solace sprouts and soars 
    Surge and slip shallow 

    • • •

    / Dearth deflate not even while abundance advances /          ~ Etheree

    Not, Notion 
    Nullifies as
    All progress backtracks
    When demand and supply
    Plays hide-and-seek in both the
    Economy & ecosystem
    Scarcity parallels sustenance
    Abundance advances yet aches augment

    • • •

    / I know one thing, that I know nothing /    ~ Quote 

    Human are the best examples of paradoxes as humanity has become a parade of cruelty masquerading kindness. In an era where masks of phantasm parade, I'm a joker who painted smiles on my Scarface but not to deceit, just to delight so my despair never shows up. I don't own a mask of malign. But I know one thing for sure, that I know nothing with surety. 

    • • •

    / I'm nobody /      ~ Prose 

    Reality is an illusion, I murmur to the mirror as mellow moonlight sews a fantasy in my mind with the threads of nightmarish nylon. Past is a phantom choking my present, uncooked future already burnt. 'I taste a liquor never brewed' with a pinch of truth, a salty sugar. It boils in a cup of loyalty shaded lies leaving a bittersweet aftertaste on my tongue. 

    'Wild nights - wild nights !' Wildest of whimsical winds blowing whiplash at me while my wayfarer mind is way out of grasp. What dazzles over my silhouette is mangata of a fallen moon. 

    Life makes no sense while my soul is hanging upside down anytime to drop at the edge of a cliff of insanity. 'I felt a funeral in my brain' as soon as death bloomed within my lungs and my breath sensed the incense burning at the afterlife - I felt the flames of hellfire while burning alive to ashes. 

    While munching on the dessert of dread, I realize that my soul is still starving for another sip of melancholic wine. Old and ominous, preserved in poignant past.
    High on halcyon hues, soliloquies of my soul echo in the reflection - 'I'm nobody ! Who are you ?'


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    18 May 2021 12.40 pm

    /Based on a real incident I witnessed years ago/

    Sour Spectators ~

    eyes stay
    To gruesome act
    Man lashing his kids
    Gathered crowd clapped past act
    Spilling blood for crumbled bills
    Coins clutched, baby hands swept own tears
    Man and wife dragged kids to water tap
    Smile bloomed on red stained lips having quenched thirst

    What man wouldn't do to survive in this world
    Hurting themselves, even their own blood
    Pleasing sadistic crowd around
    That capture scenes in cellphone
    Social media views
    Skyrocketing high
    Down weeping

    // I saw spilled blood and applauding audience
    I couldn't relate to it, however I tried to
    I'm not the intended recipient of this show //


    Thank you so much for repost ���� @writersnetwork

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    7 May 2021 12.59 pm

    Etheree - 10 lines of 12345678910 syllables
    Reverse etheree- 10987654321 syllables

    My Lighthouse ~

    Of my hope
    Please accept my
    Love and gratitude
    For lighting my pathway
    For guiding me to the shore
    Your ever graceful shine found me
    I was lost in the shadow of doom
    Alone in the ocean (of) utter despair

    My sail was smooth in the initial stage
    As if waves were wishing bon voyage
    I was unaware of the dread
    Following my tail, so close
    Hungry humongous waves
    Encircled my ship
    I lost an oar
    Fighting the

    Struggled to
    Find direction
    I was losing hope
    I clutched my life jacket
    Tears tasting the salty sea
    Fearful of fate's decree, fatal
    Lost sailor's souls sang soliloquies
    While I prayed for a glimpse of bottled hope

    Cacophonous chaotic waves rose high
    Signaling approaching tornado
    Ship rattled with gigantic waves
    My syllables screamed for sight
    Withered in forlorn hope
    My metaphors drowned
    My verses wailed
    Till I found
    House of

    My love
    My saviour
    Guarding angel
    Lend me rays of light
    To find the distant shore
    Brought me safe with single oar
    Ebbs took away despair and doom
    My syllables bloomed in your spotlight
    Metaphors reborn, my verses breathe life


    @writersnetwork @mirakee LOTS OF LOVE ♡♡♡♡♡

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