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    13 April 2022 11.20 am

    #night #ak_wn_repost

    A prelude (i) and a sonnet(ii) about the painting
    'Café Terrace at Night' 1888 - Vincent Van Gogh

    10 syllables each line / #ak_sonnets

    / Café Terrace at Night /

    Night is black or what's left in the absence of light
    Eigengrau fills outside eyelids, seeping into the world 
    Devoid of a sun, devoid of colors, devoid of a medium
    To differentiate the scale of hues a mind maps within

    One night, nose buried in the middle of a novel
    While Morpheus was charioteering around, except nearby
    I came across a vision wrapped in lights that spoke about nights
    Or it could be just that night, that escaped from expanding greyscale

    A cafe corner at Arles was untouched by black but 
    Drenched in hues like no other, this is a night so young
    To even a soul like me, timelines past its existence
    This is a night that gifted me a rare rêver of richness 
    To ponder again on bleak nights and turn them rainbow-looped
    And in swirls of a sweven, my lashes stroke over hues, rest of my nights

    Yellow hues made nest under the terrace
    Blue depth branch the sky in rich tarpaulin
    Forlorn fossils ash-dappled the street's race
    Treasure-keeping all porous and phthalein

    Long nights are possessed by ghosts of passion
    Song glides along scarlet veins in leisure
    Nyx's silhouette lures eyes to obsession
    Drunk sensibilities shade-stroke pleasure

    Debut of the starry night scintillates
    Far view fervour suspends proximity
    Darkening glow contrast salicylates
    Picturesque from the paling dimity

    Motives multitudinous unblacks dusk
    Lanterns in azure-drip furbishes lusk


    6 ##ak_to_vincent ��

    Thank you so much for Repost (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
    @writersnetwork Sweet Night everyone ☆☆

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    / C a f é T e r r a c e
    a t N i g h t /

    Vincent Van Gogh

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    25 Nov 2021 7 pm

    10 syllables each line /

    S'envoler - to fly away
    Saorsa - freedom
    Sayonees - soulmate

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    S'envoler Saudade

    A laugh in the sea of sadness drowns deep
    Marmoris of melancholy, a maze
    Benchmarks of bathic blues sirenize creep
    Like hederate skreighs that tosdach, a daze

    A light in the sea of darkness floats fèath
    Zemūdens zeal embarks to levitate
    Kalon katara kaleidoscope breath
    Golden braiding beliefs to navigate

    Waves wail, the noise is music to his ears
    Volna's vetkas whelving woes, sprouting glees
    Wind whistles, the voice is bliss to his tears
    Sailor saorsa tails sillage sayonees

    Life is a barren field frozen with snow
    Love is a growing garland fecund flowe


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    30 Oct 2021 12.13 pm

    10 syllables each line /

    Thank you so much ���� @writersnetwork

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    Fèroce Feuillemort

    When flowers bloom at the faded twilight
    Forelsket falls like a feuillemort silhouette
    Twisting and turning each heartburns alight
    Hues leaving at season's hävitys set

    I crave to sway in sashaying zephyr
    To sail on susurrus moor melodies
    To laugh till leisure's lassalus, (to) krayr
    To alew waning viridity, (to) ease

    Psithurism adding rhythmic beats to death
    Pirouetting gracefully untill the pit
    Petrichor filling lungs until last breath
    Post-poetry of lost paths and torn bit

    I'm a worn wonderment of wreath for earth
    An aureolus ace adorning blueth


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    16 Oct 2021 10.10 am
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    @btslove coz you missed my sonnets ♡♡

    Ukiyo - live in the moment /

    10 syllables each line /

    Thank you so much for EC ��

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    ❈// Ukiyo

    Come my love, ov'r the hills and far away
    Where saffron sun waltz in the earliest
    To grace gold wheats and greet green willowway
    While zephyr welcomes us playing trumpet

    Come take a stroll on the valleys with me 
    Where anklet of brooks caress heart of rocks
    Glides ove' fancy's feather, cascades free 
    Let thoughts fade, let's fly high with gleeful flocks

    Come taste the bliss of beaut, as raw as real
    Let's play hide and seek in the latibule
    Where meadows adorn floral carpets leal
    Bask in the afterglow of crepuscule

    Let's live a foreve' under the welkin
    Without worn walls 'round, till our hearts meltin' 


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    14 Aug 2021 4 pm

    √ -Title / half of line 13 phrase credited to
    " Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
    - F. Scott Fitzgerald
    √ - All 3 prompts used


    Thank you so much for EC ! ����

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    / When it gets crisp in the fall /

    Flowers wither, wither and fall spiral
    Pirouetting ballets komorebi
    Autumnal wrath on spring deceased floral 
    Spinning petal swirls, seasons let it be 

    One day if everything stops falling down 
    Can those dreams on dying wreaths rise up high ? 
    Can they outspeed the light to reach the crown ?
    Can they travel back and forth lest they sigh ? 

    I can travel on the paper kite, flights
    Made of penswirl poetic tales n' threads
    Tapering illusions, fabricate frights
    Still I can't traverse realms of petal shreds 

    When it gets crisp in the fall, zealous souls
    Never stay down, awaiting calyx strolls

    // That's what seasons recite while I meditate //


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    12 Aug 2021 4.06 pm

    HAIKU - 5 7 5

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    / Saranghae - summer lovin' seashore /


    Tangled up were whimsical waves of love
    Twilight waltz like a sweven over tides
    Heart hammers in the name of dearest dove 
    Tangerine blushes adorned shore confides 

    Aurora dips and dives, smooches lips pink 
    Auburn eyes rimmed in golden halo bright
    Etching poems on soul's ecstatic brink 
    Dripping honey, fragrance enchanting night

    " Oh sweetheart of the ocean blue, come back
    Another day with warmest of all smiles
    Yet mourn not, night isn't end, time's on a track
    No matter, our heartbeats will sail all miles " 

    Hence the day bid goodbye, dewy dusk gleams 
    Heart of the ocean longs dawn of her dreams


    ~ sand grains in hourglass
    binded with red strings of fate 
    " saranghae " - it spelled ~


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    5 July 2021 1.11 pm

    [ The floor seemed wonderfully solid. It was comforting to know I had fallen and could fall no farther.
    -Sylvia Plath, ' The Bell Jar ' ]
    Yesterdays + Today's challenge - all words and phrases

    /Prose + Sonnet

    Sanity's Sail ~

    Something was strange today. The cold breeze brushing past my face had numbed my senses and the scent of a distant lover unsettled my inner storm. The floor beneath my feet seemed like lava lapping my console and the ceiling above my head seemed like concrete contempt.

    Mystic mist of misfortune that awoke my slumbering peace and swallowed my sanity fogs the entirety of my abode. Mirth metamorphosed into Sword of Damocles hanging over my head. Mysterious melancholia permeates the peace in solitude and horrors are haunting the hallways afront.

    What have I done for the fate to forbid my future in lieu of fortune ?

    I pressed my love inside an old journal
    And let my pen trail my true emotions
    Frozen flowerets breathe on prose curtal
    Mind, a kite trailing the wind of notions

    I cradle my broken childhood in lieu
    Holistic livelihood in denial
    Miserable moments array in queue
    Butchered trust in the grips of betrayal

    I wrapped my heart in paperplanes of past
    Embossed with morse code, morsels of musings
    Apple to my aching soul, ale aghast
    Whimsical wild wings worn, wierd cravings

    Sufferings are soft taps of life before
    Wreckage floods, swallowing peace in mind shore

    Inside the chamber of chagrin, I etch my pain on papyrus petals and mould them into beguiling blossoms. Crystal tears cascading from obsidian orbs form constellations that shine in the sunken sky of daydreams.

    Unbeknownst to me, prophecies echoed in the empyrean,

    " The stars in your eyes shall live longer than history
    For they hold scars ablaze with fire of will and
    The storm and thunder stirring inside your heart
    Shall conquer all worlds waging wars against each other
    For they rain renaissance and worship worth in words "

    Something was strange today. The Zephyr that woke my slumber have resolved my penance and the golden silence I envisioned have settled my inner storm. The floor beneath my feet seemed wonderfully solid and the ceiling above my head seemed miraculously métier. It was comforting to know I had fallen and could fall no farther. All there's left for me is to arise from these forlorn flames.


    Thank you so much for EC ����

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    Sanity's Sail

    " The stars in your eyes shall live longer than history
    For they hold scars ablaze with fire of will and
    The storm and thunder stirring inside your heart
    Shall conquer all worlds waging wars against each other
    For they rain renaissance and worship worth in words "


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    15 June 2021 5. 30 pm

    Hydrangea - Meaning water vessels, Hydria in Greek
    Blue Hydrangeas - Apology, Gratitude, Understanding
    Nickname - Change Rose

    SONNET XIV - ABAB CDCD EFEF GG 14 lines 10 syllables
    Prose Autobiography
    Tanka 5 7 5 7 7
    Quinzain 7 5 3

    Hymns of Hydrangea ~

    Early spring smooched heart of shrubs evergreen
    Water vessels of seeds in plant's womb rose
    Celestial corymbs then blossomed serene
    At tail end of longing stems sweet buds chose

    Flower head, panacea of solitude
    Cwtching souls in bloom, like delicate petals
    Unity essence, unrobe multitude
    Showy rings, dipped in vivid hues sepals

    Emotions heartfelt waft efflorescence
    Express agony and apology
    Enumerate each style inflorescence
    Thanks, Grace, Purity, Romance, Royalty

    If these blooms could tell tales, each breath in art
    They'd whisper, " You're the beat of my heart '


    I was born, a cerulean celestial corymb among the
    valley of solitude when early spring smooched the silent shrubs, impregnating them with multitude
    flowerets fated to sing blue balladries, pen dulcet sonnets and annoint apologies and etch heartfelt eulogies.
    As I arose to the warm golden rays tickling my delicate petals, delightful euphoria showered the silent valley in bliss. Plethora of my petals bowed to the benevolence of spring enunciating my gratitude.
    Flutter-bys with frail wings aroused in my seeds, a forbidden love. Zephyr caressed my hues, blessing me with panacea of heartache.

    Eventually eventide arrived and along with that his soft footsteps. An ethereal prince homing crystal galaxies in his orbs. Soft rays of sunset glistening the dripping pools in them and silver rivulets cascading down his cheeks, streams of grief.
    He chose me among millions of florets in our valley, chanting hymns of loveless hearts. He whispered to my heart, an apology to his frozen inamorata, their broken bond which I'm to bend with my spells.

    Holding me close to his beating heart, I could listen to all his truths untold. He lost himself chasing the reflection of a kaleidoscope, a loosen kite in the endless empyrean.
    His heart ached for how his amor resembled me, her heart dying thirsty of his love, negligence fading nuances of life in her soul.

    Unbeknownst to me, he had walked into a forsaken valley of death. A flowery casket awaiting him in the half-lit corner. The last of Moonbeams revealed her pale face, a breathless beauty.
    He laid me on her bosom, tears falling like over-pouring rain. With my last breath I mend the broken bond of love by bridging a broken heart with a deadbeat one.

    / You're the beat of his heart /


    He cwtched my frail form
    Apologizing amor
    Frozen in casket
    My last breath as adorned wreath
    Life lost, not his love for her


    Change rose thirsty of lost love
    Can forlorn love bloom ?
    Can love lose ?


    Thank you so much for EC ����


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    8 June 2021 5.51 pm


    Kaleidoscope of Ink ~

    Dipped my quill in azure waves basking blues
    Lexicons beguile sensibilities
    Creamy parchments await to be etched hues
    Marinate in melancholy daisies

    Sombre sunsets lend saffron, bleeding love
    Novice metamorphose to veteran
    Voracious scribbles deep from mind unrove
    Charcoal black burns onto timeline transenne

    Dyed ink bleeds images in heart edges
    Raven riddles, rusted rhymes, blue ballads
    saffron sonnets, periwinkle pledges
    Ambiguous abstracts, allure acids

    Hues though vivid, ink is integrity
    Papyrus heart pearls verses verity

    Indigo splotches absorbed by parchments
    Neither faded, nor erased, remain immortal
    Kaleidoscope of ink, touchstones of time
    Tints and shades of beguiling blues
    Adorned the papyrus of welkin
    Tales live through ink for time infinite


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    Quill's Ink

    Hues though vivid, ink is integrity
    Papyrus heart pearls verses verity

    // Kaleidoscope of ink
    Touchstones of time //


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    All written rights reserved
    5 June 2021 9.22 pm

    My new series - Amor Añejo
    ( Spanish for old/ mature love )
    *here, gaiety means light-hearted
    peity means devotional


    Mi Amor Selene ~

    Evenings are high on love and dire longing
    Twilight leaps into the arms of dark night
    You into mine, as true love's belonging
    Tapers we're, feeding others warmth alight

    If poetry was a person alive
    I'd be you - beauty, charm and gaiety
    If melody was a person ogive
    I'd be you too- rhythm, soul and piety

    Your smile looks like a crescent moon serene
    Lighting up my heart, gleaming so gracious
    Your silhouette shines, crystal figurine
    Burning my mind, desire lascivious

    Though envious time elopes with your charm
    My verses will eternize you, no quam


    1 #ak_amor_anejo

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    Mi Amor Selene

    Evenings are high on love and dire longing
    Twilight leaps into the arms of dark night
    You into mine, as true love's belonging
    Tapers we're, feeding others warmth alight


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    All written rights reserved
    1 June 2021 1.11 pm


    Writer's Heart ~

    My heart is so heavy with truths untold
    Often drizzling and pouring inky rain
    My stories uproot my pains, words unfold
    Slicing my void, soldering my complain

    My poesy, scented in gruesome grief
    Aligning lexicons lamenting loud
    My letters, laurels to aparitif
    Appetite hunting metaphors confound

    My writings are odes to woebegone days
    Slithering down the walls of memories
    My tales are forlorn dreams reviving ways
    Seeking hiraeth, wanderlust reveries

    I paint poignant portraits within my soul
    I pen tales of wretched hearts, hard as coal
    // For what is heavier in this world
    Than a writer's heart ?
    Deeper than ocean beds
    Higher than mountain peaks
    Wider than vast empyrean
    Louder than Love //
    A writer is an amalgamation of several souls
    Arresting Amateurs, Beguiling Beethovens,
    Clandestine Coelhos, Delightful Dahls
    Everlasting Emiles, Forsaken Fridas
    Galvanized Goethes, Historic Hugos
    Intuitive Ibsens, Jarring Joyces
    Kaput Kafkas, Longing Lessings
    Mysterious Miltons, Nostalgic Nerudas
    Opulent Orwells, Promising Picassos
    Quintessential Quasimodos, Radiant Rowlings
    Sojourner Sylvias, Terrific Twains
    Uber Updikes, Vagabond Vangoghs
    Wishful Wordsworths, Xenial Xinrans
    Yonder Yeats, Zealous Zolas

    // A writer revives rusted memories into ruby refrains //


    AH Thank you so much for Repost @writersnetwork ����

    POD !! ������������❤️
    THANK YOU SO MUCH MIRAKEE @mirakee ����
    Khamsamida Everyone ����
    Satisfied ��❤️

    WN, Mirakee and Mirakee World ... Triple Hit ��❤️��
    June 1 - Such a Beautiful Day ❣️❣️❣️

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    Writer's Heart

    For what is heavier in this world
    Than a writer's heart ?
    Deeper than ocean beds
    Higher than mountain peaks
    Wider than vast empyrean
    Louder than Love


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    (I posted and deleted this yesterday night )

    All written rights reserved
    31 May 2021 10.30 am


    Sour Secret ~

    A sour secret was sealed in a sweven
    What that vision unveiled was mystery
    Yet when the mist of dread cleared, a burthen
    Was lifted of her shoulder, blistery

    Her scars one-by-one began to make sense
    Silhouette coiled with darkness retreated
    Taking away with it fog of doubt dense
    Chaos prevailed, silence permeated

    What ensued was a dance of memories
    Which then revealed to her the truth untold
    Frozen moments had heart of miseries
    Catharsis purged her, the story retold

    Unbearable pain in life is rebirth
    It exceeds than birth, death and giving birth


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    26 May 2021 1 pm


    Olfactory Order ~

    Awaiting beauteous blooms redolence
    Eccedentesiasts expected birth
    Horror to the mass assuming fragrance
    Aurora's veil slipped, stinking them in mirth

    Rebellious Rafflesia blossoms in pride
    Emitting the stench of decaying meat
    Rebelling receptor cells, gag and chide
    Nervous neurons react, proves to effete

    Carrione corpse arrives scavenging preys
    Odour of rotting flesh surrounds the air
    Betrayal inherent, ensure species
    Spineless Stapelia suicide fair

    Aroma of Amorphophallus stinks
    Enchanting effervescence wishes sinks


    / Abhor Assumption of Aromas
    Accept Inherent Odours, Nature's Order !
    Who births Petrichor Perfumes and Funereal Flowers
    Breaking Masquerades of Eccedentesiasts
    All Scents are Fair in Creator's Gracious Garden /


    Thank you so much for repost �� @writersnetwork
    Thank you so much for EC ��

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    21 May 2021 1. 11 pm


    Maleficent Nightmares ~

    Nightmares, deceitful dreamscapes in full bloom
    Plagued by phantoms and phobias intense
    Pledged to thwart resolves and conjuring doom
    Nocturnal reign of horrendous incense

    Nightmares, dulcet days into doozy dreads
    Imprisoning solemn souls, salience
    Reminiscence morphed into raging threads
    Binding, breaking bones, slaughtering solstice

    Nightmares, dangerous daggers vowed to drudge
    Serpentine morphine sworn to secrecy
    Haunting cerebral reflexes to plunge
    Anger... agony... guilt... anxiety

    Nightmares, malignant and maleficent
    Musing mystical minds, fears feculent


    My nightmares are slaughtered crumbs of creamy dreams
    Buttered in beguiling blues and wounds oozing scarlet
    Wishes, songbirds awaiting freedom from rustic cages
    Wailing and screeching for a refuge in isolated islands
    Syllables, sonnets and soliloquies scream
    Etching the pain in my inkpot mind with trembling quills
    Nightmares keep itching my scars, until I bleed blues
    Numb mind and frenzied fantasies dance around flames
    Like a haunting ritual, they keep luring my soul to sin
    Like a broken record, recurring cacophonous symphonies

    / My nightmares are maleficent masquerades
    In the nocturnal ballroom of doomsday ruins
    Where Melancholia broods and insomnia blooms
    Shadowing my daydreams like moths on dandelions /


    In 5 min, You were waiting for me !?��
    @writersnetwork Kamsayo ����

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    All written rights reserved
    20 May 2021 9.11 pm


    Alienated ~

    I saved dreams for non-existent future
    But lived hiding, sacrificing present
    Body, a constellation of sutures
    Mind, a cruel, chaotic confinement

    Welkin suffocating with dark black clouds
    Wandering soul stepping on wicked root
    Shadows trailing my footprints every grounds
    Slendermen waiting to throw me uproot

    But as the law, phoenix needs to be burned
    A deceitful fire, also banned mourning
    Yet I rise and soar high, scarlet flames turned
    Because I do have a dream worth dying

    Apple of (my)eye alienated me
    My existence overrides all their plea


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    Stephenie Meyer: "the lion fell in love with the lamb"
    Rest All written rights reserved
    4 May 2021 2.16 pm




    Once upon a time in pastoral tale
    A shy little lamb foraging for grass
    Heard footsteps following trail, and grew pale
    Noticed wild ferocious lion trespass

    Lion put on an act, played fond, cunning
    Lamb in a dilemma, decides to wait
    Dread filled lamb, when lion said, "no running"
    He wanted a feast without putting fight

    The predator approached the prey to sniff
    Under the disguise of a wishful kiss
    Facade broke as soon as he caught a whiff
    Final silence of lamb, was lion's bliss

    Pain of the prey is predator's pleasure
    Conjure, vile ventures to any measure

    Facades ~

    Love is no longer a fantasy fable
    It is anything but a fabricated facade
    That the lion fell in love with the lamb
    Why would a ferocious roaring predator
    Fall for his innocent whimpering prey
    Bloodthirst would dominate any bond
    No love is unconditional except self
    Irrevocable in love is naively suicidal

    Eyes of the devil and mind of evil
    Forever will play the masquerade
    Tamper the truth with a sly smirk
    And gamble with lives like a game


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    " the lion fell in love with the lamb "


    Gone are the days of fantasy fables
    Grieving is the time of farce and facades


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    @sarcastically_yours just coz I read your post^_^

    "love breaks my bones and I laugh”. ― Charles Bukowski
    Rest all rights reserved
    1 May 2021 8.10 pm


    Love breaks my bones, chokes breath and pierces heart
    I laugh like a maniac high on pain
    I know not when the strings broke on my harp
    But my lovesong lyrics did plenty gain

    Then melancholy raced metanoia
    Whirring past my ideologies and
    Identity,and stalking my eunoia
    Waves of change failed to reach expectant land

    Mind was a mess, memories as cobweb
    I had hoped the comfort of an embrace
    From that someone whose heart began to ebb
    And he stamped me and my love a disgrace

    Whose fault was it that true hearts get broken?
    Whence does this fate dare claim me as taken?


    #laugh #wod #pod

    Thank you so much for EC ����
    Thank you for the like Miraquill !

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    Whose fault was it that true hearts get broken?
    Whence does this fate dare claim me as taken?




    // Love doesn't resonate with expectations
    Neither does life that aims satisfaction //


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    30 April 2021 11. 11 pm
    11.11 is Special naaa~
    / And April ends snatching a piece of my heart /


    The Wicked Witch ~

    Slaughtering daydreams into chunks of thoughts
    She chuckled, crumbling the creamy paper
    And tied her choked fantasies into knots
    To wrap around the corpse of skyscraper

    Butchering another dark metaphor
    She wailed, mourning the death of similes
    And burned incense of frenzy and camphor
    To surround the funeral pyre of glees

    Curses breathed in the abandoned verses
    Left alone in the shadowy corner
    Dread encircles while darkness traverses
    Midnight melancholy reigned the horror

    Nepenthe (of) immortality lingered
    Necropolis hid mortal sins treasured


    3 #ak_dark_series ��

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    All written rights reserved | 21 April 2021 12.12 pm
    Maktub - It is written, Ala Rasi - Anything for you


    Awaiting Slumber ~

    Quietude enshroud being, balmy night
    Stillness seductive, seclusion desired
    Solitude embrace my mind leaving fight
    Silence silvery, words lay down expired

    Gaze upon the passing clouds, I stay still
    Eyes vacant yet heart brimming - full of you
    Face frozen, awestruck thought clouds floating chill
    Reminiscence rain on me - drops of you

    Ocean of my heart carries your footprints
    Your breath so alive in pressed flowers stayed
    Blanket of memoirs, in blue and grey tints
    Your smiles captured in these polaroids fade

    Oh Sleep, kiss me as I lay here apart
    Maktub in fate, Ala Rasi my heart


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    All written rights reserved
    30 April 2021 7.12 pm


    Melancholia Blooms ~

    Wisteria blooms stooped touching the ground
    Withered dreams let a star die at young age
    Aloof heart heard the ballad the pain found
    Sang aloud hoping to break out the cage

    Fallen blooms adorn twigs of memories
    Wandering soul dragged by clutch of terror
    Illusion plays deceit by miseries
    Didn't find herself in pieces of mirror

    She let her soul burn in hellfire of fate
    It etched the pain as the flames licked her scars 
    And when the world turned upside down to hate
    Her tears fell into the night sky as stars 

    Silence screams in void of melancholy
    Echoes down the walls of heart agony


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