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    All written rights reserved
    6 April 2021 10.30 am

    | Goodbye Grief |

    Choking in the clasp of grief unknown
    Thrashing in the whiplash of depression
    Wandering the narrow paths of pessimism
    Pushed me down the cliff of insanity
    It left me hanging on the rope of dread
    Wondering the plays by fate on threads

    Inner voice screams and shouts while
    Intense shame clouded the senses
    Insanity breeds on dark thoughts
    Immobile, I brood away my life

    Despite numerous concerns about lives fellow
    Delving into own inner world isn't allowed
    Dissolving into those tempting waves mellow
    Dark and deep runs the thoughts that followed

    Overdosed of over thinking, overworking and over loving
    Lack of understanding, underrated and undervalued

    / 'A person in love measures time in heartbeats'
    The one without love chases time in heartache /

    Wallowing in the self-pity and solemn sorrow
    Wandering in the footpaths of piled up insecurities
    Waiting for a closure in the alleyways of traumas
    Withering away petals untouched by rays of bliss


    I'm fed up with the tangy taste of goodbye in my mouth
    I'm so sick of this melodramatic melancholy
    Last night I let the war of my dread and hope
    Battle cry rang loud in the field of frenzy mind
    Fiery fight of fears unknown
    feisty held the flame of hope
    Arrows dipped in shame met the shield of pride
    Kicks rooted in blame met the lash of resolve

    Dawn break witnessed the last hour of war
    Flatlined moments the flurry of feelings escape
    Heartline steadied as hope arrived in the cape
    "Count your blessings" as destination is far


    ~ Querencia won and light up the stygian darkness of the heart cave ~
    Dead lay the dreads that drowned my deeds
    Lead by hope, willpower sowed self-love seeds


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    Querencia won and light up the stygian darkness of the heart cave
    Dead lay the dreads that drowned my deeds
    Lead by hope, willpower sowed self-love seeds


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    29 March 2021 4 pm

    Hiraeth ~

    Been preparing for this since a while yet doing it makes everything so real than how I imagined it would be.
    I'm leaving...

    And I'll burn this bridge at the end of these twelve steps.
    I'll take my home from this house
    I'll take my home with me
    I'll take my home in my heart

    / Departure feels like descending the steps of heaven
    Yearning already crawling through the heart as hiraeth /

    Dangling silver chains won't be shining there when the sun comes alive and throws the golden light around. I'm taking them with me. Glass paintings on the window panel would still make rainbow splashes on the adjacent white wall. But I won't be here to feel my rainbow in all it's hue. Tomorrow it'll be someone else's rainbow.

    Midnight memories are melting down my heart. Countless nights I've spent here, asleep while night Jasmine scented my dreams all sweet and the mellow moonlight sang lullabies to me. Chill breeze that caressed me in deep slumber and touched my eyelashes to tickle my dreams would miss me when they pass through the half-open windows next time.

    Leaving my Eden, my paradise garden breaks my heart all the more. Date palms that greet the morning shine, hibiscus that welcome the well wishes, roses that spread their enchanting fragrance all around, all of them will be missed. For a month I've been growing baby plants from all of them in flower pots in hopes of taking them with me. But no matter how much I try, I can't replace this paradise in another space. So I leave my biggest love behind here. I wish every time I remember this paradise, my love left here will water them and keep on growing.

    This rooftop is freedom for me. Where I learned my lessons, played games and sing my heart out to the sky. This sky, from the exact place I'm standing, is all mine - day and night. Yet I can't take this sky away, no matter how they say ' we have the same sky', it's not like that. So I leave this sky behind and pluck those comfy clouds. I stack them in chambers of my heart. Someday when my mind rages as the summer sun, I'll embrace their chill comfort and when my mind pours hard in rain, I'll soak my tears in them.

    Walls, the holder of all my memories in Polaroids, the colour of my hope in despair, the shoulder I lean on when I break down - these walls know me more than I know myself. Waves of nostalgia drowns me as I un-pin those photographs and tuck them in an album. I feel they were alive when they could breathe free, will they choke in-between the plastic pages? Can't think more, can't leave them behind. Framed pictures lay politely inside the suitcase while nails left would rust in idle reveries.

    Books all over got stacked in boxes. Their abode of bookshelf weeps and moisture crawls through the cracks of the doors. Will the next family have as many books that could make it feel alive ? It's a whole world of fantasy I kept alive in there. I take bits and pieces of them with me for I will grow them again with my dreams.

    Emptying the clothes rack took aeons. The closet space seems vast as never before. It's one thing about fixed closets, organizing everything like this would be hard in another space. All the secret chambers, hiding cookies and toffies, jars of wish lists, figurines collections and gifts of crystals and plushies. Do the feel this parting song?

    Packed and labelled boxes sent away, one-by-one furnitures too. Rooms getting empty, corners wiped away of life. Tomorrow they'll paint this home again, hushed whispers and sobs would choke in the fresh layer of paint. Memories would still bloom as wall flowers on them.

    This house has been my home for thirteen years. Soothed my lonely childhood, guarded my troublesome teenage and sowed seeds of growth for my glowing youth. Yet the gleaming happiness would bloom somewhere else than where it was planted.

    I spent some more time in the empty corridors and balcony, rooftop bereft of paper planes, took a stroll through the garden I would leave behind. Don't know if I'm gathering memories or spilling more of them here. I feel full and empty at the same time.

    Maybe this home would miss a blossoming bud, Me. Maybe it would make room for another spring. I'll leave my cold heart on the gates of winter, right here. Hope this will be a home for more lonely hearts, even if mine will yearn for this happy home.

    This is the last step, I won't turn back and I'll smile through my tears. Wipe my face and sing a ballad as farewell. Leave with lullabies blooming as lilies in the crevices of my heart. I may return someday or maybe never. I've left a piece of me here in exchange of a slice of nostalgia. When memories would rain, I'll hold the umbrella of hope and cuddle my clouds of comfort.
    In a different dream, in another home...


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    Departure feels like descending the steps of heaven
    Yearning already crawling through the heart as hiraeth


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    13 August 2020 5. 30 pm

    | Thalassophile |
    ~Someone who loves the sea~

    I'm standing on the shore, with my forehead burning with the light of slowly eclipsing sun. And the tides which are emptying sand beneath my feet, are making me realise how everything affects everything.

    The land under my feet kept eroding as the glimpses of the past kept playing in my vision. Stolen kisses to angry fights, tight holds to push and shove, long laughs to choked sobs, thank yous to goodbyes, gratitude to regret and revenge, passion to guilt, love to hate and affection to remorse, lovers to strangers and an infinity lost to forgetfulness.

    All the beautiful moments of life were drops whereas every heart wrenching moment was an ocean. Smiles were drops in the ocean whereas tears were an ocean in the drop. Love was a mirage and hatred a desert. Caressing breeze shy whereas stabbing tempest full of fury. A minute in love lost to a thought in vain. Frowns residing in the arched slope of eyebrows and smiles leaving the curve of dry lips. One touch ecstasy, another guilty, last touch betrayal. First kiss fantasy and last kiss frenzy. First impressions full of expectations, then a longing for a glimpse in the crowd of strangers and last scene an incomplete act, a song left in the middle, a poem unfinished.

    My love is invisible in all Polaroids of memories
    but in each frame of life I've delivered love that even
    I can't distinguish from my antics,
    I can't express through my emotions,
    I can't believe I've carried within my heart.

    // I've carried love in my heart while I was
    Searching for love in every crossroads of life,
    Seeking for what was in turn seeking me from within //

    Afternoon sun was warm and cheerful
    Golden yellow hues brightly shining
    Splendid silence surrounded the shore
    On one fine Saturday I began my journey
    Walked the shore for the first time in life
    Stumbling and giggling, legs unsure
    Smiling even when I missed my steps
    Falling down often and finding myself
    In the embrace of the golden sand

    Shore was never lonely, always crowded
    Childhood innocence built sandcastles
    Stubborn waves would hit, knock them down
    But we built them again, even with tears
    And then forget the fall when it stands proud

    // Ocean breeze caressed my tender footsteps
    Heartily waves carried drops of care
    Nuzzling and nurturing my every step
    One after other, leaving tiny footprints //

    Along the way, the crowd got labelled
    Friends, fellow-travellers, sailors of the sea
    Supposed to walk together the stretch
    Yet when dreams stretched the sandcastles
    And they grew to tower on the shore
    Every fear strengthened the waves
    Violent storms and falling structures
    Became recurrent nightmares from then
    Just like the sand beneath my feet
    Courage lost to my concerns countless

    Approaching sunset caused turbulent waves
    Insecure mind and irritating nature
    Added to the high tide, flooding emotions
    Castles broke down one after another
    Yet my mind was desperate to hold on

    // High tides struck me hard and loud
    With mind full of fear I gazed at the ocean
    Maybe there is a lesson I failed to find
    And the real journey is yet to begin //

    Moonflower bloomed in the eventide
    Twilight sky tangerine and enchanting
    Later in the silver lining and shining stars
    When the ocean glistened in glitters
    In a trance I fell for the beauty of night
    Along with that, to the songs of the siren

    Blue nights had a new shade of solitude
    One in which I lose to find myself elsewhere
    Mirrors and mirages played with my mind
    Oasis in desert felt like the ocean of dreams
    Magical waves serenading hearts so lost
    Often time I found myself falling deep
    With the thirst to touch the depths unknown
    Seek the treasure hidden in the ocean bed

    // Ocean waves enchanting my heart
    Silver sparks enriching every touch
    Temptation fueled my passion and
    An urge to dive deeper within and into //

    Midnight left me stranded on the shore
    Dusk fading, darkness rising to the zenith
    Serenading dreams turned to bewitching nightmares
    Fears feed on nocturnal life, kicking alive
    Phobias each held a mask to my face
    Autophobia, even when isolation was habitual
    Vast stretch of shore haunted me with space
    Even while I struggled with claustrophobia
    The horizon over the ocean was my home
    Yet I felt homeless, seeking shelter in clouds
    Finally the long love for the ocean also left me
    With the fear of death, finality, end of love
    Where a thalassophile lost to thantophobia

    // Furious waves broke me in a frenzy
    I'm left alone on the shore to fight
    Either I fail to the storm or win my fears
    Ocean was the final push to fight for myself//

    Stranded.. Standing on the seashore
    Sight on the skyline, smile lost to the sunset
    Sorrow deep within soul, shadows sickening my skin
    Sadness surrounding mind, sighing to solitary waves
    Searching for solace, seeking salvation
    So far away... so lost... soul

    Alone I found myself, my stance, my vision
    As I fought numerous waves on my own
    Gathered courage drop by drop, in my sail
    Won tides with perseverance and determination
    I learned to see what is what and how is how
    Grasp why life is the way it is, what values the most
    How one moment led to another and finally
    How drop by drop becomes the ocean
    Moments become life, the picture of wholesome
    The horizon where the ocean touches the skyline
    Is not a limit but a goal to reach to - My home !
    How everything affected everything
    To paint the portrait of my life on the shore

    I'm standing on the shore decades later with a frown on my forehead and creases on my skin gazing at the sun way past the eclipse, but this time with a content smile etched on my lips. And every time the waves left with the sand beneath my feet, yet my stance is strong. With the leaving tide, I see glimpses of my life flashing behind my eyelids and I feel my vision getting broader. I've learned to look past the sunset. I've fought the high tides and storms that left me shaken and broken but made me stronger. My love for ocean never failed me but filled me with new hope. I've witnessed the dawn break on the shore of this forever ocean. And now I know everything happens for a reason.

    // Ocean at the break of the dawn
    Fighting the war with the waves
    And within, I own my struggle
    Standing invincible here to recite
    What the waves taught me win
    When I let what was seeking me
    Find myself and own the self //


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    Someone who loves the Sea

    Standing on the seashore
    Sight on the skyline
    Smile lost to the sunset
    Sorrow deep within soul
    Shadows sickening my skin
    Sadness surrounding mind
    Sighing to solitary waves
    Searching for solace
    Seeking salvation
    So far away
    So lost



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    22 July 2020 1pm

    Thank you so much for Repost @writersnetwork ����


    Living life like a paper boat, I am used to the stormy winds, sudden strong showers and tidal waves stirring my flow.
    Occasionally I ride a calm wave, when the orange sun smiles mellow and the icy mizzle cools me down.
    Whenever I hit the rocks or grazed those hard edges, I would pause, hold my breath and count the crystalline drops that fall on me.
    Each one of them blessed me with an awaiting fortune I never realized I'll receive.

    I welcomed those drops of hope, wished for a smoother sail, serene scenery, warm days and sweet nights.
    I always know the rocks gets me, but it never stopped me from caressing those pebbles I slide on.
    Every flower I found on my trail, every fallen leaf I met in my flow, every rock and pebble that shaped my ride, all of it built me up in this journey.

    I'm a paper boat in the forever lake. I wished for the rainbow bridge to bloom. But I never expected to see a pretty flower smiling at the end of the rainbow.
    Even this day, this place and this moment I have is a prosperity my good days offered me. Perhaps all those blessings really counts.

    And to meet you at the tail end of my destiny, darling I would never have thought about it, had not even dreamed about that rainbow smile I'm so blessed to have every day.
    Basking in this serendipity, an emotion I could never foresee, I wonder how I managed to find the most precious gift in you - Love ~

    Serendipity (5 syllables)

    Fortunate find (4 syllables)
    A surprise ( 3 syllables)
    Prosper ( 2 syllables)
    Luck (1 syllable )
    Unexpected bliss ( 5 syllables)


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    Fortunate find 
    A surprise
    Unexpected bliss


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    Posted on 18 July 2020 11.30 am

    #smk_collab_ch @say_me_krish

    Thank you for this Amazing Challenge.
    We are team "Young Forever "
    We tried to portray glimpse of the life of five girls here. They represent our own life, interests, and struggles along with our Imagination. Our name in this is the core of our soul. We are different and unique yet we are the same by heart. Our humble message through this work is to encourage you to find your true self and pursue your passion against all odds. We hope you enjoy this and have a great time.

    Click here for part I #nefelibata_youngforever
    By @thesunshineloves and @arya_abhipsa
    This is part II
    The order of participants :

    Nefelibata - Portuguese - Cloudwalker Daydreamer Unique Word Definition. A unique one word definition text design - Nefelibata - A creative person who lives in the clouds of her own imagination or dreams. An eccentric, unorthodox person who doesn't abide by the rules of society, literature or art.


    | The Artist |

    On the frigid autumn breeze near a silent river
    There's a bystander of nature leaning her back
    on the wooden log, evolution is what she
    explores in her mystic canvas.
    The way her hand grip a brush of different shades resembles the affection, desire, hope, goodness
    of the soul who can forfeit the absurd assumption
    of the society. She demands freedom for a change.
    She is against the specified ritual and refused to
    follow the restrictions made by conservative tradition.

    // To her eyes are the camera and
    imagination is the scenario. //

    She gazes intensely behind the rivers.
    Love embarks within her after seeing the
    wonders of nature. There are trees whose
    leaves were falling deceiving its own part.
    Changing the hues green to yellow, orange
    to red rendering the surface making
    it more pleasant. She was enlightened
    by the celibacy of nature instantly.

    Stretching her both the hands she picks up the
    backpack which was lying beside the rigid log
    revealing white clean sailcloth, numerous
    sizes of brushes, several acrylics jar.
    The moment arrow of the scrub touches
    the white canvas she closed her eyes feeling
    of dignity enacts her soul.

    She transforms herself into the colour of
    rainbows allotting all her feelings and
    emotions to the canvas. Her hands
    devote magic straight from the heart.
    She fastens her eyes to see views through
    her intuition bypassing the reality
    surrendered in the name of verdant woodland.

    Her hand moves in sync order smudging
    the colours on point.
    She portrait women whose arms are
    free witnessing her dreams through her mind
    who lives in the cloud of her imagination
    rather than being the victim of the trapped
    sophisticated culture.

    She craves for the serenity,
    she is yearning selfhood.
    She allots hope to the
    thousand unseen visions,
    she seeks metamorphosis.

    She's the art of silhouette

    | The Wanderer |

    Her chained hands caught some
    wrinkled maps floating as the wind
    gushed in through the broken window.
    Rendered walls nailed few pictures,
    the treasure of a rogue gallivanter
    entrapped in a rusty cage.

    Tears watermarked her photographs and
    the shutter sound of her camera wiped them.
    Dreams of her elysium lay beyond the four walls
    dreams to be the zephyr whispering
    of an unknown utopia.

    //I'm the tailwind of a frenzied cruise,
    sailing across the formidable ocean
    to unmarked destinations, relishing
    the fragrance of aquamarine waters.
    Eyes fixated on the pole star,
    I put to sea cradling a promise
    of the sun to be my light.
    Tedious waves glisten in the moonlight,
    cloaking my cold nights in savage seas.

    I'm the zephyr sprouting from the musty
    smell of earth ashore, gliding deep into
    the woods to embrace the gelid foliage,
    sharing the taste of pine cones with
    the peachy crossbills on the canopy,
    chirping melodies to the rythym of solitude.

    I'm the breeze meandering along
    the pellucid river seeking solace
    in the chiseled caves hovering beyond.
    I'm the gale crafting sand dunes in the
    bleak desert awaiting the rain.
    Even when my parched lips taste
    the sweet drops of drizzle,
    an oasis afar quench my thirst.
    I'm the fog on weathering edge of a cliff,
    gazing into the diffusing infinity, emotions
    ineffable as a halo in ecstasy, yearning to
    plummet into the enticing mist forever.
    I'm the wind entangled to a heart,
    yearning to leap into an eternity entwined
    in arms of a sorcerer, the world, my home... //

    Her entrancing dream to be a wanderer, craves
    to capture the blue hour after a dusky sunset.
    Even when her wanderlust is tied
    to a stubborn wheel chair,
    she is unlocking the secrets of her escapade,
    she is unlocking her caged wings to fly away....

    ~ The intrepid voyager ~

    | The Masked Singer |

    " Before the world broke you, who were you ? "
    I kept staring into the eyes of my reflection.
    The long mirror before me is my partner in crime.
    For every tear I shed, it tempted me to hide behind a smile. For every fake smile I tried, it offered me beauty to mask. I'm tired of this pretence, let my tears flood this world.
    As I screamed into the oblivion, surrender to it and
    Forced my frustration on the song I'm playing,
    the highest-pitched thinnest string of my violin,
    broke into two, it send a shockwave through me.
    Letting out a strangled cry, my conscience slipped.
    But my reflection stayed there with a pasted smile.

    There was no mirror but a stage, an exuberant audience
    For whom it was another of those wildfire scandals.
    Later waking up to find myself in a pale and plain room
    I let my thoughts wander through those cracks in the wall
    The moment I left my passion,
    shadows of twilight conquered my night.
    This yearning to stretch my wings,
    persisted throughout my life.
    I could hear whispers from across the wall, gushed noises. "Why would Angel do that? She was this close to victory! " This confinement irks my mind, I can't find a clarity here.
    I closed my eyes, travelled back in time
    to the moment it began.

    In the arms of my father, feeling euphony of his lullaby.
    I found the oasis of my dream in the dry, arid desert of life. Charms of the morning-glory blessed me with the light.
    Like a dainty lotus bud awakening to the sun rise.
    I opened my eyes to the prayers of the Creator himself.
    Ears keen on the melodious voice humming in tune.
    A glimpse of my birth into this vast universe.
    Reminiscing it, melody was an augury of the future. Abandoning a pipe dream like beheading puny wildflowers. That regret haunted me like a silhouette of dead dream. Like a ghost in the shell, a musical prodigy choked in me. For long I hid it inside, contemplating on the consequences. Behind closed eyes, I could picture it in my mind.

    Natural soundscapes turn into an orchestral symphony.
    I tread the path of thorns, every beat strokes on my pain.
    Blossoms of spring rain on me, vision of my winter violin.
    Zephyr caressing becomes the flute, piping down the valley. River gushing rhythm of the chorus, rocks and pebble bass. At last I heard the conch shell blowing off
    from the distance, climax, my soul awakened
    by the spirits of nature, found my purpose.

    Into the burning fire I throw those
    trophies and honours, Let it burn
    Piles of pages inscribed the words to
    keep me away from the light .
    Let it all burn together, at its zenith
    the fire would touch the sky, break my curse and
    Free my soul from the servitude of mundane.
    From this fire my Phoenix rose
    with a heart devoid of fear.
    The music in my soul is the only path
    I would willingly walk on.

    She was a lost soul to the eyes
    easily pleased on sour beauty.
    A screeching scream of bright
    neon to the monochrome.
    She waited for no fairytale,
    A charming love to broken heart.
    Into the whirlwind she threw
    All notions and caught herself.
    A golden spring seasoned by
    the magical winter wonderland.
    The perfect rhythmic harmony
    Of life and music, a soul symphony.

    ~ A Musical Prodigy : Unmasked ~

    | Endnote |

    Oh Dreamers, Nestled in the clouds of Imagination
    Oh Wanderers, Enchanted by the maze of universe
    Oh Nefelibatas, Soaring high with the wings of change

    Fear not, this universe has in store for you
    Immense potential for a lifetime of adventure
    Perfection is you, who dares to walk a path
    Paved by self, Creator's magic innate in you
    A dreamer I was hitherto, chasing the light
    Wishing upon a shooting star for eternal glow
    As long as alone, I dreamed of a fantasy land
    I followed no trail but manifestation of my vision
    A Paragon of nefelibata, a distant lone star

    We dreamers weaved together a perfect reality
    Enchanting magic traversing moonlight to sunshine
    Yesterdays we let it go, tomorrows we worry not
    Today we seize, live the moment, the extra edge we cherish
    Listening to it's beat, we let our hearts soar so high
    Feet on yon sanguine clouds, hands holding luminous stars
    Zealous Halo encircling our aura, sparkle reside in our soul
    We are ones who dare and do, go and gather, fall and rise

    //We gain what we dream ; We smile as we shine.
    We relinquish the mundane in pursuit of desires spontaneous //

    Team - Young Forever

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    Oh Dreamers
    Nestled in the clouds of Imagination
    Oh Wanderers
    Enchanted by the maze of universe
    Oh Nefelibatas
    Soaring high with the wings of change
    We are ones who dare and do
    Go and gather, fall and rise
    We gain what we dream
    We smile as we shine
    We relinquish the mundane
    In pursuit of desires spontaneous
    - Team " YOUNG FOREVER "