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    20 Nov 2021 5.15 pm

    Here rogue doesn't mean dishonest, just different/
    Just because writing is my #routine

    What, so you love me ? ������ @writersnetwork

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    Rouge Routine

    Cuddling crimson crayoned chrysalism
    I pour oceans into a glitching hourglass
    Stars die unbeknownst to all but my irenic orbs
    I espial mundane waves washing over oft
    Shorelines across thousand eyes gatekeep
    I orbit blue brus, obticeō, by preteristic pulse
    Somniating syllables and stringing sour scars
    I seek broken bangles and lost anklets in
    Lapis lazuli lakes overflowing papyrus patches
    I burn forweary yet fierce overnight, overall
    My bones bathe in droit drips, despite caged
    I oscillate betwixt galad and gûr, gallivanting gaeity
    Altruistic anomaly persisting in the threshold of dawn
    I'm either a stroking zephyr or striking tempest to solar sitar


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    10 Nov 2021 6.40 pm

    Thank you so much for Repost �� @writersnetwork (•ө•)♡

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    Why life is partial to pain ?
    - sirimiri bliss n' showering blues -

    O Dawn, how to be reborn with aureole glow to enkindle my life ?
    O Dusk, why spew ignivomus ink of irrubesscō over my light ?
    O Dream, when does your gossamer wings find a zealous zephyr to ride ?
    O Despair, where do you hail from to herald blooding grief upon my mind ?
    O Death, what agonizing athymy do you disimmure leaving cramoisy cries to my heart ?

    ~ Has there been a soul who lived and loved to heart's content ? ~

    | If lived, then not loved enough
    If loved, then not lived enough |

    // All lives are still-born poesies
    Amorist and allagrugous
    Anabiosis ante-mortem
    Atavistic post-mortem //

    • O Blithe, will bliss ever part with blues ? •


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    7 Nov 2021 12 pm

    Thank you so much for Repost �� @writersnetwork ��️

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    Sibylline Syllables of Free Verse

    My syllables f l o a t
    At the call of unknown
    on the wings of a frenzied wind
    Through cachinnating cloudlands
    Over the mounts that barricade langue and parole
    Voice of thousand tongues awake
    To trade thoughts in vivid shades
    Here time is tangible
    Can't touch skies of blues
    And space stretches like elastic
    Can't limit stars of dreams
    Hence rules have rusted off
    Can't restrict the laughs of lexicons
    From gory scars and grey stains
    Sprouts metaphors of vigour
    Rhyme can't trim it's edges round
    Here morphemes are immortal
    Meter can't count it's roaring rage
    And phonemes invincible
    Refrain can't bind it's pace in pauses
    Here my poetries don't ponder just prance
    And prosody can't chase the anklets of my words
    There I set my sonnets f r e e


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    4 Nov 2021 5.25 pm
    #ak_wn_repost #ak_pod

    I made up myths and I'm going nuts
    Anyway HAPPY DIWALI everyone ����

    Thank you so much ��@writersnetwork made me happy !

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POD �� @miraquill Love ��
    Whoa so unexpected and made me super duper happy !!

    Sending Love and Light to everyone, Keep Inking ♡(●♡∀♡)

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    Spring is a Poetic Utopia

    And the womb of Gaia yearned for light
    that stretch longer, post buried-off frore
    In anticipation of gleaming komorebi
    her heart pumped purple prismatic to
    white wintry drops of nepenthe
    While galestorms were sashaying slowly
    to tumultuous cloudscapes,
    from the womb comes crocus flowers
    with the hope that spring is nigh
    Then her daydreams becomes snowdrops
    to welcome susurrus syllables
    as a shield to storms

    Soon snowtides recede and carpets of caespes
    covers the crust nurturing the womb
    for flourishing future of flora
    Her pride and peace became hyancinth
    to allure Apollo, of which
    violescent veils convey forgiveness
    Her spirit accompanies lost souls to heaven
    with budding iridescent irises,
    a sweven of rainbow
    And it's time for the yellow trumpets
    to adorn the solitude of spring,
    when the bellwether of zephyr leads Narcissus
    to tail echo only to end up drooping
    into the shimmering silhouettes of self-love,
    later to reborn as daffodils

    Her love was a poignant poem
    lured onto thorns by mountebanks,
    her heart bled crimson cries and
    grew rosebeds to waft fragrance of true love
    Her perseverance thrived as peonies
    on the crown of floral carpets,
    lending spells of longevity to lorn hearts

    Her notions became the necklace of blossoms,
    golden showers of chrysanthemum
    with magnetic spells of melody
    Her voracious desires became vivid dreams
    in vibgyor hues to give birth to orchids all over
    like an ornament of oath
    Her zest and zeal became beauteous anemones,
    petals of which cradle folklores in flamedrops
    Her reveries and remembrance blooms carnations
    in chromatic colors, her offerings in achromatic
    and her reminiscences as pink-eyed petals

    Her metaphors weren't immortal but moribund,
    they coiled until their casket and their
    undying love blossomed to bulbs of tulips
    Her adoration and admiration for luminosity
    sowed seeds of sacrilege and reaped helianthus,
    whose gaze glides across the welkin tailing Helios
    At last when vespertine vapors swallow the day,
    her tears become leal lexicons rooted in abbysal arcs
    and turns into mellitus lotus and mazarine waterlily

    // Spring triumphs as Lumina oscillates Terra
    Osculant and oracling odes of flowerets
    Serving an Utopian dream of a poet

    ~ Mayhaps,
    Spring is a Poetry Penned in Pollen //


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    2 Nov 2021 4.21 pm

    Thank you so much ��️ @writersnetwork ˙❥˙ I'm glad !

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    In the Land of Poets
    Poetry is the only Hope to reap Hearts

    When sunflowers fall off my eyes
    Tangerine tears trip down the threshold of twilight
    Golden chariot has receded taking a part of my hopebeam along
    Nighing night awaits to cradle my chaos
    Upheaved and undone my heart
    A dulcinea drowning in the dooming darkness
    My drooping bones crack and withering petals mourn
    But I keep raining tears over acres of drought
    ~ In the land of thousand suns //

    I have been growing hope in your backyard
    Unbeknownst to the haunting nightmares and howling horrors
    I've sowed seeds of heralding hope and
    Remnants of abandonment despite of
    Eldritch emotions encircling my core
    It has now become a radiant rosarium, raw and real
    Reeking resolution and raising renaissance
    ~ In the land of million riots //

    Tomorrow is a sapling of my unadulterated hope
    Devoid of querulous qualms and phantom fantods
    Inked in iridescent inspirations and imaginations
    Hope is a mystic muse that turns my yestreen's withered sunflowers to nexterday's budding roses
    Faith is a faodail flame that burns my tired bones and melts my moribund mellows to nurturing nepenthe
    Tears were a tale of rusted pages but I've bookmarked smiles in some trusted pages
    Tale after tale, tears over tears,
    What a poet learns in the end is to sow hope and reap smiles
    ~ In the land of billion blues //

    Smile like those abandoned flowers
    Free from forlorn and full of freedom
    Flōrentis fragrance and flōricomus faith
    ~ In the land of trillion tears //


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    1 Nov 2021 10.35 am

    Thank you so much �� @writersnetwork (70)

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    A Lovelorn Folklore

    O Brook, remind me not her giggles, whispers of her anklets
    O Blooms, remind me not her fragrance, her tender touch or her sonnets
    ~ his song

    O Sun, remind me not warmth of his embrace with gleaming beams
    O Stars, remind me not thrills of his kisses, or my blinking dreams
    ~ her sorrow

    O Moon, remind us not their fading love, waning from welkin
    O Moors, remind us not their fierce love, staging as spellken
    ~ a folklore


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    30 Oct 2021 12.13 pm

    10 syllables each line /

    Thank you so much ���� @writersnetwork

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    Fèroce Feuillemort

    When flowers bloom at the faded twilight
    Forelsket falls like a feuillemort silhouette
    Twisting and turning each heartburns alight
    Hues leaving at season's hävitys set

    I crave to sway in sashaying zephyr
    To sail on susurrus moor melodies
    To laugh till leisure's lassalus, (to) krayr
    To alew waning viridity, (to) ease

    Psithurism adding rhythmic beats to death
    Pirouetting gracefully untill the pit
    Petrichor filling lungs until last breath
    Post-poetry of lost paths and torn bit

    I'm a worn wonderment of wreath for earth
    An aureolus ace adorning blueth


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    24 Oct 2021 10.30 pm

    OH thank you so much for Repost ♡♡ @writersnetwork
    4th Hattrick !!

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    Rain rivulets
    Deluge of despair


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    23 Oct 2021 12.35 pm

    How many can you find ?

    Thank you so much for Repost ���� @writersnetwork

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    ♢// Commingled oxymoronic odds

    AND it doesn't matter
    if you are a devout agnostic
    or a nihilistic theist.
    We are all wise fools,
    living a death and dying a breath.
    In this land of undead,
    every scenery is wrapped
    in bittersweet belie and
    beclouded bedlams.
    Here sauntering swevens are
    illusions of luminous bedim.
    Every soul climbs down
    ladders of leal and lie,
    an equanimous chaos,
    a nothingness of existence.
    Just to succumb to
    the dark light with a dull roar.
    Every confession and commitment
    is a loud whisper of loving hate
    and bliss is a piercing beaut
    no one seems to attract, yet
    ignorance is a blooming thorn flourishing
    while awareness is a weed withering
    Hence nothing can help
    rewrite the history of mankind or
    reform the fate of future,
    what's in store for humanity
    is merciful wrath.


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    #postcard 6.40 pm

    Thank you so much, this means a lot �� @writersnetwork

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    ♤// O eternal empyrean !

    Forgive this traitorous humanity for never hee
    ding your traits of acceptance and abundance
    For never in a billion years would they own a h
    eart as vast and valiant, as kind and kaleidosc
    opic, as monochrome and magnificent, as leal
    and limitless as you
    You are never as close to touch as you are to t
    rust, an irony, you bear witness to evolution yet
    no kind could own you, you're in line of sight ye
    t far to fight
    You're a tease of canvas for moribund metapho
    rs, myriad hues and multitude dreams
    You're home for all and none, for you're a mirror
    to mind, mood to madness and muse to master
    You, my eternal love, let this ephemeral bud soa
    k your gleams and glees to grow and gain, you'r
    e a guide and a guardian, a charm and a chalice
    to the nefelibata in me, let me soar as high as
    humble, for I yearn to belong in Aurora's Abode

    O cloudland, you're a warrior unbeatable !


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    #combination #confessionc
    Why do I write poetry ? @writersnetwork
    #ak_prose #ak_wn_repost

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    13 Oct 2021 9.55 am

    Poet-tries ~

    Poetry sits on my tongue like a pack of camphor and I light it with my own hands, without trembling or quivering. It burns me, bleeds me, cuts me, wounds me but not as much as my heart burns inside my ribs //

    I'm someone who hates routine, and discards
    rules, yet I make love to syllables every day w-
    hile the Helianthus heals morning mist with a-
    n upward curve of petals and every night while
    night jasmine drips honey for a far away moon.
    I'm someone who abhors principles, yet I shed
    my thoughts in free verse to seal envelopes of
    poetries just like the autumn wind shakes the
    maple leaves to pirouette all the way to land on
    pavements. I'm someone who abandons legac
    y, yet I stitch sonnets in the sombre seconds of
    existence, levitating between life and death, lo-
    ve and hate, grief and glory.

    I'm someone who ignores traditions, yet throug-
    hout the lane to my hireath, I've planted haikus
    in hues of a dream palette. I'm someone who g
    -ets annoyed with similarities and embellishme
    -nts, but my garden flourishes in similies and m
    -etaphors. I'm someone who skips side dishes,
    but my taste buds are acquaintance of tanka a
    -nd limerick. Repetition irritates me but villanelle
    and blitz are my rainbows and sunshine. I avoid confessions of all kinds, but odes are a mystery
    my mind often whispers. I don't try to pen down
    letters, but love pushes my heartbeats to weave
    my feelings as a kerchief for my dreamboat.
    I don't offer wreaths at the gateway of death,
    but my heart laments in elegies and eulogies.

    I have a spot near the valley at the far edge of the waterfall. There's a river flowing inside me that's gushing to reach there, where I sway with the summer breeze and break myself into specks of wishes. To fly with the wind as multiple wings of a dream, while the world is wailing in winter frore, I'd be sipping the honey of spring.

    It's the aftertaste of that honey, that time treasured on branches of birches, which burns with the fire dancing on my tongue. I chew some chords of ballads and barf symphonies at the eleventh hour, I bleed some phonemes and morphemes as an epitaph and a last will, before the curfew curse imprisons me in slumber. By dawn, poetries had sprouted around my grave with my signature as flowerets and my fading voice echoes around those oxymoronic daffodils and ironic daisies.

    If my poem doesn't rhyme, the feet of every syllable twirling inside the wineglass of my thesaurus glides through my throat until my emotions overflow at a spontaneous symphony. Behind my broken heart, I carry tapes of teary notations and discs of euphonious rhythm, the treasure chest in my soul never empties, as long as my life's lit on this altar.

    Poetry is my last hope to revve up the stars falling astray Painting the welkin with broken crayons in my bag of blueth //

    ©Anjali Krishna
    All Rights Reserved

    Thank you so much for Repost ❤️ @writersnetwork

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    ⍚// Poet-tries

    Poetry sits on my tongue like a pack of camphor and I light it with my own hands, without trembling or quivering
    It burns me, bleeds me, cuts me, wounds me but not as much as my heart burns inside my ribs //

    Poetry is my last hope to revve up the stars falling astray
    Painting the welkin with broken crayons in my bag of blueth //


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    6 Oct 2021 11.15 am
    #timec it fits !

    Inspired by bts-ptd
    Quote- We are welcome generation ♡
    Pray for this to be Reality asap/

    Thank you so much for Repost and EC��@writersnetwork

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    Prayers from all over the world heard 
    Hands retrace love and care, in person 
    We etched worries on stones to drown
    We painted dreams on balloon to wish 
    One purple balloon to million floats free
    Time winding up tragedy of twin year
    We're not 'lost gen', we're 'welcome gen'


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    2 Oct 2021 1. 55 pm
    #ak_wn_repost #ak_pod

    Basic shades of RED are 20 /
    & Coz Red is m y favorite color /

    Thank you for EC ❤️ Thank you so much for the read and love everyone. I love you all here ❤️
    Thank you so much for Repost ❤️ @writersnetwork
    3rd Hattrick !!
    Red POD ! Whoa ��❤️ I love this the most ������
    Thank you so much @miraquill & everyone who loved this !

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    20 Shades of Red

    Red ~
    I wasn't even five winters old when I first fell in love with red. Beauty, from then was, etched on those tints and shades of red, as if, while every color passed by, red lured my attention and all attraction.

    Cherry ~
    Kindergarten was a kaleidoscope of rainbow hues yet the bento box with cherry slices sticked to my taste buds. Adolescent days had me fantasizing of cherry kisses that his lips would brush on mine.

    Rose ~
    I was a toddler springing with bees and butterflies in the park when that scent seeked me. Blossoms that enchanted me with dreamy redolance and beauty was red, a hue that sparked within me such vigour and passion.

    Jam ~
    Playdates and picnics baskets with Grandma's special fruit jam thwarted homesickness to a limit. After her, someone special also has his favorite jam strawberry, while my favorite part was stealing bites of his breakfast bread.

    Merlot ~
    Autumn roasted verdant dreams and toasted hopes on grilled grief and nights had me etching my heart onto parchments. Verses soaking merlot memories and dripping metaphors were addictive while amor was so far away.

    Garnet ~
    Purging pyre polished the stone heart into glittery garnet just like my heart that pains in flames and later let all the light inside. Grieving was prohibited, for glory awaited at the end of trials.

    Crimson ~
    Sunset ribbons red over the horizon, cloudland blushing a robust rouge. That was my first kiss. Twineyes in the drowning twilight, cried crimson to the careless waves yearning caresses. That was my first heartbreak.

    Ruby ~
    Pale skin infected with infatuation, some butterflies fluttered near hip bones and ruby pimples sparkled on my cheeks while my heart slipped at his feet. Later on at late nights when sleep evades me, I grind some ruby and chew some philosophy.

    Scarlet ~
    Though A letter in Scarlet print was stamped for shame, it synergized to pride through flipped pages. Dawn welcomed my days only when he spreads some scarlet sindoor on my forehead, and that's where pride glows.

    Wine ~
    When winter passed without a summer or spring in reserve, dusks lead me astray and some bottled wishes swished in an oval glass to bring me back to the land of undead. Winedrops that parched my momentary thirst knows how deep my drought rooted.

    Brick ~
    I was twenty two summers when I held his arms and stepped into our cottage in the hills. The brick walls smeared red of our raging scent and tapped our whispers. Those winter bricks sang lullaby to my loneheart clutching to a faded silhouette.

    Apple ~
    I wasn't going to fall for temptations in this birth and you shouldn't have too. Yet history repeats itself but altered in a way, in the place of single serpent, venomous tongues tracked you. And I couldn't say no when you pushed a poisoned apple into my hands.

    Mahogany ~
    I was sweet seventeen, scared and shy, eyes searching for alphabets sewed into stories slumbering in mahogany shelves, when his gaze crossed mine and we fell into a new story. Scenery turned sweet to sour while memory remained sweet.

    Blood ~
    A hue is innate to me within, running circles while blooming life into me. Blood red races as a tapering ivy, branching off beliefs, illuminating illusions and igniting musings. If passion has a color it would be blazing red.

    Sangria ~
    First grey clouds on our skyline didn't fade away but gifted some purple patches. They lay fuming betwixt frowns and tears. Eventually cascading as burnt red anger. That was our first fight, the one that we couldn't resolve afterwards.

    Berry ~
    I was as ripe as a pink berry, and kisses were never enough. Some cravings yearned for more than sweetness. We danced through blue to red and reached purple and sour desserts sated souls. One bite of berry and I'd think of your marks on my soul.

    Currant ~
    And I hide behind black and grey shadows when my own love scares me to death. Red also meant danger, so I lay under the veil of tinted melancholy, my love growing in the shade. My red wasn't really red, it was a mirage of black.

    Blush ~
    And he never wrote Poetries about my smile or sang songs about my dimple. When the last of my blushes sank, I realized that he did nothing but made my blushes bleed.

    Candy ~
    I was twelve springs young and ignorant of the taste of kisses but my dreamboat chewed on bubble gums as if obsessed of it. He replaced the flavor of candies and gems and sowed some red seeds that tasted of his breath.

    Lipstick ~
    Life was too short to stay wilted forever. As the spring of love dried up leaving lipstick smudges as signature of heartbreaks, I gulped some red and saved the rage to ensure my fight. Because even if love ends or not, life sure goes on.


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    1 Oct 2021 10.33 pm

    Oubliette - a secret dungeon with only one door in ceiling

    Pleiades poem - one word title
    7 lines/ 6 syllables, starting with title alphabet

    Thank you so much for Repost @writersnetwork ����

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    ◘// Oubliette

    Odour of woebegone
    oozing out of ceiling
    of dungeoned doldrums.
    Ostracized emotions
    occulting nostalgia.
    Odyssey of mishap
    onerously shackled.

    // Poet's mind is a dungeon
    Pondering how to NOT escape //


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    30 Sept 2021 10.10 am

    Tanka - 5 7 5 7 7 syllables

    Thank you so much for Repost & EC ���� @writersnetwork

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    ✒// Poet's Tanka

    As the poets say
    We are imprisoned in ways
    Laconic love lingering
    Tesseract time tormenting


    As the poets show
    We are reflections of words
    Gauging galactic matters
    Swooning solitary space


    As the poets prove
    We are wanderers of world
    Aroint quest astray hiraeth
    Soaring by the strings of thoughts


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    28 Sept 2021 3.33 pm

    Thank you so much for Repost & EC �� @writersnetwork

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    ☽// Oracle to Odes

    You once told me that I look like love
    To unclasp the apparition of despair
    And let nefeli sail my winged desires
    /Nefelibata of Neverland/

    You once told me that I smile like summer
    To unearth the symphonies of sweven
    And mould my aura marvel melliflous
    /Psithurism of Pre-plight/

    You once told me that I smell like spring
    To unfurl the petals of rainkissed rosettes
    And embalm my scent to the essence of eve
    /Petrichor of Post-poetry/

    You once told me that I feel like home
    To unfollow the trails of the lost zephyr
    And tread lightly the path of poetry
    /Hiraeth of Hallucination/

    You once told me that I race like rage
    To unlock the flames licking my passion
    And dance with the fire igniting my mind
    /Vengeance of Vagabond/

    You once told me that I outsold galaxy
    To undo the veil of mundanity in life
    And grace the world with my universe
    /Universe of Unique/

    You once told me that I inspire peace
    To unleash my charms of solitude
    And overthrow the conspiring chaos
    /Penumbra of Peace/

    You once told me that I light up hearts
    To unsplash the beams of my being
    And kindle the candles starving light
    /Halo of Heart/

    And your words wrapped my verses
    As an oracle to my odes, I descry

    // I'm a Minerva of a Memorist
    Mapping Manifestations to Melic //


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    24 Sept 2021 2.20 pm

    List of things I preserved over the years / :^)

    Aye Thank you so much ~(つˆДˆ)つ。☆ @writersnetwork

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    ♞// Preserved plights, refrigerated reveries and canned chaos

    A room full of rotating planets
    orbiting my pyche in retrograde
    and prograde cause I'm the Helios
    A ceiling full of luminous stars
    burning in the empyrean of my
    desires, for me to wish upon
    A night lamp full of fireflies
    shedding light on my pathways
    while the dark night blankets me
    A closet full of claustrophobic chaos
    where my thoughts run-around in
    circles setting up plots for poetries
    A fireplace besides my frozen heart
    where my halcyon days slumber and
    wake up sparking flames of creativity
    A shelf full of books, amalgamation of
    bewitching blues and beguiling ballads
    lexicons in leisure and numb notations
    A bag full of blithe viridity, meandering
    morosis and tristful tapestries that
    enkindle my passion and whimsicality
    A vase of vorfreude daydreaming
    about hiraeth near the windowsills
    gazing at the waltzing hues of welkin
    A verandah with coruscant lights
    augmenting ataraxia, enticing my
    ebullitions, where my reveries stroll
    An alley up by the staircase of memories
    cosmopoetic clutters, epochal bygones
    and absuming proses about passer-bys
    A diary of aliferous alliterations, chaining
    verses of surreal sonnets and melancholic
    monologues and clysmic quotations
    A moonbroch of magic tapering my
    longlocks, a vault full of vagaries and
    a palette of moribund metaphors

    / Thus a poet resides in memoirs and
    mysteries, equal parts lovelorn and
    loveless, wholesome of woes and bliss /


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    #haiku 5 7 5
    23 Sept 2021 5.50 pm

    Rhyming Haiku- end rhyme

    / All creatures are mere carcass
    When war harvests death /


    3) #rhyming_haiku

    Thank you so much ⚘⚘ @writersnetwork

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    ⚘// In lieu of peace 

    Oozing wounds on grass 
    Wars coated verdent hues brass
    Left heaps of carcass 


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    21 Sept 2021 12.30 pm

    Thank you so much ( /^ω^)/♪♪ @writersnetwork /♩

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    Sounds and syllables duetted in poet's bone marrow panting poesy


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    #combination @btslove HBD my love ~♪
    #thispoemc #purplefambdays
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    19 Sept 2021 4.45 pm

    Thank you so much for Repost �� @writersnetwork ����

    Love - Seek - Call me wind if you do please
    War - Fear - When the world fights a war
    Death - Empty - What a strange time this is
    Afternoon - Again - A part of me is holding back tears
    Blue - Halfway - I breathe, wait and hope

    / To My Love, on your Birthday ♡∀♡
    Everything I want to wish is HERE /

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    ✷// Bittersweet Dedication

    This is a confession
    For all the days and dreams we shared
    Together, in love

    Call me wind if you do please
    I'd chase the wings of time with my wings sewed up
    With the coccineous thread of your love
    Call me sky if you do please
    I'd stretch over the horizon spreading my dreamscapes
    With the cyaneous clouds you adorn on me
    Call me ocean if you do please
    I'd whelve deeper and deeper in mazarine drops
    With the bathic waves you ripple on me
    Call me blossom if you do please
    I'd bloom over the valleys emanating redolence
    With the porphyrous petals you wished for me

    / The Love we seek has found us while we bask in the friscalating twilight
    This is a love poem my lexicons ballet for you /


    This is a declaration
    For all the dread and drought we suffered
    Together, in war

    When the world fights a war
    You and me clutch a needle and quill to weave and write
    For a battle we fight together against wars
    When the river fights a war
    You and me melt our metaphors and offer our tears and trust
    For a memory we flow together against time
    When the rain fights a war
    You and me become a rainbow and amass hues of our bond
    For a landscape we paint together against colors
    When the fate fights a war
    You and me build symphonies and cwtch our rhymes and rhythm
    For a melody we sing together against sorrow

    / The war we fight has bound us closer nullifying fears and mallacht
    This is a war poem my vagaries holler with you /


    This is an eulogy
    For all the codes and corpses we dethroned
    Together, till death

    What a strange time this is now that tasks evade touches
    And tides embrace terrors
    What a strange time this is to play our cards
    And win coins amongst clutter
    What a strange time this is to bask in beguiling blues
    And emerge with azurite ambitions
    What a strange time this is to begin our voyage
    And embrace our paths where destiny calls

    / The death we won has no qualms to empty our bonds or us
    This is a death poem that is all about life and for living /


    This is a soliloquy
    For all the leisure and pleasure we bath in
    Together, for joy

    A part of me is holding back tears
    For it wished to be more closer to you than we ever could
    A part of me is dancing with the dawn
    For it promises another day to walk with you
    A part of me is swimming with glee
    For it paddled with the paper boats you made in monsoon
    A part of me is blooming in the shadow of peaking pines
    For you water it with your care

    / This eventide is evergreen, glaucous and glorious
    This is an afternoon poem that'd charm the dusk to daydream again /


    This is a free verse
    For all the warmth and wishes we save
    Together, for tomorrow

    I breathe, wait and hope just as you do skylines apart
    We carved a dream on rocks and wore bulletproof vests
    To travel miles together, for a destination of delight
    Let us wait for the hourglass to fill us a fortune to trade our forlorn

    / This day is marked with purple promises that'd last all our lifetime
    This is a blue poem in honour of our heart beating halfway to heaven /