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  • _musk_an_ 94w

    Letter to moon

    Dear moon,
    I trust you that you would never unveil my secrets and scars to the beguiled or the tempted. We've have been friends for so long, right? I hope nothing but wish you to preserve and not deceive me like the "EARTHLINGS". Be by my side till afterlife. Do not say anything just listen to me for you could have everything I crave for...my peace, heart, soul, mind and me! My mood swings are just not something I can control, I don't like how people talk behind my back and act sober infront of me, I am not strong enough to handle all the criticisms faced due to my way of dressing, living, talking and all the things I kinda want to do but gets restricted to a invisible and invincible boundary so-called "society". Can you convey this message of mine to everyone anonymously so that I and the other humans like me be able to live a life in peace?

    Yours lovingly,
    A friend who you are dear to ! ❤️