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    What Is a Vaccine Passport?

    —SEE 2022. A world that obtains ONE GLOVE FITS ALL MENTALITY is disapproving for bold. Lawful reason. Fact. System —misleading. This letter is standing up for our silenced voices. Silenced #Landofrespect. What works for you may not other due to different belief towards personal roots. Health Care. I send gratitude to all people who standing up for free-will. Respect towards belief on personal wellness. Herbal. Protects. Heals. Maintains us wisely. No need to promote Herbal. No need to for one belief on one system. To save us from outbreaks. We respect all beliefs towards all health care. We DO NOT respect mandating. It discriminates. History needs to stop, repeating its discriminating, mass destructive actions. #EndALLmandatesGlobally.
    Mandated passports. Mandated certificates. Mandating our every day, work ethic duties. Socializing communties.
    Discriminates towards our belief. Herbal. Traditonal. Rooted. HERBAL. HEALTH CARE.
    Facts. TIME NOW #RemoveVaccinePassport. #RemoveAllMandates. Due to —belief towards personal #roots, traditional —wellness! #HealthCare! Globally. Natural. Organic. Healers. #Herbal Drs. Global—Herbal communties
    —beings. Do not value, do-not believe in the vaccination passport; mandates. In need leaders who respect ALL #Humanity's #freewill of belief on #HealthCare. What may work for you; loved ones. May not others. Respect. In need. Towards personal roots. Personal belief—health care.
    Take good care. All. Much gratitude. -ViviyanNiki.

    (A statement from last year)
    (( What Is a Vaccine Passport?

    ((A vaccine passport is proof that you’ve tested negative for or been protected against certain infections. It can be digital, like a phone app, or physical, such as a small paper card. You can carry it with you and show it if required, like before you go into the office, board an airplane, or visit a restaurant, movie theater, or gym.
    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the idea is that with a vaccine passport system in place, companies could fully open for business to anyone who shows proof of vaccination. Countries might resume international travel without requiring quarantines. This would help boost economies while limiting the spread of the disease.

    It’s a new play on an old idea. For years, people who’ve traveled to certain areas of the world have needed to show papers -- or a medical passport called a yellow card, created by the World Health Organization (WHO) -- to prove that they’ve gotten vaccines against diseases like yellow fever, cholera, and rubella.


    But there are some big concerns about vaccine passports. WHO has said that international travelers shouldn’t be required to show proof that they’ve gotten a coronavirus vaccine. There are “critical unknowns” about how effective the vaccines are, the group says, especially with the spread of more infectious COVID variants. The Royal Society, an academy of sciences in the United Kingdom, agrees that a vaccine passport system should take into account how well different vaccines fight the COVID variants.
    WHO also says that because the supply of COVID-19 vaccines is still limited, “preferential vaccination of travelers” could lead to a shortage of shots for people who need them most: those at high risk of getting severely sick from the virus. And because a large percentage of the supply is going toward people or countries of higher socioeconomic status, the system would be tilted in their favor.

    In addition, the Royal Society says it’s important that any vaccine passport system allow people to share their medical status without revealing more personal health information.


    The U.S. doesn’t have digital vaccine passports yet, but President Joe Biden has issued an executive order that asks federal agencies to look into the possibility.
    Some organizations and businesses are developing their own digital health pass programs. The International Air Transport Association, a trade group of 290 airlines, has a Travel Pass app that’s promoted as a way to help travelers store documents that show they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.
    Several countries have also created some form of COVID-19 passport, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Israel, China, and Bahrain.

    WebMD Medical ReferenceReviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD on August 09, 2021 ))

    #Herbal Thrives us well. Mandates discriminates towards - personal belief - towards personal health care. Wellness. Respect all beliefs. 2022.

    You thrive with your belief. While we thrive with ours.

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    Aslamualikum beautiful souls ��️��
    (Negative or positive response both are accepted)
    Like �� and comment��

    #2 #time #truth #feel #silence #anecdote #all #patience #remember #myth #tale #us #free #being

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    They will remember us-
    As meraki tale,
    Nd not just as superfluous myth <3


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    The Star and the Night

    See the escaping of the star⭐,
    I think he's angry at his cigar

    He finds it hard to see the berry,
    Overshadowed by sparkling merry.

    Who is that dying near the fairy‍♀️?
    I think she'd like to eat the missionary.

    She is but a scary night,
    Admired as she sits upon a fortnight.

    Her sweet smile is just an enchanted,
    It needs no cause, it runs on ranid

    She is not alone she brings a queen,
    A pet Queen, and lots of Halloween.

    The queen likes to chase a cursed,
    Especially one that's in the Interfirst.

    The star⭐ shudders at the imagination moonlight
    He wanted to leave but she wants the mite.

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    Maybe animals and birds are not racist mainly due to the fact that they do not see color

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    My❤Dad is my Hero! The real hero! In my childhood he pick up me in his back and I rounded my hand towards his neck to hold him tightly... He always make me to laugh... He speaks for me... He is the special one whom I saw in my Life...
    People say more about mother's but a father is also like a mother... If we see with the eyes of love and the heart of goodness.....
    May Allah give good health to all parents and happiness always... Inshallah... Ameen ��
    #father #happiness #hero #special #World #love #life #smile #dad #lifeline #all #lap #lay #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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    Laying in father's lap!
    The voice of heart beat catching through my ears.
    The up down while breathing,
    The calm feeling, the refreshment.
    The fire of love heating up towards me,
    Feeling ashamed to lay,
    Feeling calm to lay.

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    #All 25/12/2021 2 13 AM

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    Merry Christmas

  • holybible 6w

    Isaiah 41:1

    Listen to me in silence, O coastlands; let the peoples renew their strength; let them approach, then let them speak; let us together draw near for judgment.
    © HolyBible

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    I wish for just a day, we could walk in this world where we are in time, but have our child like enthusiasm back.
    I wish that all the hurt and pain, all the broken promises,they would just go away.

    For one day I want you to be able to see that there really is no good or bad, there is no thing.
    I want for you to see that everything you want, everything you can imagine is yours.
    While accepting that no thing is yours.

    This world, it has hardened you, you are jaded. For just one day I wish for you to see that it's okay.

    You don't need to fear
    Hate is not real

    You see hate is just a mirror; your neighbor might as well be your brother.

    I just want you to see and understand that you truly are everything for everything is you.

    Can you see that?
    Do you understand?

    With out you, there is no me.
    With out you there is no thing.

    I just want you to understand that you are everything, so be kind to yourself.


  • zahethashanavaz 10w

    #All is well# love# @miraquill#@

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    We are in the ocean of love,
    A cool breeze,touches my soul,
    Rhythms of Birds chirping soothing my mood;
    And It rejuvenate me ,with her gentle tale,
    Reviving my reminiscent with a glad; Everything smacks can cause a overwrought,
    Mitigate your grudges,
    Be generous with a forward thought;
    Charm everyone with your smiles;
    Secure them with your comfort,
    We have one life to live,
    Support them with your heart;
    Live every year with your love ;
    Be kind with your words,
    Nothing is permanent;
    Problems are like a passing clouds,
    God will help you to solve it ;
    Everything happens for a reason,
    Have your patience;
    It will vanish soon;
    Stay strong, spread confidence;

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    #all seasons change but not me

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    Winter spring summer or fall
    I know seasons change but I feel like I remain the same lost in each season captured inside just love it when it rains it's for my tears it hides that's the only way I release the love that doesn't exist so I suck up the tears until I'm alone where love use to live only in me I've known... When the roses grow I don't even know the wild flower missed unpick on the side of the roads... It seem everyone egnores love needs to grow .... Even in the depts of winter when the sun hide behind the cold yet even the sighn of the rose refuses to be hurt knowing that's the reason love would show....

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    Inspired by @taylorswift #All too well. I love Taylor swift just a lot

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    Being in my life

    I was sitting on other side of you
    And watching you from far.
    You are the one who gave me my smile back.
    When I am sad you are the one who crossed in my mind
    and I think everything is fine.
    All the time I want to say thank you,
    But the moment I see you just forget what I wanted to tell you, got frozen, went to fairytales
    And started dreaming of that world.
    At the end
    thank you for, being in my life.

  • ira_neer 11w

    #scientists.get.to.work #next.diwali.should.fulfill


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    Happy festivities

    Can we celebrate any festival
    which is smoke free (from crackers)
    Which is un-suffocating (cracker smoke)
    Which isn't unhealthy (smoke allergy)
    Which isn't deafening for animals and sensitive people (quite possible if the sound of crackers is less in decibel.
    Which is garbage free (dead x-mas trees and messy residues of crackers)
    Which is accident free (if people are more careful)

    Why hasn't any scientist thought about it ?

    Only if science could make all of this possible with eco friendly, health friendly, residue free, safe and pollution free fire crackers.
    Then we can all really live it when we wish each other
    Stress free festivities in clean and beautiful surroundings with pure oxygen alongwith family, friends, health and happiness !

    Funny me -
    One advantage of diwali. You get so attuned to the blaring sound of crackers, suffocating toxic smoke, on-off flickering lights and your surroundings strewn with burnt leftover garbage that you won't be shocked anymore (god forbid) if one day you're stuck in a war zone.

    ©ira_neer. November/4/2021

  • shk_huzaifa 15w

    Duniya chood diye humnai tumharai khatir
    K duniya chood diye humnai tumharai khatir
    Tum na chodo humai duniya k khatir
    Hum keh rahai hai kuch b ho jayai
    Hum na choodain gay tumhara sath
    Sath nibaya hai... Nibatay rahain gay.....

  • feflourflowers 15w

    #all writer need a safe place ,writing is my life #love writing #pain relief # keyboard

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    Bring your writing skills to the key board


  • shk_huzaifa 16w

    Loog pyar agar jismu say kartai hai
    Toh wo pyar nahi
    Pyar k bahanai tumhara fayida uthaya ja raha hai
    Pyar agar hota toh tumharai sath hi reh kar khali khush hotay
    Na ki tumhari cheezu say
    Sucha pyar toh kisi kisi ko milta hai
    Bohat mushkili say milta hai
    Bohat intezaar b karata hai.....
    #love #only #for #body #no #loving #true #caring #respecting #all #king #lion #lioness #special #loveable #person #live #happiness #happy #Life #people #World #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • kranti_s_111 17w

    Happy Daughters Day

    A big thanks to the Society,
    To wish me today
    "Happy Daughters Day"

    Although you may never forget
    to remind me of my appearance.
    Because my manner of dressing
    gives you clairvoyance.
    Of something that will loose your dignity,
    Because that's the belief for eternity.
    As any act done by male,
    Is to be put blame on female.
    Surely the one who snatches off the dignity of your Daughter's are set free,
    Just by labelling it as -
    You was the one, who dressed sense free,
    Went out care free,
    Chose job fear free......

    Applause! To all the personalities.
    Today I blame you,
    For the infant who lost her life,
    For the 8 year who lost to death,
    For the 50 year woman,
    Who went to pray, but fall prey.
    But the biggest of all is,
    You lost to Humanity today and everyday.

  • happy81 17w

    #all ristedaar..
    आंटी.. ��

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    भरोसा टूटता है जब नया इंसान बनता है..
    यार छूटता है जब नया किरदार बनता है..
    भला कैसे मिलाओगे नजरे न्याय की अदालत में,
    ये डर जब छूटता है तो नया हैवान बनता है..
    पुजारी ने पढ़ी पोथी किया व्रत पूरे अहम् से..
    इंसानियत ना निभाई जीता रहा नकली वहम से..
    बुराई और निंदा में कटा हर दिन सुनहरा सा..
    भुगतना बहुत पड़ता है जब परिणाम बनता है..
    भरोसा टूटता है जब नया इंसान बनता है..
    संभल कर पाँव रखो तुम ये सबकी ज़मीन है..
    इधर की उधर करना ये पाप संगीन है..
    मैं जानती हूँ ऎसी फितरत है तुम्हारी गिरगिट भी शरमाये..
    तुम्ही को मार कर तो कलियुग का इतिहास बनता है..
    भरोसा टूटता है जब नया इंसान बनता है..


  • jnrjakespear 19w

    #all fathers on earth ��

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    Fathers!! Fathers are the
    feathers Of the fave folks.

    Fathers Build the hope of their family
    Daddy Buys the Brilliance Of their family
    Papa Bargains with obstacles of the family.

    Fathers are the main fraternity
    Of the community
    Fathers mould their family sanity
    To build a sensational territoriality
    In prosperous vicinity

    Where will the world be without the man
    They always endure the greater pain
    Sleeping with family's agony in hearts
    Salt running through the veins each day
    to lay the manna on the table

    Yesterday, The Nation Praise Thee  Today, The Multitudes Praise Thee
    Tomorrow, We shall Praise Thee
    Let, father, we relish the fruitfulness of your sweats.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 21w

    Kabhi kabhi tum say baat karnai mai iss qadar daar lagta hai ki
    Panay ka daar toh nahi khonay ka daar samaa jata hai.....
    #love #poetry #life #special #World #Live #laugh #respect #care #all #soulmate #heart #everything #friend #true #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • hafisha98 29w

    Nights for Thoughts
    Thought for Lives
    Live for Happy..!