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  • khushi_07 23w

    I hope it was possible that whatever whenever we need, we could have got that ��but anyways ��
    #wanted #locked #feelings #alwaysfar #shootingstar

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    This is actually nature's law whatever, whenever we need it's always far ;
    How should I agree that it's ok, if I didn't get someone or something at a point and that makes me feel like behind the bar...
    And feeling without that thing/person feels like a butterfly locked in a Jar,
    This feeling can only be understood by a traveller, who gets lost in centre of sea at night and even the clouds hide the North Star ;
    People always feel happy after breaking me because they always love seeing a shooting star.....
    And as usual then I feel like a stringless guitar,
    But as I said it's nature's law whatever, whenever, we need something or someone at a point it's always far....