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  • thecrimsonbud 10w

    Reposting what I wrote on (19.04.22) because I deleted it by mistake ��‍♀️
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    Sometimes all soul craves is a journey not a destination.

  • thecrimsonbud 10w

    Maybe the best version of you is
    a shade stronger and kinder.

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 17w

    In our heads we paint so many pictures of how our first intimacy is going to be. With freehand strokes of brushes one after another, painting that moment in every possible shade we can.
    So titillating!
    Pictures so fragile, constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed with changing fantasies and as we see fit. When it happens for real, we enter the arena with etiquette and precedence set out of crafted acts of intimacy.
    "Raw and Organic" we wanted it to be, but ended up creating a flavour that tastes nowhere close to the original, the kind of original we saw on our screens or atleast we believed so.
    Finally we've achieved that pleasure that we waited for so long. After landing those kisses, hickies, caresses and thrusts in precision to the manual that has been played over and over again on our screens and inside our heads.
    ... and yet at the end of it there we lay empty, still unsatisfied and missing something, wondering did it went wrong somewhere?
    Maybe it did!
    Maybe if we wouldn't have followed the protocol, landed our first kiss not where it was prescribed to be but where we wanted it to!
    Maybe scratches and hickies were not needed after all and that we were supposed to leave marks of our passion on each other's soul, not bodies!
    And those thrusts!
    They were not meant to measure the depth/grip of a vagina or length of a penis but to experience the melting of two physical forms into each other.
    Maybe! next time we wouldn't be so rigid in method rather free flowing in the moment.
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    The First!


  • samehelldifferentlevels 20w

    Her fear

    The worry on her face is clear.
    Her plans she knows she should adhere.
    But her goals are farther away than they appear.
    Nowadays it's like she wants to disappear.
    I know I should interfere.
    But I can't help but smile knowing the end is finally near.
    It's probably just the effect of this beer.
    But my head has never felt so clear.
    I mean who doesn't wish they could just disappear?
    Her actions are being controlled by her fear.
    The right thing to do would be for me to persevere.
    But this whole year has been so unclear.
    And maybe my course of action doesn't need to be this severe.
    However, I'm more than happy to volunteer.

  • asisha 26w


    Another year passes by,
    The second day of the new year just flew by,
    Time is measured in hours, days, weeks and months...
    What if time was measured in the memories we capture?
    Or by the sorrows that were washed down by tears in the past?
    Or rather, the battles that we secretly fought in our heads?
    And why not by love?
    Love so warm, fuzzy and happy...
    Like a hot cup of hot cocoa made at home!

  • a_kalita 28w

    //Last Monsoon//

    Memories of last monsoon are still fresh in my mind
    And the chills still return by the wind
    I have no regrets of dancing my heart out
    And get drenched in the rains with thee.

    The noise of the loud thunders do not scare me no more
    Nor do I flinch when the lightning strikes
    The feeling of the arrival of monsoon revives me
    Washing away the worries of melancholic days I've passed.

    Date: 18-12-21

  • soulsaga 28w

    The Struggle is Real..My story

    Its 12 AM, My poor brain has begun pleading me to sleep and my eyes have been given the final warning to shut down before dark circles pop up like a drug addict on the creases of my already puffy swollen eyes but the Imp(small mischievous devil) in my heart is frantically dancing to the beats of old memories. The stage remains same and the characters too, however the dialogues keep on changing and the script improvisation continues for the audience and the judge of the show- Mr brain.
    Mr brain, an old experienced righteous soul,who knows exactly whether you are right or wrong in every odd situation, whether what you said,did or thought is kind or not. Mr Brain, although very difficult to impress even though with extraordinary dialogue delivery and great enacting abilities, Mr heart doesn't give up easily. It is like that roudy teenager who keeps on doing things even though asked not to .
    The play continues."Kaun Banega Crorepati" oops i meant "Kaun Banega Chandrapati". Afterall the mission of Brain is to make everyone 'one Raja Harishchandra' isn't it? how old school isn't it
    uff!! I am tired playing this game now and my anxiety has overpowered the nervousness before even the play started. I now start running away from my precarious thoughts.

    I hastily jump out for my phone pull my phone from the charging pin and rush to my bed. The rowdy heart is now seeking suggestion to ease the turmoil and guess what. Mr brain suggested- Open Youtube. I clicked on the red, already depressed icon with a hollow in its heart and in no time found myself typing "music to help sleep faster" and am soon flooded with tons of them- binaural beats, meditation music to sleep, singing bowl sleep inducing music and what not.
    After playing a Fastest finger first, I locked my option and with headphones on and eyes shut I found myself getting transported to another world..

    " I am glad I played the music. I am feeling great now. Mr brain is always right but wait..
    If The brain is always right then why does the heart poke its nose in every business brain puts his heart onto..I will from now on only listen to what my brain says I wont get carried away by my heart. heart-brain-brain-heart.. I dont know where this voice is coming from now- Brain or Heart"

    Oh God! Will this chatter ever stop. God please help me sleep..
    Does this happen with you all too?


  • kash_anoesis 31w



    What does this word mean for all of us??

    It's brings darkness, hatred, fear, discrimination, feeling of being lost, emptiness..

    To some, it means to stand out, being oneself without the being judged, it's magnificent..

    Reminds of an awesome film titled Black.

    For me, black is honesty, black is pure, the ultimate which absorbs everything in itself. For one to be this it takes courage, rebellion, serves as a remembrance, the second side of the good and bad..

    Some people have affinity to it, it draws one like a magnet. One should at times fear it.


  • thepoeticunicorn 39w

    10:18pm Tears

    I just needed someone to talk to.


  • thepoeticunicorn 39w


    For now you may be theirs.
    While I move on and try to forget our affairs.

    I have loved you in lifetimes before.
    There is no one else I'd rather adore.

    Our paths have crossed a million times.
    Like Bonnie and Clyde we have committed love crimes.

    You and me, a duo, a duet that never ends.
    Come find me in the afterlife and be more than just my friend.


  • saiyaara 42w

    आज बऱ्याच दिवसांनी काहीतरी छान सुचले
    नकळत मनातले भाव कागदावर उमटले.
    ​कोरोना मुक्त विश्वाची प्रार्थना करूया
    गणराया वंदून बोलु गणपती बाप्पा मोरया.

  • snehalv 45w

    Writing is pouring your heart out
    It’s not an activity it’s a sheer boon where imagination & magical words do wonders
    Challenges are real because they drive wordsmith & they with their magic wand toss & turn their words & mesmerise readers mind
    Writing emboldens , influence mind
    It repairs evil minds & change society as a whole
    It’s not just an inspiration, it’s a souvenir for lifetime

  • kavya_kalepalli 46w

    ..And it just takes that
    one moment in life
    to befriend everything
    that's been happening
    with you, to change
    things like the way
    you want and to keep
    yourself at peace.


  • the_intermittent_expressionist 48w

    अब मन नही करता मेरी खिडकी से झाक्ने का,
    क्यूंकि वो जान्ता है सामने वाली में अब तुम नही होंगी।

    जब मन उदासीनता से भर उठता तो अपनी खिडकी का पल्ला हल्का सा हटाके झाक लिया करता था ,
    इस उमीद में के झरोके के उस तरफ तुम होंगी।

    तुमहरी ओर से मोहोब्बत की कोई गुन्जाईष थी नही,
    क्योंकि जो भावनाए थी, मेरी थी और सिर्फ मुझ तक थी ।

    ज़रूरी नही था मेरे लिए कि हर रोज़ तुम्हरा उनमेष दीदार हो,
    अक्सर तुम्हारे कमरे में जल रही लालटेन के उजाले से झरोके पर बनी तम्हारी परछाई से काम चला लिया करता।

    जब जब मौसम करवट लेता और मदमस्त हवा आनंद से कभी मेरी खिडकी से टकराती तो कभी तुमहरी से,
    तो लगता एक दूत की भाँति मेरे मन का संदेश तुम्हारे मन तक पहूंचा रही हो,
    और जो तुम कभी उस बीच मेरी ओर देख कर हल्के से मुस्कुरा देती तो मान लेता मेरा संदेश तुम्हे मिल गया।

    किन्तु अब मौसम करवट तो लेता है, बस तुम नही होती।
    मेरा मन अब उस बन्द झरोके कि भाँति फड़फड़ाता है, अकेले जिस्का शोर उस खली घर में है ।
    मेरी खिडकी पर लगे मेरे एक तर्फा प्रेम के जाले मुझे साफ दिखाई देते है,
    और लगता है की अब वो तभी उतरेगे जब तुम फिर आओगी और उस झरोके को खुद हटाऔगी ।
    तब तक मेरा खाली मन तुम्हारी राह देखेगा।
    - @the_intermittent_expressionist
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquil #jharoka #amateurwriter #thoughtsinwords #penned #beginner

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  • kavya_kalepalli 49w

    ..And then I realised
    I lost you? Or you lost me?
    Wasn't the question.
    For the time and situation
    came together and tricked
    us to lose each other.


  • kavya_kalepalli 49w

    3 year! Today marks 3 years into this writing journey. Never realised how something I did randomly would become such huge part of my life.

    #pod #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakee #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #amateurwriter

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    Life is similar to that of walking,
    this second one leg is front
    next the other will be.
    Eventually when you
    reach your destination,
    you're at ease when both of
    your legs are side by side.

    And that's how both
    failure and success,
    Happiness and sadness


  • saiyaara 49w

    आषाढी एकादशीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा
    #amateurwriter #mirakee #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #writersofinstagram

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    अठ्ठावीस युगे विटेवरी उभा अटळ
    सकळजनांची माऊली, मायबाप माझा विठ्ठल.

  • mind_of_an_ambivert 50w

    Sometimes I look at the stars and think of you. I think of your warm embraces that felt like home. I haven't felt like that ever since you left. I've been a stranger to myself ever since.

  • kavya_kalepalli 53w

    ..And sometimes,
    I envy how blessed
    is my pen to get
    comfortable in
    your memories
    as it hugs words.