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  • chandraprakash____1994 8w

    Summer Vibes️

    A AC room,
    My laptop,
    8 hours of work, ‍
    4 hard hot coffee, ☕
    Two times food in day,
    8 hours sleep and peace of mind. ☮️
    Most vital living with my loved ones.‍‍‍
    Nowadays even my neighbours see me rarely.

  • quillinkedwords 9w

    आसमान के परिंदो को पिंजरे में कैद कर,
    अब वो खुद हवा में उड़ रहा...
    अपनी आज़ादी के लिए इंक़िलाब करने वाला,
    आज किसी बेजुबान को आजादी से महरूम कर रहा....

    ©Richa Srivastava

  • durga_m 10w


    Urges are the only thing that helps world moving.

  • vsb_heartsays 22w


    You are the First stubbornness in my heart
    Raising up like a fresh brewing coffee under the Flame of love and bliss
    Cuddling me with a beautiful aroma of warmth
    Quenching my thirst by numbing my taste in the blindness of imperishable life
    Endorsing the magical flavours of emotions and feelings
    Dripping in with a cookie of longing for eternity
    With the essence of reverence

  • guptasmile31 23w

    मेरी डायरी...

    वही पुरानी राह, वही पुराना सफर और वही पुरानी मंज़िल... यार जिंदगी कुछ तो नया दिखा..

    अब पुराने जख्मों में वो मज़ा कहां.., कुछ नई ठोकरें दे ए ज़िंदगी.., कुछ नया सबक तो सिखा...


  • anorderlymess 26w

    Parents need to normalise to accept flaws, success, failures and everything else that is related to their child. Each child is different in his or her own way and it is parents duty to understand the capacity of their own ward and let them dream.

    Parents should learn to accept their child the way they are instead of comparing them with someone else in the world outside or relatives or friends for that matter. It would be way better if parents just accepted the knitting dreams of their child and be happy with their child.
    Let them live life the way they want to after they have reached a certain stage in their life. Instead of forcing your dreams on them, it will be better if you as parents accept those dreams of your children and let them lead life the way they want to.

    In this competitive era, it gets difficult to achieve everything in one go. Some children take baby steps and some children take huge leaps. Just because your child is not running like the other child, doesn't mean that your child doesn't give the best of his or her capacity. Your neighbor's child maybe good at academics and your child maybe good in drawing or arte or singing or something else that someone else is not good at.

    Competition is there at every step and at every stage, this world is growing competitive. Just because your child is choosing Arts over Science doesn't mean that your child is not capable of anything. Maybe your child is good at literature/History/ Hindi/English and some other subject that a Science student may not be good at. Just because your child is going to Commerce field and wants to be an MBA or a CA doesn't mean that your child is any less than your neighbour's. Just because your child has done engineering and then wishes to pursue MBA and then wants to join some bank, doesn't mean that choosing Science was a waste.
    Let your children choose course/careers of their choice instead of you pushing all your unfulfilled dreams on their head. It would be way better if you would let them fly, fall, get up, dust themselves, dream and learn to walk again.

    Just because you couldn't fulfill your dreams at your age, doesn't give you the right to force your dreams on your children. By making them emotionally weak and convincing them the wrong way to make your dreams theirs, you're losing your child. Telling them all your dreams over and over again, that your dreams will remain unfulfilled if they don't pursue it, you'll be getting no where. Giving them guilt trips, by compelling them to dream your dreams, ambitions, goals and just making them suffer to achieve your dreams, will get you nothing but distance between you and your child.

    Dreams are dreams after all be it yours or be it your child's. Just for you, they have to sacrifice their dream isn't right. Is it? You as parents have sacrificed a lot so have they given upon things you might not know it because they never told out in the open about sacrificing something for you. Just to make you happy, to keep you away from worries, they might agree to dream what you have dreamt of, but what about their ambitions? Have you thought about it? What about those simple dreams that they've sewed for themselves?
    You couldn't fulfill your dreams when you were of their age doesn't mean you force all your dreams on them and continue the chain for generations together.
    Just like how you have dreamt something for them, they too have them something for themselves. Just because you don't support them, maybe they will accept your dreams as their dreams and pursue but you really think by pursuing your dreams, they will be happy? You think it'll be a good choice?
    Maybe your parents didn't allow you, didn't have your back but it doesn't mean that you don't support your children too. Back then, when you were of their age, when you were young, the conditions might have been different, the education system was not as strong as it is right now. Maybe your parents were not financially capable of helping you achieve your dreams but if you are financially strong and able then why not let your children pursue their dream?
    It may take a little longer for your child to achieve his or her dream than it took for someone else. Or who knows someone else might not even know what they want from life let alone living their dream but your child at least knows where his or her happiness lies. At least, your child is running after his or her dream.
    There are many children out in the world who compromise from the day they are born to the last day, be happy that at least your child has never learnt compromising on their dreams that they have dreamt of from the time they have learnt what the world is.
    You compromised may be your partner did too that doesn't mean your child also should adjust. Does it?
    If you are capable of helping your child achieve his or her dream, then why not break the stereotype of forcing your unfulfilled dreams on them?
    Tomorrow when your child is of your age, your child will be proud enough to say that "my parents helped me achieve my dream, my parents supported me to become the person I am today" and maybe your child will help his or her child to be the person of their choice.
    In the era where money matters a lot more than peace of mind, be satisfied that your child is choosing peace of mind over monetary terms.
    It's not very often that someone chooses peace of mind over money if your child is pursuing peace of mind, calm, satisfaction for a less amount of money maybe you're lucky you know.
    If your child comes and shares the idea of their dream with you, may be your child is sorted and knows where his or her serenity lies. It's not always that dreams are fulfilled. The society isn't bringing up your child, you are. So your child will share things with you and not with the society. Forget what the society will talk about you, your family and child; make sure to preserve your child's dream, help your child in pursuing as well as achieve it.
    Be the change and see how the world changes slowly.

    #dreams #parents #life #longform #ambitions #goals #bethechange

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    Dreams are dreams.
    Be it yours or your child's.


  • jaya_padiyar 26w

    On our journey to pursue something, there will be many distractions and many roadblocks.
    Dealing with them is what makes us true fighters.
    Just keep going and believe��
    We will reach there��
    #selfcomposed #ambitions

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    मन करेगा थोड़ा रुकने का,
    थोड़ा ठहरने का,
    थोड़ा आराम करने का,
    पर तुम चलते चले जाना ।

    पेड़ों की ठंडी छांव तुम्हें अपनी और बुलाएंगी,
    फूलों की खुशबू तुम्हें खूब लुभाएंगी,
    पर तुम उनकी बातों में मत आना,
    तुम बस चलते चले जाना ।

    बीच में त्यौहार भी आएंगे,
    अपनी जगमगाहट से वे तुम्हें खूब चमकाएंगे,
    खुशियां देने का बहाना देना चाहेंगे,
    पर तुम अपने गम में सिमट जाना,
    तुम बस चलते चले जाना ।

    हो सकता है मां का संदेसा भी आए,
    तुम घर लौट जाओ ऐसा प्रयास किया जाए,
    तुम्हें बाउजी की याद भी आए,
    पर तुम यादों को दबा लेना,
    तुम बस चलते चले जाना ।

    शायद तुम्हें मंजिल दूर नजर आए,
    तुम पास पहुंचो और वो खिसकती चली जाए,
    पर तुम उस छलावे से डर ना जाना,
    तुम बस चलते चले जाना ।
    तुम बस चलते चले जाना ।।

  • crudemotions 40w

    An Endless Struggle

    In search of fulfilment, I traded a slavish life for enterprising one with the best of everything

    Chose ambitions as a way of living

    A living with peace less meals, sleepless nights and thankless living

    It feels like end of a life time

    Every version helped me reach a goal but none has given me fulfilment

    Conflicted I wonder if this was the right way out of this endless struggle?


  • survivor_soul 49w

    You shouldn't be dependent for NECESSITIES,

    But for LUXURY you MUST depend on YOURSELF.


  • sreoshi_bakshi 52w

    Do you know why we are scared of losing our dreams?

    Because they matter to us more than anything. Giving up on them is pretty scary. Watching them disappear isn't easy. And fighting for those dreams is the only way out.


  • jee_tu 54w


    Have dreams, because few of them will shatter

    Have experiences, because a lot of them will be forgotten

    Venture into myriad paths, because few will not lead anywhere

    You are singular, but do everything in plural!


  • survivor_soul 54w

    Cost of a dream can never be known by unambitious people.

    So, don't let unambitious people infect your mind that your dreams are unachievable.


  • jee_tu 54w

    Us, not you

    I wont change you

    I wont improve you

    But I will work on us


  • charithaburri 55w


    Dreams costs nothing they are free, but it do cost a lifetime to fulfill them...❤

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 58w


    जिन्दगी परेशानियों से मुझे आज़्मती रही,
    मैं उमीद रख बेशर्मो सा मुस्कुरता रहा।
    वो बिजलियों से मेरा शीश महल गिराति रही,
    मै उन्ही टुकड़ों से मेरे सपनो की पतंग का मान्झा बनता रहा ।
    इस फिराक में की एक बार फिर वो मुझे गिराने आएगी,
    लेकीन इस बार मेरे सपनो की धार इतनी तेज़ होगी की खुद लहुलुहान हो मेरी दृढ़ता के आगे नतमस्तक हो जाएगी ।

  • jee_tu 64w

    I love the feel of this one. Kind of sums up the relationship for me!

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #tumaurmain #snippets #love #goals #ambitions #journey

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    Dont cling on to me

    Cling to yourself

    Cling to your ambitions and goals

    Because I am busy becoming something else

    I am here but I am not

    And I hope it's the same for you

    Cling to your journey and walk along only if our paths match

    Otherwise don't

    We meeting each other is not important

    We meeting our goals is most important


  • charithaburri 65w

    Do give it a thought...

    "If you're going through hell, keep going....

    Why would you stop in the hell?"

  • _annonymous 66w

    Tandav !

    Is kaale andhakar mein,hu mei netra se dhritarashtra,
    aayega prakash kyuki hain mere mastak pr Kishan ka hath.
    Dekhi parajay par swikar naa karu apni haar, krunga har prayas pr chodu naa kabhi aas
    Rakt me ubal, man mein bhadas, mila yeh tajurba, jald hi milegi prashansa

  • bclark2681 68w

    Step Forward

    Step continuously in a forward motion
    As all your dreams and ambitions
    Await ahead of you, never behind

  • the_selfless_saga 69w


    Ambitions to touch the skies,
    To the depth of ocean, the knowledge lies,
    What has been found, what is to be found,
    Just watching the clock go round and round,
    Living each day, not giving up to the hype,
    To be the change or to be changed, that's LIFE...!!!