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  • electric_rhythm 26w

    Namo Namo:

    Namo Namo: An Epistle To God

    Namo Namo comes as a slow zephyr in verses to soothe down your restlessness and in addition to it sprinkles on you all the reasons you should be grateful. It has a divine purpose that fills up your wretched heart with peace and profundity.
    Whether you're an atheist or a pantheist, this melody mingles with your soul and gives you a bouquet of muses to inspire you to live.

    Dusron ke vaste, tu sadev hi jiya
    Maanga kuch kabhi nahi,
    Tune sirf hai diya.

    You are the creator of this mankind and you preach to us to believe in our creation for a better world. You preach to us to be the creator of our destiny. While we create, you stand there, watching us grow and fall. It pains you to see us in pain yet there's a smile on your divine face that symbolizes success in failing. You smile to see us trying because you can see the bright sun, ready to shine, obscured behind those temporary, dark clouds.
    You expect nothing but our willingness to fight for life instead of letting life defeat us.

    Life tends to throw troubles away and it wants you to get terrified but what could that terror possibly do to you except crushing you down into pieces? At such times, Namo Namo tiptoes into your room at night slowly and magically sprinkles on you the rosebuds of tranquility and without even realizing, you are afresh.

  • utkarsh31 158w

    Nah Kar Payenge

    Kabhi aaya tere dil mai,
    Kisi raste ya mehfil mai,
    mere mehboob humse tum, jo ab nazre miloge,
    kya tum ab muskuraoge ...

    woh aansu yaad hai humko,
    kahe alfaaz the tumne,
    chale jao yaha se ab, zarurat hai nahi teri,
    woh yaade bhul jayenge ...

    lagta hai bhula ke sab,
    woh shikwe aur kiye wade,
    ki hum ab muskurange, tumhe dil se lagenge
    nahi yeh kar nah payenge ...