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    4 May 2022 @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #bookmark #amru_ec

    I don't like this. I might delete it if I think of writing something else for the prompt.

    @murryben Babes why do I write sad love stories?

    Thank you for EC ��

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    next page stumbles past the YOU-SHAPED BOOKMARK

    If searchlights could reach
    the stars and I blinked morse
    coded confessions would
    you read them like you
    used to read my soul?

    Would it be the same if
    you came back for me?
    It's been days, but I don't
    remember the day you died
    all I remember is agony.

    In those recorded voicemails
    all I hear is an echo, whooshing
    echoes of loudness. I loved
    silence once and now I hate
    it with passion, 'cause

    It's been days, since I replayed
    your voice on my phone
    It feels as if, your name is a
    bookmark on the book of my
    life. And I linger near the edge

    To reread the lines of our union,
    of your departure, of my pain.
    I linger near the doodles of
    your name to move on. Maybe
    I would, someday perhaps

    If searchlights could reach
    the stars and I blinked morse
    coded "I love yous", would
    you refract darkness and
    hold me in your starlight?


  • themoonandthesun 3w

    If you know me, you would know I find new obsessions every weekend. But this lady left a Josephin shaped hole in my heart. In her words I find myself. The thoughts that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to express. And this is a piece of hers that's very close to my heart.

    What if
    I got so comfortable in my own skin
    that I would sink too deep
    into myself ?
    between layers of skin,
    tangle my feet in weeds of nerve,
    or become a prisoner
    inside my own ribcage.
    Who would hear me call for help
    if my closest friend
    was myself?

    To the brave poet who calls to my heart with her typed words.

    3 May 2022 @miraquill @writersnetwork #poet #wod #amru_ec

    @murryben Babes you must read her ��

    Thank you for EC ��

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    Dear Josephin,

    What would I say
    other than beg you
    to lend me your muse
    for a day or two

    Seeking comfort
    I read your lines
    with my eyes,
    mutter them
    on my lips,
    breathe them
    into my soul.

    I never knew
    you, but now
    you live in me
    as a mended
    part of my

    My dear Josephin,
    you became the ocean
    of haunting words
    where I drown
    my sorrows,

    you became the shade
    of rainbow storms
    where I paint
    my tears.

    Dear Josephin,
    What would I say
    other than beg you
    to lend me your muse
    for a day or two



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    20 April 2022 #different @writersnetwork @miraquill

    So, these days I'm into prose poems. �� I think I actually lost my mind. Other than that there is no better explanation for this crazy piece. ��

    Thank you for EC ��

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    Spring and Autumn are like Mosquitoes.

    It bit me like a mosquito. When I think of it, Spring and Autumn are like Mosquitoes. And the weird emotions they evoke are like a bite. The lingering buzz which drives your attention and makes you mad. The bite is so light when bitten, yet it stays as a reminder of misfortune for a day or two. Swelling and itching hurts when scratched. At times it leaves behind marks for months, parallel to a notification left unread. Tokens of thoughts that these seasons leave behind can never be explained, yet they are similar to mosquito bites.

    I was re-reading one of my favorites and I read that line again. And again; , - ' .

    It brought back thoughts of seasonal romances. Of crow courting his mate, of stray cats being shadows of their new found affection and of nameless bird flexing his beauty to entrap his fated. Of rainy Sundays with those comedies and tragedies, which made me giggle and sob. Of fiction and reality which holds mirror to green spring and autumnly gold.

    Blooms of spring with buttering flies and wandering bugs remind me of Austen and Kafka's letters. Of love and lovers lost in beauty of loss and heartbreaks. Spring is summer's sunny melody for her wintery lover, a note of promise to kiss him flowers. Spring is the tender twig of hope for the hopeless romantic of my pretentious persona.

    As the twig grows and blooms from green to brown. Autumn crashes on to the springing heart. Parallel to foundation of a dream palace ruptured by quivers of shuddering reality. Withering leaves and decaying roads remind me of Gollum and Briony Tallis. One who promised shades of green and the other who led my perception astray. Autumn is winter's forlorn tune for his summery beloved, a note of apology for abandonment. Autumn is the civilized brute who breaks into my life and disrupts naive happiness with cynical reality.

    It bit me like a mosquito. When I think of it, Spring and Autumn are like a Mosquitoes. The one that I want to kill for being the annoying bug it is. The one that I want to spare for being the helpless annoying bug it is. The one that kisses me regardless.


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    After a long time. I don't think I can write anymore ��

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #epistrophe (maybe, idk) #amru_ec

    @murryben BABES! I think I'm going mad

    Thank you for EC��

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    It feels a lot like home

    That walk along the ridges
    With stoops that spooked anxiety
    Sunset on my fingertips
    Bookless, thoughtless, numb
    I levitated on those valleys

    With a call from home
    I rushed to the station
    Boarding a train alone
    Early to my destination
    Home- where I'm real

    Yet my heart danced with the tracks
    Dream of future fading with each stop
    Nearing hope, I lost hope, *HOPE
    Or was the consonant wrong?
    Unconscious slip from M to P

    Searching for calls from home
    I pinged on my picture with Valley
    Lost in the air, with blush on my face
    Serena sun and sorted hair
    It felt a lot like home

    Journey from valley to home
    Was like leaves of fall; falling
    Grounded, inevitable, destined

    I was heading home from the valley
    Which feels a lot like leaving home


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    #stardust @writersnetwork @miraquill #amru_ec

    Experimental piece. Idk if it makes sense. ��

    Thank you for EC ��

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    Walk with me

    You walk with my thoughts
    Like moon stashed in stardust
    Pure, protected, perfection

    You walk with my heart
    That beats in your body
    "Yours.." Is all it utters

    You walk with my soul
    In an eternal journey
    To live for a day more

    Walk as if I were next to you
    My hand in yours, fingers tangled
    Live for me.. A day more.. Forever


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    #happy @writersnetwork @miraquill #amru_ec

    I never write happy poems. Not my style. But I guess this time I made a conflicted poem happy �� Enjoy


    Thank you for EC ��

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    My thoughts blinked at the topic—Happiness?

    Voicing melancholy is not just a quirk
    It's defense mechanism with tears

    Yet, today my thoughts blinked at the topic
    Jumbled syllables that made less sense
    Woven thick like a web of lies that fished
    Fished ample words to paste them along.
    Typing away coherent words
    Which flushed meaninglessness
    Blushed with adaptation and
    Cheered with saline smiles

    Cloudless sky and a lemonade
    Aid my fingers to move, feel..
    Typing away coherent words
    I live in the gaps of utterance,
    on your lips as you read, I wonder..

    Warm breeze on my humid hair
    Bring me back to a world forgotten
    Typing away coherent words
    I finish those unfinished lines
    Stepping away, reading again..
    Giggles follow at repeated mistakes
    I wrote depressing stuff again

    But look closely,
    Melancholy in my poesy always smiles
    A mended happy smile—maybe she's happy

  • themoonandthesun 18w

    #brave @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Hang on a day more. I know it seems tough but it's gonna get better soon. Be the brave self. Put on your courage and show them they can't pull you down, not today not tomorrow, you are stronger, you are brave.

    Thank you for EC �� #amru_ec

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    Hustling Bravado

    It's 9 am
    And I'm putting on my best smile

    Patting creases straight
    Brushing unsteady hair
    Staring at those dark circles
    that grew darker this morning
    Vaseline for lip balm
    I pout and smile

    Practising my resting smiley face
    I wish today to be a better day

    It's 9:15 am
    And I'm putting on my brave self

  • themoonandthesun 18w

    Britney Spears— Oops!.. I did it again.

    This song inspired my poems. Just pretend I did not say that.��

    I know I've not been writing these days. But I'll try and be regular again. Here.. That's my new resolution. I'm gonna write everyday be it bad or good. I will write again.

    Thank you so much for always being there you guys. Thank you for not forgetting me. (Damn I can be dramatic!��) ��

    #song @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you so much for EC �� #amru_ec

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    The Last Word— Hurling Insults and Pointing Fingers

    Hurling insults and pointing fingers
    Disagreement in every bone
    At times souls long for sass
    Be a displaced tea cup
    Or righting a wronged display
    A war of betrayal or silly pulling legs

    Good comebacks are necessity
    Survival technique that lacks fists

    Ask the "weak" and they'll tell you
    It's not about humongous body
    Or strong biceps,
    Rather a matter of tongue
    Words that hurt, carve the heart out
    Scars visible—forgotten,
    Scars hidden—lurking with revenge
    I fall into the latter category—
    "Strong" And the wrong

    Last day I pointed fingers
    Hurled insults and threw items
    Just because they named me rude
    I showed what "rude" is really like

    A slow dance of words
    That moved to and fro
    Some hit the forehead
    Others dodged with success
    Some lingered on the skin
    Others pierced the thick scales
    Tears sprung up with dug pasts
    Past that smelled of rotten hugs
    A terrifying dance of regrets

    With each word that they uttered
    With each word that I couldn't take back

    Out of the blue
    We both paused, thought, tried
    They stopped first then I tried..

    With a heavy sigh, I said "let's stop"
    They agreed with "yeah, let's"
    I affirmed "fine"
    "Well, alright" came a reply
    "Then just go" said my stubborn jaw
    They argued again, "why are you stubborn"

    An agreement forgotten
    Diverged from the topic
    We bantered a new
    Smile that left the lips
    Unchained, yet claimed
    A war for "the last word"

    Hurling insults and pointing fingers
    We laughed our eyes out with stupid words


  • themoonandthesun 19w

    #month #jan #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #amru_ec @miraquill @writersnetwork a bit of abstract sprinkled with some craziness and stress

    I had this really bad need to write. Stress is consuming my soul. I've been busy with exms. Will be back soon �� I will read y'all soon��

    Take care and loads of love ��

    Thank you so much for EC ��

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    Agony just smiled at me?

    I never learned driving
    Was afraid, not lazy!
    Responsibilities of life a chore
    Life itself seemed tedious

    That's a slant in cheer—
    My escapism, hopeful dejection

    They call it hiding, cowardice
    And other names
    Accepting those with grace
    Tactic of life Indeed
    I survived a month more

    Jumping onto a crowded train
    I saw agony holding a spare seat
    Waiting for someone, a friend perhaps
    Tired and moving in sloth's pace
    Brushing past smelly workaholics
    Stumbling in the rush, moved—
    I sat next to her, avoiding eyes and lips

    But then, Was it a dream or did
    Agony just smiled at me?


  • themoonandthesun 22w

    #fix #high_on_emotion @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you for EC �� #amru_ec

    Thank you for featuring ❤

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    Even night cannot cage what's Broken

    Night sky camouflaged my broken dreams
    Yet, amidst those peeked a pale bleached shadow
    that painted loney night silvery mine.


  • themoonandthesun 23w

    ❄The Last Snowflake❄

    //Snowflakes never came with warning bells
    Neither did the last one announced its departure//

    Clustering in heaven my being trembled,
    Dew drops that dropped with temperature.
    Frozen icicles crinkled on nature's palate.
    I saw lads goofing around with snowballs,
    That painted their smiles toothless white.
    I saw breath of fluffy dogs running around
    In circles with gaping mouths, dreamy eyes.
    Then I saw an old couple holding hands
    Bidding another year a joyful farewell.
    A newly wed cuddled in their blanket
    Promising forever with whispers and kisses.
    //A Happy Heaven on Earth — White Christmas//

    Amidst all, I saw the homeless
    Frozen in fog with hopeful eyes,
    Waiting for me— The last snowflake
    As world rejoice moments of love,
    They wished for warmth and comfort.
    Food and shelter, without leaky roofs
    And chilly woosh of night sky raven.
    Melancholic hope for a bright year,
    A Christmas with cake and gifts.
    //Promising happiness on earth—White Christmas//

    With my departure,
    I announced joy
    And bid adieu.
    Kiss for love and hope alike
    A warm cuddle of brightness

    ~Last snowflake that glimmer summer winds


  • themoonandthesun 25w

    I wish to be a Cuckoo's Call__A whim called Song

    Nightingales are not common here
    But I adore Cuckoo's call
    Enchanted with its melody
    Often wished I were one,
    Free, awestrucking, beauty
    Like a beacon of light
    In the sea of darkness
    Soothing away tedious pain

    Living her life would bring me
    Fame, suitors and praise
    But would it ever bring me home?
    Left to fend by others,
    A parasite in disguise
    Leaving behind preciousness
    A beauty blessed with
    Leisurely adventure, without
    Home for tranquil recollection

    Not a poet nor a Nightingale
    I'm a lost bird in winds of life
    Simple without melody words
    Life; a barren field frozen with snow
    Unable to dance and skate
    I fly high, frigid and forlorn

    With wishful end
    To the Cuckoo's Call
    I'm not a seasonal song,
    But a doom called Chaotic Call


  • themoonandthesun 27w

    #love #amru_ec #amru_wn_repost

    Thank you for your kind repost @writersnetwork �� and thank you for EC �� means a lot.

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    And then it rained,
    Washing away the
    Mute silence.

    Yes, it rained
    In all it's glory
    Thunder and
    Lightning followed.
    Cuddling my blanket
    Of unwritten memories;
    Which I gathered
    From forgettable
    Whimperings smothered
    All that's left was an echo

    Hollowing howl of
    Echoing silence

    Oh, it rained
    Washing away what's left
    Puddling around forged splashes

    Never knowing
    Where it rained
    Outside my window
    Or within my soul
    Knocking away in silence

    When it rained,
    It poured


  • themoonandthesun 28w

    #start #wod @writersnetwork

    I just couldn't stay away longer. I miss being here. @murryben babe I missed you ��

    Thank you for EC ��


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    Wondering what withered along with winds

    I stand against the wind
    Shrinking away from touch
    I hug myself tight,
    A question indeed

    Never shaking hands
    I nod in acknowledgement
    A step or two backing away
    From familial embrace

    Wasting away in books
    I read of touch starved
    Those unlucky souls
    Who yearn comfort,
    A hug or two

    I escape
    Hide in my blanket
    Craving comfort; that I threw away
    Too little and a bit much

    An answer indeed
    I hug myself tight
    Shrinking away in hibernation

    Wondering what withered first
    My trust or the lack of it?

    ~trust issues


  • themoonandthesun 29w

    I thought I would share this with you guys. Shuffling through my picture gallery, I saw my old pictures: A broken sandcastle and my full smile. Time moved on. I grew up. But memories never left. Buried in a box that I dug up today. Pictures brought back what never left my smile.

    PS: what's that one memory which you thought you forgot but pictures brought them back regardless?

    #amru_gone_mad @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you for EC ❤ and WN repost ❤
    Here y'all have these������

    #amru_ec #amru_wn_repost

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    Melodic Memories

    Building sand castle was never fun
    But breaking and remaking it always was

    Sea pulled me in
    Waves blushed me blue
    Foamless, form-filled
    Ocean made me whole
    Little hands taped the sand
    Held those water diamonds
    Like impossible made fortunate

    Things slipped
    Was my hold too tight
    It was never loose
    But time slipped,
    And so did the sand
    Oceanic giggles
    Echoed in my hollow soul

    Wiping off tears
    I painted myself sand
    With leftovers that stuck to my sleeve
    Tiny droplets,
    Evaporated crystals,
    Bucket that never got washed away

    A smile creeped in
    Irresistible, insatiable

    Time did left, but left behind
    Memories; Mute yet melodic

    ~what's left behind


  • themoonandthesun 32w

    A Poison Ivy grew in my Garden

    What does poison tastes like?
    I often wonder, curious cat.
    Knowing it would bring harm
    Yet I know it's harmonious touch

    A poison ivy grew in my garden
    An Eden without Adam
    Lacking flowers and fruits
    It hijacked what's true
    Beauteous in it's creepy way
    A crawler slithering through
    Godmother-like presence
    Looming over with obligation
    Resentment and foul
    Overgrown, out of control
    Creeping on what's left
    Free like the birds with roots intact
    Patiently drowning what's near
    Littering corners devoid of wild
    Eroding the walls, leeching on
    Sinking deep inside the fissures
    Vein that incarnates death
    A poison ivy grew in my garden

    Poison tastes like overwhelming senses
    The feeling of shame and broken heart
    Poison stings like the hateful words
    Even in death it brings pain, not comfort


  • themoonandthesun 32w

    #wild #wod @miraquill
    Raise your hand if you feel guilty for existing. Well I do. We did establish that I'm a weirdo. So another reason adds to the list.

    Thank you for EC ��
    @writersnetwork you guys are love ❤ thank you for the kind repost ��

    #amru_wn_repost #amru_ec

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    Isn't it W I L D ?

    Isn't it wild that,
    People often proclaim feelings
    Could not only overwhelm
    But, often drown souls.
    The feelings in question
    Were usually the one from
    "Passionate" Category:
    Love, hate and the in betweens

    I never knew I would experience
    The miraculous too.
    Not the regular cliche
    But, the emotion that had no right
    Neither did it left.(/leave)
    One that not only drowned
    But decapitated my soul
    I call it the resultant negation
    "G U I L T"

    I love how my being struggles
    It fights the lost battle of justifications,
    Procrastination and fear that tags along
    Terrified of future, consequences of a
    Something called "if I would have"
    Of Guilts.

    An angel guilty of goodness
    A demon guilty of evil,
    And I, a human, guilty of nothing
    Yet everything that turns.
    Yes, it is wild indeed


  • themoonandthesun 33w

    What did a "lost father" expect from kids, when he returned with gifts and gems? Was it a smile, a kiss or a hug?
    What did the child expect from a lost father when he returned with gifts or gems? Was it a smile, a kiss or a hug?

    I guess I would never know. Or may be I know better.
    #end @writersnetwork @miraquill

    It's just something. And I'll read y'all soon ��

    Thank you for EC ��


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    The Homecoming?

    //My house was
    A Savannah
    On an iceberg,
    It used to be joy
    And comfy

    I came home,
    The Champion
    Who conquered
    The earth!
    With jewels and
    Wealth and
    Gold and gems
    And.. 'nd

    I came home,
    With smile
    Pasted on tired
    Face, waving hand
    With gifts for
    My babies
    But.. It changed

    Not them.
    They did grow
    A bit taller and
    Wider and..
    They did change
    What changed
    Was my smile

    When they hugged
    The gifts and kissed
    The toys, without
    Saying, "Hi" To
    The bearer of scars
    In the warmth
    Of a house
    That was once
    My home
    All I could feel
    And touch and
    See and.. 'nd

    It's just so cold

  • themoonandthesun 34w

    #once @writersnetwork

    I'll try something better. ��
    @miraquill thank you so much for EC ��


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    Once you calculated my Worth

    You once told me
    To fly high and touch the sky
    Said, I'll rot like stagnant water
    My dreams should be bright like sun
    You said I'm worth more.

    Not once I negated you
    Save this one time.
    I said, I wanted roots like the trees
    I'll touch the sky with roots intact
    My dreams are like the lake
    Changing its course every time
    I know my worth, just it's different
    From what you calculated once


  • themoonandthesun 34w

    #enso #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill I'll try something better later.

    Inspiration: @ivy___
    @murryben hehe

    PS: perfection is overrated.

    Thank you for EC ��


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    ō ~

    Gathering petals of once full bloom she etched,
    Stitched the flowing river into her gown
    In a ballroom with men, she danced her tunes
    Broken steps to match or follow none
    Offbeat the beauteous melody thumps
    The blue heaven reflected on her neck
    Ember sun embellished her eyes,
    Raven painted her curls crow
    Lush lips likes rubies on sand
    In the memory of what's left she sketched

    Awakened from a dream night
    A damsel not in distress, disgusted
    With the feminine in her, roused the
    Tomboy, asked a worthy question,
    "Why do I dream of angels in the world so real?"
    What's wrong with the angel or demons
    A position held for succession of the other
    Complementing each other for survival.
    What's worth a perfect, without imperfection?

    Satisfied with a soulful answer
    The tomboy in distress, undid
    The sketch, with a brush called Flawless.
    And paints named Ideal Faultless
    What's left incomplete is perfection, like
    The crescent moon on a beloved's face

    But sometimes what's complete brings peace
    Like the glory of a full moon, on a cloudy night.

    ~a faceless beauty