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  • themoonandthesun 4w

    I will delete this. I think I'm gonna get a reputation if I keep up with my stupid poems on strangers. Well, I couldn't help it. I went to the bank and saw a cute guy. AND he deserves a poem. I promise y'all I'm not creepy. �� #amru_ka_phamous_stranger (not)

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    He was not "my stranger", wasn't he?

    Corona de-crowded sweaty banks
    Mine was no different,
    Rushing nevertheless
    Rechecking the numbers
    Impatient I yearned escape

    Accountant then took a break
    Waved me off to a waiting seat
    Scrolling through was never a choice
    Seeker in me observed the eyes

    Then I met him and his smile
    Sparking eyes with wavering hair
    He was wearing glasses this time
    I could see him gazing others
    Bored and scrolling through
    I thought of staring a bit more
    But she announced my name

    Time moved at a sloth's pace
    I turned thrice and a bit more
    He never noticed me nor my smile
    But I wished to stop time,
    Rewind and say "Hi"

    Forward or shameless?
    A stranger added to the list of many
    Corona de-sanitised my single brain

    ~girl who fell in love (again)

  • themoonandthesun 6w

    #mondo #wod @writersnetwork

    Thank you for EC ��

    Another dedication to my stranger.

    PS: @miraquill you guys made my stranger popular and that makes me happy. He was cute.. Sigh!

    @murryben @treble_clef see my stranger is phamous. �� and cute! Never forget cute.

    PPS : #amru_ka_phamous_stranger for more poems about my stranger visit! (I'm actually making a hashtag for him)


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    What's blue?

    It's a stranger wrapped in bewitching sleep,
    emanating peace,
    making me buzz with containment


  • themoonandthesun 6w

    #mondo @writersnetwork

    I can't write anymore.

    PS: I know no body noticed but this too is for him ��my cute stranger #amru_ka_phamous_stranger

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    What's Golden?

    It's the sunlight blush of stardust
    painting my blue stranger hue.

  • themoonandthesun 7w

    I never knew social distancing would turn me into this creepy kinda person. As you know offline classes are rolling and I spend most of my time traveling to and fro.. Which is tedious. But yesterday I saw someone who was a sight for my sore eyes. So this not a poem is dedicated to that cute stranger who was wearing a light blue T-shirt and dark blue jeans. Sigh.

    I'll try something else for today's challenge. This piece is for my stranger.

    #anaphora #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    @murryben babe I want that stranger. ��


    PS : #amru_ka_phamous_stranger yeah a new hashtag for my stranger ��

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    I Never Knew, when the Stranger became Mine

    I never knew, weary journey
    Would turn exciting with a view,
    Of a cute tall strange napping
    On the fourth seat to my left

    I never knew, I would
    Hate rainy summers,
    'Cause windows dimmed the light
    That colored my stranger blue

    I never knew, stealing glances
    And drooling would become
    My joy, as I thought more of
    His destination than mine

    I never knew, I would prefer
    Falling in love than down the stairs,
    Attraction, affection, lust, love
    Synonymous to bubbly feeling of mine

    I never knew, naming a stranger
    "Mine" would become a passion
    Truce or foolishness, no judge,
    Save myself, just a moment more..

    I never knew, when I tattooed
    The stranger onto my heart,
    His sleeping form into my mind,
    Will he be mine? I'll never know.

    ~not a creepy stranger