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  • madinah_writes 12w

    What happens when peace is silenced?
    Does it die slowly like an abducted child from it's mother? Or it pours out dust of poverty even to the fullest sea?

    What happens to a state where injustice rules?
    Does it die out like the candle of love in our hearts? Or it blinds our sight like that of a bat reaching high.

    What happens if Nigeria divides?
    Would it again, be the gaint of Africa? Or Peace and unity would become the missing letters of the past.

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  • nemesis_here 12w

    Everyone Becomes A Poet

    When trapped, in dark
    When feelings are naked, stark
    When lips don't move
    When life is a groove
    When heart feels all
    When one's tired and stalls
    When there's a lot to say
    When all that's left is dismay
    When there's a furious commotion
    When uncontrollable are emotions
    When there's no outlet, nibbling
    When there's no cure, ailing
    When body is tied in tape
    When there's no visible escape
    Then everyone becomes a poet.


  • madinah_writes 12w

    We are the citymakers,
    We are the citybreakers,
    We make the dreamscape of night dawn.

  • hash_05 12w

    बात कहूं गर एक तो बाल खुले रखा करो,
    चेहरे का नूर अच्छा लगता हैं...
    न बहम नही है मेरा
    चाहो तो तुम्हारे चाहने वालों से पूछ लो...


  • euphoriccree 13w


    You promised to never leave but you left.
    Maybe someday you'd realise you broke all your promises
    Because it broke me too but I just had to leave you.
    Maybe someday you'd stop acting like you've moved on,
    All it does is make me sad and feel like I was never important and I'm mad.
    Maybe someday you'd realise I still want you,
    Because it's still you I think of when I fall asleep and when I wake up.
    Maybe someday you'd realise I'm scared to move on,
    Because I have this hope and still feel uncertain if this is really the end of us.
    Maybe someday you'd realise we weren't meant to part,
    Because I still love you and my heard aches for you like it was pierced with a dart.
    Maybe someday you'd realise we could last,
    If only we could come back and understand what we once lacked
    Maybe someday you'll realise my worth and come back
    I just feel this way even if it could be untrue I'm still not through with you.
    Maybe someday you'd come to me and say "Hey, I want you back because it is you I've ever lacked."
    Because that's my only hope and I know it is dope.
    Cree Sameon♡

  • elli_mcfarlane 13w

    I've tried,
    I've cried.
    I've lived.
    I've died.

    Today I've been reborn.



  • elli_mcfarlane 13w


    What is my purpose?
    What is my purpose God?
    What is my purpose... Gods purpose.



  • nocturnal_enigma 14w

    * 15.10.2021; 1.19 A.M (Malaysia)

    * For my #crush #AHBA (You're my Mr. Sunshine. I wanna be your Ms. Moonlight.)

    * Well, he made a theory about we humans are like planets in a galaxy & he said man is like sun, while woman is like moon.

    * There's a book title Men From Mars, Women From Venus. I never read it.

    * #Myth-writing @miraquill 'Why the sun sets?'

    * #Anaphora #wod


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    Why the sun sets?

    Maybe sun sets to see moon.
    Maybe sun can't wait to see it soon.
    Maybe sun just need some rest.
    Maybe sun want to go to West.
    Maybe sun try to hide from Earth.
    Maybe sun wonder about it's worth.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • basobdatta 14w

    The First Candlelight Dinner

    The fish was stale by two days
    The rice by one
    His eyes glistened amidst the
    Blistering miasma. His eyelashes beckon
    The crickets chirping voraciously
    And everything else drawn to a lull
    The wall-clock says tick tock
    Though Time beholds its own skull
    In the flimsy flame he saw
    Her forehead bear
    Cold beads of sweat
    Then twitching fingers and
    Switching glances
    Her wilderness she tries to abate
    His lips widen
    To reveal his ravenous teeth
    Her toes push up his trousers
    To savour him beneath
    He blew out all the candles
    To share 'nothings sweet'
    The night had sourness
    The night had heat
    They longed to do
    Everything else
    But to eat!

  • fayello 14w

    Behind a broken heart
    Behold i am empty
    I hide in my sorrows
    Praying to be mended

    Behold I write with grief
    A heart filled with pain
    And tears of desolation
    I shed with no end

    Behold i walk a path
    Alone and lonely
    Solitude is all
    That roams around me

    Behold it is over
    My dreams are of emptiness
    And behind a broken heart
    I realize I am giving up

    #combination #wod #anaphora #pain #depressed #sad #sorrows #annoyed #empty #broken @writersbay @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    It came to past and I am behind a broken heart and I have nothing left.
    Empty is the term.

  • bonitasarahbabu 14w

    Faith, the belief in a spiritual being
    Faith is knowing that everything will be okay.
    Faith in myself and my abilities to be independent,
    Faith to guide me to be a better person.
    Faith in my Heavenly Father and finally,
    Faith in myself and the blessings provided by God.

  • nocturnal_enigma 14w

    * 13.10.2021; 12.35 A.M (Malaysia)

    #light #delight #flight
    #anaphora #wod @miraquill

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    Light ~

    At the end of tunnel, there's light.
    At the end of tears, there's delight.
    At the end of travel-ban, there's flight.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • ashamurali 14w

    Thank you Miraquill

    Thank you miraquill for the portal so strong,
    Thank you for the feeling, its here I belong,
    Thank you for the audience always ready,
    Thank you for the support so steady!

    Thank you for the thoughts so different,
    Thank you for the writings magnificient,
    Thank you for the constant encouragement,
    Thank you for ensuring mood upliftment!

    Thank you for the priceless contributions,
    Thank you for being a complete institution,
    Thank you for the knowledge enrichment,
    Thank you for the feeling of fulfilment,

    Thank you for the prompts so vast,
    Thank you for showcasing subjects contrast,
    Thank you for the confidence to last,
    Thank you, I am having a real blast!

    -Asha murali
    11th october 2021.

    Dear all at miraquill,

    This is my 250th contribution and above is a reflection of my gratitude to the portal as well as all my readers. I cant thank you enough for all the support, affection and encouragement. Thank you for giving me the courage to voice my thoughts. Thank you for giving me the wings to fly.
    Love and hugs to you all!

    I have written this using anaphora, a figure of speech in which words repeat at the beginning of successive clauses, phrases or sentences

    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee @miraquill #writersnetwork #mirakee #thankyou #gratitude #wod #anaphora #ceesreposts #pod

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    Thank you for the wings to fly

    Thank you miraquill for the portal so strong,
    Thank you for the feeling, its here I belong,
    Thank you for the audience always ready,
    Thank you for the support so steady!

  • husnachikwela 14w


    Which secret can you tell?
    Which word can you spell?
    Which thing can you still?
    Which thing can you sell?
    Which thing do you fail?

    Which thing do you fill?
    Which day will be well?
    Which name do you call?
    Which way? Road or rail?
    Which game? Drawing or ball?

    Which behavior can you fall?
    Which can it cause spoil?
    Which verb? Shall or Will?
    Which suggestion to pay bill?
    Which gender? Are you female or male?

  • elli_mcfarlane 14w

    I am
    I am a child
    I am a child of...

    An almighty God.


  • the_speccy_outsider 14w

    My submission for the fabulous challenge hosted by @jaya___

    //A fabricated landscape
    A fallacy of attributes
    A fake portrait of beauty
    A framed depiction of optimism

    Application of filters to images rather than to foul words//

    Freedom of expression has become a joke these days. One often tries too hard to portray the image of being the quintessential know-all and seldom try to be themselves.

    What I feel is that we watch these public figures, who put on a show on social media platforms, and think that we too should do something like that. Maybe we want to feel like them as it is a fantasy many adorn. But we should know that they get paid to do that, or that they have to create an image that helps them sustain in whatever they do.

    We as citizens should have an opinion, everyone is entitled to one. But having an opinion just for the sake of it, or to show the world how woke or incisive you are is extremely redundant. But the absurdity augments when we try to pick a fight. Just like we have an opinion, others too could have and express the same. One should respect that in a dignified manner. But I see a war of words, hurling of abuses and the boundaries of integrity and reverence being crossed.

    Social media has become a platform to showcase how fake we can be. From the perfectly cropped and filtered pictures, to those not so candidly candid moments; those conversations about money presented in a manner that might even make an economist or a financial advisor run for their money; people interpreting laws as if they are the aficionados, for even jurists sometimes differ or fail to interpret them in their apt context.

    What was started as an activity or initiative to bring people closer or spread awareness, has on the contrary, become a place to segregate people and spread malice.

    Hence, I feel the Image one tries to make should not be done, as one should be real. And it is absolutely fine to not know everything about everything. And if one doesn't wish to express an opinion on a certain topic or want to post something hilarious when there's a critical time in the country or surroundings then that person should not be judged for that.

    You never know how many silent battles are concealed by that smile or a post. Be kind, be real and stop being appallingly judgemental.


    #contest_j #anaphora

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  • shadowofthoughts_ 14w

    I spammed you all again. But it's okay, right. ����

    #love #wod #anaphora

    Who was it that knocked my door?
    When I had forgotten myself whole.
    - little do I know.


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    Little do you know she's the rainbow in the darkness.
    Little do you know her love conceals and heals the pain.
    Little do you know her pieces make her whole.
    Little do you know sometimes it's worth to get drenched in rain.
    Little do you know I am still growing underneath my skin.
    Little do you know how she knocked my soul,
    When I had forgotten myself a long back and whole.
    Little do you do know.


  • seraiah_smiles 14w

    The Plant

    I love the maturing of the plant
    The curves on its palms
    Which in time develop
    The plan it lays out for growth

    I love the maturing of the plant
    The markings on its hands
    Which in time get more distinct
    The destiny it has

    The curves plan its destiny
    The markings destines its plan

  • 2write 14w


    Behind every light
    There is a story of darkness
    Behind every smile
    There is a story of cry
    Behind every calmness
    There is a story of calamity
    Behind every flawlessness
    There is a story of flaw
    Behind every joy
    There is a story of misery
    Behind every soothing moonlight
    There is a story of hot sun
    Behind every rainbow
    There is a story of storm
    Behind every beautiful day
    There is a story of darkest night
    Behind every story
    There is a story of broken heart.

  • bluemushroom 14w

    This is what I Fear...

    This is what I fear.

    Life, like I wont be able to uphold it.

    Life, like I might lose it very soon.

    Life, like my existence was just a mistake and not it was already taking its toll for the borrowed moments.

    Life, like would I be a burden to those who knew me or would I just be forgotten like one of the passing acquintances.

    I want to improve my health and well-being but the traitor called depression is now weighing me down.

    I’m affraid, I want tot be able to overcome this obstacle.

    This is one fo my fear. To be consumed by the negativity I accumulated. To not be able to come back.

    This is waht I fear. To be judged and ridiculed.

    To be compared and to be a failure. I, who masked an inocent facade was now covered in mud and dirt. A well behaved lady turned to a monster. A biting tigress but fangs have already been removed. A nobody.

    This is what I fear.

    To not be able to perfom well and to be stuck on the mistake I made.

    This is what I fear, to no longer trust the future because of my misjudgment.

    I fear that I wont be able to prove anything.

    I fear that I will get stuck.

    I fear that I would get blamed,

    I fear to become nothing.

    This is what I fear.

    Life, to end before I could even come back.

    Fail, even before I even started.

    Judged, for my past mistakes.

    Retribution, for my guilt.

    To be rejected, forgotten and disregarded.

    I fear to be left alone.

    And I fear to not be able to come back.