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  • memoonchild 8w

    They say apologies heal every pain, closure gives the peace of mind, but deep down only the person knows that it will hurt us again when someone come to us and tell us that I hurt you so badly and I am sorry about it.
    So, Don't wait for apologies, don't crave for closure, find your own happiness within your self.

  • jeric_cloyd_ricare 9w

    Try to apologies to the people you have hurt to, and make amends to all the burden you cause them while they are still alive, so you wont die with regrets too in your past life.

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    Find peace
    upon your recklessness
    find peace
    in that you already did,
    find peace
    to whom you had killed,
    find peace
    though you hurt someone,
    find peace
    and try to apologize in it,
    find peace
    and let no revenge upon you,
    find peace
    so you wont feel the guilt,

  • souls_solace 10w

    मुझमें कहीॅं किसी कोने में, थोड़ी सी जगह खाली है।
    कोई रहता था वहाॅं, जिसकी पहचान अब सवाली है॥
    हर सुबह सूरज संग मिलके, वहाॅं कुछ भर देती हूँ।
    फिर रात को चाॅंद से मिल कर, खुद पर ही हंस देती हूँ ॥

    कुछ तो था वहाॅं, जो आज कुछ ऐसा गुमनाम है।
    सुनो आज तो मैं बताऊँ, कैसा खोया हुआ वो इंसान है ॥
    ना जाने कब, किस धुन में, कहाॅं छोड़ आई मैं उसको।
    शायद किसी को मिल गया हो, पर आज मैं पूछूं किसको॥

    कौन था वो, कैसा था, ये सोचके जागती रहती हूं।
    कोई मिला दे उससे आज, बस यही मांगती रहती हूं ॥
    माफियाॅं माँगनी हैं उससे, उसके गुस्से से मैं डरती हूं।
    उसे उसकी जगह बैठा कर, पूरा होने को तरस्ती हूं॥

    कुछ और बनने की चाह में, उसे कहीॅं छोड आई थी।
    उसे इतना पीछे छोड, एक क्षणिक खुशी मैंने पाई थी॥
    रोका भी था उसने मुझे, उस खुशी को मृगतृष्णा कहकर।
    मैंने उसकी एक ना मानी, उसके भाव को ईर्ष्या कहकर॥

    आज कहीं से ढूँढ़कर उसको, कहना है जो कह ना पाई कभी।
    गुस्से-ताने सारे सुनके, ना फिर जाने दूॅं उसको कभी कहीॅं॥
    मुझमें कहीॅं किसी कोन में, थोड़ी सी जगह खाली है।
    मैं रहती थी वहाॅं, जिसकी पहचान अब सवाली है॥

  • _angel_ishu_ 19w


    Kabhi kabhi zindagi uss cheez ki liye bhi maafi mangne padhte jo apne ki hi nahi hute hai.....

    Maafi mang na agar galti ki nishani hute to aj hum galat aur wo sahi hutey...

    Kahte hai maafi mangne se koye chota ya bada nahi hujata nagar log maafi mangne Wale ku chuta aur apne ap ku bada samjhte hai ......

    Maafi mang kar maine apne begunahi ke safai deyde hai ... Usne maaf kar ke mujhe pei aishn kiya hai ...yahi hai uska hunaar.....

  • cherrywestbrook 19w

    I'm Sorry

    Im sorry that I'm not good enough
    That I hold to much pain for you
    I'm sorry I ruined your perception of a perfect world that I was never meant to be in im sorry I could never be enough for you

  • hardik_ 24w


    It's like a broken glass. It will repair itself in whichever way it wants irrespective of what is the right shape. Only the owner knows the right shape. So if the owner intrudes and takes the responsibility of the breakage, it can be fixed into the right shape.
    Our feelings are the glass. When they break, they repair themselves. They might take a long time but they will get fixed in their own ways. Those ways might not be okay for the breaker. Or even of the person feeling bad or their relationship. But unless and until the breaker intrudes in the fixing time period window and fixes in the right way, it will reshape into something that might cause another breakage soon.


  • darthgaaru 25w

    They say deep and sincere regret is the true path to catharsis. I know that I have wronged people in my life. I never intended to hurt them, but it unfortunately came to that nevertheless. I hope I can one day make amends and be the person that my loved ones needed back when I wasn't there for them. But that day has not come yet. Not yet.


    #catharsis #love #friends #friendship #sorry #apologies #apologize

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    Not Yet

    For all the apologies that I said too late,
    To all the people that I have wronged to date,
    Because of my actions that turned your love into hate,
    My sincerest apologies and I reiterate,
    That I shall strive to carry the immense weight,
    Of hurting you, at that twisted hour of fate,
    Where I failed to repay your loving faith.
    I continue to carry the deepest regret,
    And my soul has repeatedly wept,
    At the memory, of all that I ever did and said,
    And of all the times I let your eyes run wet.
    I know that I must pay up my debt,
    And while that may not satisfy your heart, that has bled,
    Every day, I hope for a chance to make amends instead,
    But I guess it isn’t that day yet,
    Not yet.

  • aadil_sadiq 25w

    Oh Beloved, Allah SWT!

    The year is about to leave but when I look back, there's not any moment I've not committed mistakes (whether intentionally or unintentionally) throughout the year. But there hasn't been a single moment when your mercies abandoned me.
    Ya Allah I am ashamed of deeds, but you know how weak I am? You know we are bound to make mistakes. Ya Allah I admit all the wrongdoings, because I'm compulsive to my habits, but You famous for your mercies. As Your mercies are dominating than Your wrath and everything else in the universe. Ya Allah I know I have reached the peak of sins, but you are the one who loves forgiving. Ya Allah there's no one to forgive besides you. Ya Allah Have mercy upon me, every brother of faith, whole humanity and every creation of yours. I seek forgiveness not for my sins alone, but for whole Muslim Brotherhood, whole humanity and whole of your creations, coz as I am one of your creation so are they. Ya Allah forgive us all and make us better version of ourselves. Show us the path which leads to You. Save us from the path which invites your wrath. Ya Allah make this new year a harbinger of peace, love, health, faith, blessings, prosperity for whole creations and whole of universe!

    © Sufi Aadil Sadiq Qadri

  • enchantedmedium 32w


    During this journey of your own making You may find there are times when you have hurt others perhaps unknowingly. Once you have the knowledge that this is the case it is up to you to take the responsibility and apologize. It will then be up to the person to decide if that will do. You can only offer sincere apologies and must respect whatever decision they make regarding your actions. This is also true reversed.

  • ericajean 44w

    #3stanzapoetry #apologies #sun #book

    I'm sorry sun,
    That the clouds blanketed
    Your face and so your
    Countenance can't touch us today.

    I'm sorry ground that you thought to
    Stand still and suddenly our
    Nomad legs cause you to
    Move and twitch and break away.

    I'm sorry wind that you're
    In a tizzy and you twist around
    Not knowing how you're formed
    But the rest of us do and then you fade...

    Copyright 2013 Erica Jean Smith from "Sea of Iron Hands"

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    The sun never apologizes for its brazen, living fire.


  • benhurbedford 50w

    The Blood of my Heart

    My hand drools the Blood of my Heart.
    As I squeeze it dry and paint you some bloody art.
    Sincere apologies to everyone I know.
    I am a little child I believe, who is willing to grow.

    Its a tormenting ache shot through my heart.
    It leaves my body swung in the dark.
    Who am I? I do not know.
    All I can fathom, is I am willing to grow .

    I was never at rest in my haven with God.
    A raven stomped my unpaced beat, and it ripped it apart.
    I am nothing but a mere shadow of you.
    Who awaits your forgiveness tonight, and soon.

    My foot prints on this page that I reap.
    As i push it down inside the chapter far too deep.
    Help me understand my longing for Thee.
    for I am a little bit too to bitter, for the world you see.


  • barbad 51w

    यार तो यार का
    आवाम होता है

    यारी ही ख़ुदा का
    पैगाम होता है

    लगा देना
    मिरी बरसी

    हर जुम्मे
    हर शब ए बारात को

    मोहब्बत तो और भी
    जवान होती है

    जवान होती है
    जब चाँद आधी रात को


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    हमसे जब कहा किसी ने
    कुछ बताओ इश़्क के बारे में

    अपनी गुज़री हुई ज़िन्दगी की
    फिर हमको बहूत याद आई

  • hafisha98 57w

    Duniya mein Ashvikaar Shabd maaf karana
    #apologies #sorry #pain #maaf

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    दुनिया में अस्वीकार्य शब्द
    माफ़ करना

  • hafisha98 57w

    Sorry it's not just a word. It's have a lot of lost mean.. So handle this word softly and carefully..!!
    #sorry #words #unacceptable #Apologies

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    உலகிலே ஏற்றுக்கொள்ள முடியாத வார்த்தை தெரிந்தே
    தவறு செய்து விட்டு கேட்கும்

    ©hafisha98 (S/L)

  • kikilove 65w

    Winter says goodbye

    At 12:30 Winter called
    She told me to tell you the following
    She has left but she will be back
    So she has asked Spring
    To take her place

    To make the flowers bloom
    To let love blossom
    Winter is sorry
    If she brought you misery
    For all the hurt she caused

    If you felt lonely
    If you got chills
    If you got frostbites
    If you got cold feet
    She deeply apologies

    That's why Spring will come
    To make you feel loved
    To care for you
    To embrace you in his warmth
    Winter says goodbye

  • yogitasahu 70w

    Morning freshness❤️

    I want to make you my morning freshness,
    A key of my joy , a key to my success.

    I want to make you my charm and coolness,
    And let's forget the past and foolness.

    You are my lion , I'm your lioness,
    Together we are strong and fearless.

    I want to make you my morning freshness.


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  • unheard_voices 73w

    My story isn't sweet like most of the fairytales. Read me with your touch for my soul inside me is in Braille. The written words are not for the faint and frail. For they are not made up of dots but of piercing nails. If only sorry could fix everything, we would still be in touch and I would have asked for a fresh start. Just like the most awaited morning. If sorry could fix everything, I would have had my everything.

  • thebhavnasaxena 74w

    Woo her not with flowers,
    Unless they come with thorns,
    Call her not the goddess of beauty,
    With grace a synonym of her name,
    She knows all of sweet words strung
    In a poem, like pearls upon a string,
    She has seen women before her choke
    To death under the weight of being the
    Perfect jewel, she knows all of little butterflies
    Hunted for their beauty, trapped in jars with
    Gold inlay, woo her not with beautiful things
    You decorate yourself with, unless that object
    Of beauty be a sword with her name on it;
    Of the star that burns in her own fire,
    Of the magic that makes a wallflower
    Breathe fire, of the beast that lives inside
    The bones of a lady, woo her not, unless
    You know of these things, for she has not
    A heart starved of love, she is not a trophy
    To adorn your arm, she is not a helpless
    Angel fallen from the heavens, woo her not,
    For in wooing, you go down the wrong path,
    Instead, vow to sacrifice yourself on the altar
    Of her love, and mayhap, she will invite you
    To witness the universes she holds in her being...

    #wallflower #portrait #women #girls #sketch #penportrait #heart #people #life #feeling #love #beauty #woo #power #beyourself #loveyourself #selflove #lose #find #star #magic #butterflies #apologies #shewrites #followme #poet #creative #readwriteunite #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #poetsofmirakee #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #freeverse #pod #wds #writinglife #quotes #poem #mood #latenightthoughts #musings #random #perspective #stories #creative #flowers #thorns #grace #inspired

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    In her smile; you will find mysteries
    Unfolding, in her embrace, you will find the
    Warmth of the earth's core, in her kiss, oh,
    You will lose your demons, but when you
    Lose your heart, you will find a woman
    Of passion, of enchantment, in posession
    Of a surreal power, for she lives and she
    Loves without making apologies.

  • yagnapriya 76w

    My Bougainvillea

    I've been meaning to write about you, to you but once in a while, words leave me like unborn cotton flowers.

    You are what love should be. Funny, shy, smart, aggressive,(not)patient, (not)kind and a little bit loony(wouldn't trade this for the world).

    Maybe I don't get to see you everyday. I do not know which side you turn onto when you wake up or the jokes you've laughed upon in a day but I still see you.

    I see a man who sings a lullaby to his worrying thoughts. I know a man who loves games, music more than anything. I know a man who shared his beautiful, soulful playlist with me, who always wants to see me crying, who knows my deepest secrets and laughs on my lamest jokes cause this man likes me with all his heart. We've learned and liked each other over oh-so-terrible-distance.