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    Everything is more beautiful cuz we are doomed!
    - Homer

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    I wish my stomach has an endless pit.��

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    I am your good ally and your worst enemy.

  • bhumee1970 30w


    I can hear his voice
    with beautiful daze in his eyes,
    his love struck in my heart
    like a brightest star
    remember forever

  • the_larkofthe_dark 39w

    The pale moon
    shines in the serene sky
    With its seductive beauty
    In a perfect charade...
    But what lies inside
    Is it's hollow heart
    Full of puzzled haze...

  • sakiye 43w



    A man under a canopy,
    The canopy wasn't rugged,
    Besides his heart was.
    His children left him solely,
    He lives by his own bootstraps,
    With a hardened heart but enervated roof.

    He rounds with his carry-all,
    Crowd mind's- eye a bag of waste,
    He hangs for bread on consorts,
    Who propose packed ones,
    Trust the bag was earnings,
    With thoughtless yield in a beggared garb.

    He piles up from waste,
    Earned in a busted box of iron,
    The iron was full of coins,
    Which sounded besides the crowd.
    It thinks he is delicate and sober,
    But he, full-blown and down to earth.

    The herd assumed self-centered and inhuman,
    By his gusto and coiffure, besides
    He was always human when he spoke.
    His phrases and manners consistently flaunted humanity,
    Bagging bucks was nest egg in an iron case,
    Reasoned awful, by kinfolks.

    A gilt-edged hombre appeared vile but hushed beyond,
    Did he picked the waste? no, rather he collected it,
    Did he earned money? no, rather he saved it,
    For whom did he do, for himself...! being deep-pocketed?
    Or for the inheritor who marooned him...
    He saved to save a life who saved him,
    His savior, who shelled out a canopy for Pater.

  • shrihari_nandini 51w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #sita #ram #navami #birthday #auspicious #beautiful #day #bhagwati #appearance #mother #perfect #love



    Birthday of Bhagwati
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Sitting on a high branch on the tree
    Which I climbed this morn, I began to think
    The Surprise to present to our Mayya,
    To please her, what should be our gift!?
    I call upon Pitaji whom I find lost in thought
    While he is sitting beneath collecting fruits,
    He looks up and understands my silence,
    While I began to think about his own,
    'We're thinking the same thing, my buddy'
    He answers before my eyelids blink,
    So I jump, he catches me, and we sit there
    Together on the bench, both of us think
    'Dad I am your bud, we need Ma's parrot'
    And both of us turn our gaze at the other,
    'Akhila!' we spring! beaming at the thought
    And I go calling the lil one of my mother!
    Hari smiles as we both come running
    Excited joyously hand in hand,
    "Oh I know, I know what to do" says Akki
    While she picks a stick to draw on sand!
    One after the other, she describes and draws
    While me and Raghav sit as students
    Obediently we listen to my sister, her plan,
    And squirrels gather around for information
    'No time to waste' I take her hands in mine
    Hari nods, as we head to the village market
    "I'll go collect decorations" he goes on own
    While she counts the money in her pocket
    Making purchases from our pocket moneys
    We buy the supplies and head to our cottage
    While Akhila enters from the door cleverly
    I enter the kitchen from a window unnoticed
    I hid the stuff, as they expected from me,
    And the evening of beauty passes by,
    As the clock strikes 5 at dawn, we're awoke
    By ShriRam's voice and his eager eyes
    "Oh! Lets get to work" and our trio heads
    To our work base, the kitchen to say
    With clean hands, we set the groceries atop
    And commence our jobs assigned that day
    While me and Akhila work with food & drinks
    Hari strings the flowers, perhaps decorating
    The room is full of lotus scents and sweets
    And he puts a charm preventing early waking
    "Its 7!" We squeal, Ma wakes and Dad rushes
    To her room beside her being her first wish
    Then he closes her eyes with his blue palms
    We each take her hands, to lead to her gifts
    He slowly opens her eyes, while people rise
    From under the tables adorned with love
    Each of us spark in unison 'Surpriseee!'
    While ShriRaghav gives her a loving hug!
    On the lofty table sits a magnificent cake
    Along with sweets, rasgullas, barfi & halwa
    Relatives bring jewels, presents of all kind
    For our Janak Dulari Kishori Sita Mayya!
    She whose magnanimity knows no bounds
    Is garlanded by the flowers strung by ShriPati
    She beams with joy blessing all with love
    While all hail the beautiful & divine Bhagwati

    So this is a surprise planned by me and my sister Akhilavandana along with our father ShriRaam for the birthday of our Mayya Sita ��

    Do you know how Raghav praised Janaki?
    Akhila narrates it to this way!

    He says,
    "Your name Sītā means the one who has risen from furrow (in Sanskrit).
    In English, I will tell you what each letter signifies. ❤️

    S- Selfless. Your care and selflessness knows no bounds. You accompanied me to the forest without thinking about the dangers lurking there. You always think about my welfare.
    I- Inspiring. Your courage, determination, strength, love, everything about you inspires me and our devotees.
    T- Trusting. You always know that I would be there for you. You did what nobody else can do. Whatever difficult situation you were in, you faced everything and had full faith in me. You believe me and this belief makes me what I am.
    A- Amazing.

    And so we celebrate our Mayya, Bhagwati Sita's birthday to please her and get her blessings ��

    Pic: A drawing by her based on the poem ❤

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    Birthday of Bhagwati

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    Appearance and
    Character differs.
    Some sees the
    appearance and
    some feels the


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    They mocked me for dressing like a guy
    They teased me for wearing hand me downs
    They were grossed by my unstylish appearance
    But I never felt anything
    Until I fell for him and he rejected me for how I dressed.

  • devilfish 59w

    My Black Shirt Skin With Black Cologne

    I look without a scope
    I don't judge or cast judgements
    Hasty generalizations are for most
    All I know is I cast my vote
    On a patriotic note
    I love my home
    This place doesn't need a throne
    To reign in it's swirl of nightmares and dream
    A cyclone
    Of change
    Viciously bleeding hate
    False claims
    Glass plates
    That break when things change
    But it's heart will remain
    When I walk through that place
    Nostalgia and pride pulsate through my veins
    I'm coming back to my heart
    I'm emptying myself of hate
    When I walk with this gain
    As I'd made ways
    In different times
    I adapt with my change
    Although pain has been known to
    The former
    Without destroying it's unique state
    Of being
    Our thoughts are something
    Look me in the eyes when you see me walking
    Feel the energy talking to your mind
    In a way my aura plays it's rays of lunar crazed
    In the sunlight's rays
    My milky brown eyes
    Leak misty eyed beams of what I love
    The things I hate
    Even the concept itself
    But two even ends of the same thing
    I compartmentalize in trays on a shelf
    Where they make amends and I part ways
    But things haunt me to this days
    The things you can smell with enough experience
    If you don't see a thing
    And you just drink the water
    Without anyone leading you to it
    You already knew it
    Just do it
    Then walk in a fluid manner
    Congruent in your movement
    Will do it
    If you don't apply to much pressure
    Do it gradual
    With ease
    Tease the folds and crease with emotive
    Dreams and agony unfolding into
    A masterpiece of bettered tradgedies
    Even in formality
    The human race
    Is not lost in all totality
    It's tattered with falsifying fallacies
    That have seem to metamorphosis
    Of misinterpreted analogies
    Biased in philosophies
    But time is picking up it's velocity
    Let's increase generosity for the people
    I'm fed up with the formalities
    And ignorant informalities being
    Strung about by blasphemy
    And racist bags of meat
    But we must not bow to defeat
    As if we we're falling to their mercy
    On living feat with voices that can shift tides
    With it's power like the sea
    Let me go free freedom
    We have our speech
    We must not lift our noses in
    We need to be strong
    We are
    Because we had to be
    We have to be
    We are
    I could be you
    You could be me
    It's a mirror
    If you look closely
    It's clearer as you get nearer
    To the truth
    The unfamiliar interior

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    We are so busy judging people, isn't it?
    There social media profile has become the way of judging for others.
    Stop judging people based on their social media.
    You never know who they actually may be.

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    #believe #believeinyourself #strength #situation #strong #problems #solutions #weak #goodorbad #experience #socialmedia #facebook #instagram #profile #personality #personal #appearance #judgment #judging #idontcare

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    Your social media profile doesn't define who you are.
    Your personal appearance does.

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    Scars on your face doesn't make you ugly. Make up on your face doesn't make you look beautiful.

  • murryben 89w

    Bejewelled words
    sprayed with aromatic
    myrrh and frankincense,

    But what good are words
    if it doesn't speak to your heart?

    I'd rather you feel and cherish it
    than be dusted and polished
    for appearance's sake.

    ©Meri Murry

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    ...your soul depicts you,
    not your appearance

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    Fake people create their impressions by manipulating their appearance in front of us.


  • nomad_thinks 94w


    Loving 'a person's projection' & 'a person as they truly are' are altogether different things.

    (realised during a conversation with a friend)


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    Some people may
    look fake, but they
    always pray for your
    sake. So never judge
    someone by their
    outward appearance,
    instead read the
    hearts of people.


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    A Rugosa has barbs like lances.
    Needles cover a Prickly Pear.
    Why is it then the first is labelled "beautiful"
    Yet the other considered too awful to bear?


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    If you attend from outside, the partition even pretend in the sky. Let's look from a pure heart, nothing is apart!��

    #perceive #appearance #seesaw #experience ✍️����️ #transparent #equality #glass #happinessofhavingless

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    I feel like this world is getting a colder place. We tend to concentrate on our differences rather on the things that make us equal. It's time to realize that our core is all the same.
    #choices #discrimination #age #gender #ethnicity #religion #sexuality #appearance #humanbeing #tolerance #acceptance #weareone

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    Discrimination ... by definition, the practice of treating somebody or a particular group in society less fair than others
    It means you choose ... having an enemy over making a friend ... fear over curiosity ... insecurity over interest ... a possible threat over an enrichment ... feeling superior over feeling equal

    Gender ... by definition, the fact of being male, female or non-binary, especially when considered with references to social and cultural differences
    It does not mean you are ... pink or blue ... dear and good or noisy and wild ... submissive or dominant ... fair game or hard to reach ... a women's libber or a wimp

    Age ... by definition, the number of years that a person has lived
    It does not mean you are ... naive or wise ... too young or too old for anything ... adjustable or stubborn ... inexperienced or versed ... energetic or dull

    Appearance ... by definition, the way that somebody looks on the outside, what somebody seems to be
    It does not mean you are ... a supermodel or a wallflower ... beautiful or ugly ... perfect or flawed ... skinny or obese ... too much or too little of anything

    Sexuality ... by definition, the feelings and activities connected with a person's sexual desires
    It does not mean you are ... a prude or a pervert ... normal or sick ... celibate or sex addict ... a dyke or a fag ... just having a phase

    Social Background ... by definition, the sociocultural heritage somebody is growing up with according to their einvironmental conditioning
    It does not mean you will be ... a homeless or a millionaire ... poor or rich ... stupid or clever ... powerless or influential ... inferior or superior

    Ethnicity ... by definition, the fact of belonging to a particular nation or people that share a cultural tradition
    It does not mean you are ... an honest human being or a mean criminal ... a welcome local or a feared stranger ... quiet or short-tempered ... reliable or faithless ... hard-working or lazy

    Religion ... by definition, the belief in the existence of a god or gods, and the activities that are connected with the worship of them, or in the teachings of a spiritual leader
    It does not mean you are ... a saint or a terrorist ... open-minded or old-fashioned ... tolerant or fundamentalist ... educated or credolous ... trustworthy or dishonest

    Human Being ... by definition, a member of any of the races of Homo sapiens
    It means we can choose ... making friends over having an enemy ... curiosity over fear ... interest over insecurity ... enrichment over a possible threat ... feeling equal over feeling superior