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  • be_sweet98 5h


    Everyone need to be appreciated... Not bcz they are weary..for your appreciation..it just bcz your one appreciation will motivate someone to give their best.. ❤️ ~Abigail

  • jpwriter 1w

    Appreciation of Life

    Appreciate life
    As a whole
    All of the fear
    Just let it go
    Hold your love near
    & Take it slow
    Life is right here
    So go with the flow
    Keep your mind so clear
    Ignoring the bull
    Life will appear
    The glass is half full
    If you persevere
    A loving soul
    You will adhere
    The top of goals
    With the vision of seers
    You're unstoppable


  • brokenfairy 1w


    I hate to set myself resolutions
    Because I get angry
    And hate myself when
    I never complete them.
    So this year I had none.
    But as I watched,
    December become January,
    I fell in love
    With the beauty.
    And I realised that
    There is good everywhere,
    If I look for good
    Over bad, and so
    I made my resolution;
    To appreciate the beauty
    Of the world and in that
    Of myself too.


  • devdevil 2w

    Each of us needs appreciation in carrying ourselves.The never ending thoughts,the chaotic and perplexed mind,the constant battles we fought inside the head and still trying to stay sane.Yes being human is not that easy and you are doing that,great.

  • dosbambi 3w

    Happy New Year folks...

    Thanks for all the love shown in 2021, we do better this year. Cheers to doing better this year.

    Thank you!

    You can follow me on IG @bambidanieloluwadare

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #africanpoet #africanwriter #happynewyear #appreciation

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    The new year has finally walked in,
    2022 has collected the baton from 2021,
    and now, we are up for another ride.
    We go harder, this new chapter,
    We do better, this new phase,
    Nothing but raising the bar
    on this new ride.

  • blackshadezs 4w

    Dear daughter,

    Dear daughter of mine
    Don't worry about future holds,
    Work hard for what you want
    Know that falling only means you're tried,

    When your heart breaks,
    It's teaching you what you don't want,
    Money's not everything
    But it doesn't make life easier

    Put up boundaries,
    Speak your truth,
    Be picky.
    You are intelligent, beautiful, wonderful soul
    You deserve someone as wonderful as you are.

    Never give up,
    Always belive in yourselves,
    I belive in you.

    Don't hold grudges,
    But don't accept bad behaviour.
    Love yourself first
    Know you are valuable.

    Know you are special
    But be humble as well.
    Treat all with respect,
    But expect respect for yourself.

    Walk away from thing's don't suite you
    Decide who you are everyday
    With every small decision.
    Be the leader instead of boss.
    Be proud of yourself.

    You are incredible.

    Make mistakes,
    It's okay.
    Be real,
    Be true.

    Know that whatever path you take...
    What ever mistakes you make...
    I have your back secretly...

    You will get back and learn from it.

    You are loved.
    You are unique and rare.
    I will never feel jealous of you
    Or want you to be less.

    I want you to shine.
    Shine bright as Sun.
    Fly high as eagle.
    A Smile as big as it can be.


  • hawaii 4w


    Being far away
    I still remember your ways
    Those were the good days
    Those songs you sent
    I listen to when I feel burnt
    Its been so long I need a consent
    Just to send you a compliment
    I know you are fine
    I always picture you so divine
    Straight out of France; a fine wine

    Your shyness your humility
    I see untapped ability
    Being hidden you can face reality
    Coming out a sure winner
    You make the world a little greener
    Though we are all sinners
    I feel most are unworthy for your attention
    You bring such a satisfaction
    It can’t be found anywhere else in this dimension
    Like a flawless new song
    Abstain from the wrong
    Be good, be strong

  • hawaii 4w

    Sunrise Queen

    With that long black hair
    and a smooth chocolate skin so fair
    What others think I don't care
    In that red dress
    every inch I wanna caress
    Picturing you undress
    it's like chocolate uncovered
    I can't help thinking of you under the cover
    I don't care if we use a rubber
    I'll be with you till you shudder
    then you'll know I'd rather be with no other

    Those mystery eyes
    I wish they were my spies
    so I could watch you from sunset to sunrise
    Those sugar lips like candy in disguise
    I wanna chew till I hear cries
    every inch I'll taste like French fries
    Locking eyes you'll hear no lies
    "if I were rich you'd be on the cover by of every magazine"
    "you deserve an English breakfast at every waking"
    "because are a goddess walking"

    That scented neck with perfect collar bone
    I could sniff you all day alone
    Those double scoop chocolate without the cone
    perky and melting its too much for one man to own
    I'd be your cup, your ice cream cone
    licking you from dusk till dawn
    It would be an act of servitude
    to feed you, clothe you with gratitude
    Under the cover you'll be on high altitude
    as we explore your longitudes and latitide

    That linear stomach and expansive hips
    spotless with this wall of ribs
    soon to be a pool as I caress with my lips
    Sweat gathers as our hips collide with rising heartbeats
    On running adrenaline we ignore the heat
    as I become your vibrating chair to sit
    Those perfectly curved buns connected to those drumsticks
    like slow roasted brown stake juicy and thick
    A man could get instant healing if he's sick
    My hands keep sliding when trying to lift
    Those flawless legs ever clean
    with a pack calf muscle to lean
    For me not to wash it would be a sin

    Spreading your drumsticks on the floor
    I look at your golden door
    as I opened the door you wanted more
    It's a tight space and hot in the core
    So fresh and agile I knew you couldn't get sore
    It was my greatest gift as I explored
    The treasures inside I'd never felt this way before
    Your cookie was irresistible
    I didn't thirst for milk, it was insatiable
    The mutual satisfaction was undescribable
    As we locked eyes one last time we reached our destination

    #appreciation #beauty

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    Sunrise Queen

    With that long black hair
    and a smooth chocolate skin so fair
    What others think I don't care
    In that red dress
    every inch I wanna caress
    Picturing you undress
    it's like chocolate uncovered
    I can't help thinking of you under the cover
    I don't care if we use a rubber
    I'll be with you till you shudder
    then you'll know I'd rather be with no other

  • hawaii 4w

    Miles Away

    When I close my eyes
    Your smile brushes my vision
    When I hear that song
    I imagine you standing beneath a raintree
    So unpredictable, unavoidable you are
    In my mind you a celebrity
    So pretty in undeniable
    How could I ever stood a chance?
    The way you advance
    I could love you without pretence
    Now you're miles away
    and I'm a lost cause
    Ignoring the opportunities surrounding me
    The emotions keep piling up
    To release I go to sleep listening
    "swear to God when I come home,
    I'm gonna hold you so close,
    swear to God when I come home,
    I'll never let go"
    Looking at the screen shots
    Just to calm my mind
    The regrets I guess are eating me inside
    No one to confide
    I'm alone trying to suppress
    This adrenaline of affection
    Focused on you,
    you can say I'm stagnant
    Thinking of one I can't have
    While letting other pass by
    We may no be close by
    But I hope someone loves you
    The way I would

  • hawaii 4w


    I remember the day you left me hanging
    My gosh it's already been a year of longing
    I think about a lady a pretty and charming
    You knew me when I was invisible
    Who I was then needed someone stable
    You filled the void and now I'm able
    Thought you hated me but no
    Bought you plated sugar coating so
    Brought myself to be melted and here I am lying low

    Pure you were when we met
    You're not so clean now that you left
    Lure me then be mean you had me swept
    I refuse to belief that you're a thief
    I'm confused in disbelief what a relief
    I was short fused my trust I let fall like a leaf
    Its my fault by I regret nothing
    She may have been a vault but a blessing
    She may not be my salt but my icing
    In a sea of despair you were my lighthouse

  • hawaii 4w

    A Work of Art

    Julie, beautiful and smart
    A priceless work of art!
    Your charisma captures me,
    I hope one day you can see,
    that you are the embodiment of perfection!
    Lovely hair, gorgeous skin, beautiful mind.
    Beauty, manners and brains!

    If we were all planets in the galaxy,
    you'd be earth; a perfect creation full of life!
    The Pacific isn't deep enough to drown your beauty,
    the days and nights aren't long enough to make me forget you!
    Your fire burns burns brighter than the sun,
    the warmth of your heart can light up the world!
    How lucky I am to have met you? A rare specimen.
    If only there were more like you,
    the world could be a better place!


  • vbear9396 5w

    Tao'y magkakaiba.
    Kahit na gaano kalaki ang iyong naitulong,
    Kapag dumating ang panahon.
    Ikaw na ang nasa sitwasyon walang wala.
    Wala ka nang aasahan.
    Gigipitin ka pa.

    #consideration #appreciation #fairness @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Things are not as simple as it is.
    Life is difficult.
    Yet you have to find light.
    Life not unfair, but the people who have it.


  • sunshower_ 8w

    Thoovanathumbikal(malayalam)- dragonflies in the spraying rain

    #silence #thunderc #appreciation

    @maestral @woodsorrels_ @heartsease i learnt three new words from you. ��

    If there are any mistakes do point out

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    i've some unfinished business
    left incomplete with
    the empty handed skies
    laying on vestigial alcoves of
    silence staring right back–
    their gaze on everything
    offering nothing but silence

    sometimes the silence
    between us stops time in its track,
    and we misread our eyes,
    it becomes intimidatingly
    awkward, the silence makes
    my heart heavy, and contrives
    bathos inside me.

    lately my hair is turning a shade
    lighter, like pages of your favourite novel,
    that i stained with coffee,
    and filled it with your odour,
    my fingertips, underlined graphite,
    fading alphabet, folded corner pages
    i'm searching you inside the words
    on the serifs, the asterisks you marked,
    the paragraphs your circled,
    but i find nothing.

    a concoction of torment and
    words brews like dark clouds
    against the blue seething,
    swarming; concealing the orange
    lamenting orb, whelving the colours
    upon swaying flowers of free verse,
    mauve sheets staining on the skies,
    contrails of unsaid feelings–
    as i try to supress the thunders,
    stuffing it inside the sentences,
    i see, a swarm of dragonflies
    making a pattern of two hearts,
    the boiling poem inside me
    cools down by few degrees,
    serein take over, as they
    dance their way away,
    taking the silence with them,
    leaving me with a baby poem
    and i slip it between
    the pages of our favourite novel,

    23 Nov '21

  • empresseb 9w

    They call you just a man
    I say an unsung hero
    I say a beacon of light , to most who won't confess they've been in the darkness
    I say a Blue Diamond
    a walking , living , talking legacy
    Your contributions are , needed , noted and appreciated
    Even though you have been rarely celebrated
    You are more than just a man
    You are One in a Billion
    Happy International Men's Day
    Keep Rising
    Keep Shining

  • swapydairy 12w


    People who appreciates your eyes beauty can really see your soul, that connection can make you feel deeper then ever... And I know you have experienced that once in a lifetime you experience that for sure

  • hawaii 13w

    Delphine V

    I remember when I first saw you
    Long black natural hair beautiful skin
    Odd dressing, it was the dressing for me
    You showed me that not all girls are the same
    I would wait for you, day by day
    Hoping to catch a sight of you around the corner

    This lasted for almost a year
    In that time you were my inspiration
    You were my motivation
    You were my partner in solitude
    You were my light when all seemed dark
    Your name always brings a smile
    The sight of you brings even more

    I would go on day and night taking about you
    Yet never meeting you didn't matter to me
    Me making you smile from behind the curtains
    That was enough for me
    I know you never meant to be in such situation
    I never planned for this either
    However we come, this is where we are
    I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong

  • work2rise 17w

    That person that you think is being too extra or doing too much, may actually be the ' One In Need.'



    " It is better to listen than to (lose) scarfice. "

    And I said to myself earlier, I need to listen more.

    Xavier Omar - Say It

    The Vaccines - Denial

    Anderson Paak - Am I Wrong

    Only one at a time
    So precious, is yours, is mine
    Only one at a time
    My life, my life

    Am I wrong to assume
    If she can't dance, then she can't ooh?
    Am I wrong to say
    If she can't dance, then she can't ooh?

    I never wanna waste your time, my life
    So precious, is yours, is mine
    And look at the time, my God
    So precious, is yours, is mine
    Only one at a time
    So precious, is yours, is mine
    Only one at a time
    My life, my life


  • hawaii 18w

    Dangerous Waters

    For you money wasn't negotiable
    For you I only felt illegible
    You were the top of the table
    I only felt like I had a broken ankle
    I couldn't reach you from my angle
    How I'm feeling now I myself am liable

    I wish you only happiness
    That you be treated like a princess
    That the one you choose must know you're priceless
    That you never run short of substance
    That in your career you only advance
    That is my wish for the rest of your existence

    #appreciation #poetry

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    Dangerous Waters

    It's messed up
    Now I can't even whatsapp
    I can't even lift my face up
    I can't even smile with a "what's up?"
    My previous self and I there's a gap
    It's kills me now that I gave a tap
    I'm out of the game now and it's a wrap
    Somehow I still feel like I'm in a trap

    I didn't even ask for your digits
    Maybe that's why I'm in a ditch
    I never took your for a bitch
    Now you've left me in a stitch
    I feel like my world's in a glitch
    I can't see clearly and it's giving me a pinch

    It wasn't a test
    I only wanted what was best
    I didn't mean to be a pest
    Now you've fed me poison to digest
    It feels like I've been shot without a vest
    My mind can't even have a rest
    I'm walking towards the east and you're pulling west
    Maybe that's what I deserve for trying to give you the best

  • aashi_singh23 18w

    If you are trying to be disciplined in your life, don't look for appreciation and validation from others.


  • sukare 18w

    #appreciation #praise #compliment

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Plethora

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    A plethora of bouquets for the toughest teenager.