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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 23w

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    14 December 2021 7 pm

    ( A year used to be counted as twelve moons )

    I don't know what this is, but this is the brief of my entire literary life. I'm so thankful for this platform and everyone here. It's my birthday and this is my love to all of you ♡
    Thank you for all your wishes ♡♡♡♡♡

    Thank you, you too ♡♡♡ @writersnetwork Will reply soon !

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    Corona starry glow
    Chromatic halo, heart's holophrasis over
    Caliginous moon clouds

    Poet's pearly crown
    Poesy pinned illecebrous twelve moons
    Paracosm coruscate puissance

    • • •

    Twelve moons of Poetry

    Solacing Sonnets, Visionary villanelle
    Healing Haikus, Euphoric Ekphrastics
    Constellating Concretes, Edging Elegies
    Elusive Epigrams, Leisurely Limericks
    Beauteous Ballads, Emotive Epitaphs
    Ornamental Odes and Fulfilling Free verses

    • • •

    // Countless are my crystal tears
    Yet if my farewell could count my hitherto breaths
    They'd sum as many as my poetries //


  • smartsam 23w

    Archaic Euphoria!

    Archaic true amity
    well past away!
    Now just they
    hi bye say!

    Those outmoded jacket
    still carries memories essense!
    In that hat on wall Hook top
    reminds sober life presence!

    The shoes weighted black, brown
    heavy made of pure leather!
    How kids saved in books
    birds & peacock feathers!

    The food granny made
    out of her own hand!
    No mixer no juicer
    her own pick & brand!

    The old school bag
    now replaced by tab!
    Of my old cherished memories
    mind recalls & eyes wet drop!

    The peace & calm
    close or far from!
    Trees old & verendah
    saved handwritten letters
    & those telegrams!

    Those days archaic
    old friends & family!
    Home was more then &
    less barbeque & parties!

    Life moves ahead
    old gets past!
    Memories of old & archaic
    though forever in heart last!


  • directioner_05 23w

    ~Caliginous clouds rain, showering the earth with aesthetic self love~

    When Caliginous clouds rain,
    showering the earth with
    the dusky droplets of self love.

    The deserted, barren lands
    Shimmer with a viridescent glow
    Under the warmth of the beaming sun.

    While the gardens of thorns and withered petals evolve into the radiant flowers
    Some cherry reds and some berry blues.

    When the rain ends, leaving the nature into
    a state of pure bliss.Everyone blooms with joy
    drenched into the droplets of aesthetic self love

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~


  • meedeh 24w

    #miraquill #writersnetwork

    Whatever you’re going through right now, remember, the darkest nights produce the brightest stars. #hangontight #donotloosehope #youaregonnamakeit.

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    A new dawn comes alive,
    but reflects no reflection.
    For the sky remained starless;
    and no hope for a shooting star.
    The stars thy wished for,
    are invisible in the dawn you view.

    A new dusk arise,
    but reflects reflection.
    For the stars appears in the darkest nights;
    Nought scary, but one of the most beautiful sights,
    shining in the midst of darkness.

    There, a gloomy and distressed side of life.
    Glowing and radiant alongside;
    there, thy hope has been.
    Tho' we meet with darkness and strife.
    The brightest side we also may view.

    Impossible for man,
    to recognize dazzling light;
    Without an experience of darkness;
    the doubt, thou hearken!
    Nought comparable to triumph approaching.
    From caliginous to foudroyant,
    Tis glorious!


  • shabbz_felix 24w

    When Jesus comes again

    From the beginning when God created this world
    Everything was good and fair
    But the enemy had a plan
    As of up to this day still decieving humans
    Due to is evil presence . The world has become dark and drear
    As if men hearts are build on bricks
    More and more people hearts have grown colder and dim
    That some shed blood with no remorse
    Causing so much heartache and sorrow
    Many find no hope in the tomorrow
    Cause every day is a fatal shooting spree .
    Tell me how comes men have so desperately wicked ?
    Innocent lives are being cut short
    Families are sadly broken .
    God please lend us a helping hand
    For without you we are doom
    Life is like vapour with all this senseless killing
    The news very discouraging and disheartening
    people are subjected to a caliginous mindset
    Things have taken a turn for the worst by the head
    Where are we heading to
    No one knows and many don't seem to care
    Life is so precious yet persons are taking it for granted
    Why take someone else's life when you can't give life
    You got nothing on life
    But you busy destroying lives
    People need to stop this senseless killing
    To many are dying with no hope
    Covid 19 is already causing so much pain and misery
    Depression is increasing
    That's mean many will commiting suicide
    I pray that the Lord will minister to our broken hearts
    I literally have tear filled eyes
    Practically every day there is some bad news
    people are daily been murdered
    Or at hospital fighting for survival
    And families are grieving .
    Emotionally they are broken
    But one day death will died
    The trumpet of the Lord shall sound
    Jesus will burst the clouds open
    And the dead in Christ shall rise first
    On that great resurrection morning.
    Then there will be no more pain, no more sorrow .no crying
    For the former things will be passed away
    We need Jesus more than ever

  • chinahorom_ 24w


    Dishing Loki vibes ����

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    Caliginous hope

    Caliginous hope entwined in diaphanous dreams waits and wants and waits, slipping into a niveous haze.
    Change will come with shades of fading realities, shadowed in saturated apricity.
    We will be free again!

    "The only time I fall is upwards.
    And when I rise, I am vapour returning to the clouds, my mothership.
    Submitting to gravity is frail.
    I am your superior.
    Bow! "


  • night_mist_ 24w


    The shadow of someone's caliginous past blew my future into darkness

  • gaurangig 24w

    Tried to use many archaic words...don't know if I have used them correctly. Some enrichment of my vocab today!


    Torture of the soul ambuscaded by sorrow
    The beldam bethinks herself of an appetency
    Of a bygone Era

    As she sinks deeper and deeper
    In the caliginous depths of the ocean
    Under the crashing gray billows of grief

    The bane of her memories
    Pulls her asunder as she thinks of her compeers
    She lost a long time ago to the ague!

    Dighted in all her bijoux, she waits
    A corse inside a still livid body
    She wishes the visions would avaunt

    She stares at the flickering light from the glim
    With glaciated misty eyes

    But alas, she is cursed to cradle
    Her frore heart till the ends of time

    At last she hearkens to the voice in her head
    And then indites the most soulful poetry.

    #wod #archaic #miraquill #writersnetwork

    Ambuscade- ambush
    Beldam - old woman
    Appetency- a longing or desire
    Billows- big sea waves
    Bane- poison
    Asunder- apart
    Compeers- close companions
    Ague- disease
    Dight - wear
    Bijoux- jewelery
    Corse- corpse
    Avaunt - go away
    Glim - candle
    Glaciated- frozen
    Frore- frozen
    Hearken- listen
    Indite- compose

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    Searching for my lost light
    At the bottom of the ocean of sorrow
    All I find is a caliginous sight!


  • dinner 24w

    Blue Roof

    The blue roof was caliginous crowded
    In the midst of dark clouds
    Busted the cloud the earth showered
    The smiling lush green land
    The big black boys were shining
    When the sun rays were kissing
    The green land and big black boys
    All were in joy


  • nakkupulli 24w

    Caliginous aisle leads igniting gut into nocturnal ombre urn surreptitiously

  • _broken_mirror_ 24w

    Even this caliginous night will not be able to represent the darkness of my desolate life.

  • myrealityexists 24w


    Oh how could this suffering take on my muse to a state caliginous in awe and why is it it always ends in a broken promised withdraw. I will set my sights on my personal growth and even if caliginous it be this is my solid oath.

  • miss_phoenix 24w

    Even your shadow also went into caliginous,
    When our eternal buried.

  • hoorbanu98 24w

    Death is easy but caliginious not♥

    In the world of people for sink or swim, my pure relation is with caliginious and the soul of cage can realize my happiness sitting at window and imagining the pain to wear a perfection of life.

    《 13-12-2021 》

  • pawani_t 24w

    Caliginous Night

    Walking back to my car,
    Felt different that evening.
    With a heavy heart,
    With a soul torn apart,
    With eyes filled with tear droplets,
    With spirit like an empty pocket.

    The evening turned into a caliginous night.
    With the hostility taking over my spirits,
    With the bitterness taking over me every minute.

    Days passed by,
    Months passed by,
    And yet today when I recall that caliginous night,
    It does seem bright,
    For it made me ignite:
    Ignite with a staunch psyche,
    Despite the fatigued life spikes.

  • willow_in_the_rain 24w

    Through the cracks
    Amidst the smoky clouds
    Seeps in the caliginous night
    Silent, stifling...

    The blooms have withered
    And the branches
    Droops down in despair
    Indomitable darkness reigns....

    Intangible dread
    Slithers along, unseen
    Reining in the disquiet,
    I wait for the dawn...

    #wod #archaic

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  • i_faha 24w

    In memory of the word 'caliginous'
    (Day 13)

    The evolution of language has forever intrigued me. How must have we humans agreed to birth a particular sound for a particular word? The rolling of the tongues, the circling of the lips, pressing down the teeth, shaping the air coming through into moulds, that we call words. Fixate on a single word, like the word, 'word' itself, and the boundaries around it start to blur. Often, it even slips off our consciousness, temporarily.

    And then there are those unfortunate words, that couldn't catch up with the speeding train of human awareness, falling out of our memories without a sound. Nobody really noticed their absence, until someone found their dried up corpse in the woods, and decided to build them a poetic memorial, to pay them their final respects.

  • sproutedseeds 24w


    The moonless sky on caliginous night
    seems scary but a package of delight
    bringing hopes opening gradually
    in phases denoting patience actually.

    Beginning of a new cycle once again
    with confidence to grow and shine
    into a full moon, a grace of divine
    to work with faith as the days align.


  • hallucination 24w

    #irecallc #archaic #writersnetwork #wordsnthoughts #gdx_refrains

    And then you wondered where it went to as I reached for you
    But all I felt was shame and you held my lifeless frame.
    ~ all too well (Taylor's Version)

    Thanks for ♥️ and EC (4) wn!!

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    I recall the December chills,
    Caliginous sky in the glim
    And cinder near the hearth
    Like a still from an old film

    I recall how my life
    Was merely a lifeless frame
    Till you came and everything
    was shining in your name

    I recall how all the feathers
    Started flying around
    But my heart stopped
    After I heard your flute's sound....

  • babershaik 24w


    Caliginous nights
    We're my frights
    Burning a candle at night
    Gives me sóme sight
    Winter mornings caliginous sight
    Misty ways jeopardizes the lives
    Jamed the roads and hampered life
    Pausing the vehicles at every point.