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  • scarletheart_moonlovers 48w

    I was the fallen one among those
    Chilliad stars
    But somebody made a constellation
    Under the sky,
    Within those four walls..!
    While my finger waltz through those
    Ivory keys
    And those speaker chords breezed
    cool zephyrs and aromated harmony
    Echoed L-O-V-E -M-Y-S-E-L-F
    And hugged emotional ardour gently
    Reflecting my own mug on
    Those mirror (heart) moulded with Love
    The fence framed seven pieces
    of my whole heart

    I m no more a fallen STAR
    But one who slained SCARS-
    --scars being slained by them--

    JUST ONE DAY I can't live without
    'Imagining your face'
    I NEED YOU to SAVE ME from the
    so please STAY with me forever !

    Just a lame try !
    Baked in 3minutes
    I m not good at poetry ��

    #ARMY_ROOM #BTS #armyroom
    A special thanks to @ak_anjali_daydreamzz and @arya_abhipsa for this idea
    And @thesunshineloves for being the admin of chatroom ❤❤
    It's the first anniversary of our Army chatroom
    Borahae everyone ������

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    //I m no more a fallen STAR
    But one who slained SCARS
    with them ♡//

    When I m this room
    I m in a MAGIC SHOP


  • aqstar 48w

    A room with some of my basic things,
    A single bed and blue piano inside it.
    A purple blanket and not teddy bear but BT21 on my bed.

    An aquarium with colourful fishes, and
    A bookshelf with lots of books and my diary inside it.

    A blue vase with some blooming flowers ,
    A radio on my table and cute fluffy pillows on my bed.

    An army bomb on my table and photocards of our 7 angels with it.
    A big BTS logo painted on my wall, and some inspiration lyrics written on it.

    A room with big window from where I can take apracity in winters,
    Window from where I can glimpse that twinkling stars at dark night,
    A room that can give me ataraxia...
    A room that whoops An ARMY ROOM Inside it.

    #Army #Bts #BTS #ARMY #Armyroom #ARMY_ROOM ... #btsforever #newchingus ��...#newchatroom #borahae #room #anarmyroom
    I don't know it's that good or not..., but I tried my best... To write it..., (jaldi jaldi.. Likha hai... Koi mistake..ho to ., comment mai btao.. Bina jhijhak..) ��....
    A big bunny thanks to - @arya_abhipsa ,
    And to all the armies...here (I can't tag to all)
    Thank u for giving me lots of love....
    Borahae... Armies n BTS �� ✨��������

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