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  • niviee 23w


    For the first time
    We sat
    Sat on a table, facing each other
    Trying to interpret
    Interpret the sixes and nines we wrote to one another
    We hoped
    Hoped to get the best mate ever
    We spoke
    Spoke cautiously not to hurt each other
    We synchronised
    Synchronised routines to know each other
    We dreamed
    Dreamed of traveling together
    We planned
    Planned to be companion of each other
    We believed
    Believed to have a better future together
    We aspired
    Aspired to change the world forever
    We wondered
    Wondered of the fact that -
    We are apart
    Poles apart, I being 'North' and you the 'South'
    But this is what
    That makes a magnet intact
    Not only an entity
    An entity on its own
    Also showing direction to others, let it be east, west or someone's lost home

  • clichepenname 25w

    Arranging social constructs to flex wealth in limited genetic pools

    I was cordially invited to celebrate an amalgamated #hornia which is as forced as the two names involved in it . Tacky golden borders on the invitation blinded me from the numerous degrees the groom amassed in two and a half decades of virginity.

    Mr.Ku and I were very lucky as we were allowed at this superstitions friendly event. The dress code was simple : traditional. But "Let me stand out at an event where I dont know either of the main reasons for the event" seemed to be the norm.

    After thorough enquiry and observations, Ku and I were the only ones sans sunglasses. Asking for the reason why they are needed at an evening event, we deduced it so we protect ourselves from the glare of the ubiquitous make up. "Wear your body weight in make up" seem to be the go-to move. Finally we sat at a corner table with a pair of retired "daughter-in-laws". The conversations we had with them could and should be an episode on its own.

    To understand culture we need to know history. So lets dive into the history of Mr. Horn. E. Fallow and Ms.Bak Ria and how their union came to be.

    As soon as Ms.Bak reached puberty, her father started saving money, so one day he can pay the man who has his permission to have sex with his daughter. The qualifications the groom needs are like an iceberg. The tip of it was the bride's opinion and the buried and necessary part : caste, religion and of course "log kya kahenge".

    After using more filters than an amazon shopping list, they had narrowed it down to a few eligible bachelors, some of whose bloodlines would be long gone if not for arranged marriages. The filters ranged from skin tone to salary. Also, we came across the word "wheatish" very often when we checked the website www.getridofyourliability.com where the bride and groom met. Its the first time i have seen a cereal used to describe a persons skin tone. Maybe we should refer to Caucasians as maida from now.

    All in all, after a plethora of interesting traditions and pujas a yellow twine of societal obligations was chained to the brides neck. Before the parents could thank the guests for coming, everyone started heading to the catering counters. It was similar to the passengers we encountered on most indian flights.

    As the guests started thinning out just like the hopes of our bride. Mr. Ku and I walked side by side looking at a scoop of melting ice cream in my paper cup. Just like the ice cream our brides form and her dreams and goals will start melting as shes placed in a strange cup for the rest of her life. Gifting her a divorce lawyers card, my companion and me silently trotted away to our next adventure.

    Thats all for now folks. If you're offended Mr.Ku says he doesnt give a folks about it.

    PS: Please dont click on that website. Its not real.

    Yours truly,


  • entanglednerves 29w

    Arranged Marriages Are Fun

    Why are marriages "arranged"? It's just evident out there
    You get to enjoy 'legitimate' sex, you get to have some more money
    Sons are taught to be dowry seekers, daughters taught to be gold diggers
    And the young couples are forced to have byproducts called children
    This is why Arranged Marriages are Fun coz they make you look O-so-Obedient
    But truth is you cannot run away from the fact that it was just a business deal.


  • johnettan 51w

    തീതീം നോക്കി ജാതീം നോക്കി
    പാതിയെ ഒന്നാക്കി
    ഇപ്പം,പാതികൾ തമ്മിൽ പരാതിയൊഴിഞ്ഞിട്ടൊരു ചെറുനാഴികയോ?

  • vijivg1708 56w

    Need You

    Care Me Back!!
    If you Really Felt My Love
    Protect Me Back!!
    If You Really Care Myself
    Do Share Your Love with me
    Without Expect Anything,
    If You Really Love me ❣️❣️

  • gtsreeja_ 84w

    Khwaabon se door, Haqeeqat ki noor

    Kahan udti zulfon ko sambhalna chahrahi thi
    Aur kahan ab bikhare baal ko lipat rahi hoon
    Koshish tho bahut kiye humne pehla pyaar doondne ki
    Aur mera dupatta kisike kurta mein phasne ki

    Ab dupatta ke khwaab nahi dekhte hum shaadi arranged jo hogaya
    Pehle pyaar ki khoj ab nahi karte insaan jo milgaya

    Shayad waqt ke saath pyaar bhi hojayega
    Aur kabhi na kabhi mere dupatta na sahi par mere saadi ke pallu tho zaroor phasega


  • _infinity_writer_ 95w

    A wild ride

    She had no clue what to do...

    she had never done this like this. How do people do this all the time, she thought.
    She didn't even know how to sit. This was not her idea.

    She had once told him in the past that she had never done this and she would like to try some day. She never even thought about it after that. "I'm gonna screw this up and your gonna hate me and divorce me" she said to him. "you are gonna screw up but i am not gonna hate you and definitely not divorce you. You are like a friend now to me" he said.

    Are we now? she thought. They met one day in front of each others parents and boom! and Here they are married for 7 months. They didn't talk to each other that much at first. TV shows made them talk to each other. She showed him shows he never watched. He would want her to watch it with him. Thats how they are here 7 months later. She watched this on some show and said to him she wanna try it. And here they are.

    That’s how it always is. She shows or tells about something and he will try and make it happen. She finds new recipes, shows or songs he likes and introduces it to him. "Now put your legs on either side, yeah like that" he said. "I gonna screw up" she said. you are not, you are the most talented, determined and beautiful woman i had ever met, he didn't say it out loud.

    He took her hand and placed it on the handle bars. "So it's an RE 350 classic powered by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, twinspark, air-cooled, 346 cc engine that makes 19.8 bhp and 28 Nm of torque. The motor is oPered with a 5-speed gearbox and -" " I have no clue what you are talking about" she cut him oP. God, you are adorable she thought when he explained it. But she did not here what he was saying.

    He stood beside and watched her. I would marry you again if i could, he didn't say it out loud either. "wait, here", he kick started the bike and sat behind her. "I have to feed more just to start this thing" she said. He was teaching her and it went good. Just when it was getting dark they called it oP and stai1ed to go back. "How much does this cost?" she asked.

    "um »
    "you were reciting the specs"
    "you know money doesn't matter right" "what did you do!?!"

    "as i said, Money. doesn't. matter. lets go out have dinner and go back home. I heard that they opened a new dhabha. Lets go and -" he started rambling. She knew he wouldn't say the price. She would look it up afterwards. But now...

    She loved this man for making her smile...


  • untold_diaries_story 97w

    It was an arranged marriage
    But next morning
    When I saw her in wet hair
    I fell in love

  • _maymay_ 100w

    Disgust beyond words

    you know what, it disgusts me every time you try to come closer to me I feel like cheating on the one I would ever be in love with. I know you are my husband but this heart does not belong to you so does this body.

  • _maymay_ 100w

    Faking it

    you know what, it disgusts me every time you try to come closer to me I feel like cheating on the one I would ever be in love with. I know you are my husband but this heart does not belong to you so does this body.

  • scribbling_wanderess 108w

    Being in love and then getting married,
    or falling in love after an arranged marriage
    is not a formality or ought to be taken as a ritual.

    There has to be a wish of welcoming a new phase of life,
    an inner feeling of going out of ordinary and
    making the common things momentous for each other.

    #marriage #love #arrangedmarriage #pod #formality #writersbay @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee

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  • divine_love 121w


    Acceptance after telling the lies is better than the rejection you get after telling the truth.


  • divine_love 121w


    झूठ से मिलने वाली स्वीकृति से अच्छी, सच से मिलने वाली नामंजूरी है।


  • love_your__life_18 139w

    Dear Future Wife

    Aayegi Aayegi ......

    Meri Wali Jab Bhi Aayegi....

    Kasam Se Sabki Jalayegi....


  • love_your__life_18 141w

    Dear Future Hubby

    Aayega Aayega ......

    Mera Wala Jab Bhi Aayega....

    Kasam Se Sabki Jalayega.....


  • amit13saini 158w

    Girl: So your dad was saying, you can cook.
    Boy: what? Oh yes ! I can cook variety of things.
    Girl: what is the best you can cook ?
    Boy: smile in your eyes.

  • anirudhya 167w


    For years that passed and years to come, the society has created a platter of rituals and named them, under the roof of culture. The culture how so ever seems biased at many circumstances, still stands firm on its root. For instance its always the groom's side, who visits the bride's place to see her. This doesn't apply to the entire society though, but to a particular segment of it, which might have been left behind in the race of progressiveness or never wanted to undergo that process. Although its not exactly the same it used to be back then, with time a lot of changes were mended in. The bride would still need to be very poised and would be hoped to have cooked a meal or two for the groom's end. Talks of settlements, which is the polite term for dowry would or may still go on. But the two individuals could now talk to each other in private, out of this arrangement.
    Sneha and Aarav were stuck at the roof top for an entire minute now. It was too soon to head back but then there was this aura of awkwardness that held them from breaking the ice.
    "The Sondesh that you made was really nice."
    It wasn't a lie, you could tell that with the smile he had put on, neither a desperate attempt to start a conversation. He actually meant that. Nice won't be the exact word though, he had tasted Sondeshes better than that but this one, he felt was unique. There was something special about its flavours. Sneha on the other hand, had not followed any recipe for that Sondesh, she was a rookie at cooking and managed to do the best she could throwing in whatever she felt like into the kadhai and kept stirring.

    Years down the lane, Sneha and Aarav are a happy family, they've got two daughters as well. Sneha still makes those Sondeshes at occassions, hoping it would taste the same like the one she made that day, but that never happens. She would ask Aarav, how it turned out!
    Aarav smiles the same way and says, "Its nice".


  • raghavendrabs 171w

    Dame or Lady ?

    It’s 2019 and you say that it’s hard for you to rebel!
    Your parents are altruistic you say, yet they seem selfish
    How is marriage considered alright against one’s will?
    Yes I know they told you “Just listen to us and I’m sure your future will have many a thrill!”
    You fight yourself, you heed not to your friends’ request to think again,
    You feel it’s ok to settle as a housewife and let all the education go in vain!
    You have always been a fierce little girl, achieving new heights every single day!
    But it feels heartbreaking to see you go down without a fight, feel sorry to see you this way!
    I hear you when you say your parents are obstinate and won’t listen to you!
    But there are so many avenues, the ones those are plausible are quite a few!
    Yet, you cower in fear of the society and the heat your parents face!
    Silently enduring everything even if it’s put you out of your place!
    I wonder what is braver,
    Rebelling for one’s good or surrendering to fate just to be a good daughter!
    I can never know or understand,
    But I know that you’d definitely win, if you did take a stand!

    Raghavendra B S

  • whispering_emotions 173w

    When you have to choose your partner in a single meet... #arrangedmarriage

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    They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but then they expected me to judge my lifetime partner in a single meet.

  • dennzzz 174w

    Indian marriages

    Irony is we fight and oppose the arranged marriage system saying how can we judge someone in 30 mins and spend a lifetime with someone unknown,
    After marriage we post the pics with the same person saying "#loveofmylife", "#madeforeachother","#perfectcouple"... Blah blah blah!!!