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  • barbietocatwoman 5w

    A night so macabre
    Travelling blood across tiles
    I wipe the worst of the splatter, but
    Not even I can clear the prints from your mind

    If your thoughts are eating at you currently then your conscience still exists

    Mine was eroded,
    the first murder I got away with

    If you're thinking of calling the cops I promise you're gonna be locked up solo

    I have a little black book to rely on
    and you have nothing
    and no one

    Well, except me but I'm not much to go on

    Besides, I'm not the killer at present
    though thank you for my surprise party
    too bad you couldn't make it
    crime, alibi and all the..."things" you're covered in

    Did she really cheat though?

    No, don't even speak;
    plausible whatchamacallit

    Now I'll need you to step onto this,
    and strip down so we can complete the right of passage to getting away with shit