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  • bhagyshre 44w

    Different countries,
    Different cultures ,
    Different customs,
    Different tradition ,
    Different thinking ,
    Different beliefs ,

    The one thing in common is the women suffering to please men !

  • broken_glass_words 46w


    Knock me down
    And take my hope with you
    Tear me down
    And destroy my everything
    Rip me up
    And blame it on my clothes
    Crumple my bones
    And fill me with nightmares
    Take my last hopes
    And kill them with a touch
    Leave blood on the leather
    Like you did that day
    And break me apart

  • ananias 48w



    A predator in the making, it hurts so bad your core is breaking. Biological imperatives, ideas sourced from a dark place and you're not sure where that is. Internally suggestive, you're pretty invested in seeing it through. If you can do it once, why not two? And if they will do it with them, why not them with you? Who's fault is it anyways, do you blame the tv for breaking to a magnet? Do you blame me for acting on attraction when my body is covered in their static? They never said yes, but I didn't hear a no. Maybe they don't like it but that's something that I do not want to know. Keep insisting and hardly listening, do what you want and at least you're happy. They suffer from my touch but they can't say they never had me.


  • _rakhi 52w

    Being a girl, i want to share this because it has happened with me. So, there are some girl's who are already having long term relationship or sexual relationship without marriage, don't share your assault, harassment story with them, they will not give you suitable or as per your situation guidance because if they do, they will think of their own, they will judge theirself that is why they don't give you right guidance. Explore it.

  • pallavi4 57w


    She limped back home slowly by herself
    In a torn, disheveled state she was found
    I couldn’t image who would’ve done this to her
    Grief painted on her face knew no bounds

    After a lot of cajoling she finally
    Broke down but in between her tears
    And sobs she couldn’t manage to tell me
    How he had made real all her fears

    While she was all alone in the garden
    Watering her beloved plants in the eve
    He saw the rest of the family make their way
    To the market and watched them leave

    He tried to make small talk with her
    She didn’t think much of it somehow
    He was after all her father’s understudy
    They were firm friends by now

    He lurched at her when her back was turned
    And while she struggled he pinned her down
    She tried to scratch him once the shock subsided
    He dealt with her with deftness and a frown

    She was raped by this friend she trusted
    Once it was over he simply let her go
    She lay on the lawn, in the mud
    Where the dahlias were planted in a row

    She slowly stood up and put herself together
    Shivering from the sudden assault
    She wondered what her father would do
    Would for his crime his understudy be absolved ?

    Shaking like a leaf she made her way into the house
    Stood in the kitchen with a glass of water
    It was then that I ventured back into home
    And demanded she tell me the matter

    She stared at her soiled canvas shoes
    But couldn’t find the words to say
    Only one word escaped her lips- “Robbie”
    Before she fainted and her world turned grey

    I rushed towards her and splashed water
    To revive her so that she could tell me the rest
    She awoke and asked for more water
    I took her to her room at her behest

    She took off her muddy shoes
    And lay on her bed stiff like a board
    I sat down beside her and wondered if I
    Should wait for to speak or begin to goad

    She simply stared at the ceiling and fan
    Did not speak another word for hours
    I knew in that instant she would never be the same
    Nor would this family of ours


    1st of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • skombo 58w


    You Donned a smile instead of horns


    Inbetween sweet words

    You pushed me down

    Drunk ; it wasn't just alchohol

    Now is the time

    You seize your chance

    speed of lightning, you pull in close

    No less than a second the assault begins

    Your lips, your hands, your touch

    Terror; fear; please no more

    Blacked out, and spotty is my memory

    When you're done

    Chains of shame, and guilt is all I'm left with

    The same, i will never be


    Somewhere out there, i know you are


    a new pretty prey for thee


  • pallavi4 62w


    She lay deadly still
    Trying to reason why she was still alive
    Why she had been left untarnished
    Tears pooled in her seemingly lifeless eyes

    He’d been someone she’d trusted
    And known for several years
    Yet he chose to violate her inspite of
    On her face seeing the fear

    Caught unawares and all alone
    She, in the knowledge that he was safe
    Had gone against her natural instinct
    Thinking that he would always behave

    He lurched at her several minutes after
    They were left all alone
    Expecting her to supposedly reciprocate
    So voracious his illicit lust had grown

    Too tiny as compared to him she couldn’t
    Move a muscle while she was pinned beneath him
    She knew once the shock wore off that
    Chances of her escaping were slim

    She pushed against him with all her might
    His back she did try to beat
    He continued to try and touch her
    While with one hand he shielded her shriek

    Disgusted, distraught and disoriented
    She gave up the minute she understood
    He was way too heavy and she wouldn’t
    Be able to slither out even if she could

    This is tougher than I thought this would be
    He thought, unable to find the right way
    To get her wretched clothes off of her
    Unafraid for a second that she would slither away

    Her concealed zippers he couldn’t find
    And so couldn’t get the clothes off her
    He touched what he could and then
    Reluctantly slid away like a defeated cur

    On hearing the click of the door she knew
    She was finally alone in the flat
    Left to her own devices to recover and go
    Shockingly having been left intact

    It was several moments later that she
    Was able to collect herself and gather
    The will to get up and leave the place
    Fearing another round of being smothered

    Her broken spirit left in shattered pieces
    Her trust left completely broken
    He was a friend who had done the unthinkable
    Leaving invisible welts on her as a token

    Slowly she collected herself and dragged
    Herself out of that abysmal place for good
    Wondering if life would ever be the same
    Given the abuse she had withstood

    Bound by tradition and family ties
    She never said a word about it a soul
    Inwardly cringed every time he vaulted to help
    Where she could do things on her own

    She never recovered inspite of the therapy
    For her, her soul had been forever marred
    She lived her life with eyes a little less bright
    Internally torn, emotionally defected and scarred

    Broken trust is like a smashed mirror
    Even when joint never the lustre does it regain
    Each fragment remains jagged and sharp forever
    Once splintered never to be whole ever again


    24th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • nora88 63w


    Overflow of sexual, physical and mental abuse contribute to pain, hate and aggression. When will the State of fear and tumult end.

  • _pluto_ 66w

    Tipping toes ,
    My nose keeps on smelling gasoline and his hoes ,
    I didn't know then
    He kept sneaking his fingers around me ,
    little did I know
    I was actually playing with fire ,
    A fire which was actually an heir to me .
    It was a psychopathic attraction ,
    He was attracted to my half swollen lips
    While I was attracted to the revenge that kept burning inside of me ,
    Lighted by none other than that man ,
    The man who provoked me .
    Tiping toes ,
    They keep following me ,
    Here and there ,
    Wherever I go ,
    Even in the bathroom ,
    While taking showers ,
    Or sleeping in the bathtubs ,
    Groping my chest ,
    Planting posion in my neck ,
    Full of ecstasy ,
    Oh full of rotten sheets .
    I wanna see him on his knees ,
    While he wanna keep whirling around my broken furs ,
    Cause he has power
    And I havw nothing but the blood inside of me .
    Though he likes testing my abilities
    For he knows
    to kill myself, isnt easy .
    His hand feeling my collarbone,
    Makes him turned on ,
    Oh , he is such an animal !
    An animal set too free.
    Do you know ,
    How does it feel like
    To be trapped on the same bed ,
    Everyday ,
    Every minute ,
    Being pushed down to your limits
    How to escape, please tell me ,
    Tell me ,
    Tipping toes ,
    Why they keep following me ?
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    A play of murder

  • babble_tales 75w


    It was dusk. The store didn't have the crowd it usually had. As the shopkeeper approached, I smiled and said " A kilogram of sugar." As usual my eyes wandered into those jars filled with candies. And it wasn't long when I noticed a man standing at my right corner. He was standing far away. He looked drunk too. I noticed that he was leaning towards a table at the corner and his hands were in motion.

    I didn't pay much attention, that was when I saw the way he was staring at me. I felt as if I was standing there naked. Suddenly I realized what he was doing. The man was jerking off while staring at me! I tried to give him a furious stare but that only made him increase his speed. I couldn't take it anymore. I stomped towards him and took him by his collar and shouted.

    Some men who was present came and I told them what happened. The man got some trashing and I took my grocery and went home. As I walked back home, I heard the ladies commenting "What was the need to create a scene? The man didn't even go near her!" The comments were shocking. Instead of appreciating me for not staying silent, they were accusing me of overreacting. That's when another comment came off, "Why is she suddenly acting so dramatic? Look at the length of her pants! She wore it for men to notice and now she acts as if she is innocent!"

    That was the last time I reacted. Now I remain silent. Maybe that could help restore the lost dignity of my family.

  • tx_reads 78w


    Human itself is the greatest adversary of humanity.

  • sukarithesweetpoetess 82w

    i am not a prude
    but the method he used
    to pleasure himself at the head of my bed
    made me emotionally ill
    i chose to remain still
    hoping he’d finish
    and that his actions would not diminish
    my integrity … you see
    under my covers i was mostly undressed
    and so i falsely guessed
    this was some sort of twisted test
    i could somehow pass, but alas
    and to my dismay, as in my bed i lay
    he began to uncover while seeking to discover
    what lay beneath the sheets
    when I could no longer feign sleep
    the fight began
    he was and is a strong man
    and although he tossed me about
    i fought back against the attack
    and somehow prevented the planned penetration
    it seems to me there was some sort of scream
    from him, not me, as he hastily made his retreat
    from my abode … once I was all alone
    i merely sat on the floor
    hours passed and i did not move to shut the door

    ©2020 SukariTheSweetPoetess

  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 82w


    आग जली है इस दिल में....

    कैसी आग??
    आग जातिवाद की,मनुवादी समाज की
    हो रहे बलात्कार की,दलित विरोधी सरकार की
    बढ़ते हुए अपराध की,बिके हुए अख़बार की समाचार की
    मंदिर और प्रशासन में एक जाति के अधिकार की
    जाति व्यवस्था बनाए जिसने उस ब्राहमण बेकार की
    सहता रहा अत्याचार जो उस मूलनिवासी चमार की
    लोकतंत्र इस भारत में हत्या हुई जब सच्चे पत्रकार की।

    किसके खिलाफ??
    राजनीति और धरम के नाम पर देश के व्यापार की
    हिन्दू मुस्लिम में जो फूट डाले उस कट्टरपंथी समाज की
    देशभक्त कहे जो खुदको सावरकर संघी कच्छाधार की
    औरत के अधिकार छीने जो उस वेद पुराण की
    संविधान को ना माने जो उस मनुवादी विचार की
    कलयुग में भी धरम पर लड़े जो उस अनपढ़ ग्वार की
    देशविरोधी कहे जो सबको उस गंदी सरकार की।

    'तबीब ' की आग को और घी देती
    देशविरोधी संघ परिवार की....

  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 92w

    एक औरत-

    वस्त्र-हरण हुआ था कभी द्रौपदी का
    हस्तिनापुर के दरबार में,
    चरित्र-हरण हो रहा है उसका आज
    हर रोज़ हर अख़बार में।
    कैसे अपने ही प्यार की कातिल बना दी गई
    देश की खामियां छुपाने के लिए
    एक औरत न्यूज आइटम बना दी गई।
    कैसा ये समाज है
    ना कोई शरम ना कोई लाज है,
    सारा दिन एक औरत को बदनाम करना
    क्या यही हर समस्या का इलाज है।
    कंगना को attention मिल गई
    पांडे जी को टिकट फॉर election मिल गई,
    सरकार और उनके अंधभक्तों के कारण
    देश की अर्थव्यवस्था हिल गई।
    उसे क्या मिला तबीब पूछता है
    सरकार तो पहले ही है गंदी इस देश की
    अब मीडिया भी साथ मिल गई।

  • raindropsoncacti 93w


    How can a person be a person,
    Then suddenly behave as though you
    No longer exist;
    No longer matter;
    No longer deserve human treatment?
    It feels like being ejected from the eye of a hurricane...
    One that first picked you up gently, until...
    The phenomena; so unprecedented,
    Entirely unpredicted.
    What ever did I do to become your storm's debris?
    Hurled skyward... Left discarded...
    Now considered wreckage, not a relic.
    No value is placed in a smashed treasure.
    Noone goes out hunting for the remains of a poet who has been jettisoned by a tempest...


  • raindropsoncacti 96w

    Parallels of Warriors

    It's useful but a shame when we can empathise.
    When we can know and feel the same pain deep within someone's eyes.
    The empathy greater amplified when they've sustained the exact same but earlier stage of trauma and abuse.
    The fortunate thing is we can offer to them how we've coped, what strategies we've put to use.

    The very worst of the many kinds I've been put through myself
    Without expecting it, you can suddenly know has happened to a family member, or a friend.
    I've only just been told the secret past of one of each: and neither are anywhere close to their healing journey's' end.

    I know I had sworn my week would be internal and self-focuased, about my children and me
    But not helping others when things of this calibre arise? You question it not.
    For you know full well from the tears that fall the moment you've been made privvy
    How you'd longed for that kind of help, yet on your path, you deserved but never got.

    You can pass on the ways you took charge of your life, and acquired your strength.
    You can share with them how you came to refuse to be controlled, or a hug, or make a spare room, and a bed.
    You can be a testament to how far you've come yourself
    By being their sanctuary, for their green, poor hurting head.


  • davidltj 93w

    Didn't Listen

    I'm sorry I didn't listen
    It was my fault that this happend
    You told me so many times
    I didn't listen
    You gave me story after story
    I didnt listen
    You had a right to fear this would happen
    And it did
    I didn't listen
    It happened with her
    And i still didn't listen
    I didnt know how it happened
    It just did
    And i still didn't listen
    I'm sorry I didn't listen
    I should have listened
    And now
    I'm another victim
    Because i didnt listen

  • _inkypages_23 99w


    It's been a year now
    Some days i cried
    Some days i laughed
    The days have passed
    And nights have bickered
    Still that incident in me flickers
    It passes my mind several times
    Avoiding the people's exaggeration and conclusive irrational talks
    My legs shiver in this lengthy life walks
    Why they forced me to stay mute?
    What's the gain in this attitude?
    Why always girl's lose respect?
    Why in their mind prevails this aspect?
    Being born a girl caused me this fault
    Yes, i am another girl who faced an assault.
    - Fatima

  • xanny_ 102w

    ~pretty lies,
    and tangerine skies~

    those were pretty lies,
    under the tangerine skies.

    the sun looked like,
    the plum of the pie,
    and painted a picture,
    of the tangerine sky.

    the colours danced,
    and mixed with the hue,
    of pink, red,
    and beautiful blue.

    the summer winds blew,
    across her well set hair,
    now frizzy and torn,
    from the pain, she couldn't bare.

    her eyes were shut,
    body was scarred,
    and blood poured down,
    from all her parts.

    she laid there,
    in that abandoned street,
    while the sun smiled,
    and blazed it's heat.

    her colours danced,
    and mixed in the hue,
    of pink, red,
    and beautiful blue.

    those were pretty lies,
    under the tangerine skies.


    #nature #sunset #tangerine_sky #poetry #abuse #assault #shade
    (@woofwoofbich, since you asked me to tag you)

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    pretty lies,
    and tangerine skies

  • rhythm_of_the_heart 103w

    Do support with reposts and constructive criticisms. Thank you ♥️

    As she lay on the hospital bed,
    Morphine drained into her veins,
    And clutched at her chest.
    The wounds on her thighs,
    The fire under her skin,
    The acid on her face.
    The morphine blotted out all the pain,
    And yet her tears
    Showed the agony of her heart.


    Tried to tell a story here. No other words
    #rape #sexual #assault #pain #sadness #sad #tears #blood #hurt #mirakee #readwriteunite #pod #writerstolli #writersnetwork #shower #clean #life #nature #thoughts #poetry #love

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