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  • mrspectacular 56w


    Williams cannot believe what is happening. He does not know what to think as he walks into the Sylvester Donnigan College hallway. He never thought people see him in such a manner. He runs through the crowd as he hears their voices but their lips unmoved. It is like his worse nightmare. Running to the ones he called friends, he cannot believe his eyes either. They seem to despise even more than the others. He wishes to die at this point.
    'No....no, stop it', he screams out loud as he runs off leaving everyone confused as to what his issue is exactly. Unknown to him, he can hear all their thoughts by just looking at them. It leaves him so distraught, he goes to sit somewhere secluded so the voices can stop.
    'What's going on with this kid? Why is he here?', Williams hears the janitor's thought as he walks into the supplies' closet where Williams sits feeling gloomy.
    'The entire school hates me, that's what's going on and I cannot face it. That's why I am here', Williams responds to the Janitor shocking him.
    'How did he hear that?', the Janitor thinks to himself. 'It was just a thought...'
    'Because you said it', Williams blurts out.
    'Said what, Williams', the Janitor asks Williams surprised that he heard what he was only thinking. The Janitor is astonished at what is going on. He begins to sweat before Williams who is seated on a mopping bucket.
    'You want me to read people's mind for you, right?', he asks already knowing the janitor would ask him to do that but what he does not know is that he can only read people's thought about him and not about other people.
    'Yes', the janitor says with an outburst as he pulls him in for a hug. The janitor is grateful that finally he could not only clean out the physical environment of the school as is always left to him but could understand why these student behave the way they do. He could be an untrained psychologist.
    'I'm not quite sure about that', Williams says dismissing the Janitor's dreams as far-fetched.
    Ignoring what Williams says, the Janitor drags him into the hallway so Williams can read their minds and tell him what people are saying about him. Unfortunately Williams powers can only read thoughts directly associated with him and not thoughts about other people. Pulling Williams out before everyone in the hallway, the janitor asks to be intimated on what people are thinking about him in their minds but Williams cannot as he only has powers for people's thought about himself and nothing more.
    'They are not saying anything about you', Williams says to the Janitor innocently but the janitor would not have it as he feels Williams is lying and only obscures what they are thinking about him in order to escape telling what he also feels about the janitor and to protect his personal interest.
    Infuriated, he warns that if Williams does not tell him what he wants to know, he would tell everyone that he is possessed by a demon hence the reason he has been acting strange, running away from everyone and hiding in the janitor's closet but Williams still maintains they are not saying anything about the janitor. Holding his head in pain and screaming so loudly in pain as he hears the thoughts of over a thousand people who crowd the hallway to listen to the janitor, he pleads for the voices to stop,
    'Stop it, please', he yells. 'No more thoughts. I cannot take it anymore.
    'This is what I was about to tell you all. He is possessed by a demon and the only way we can keep from bringing any harm to any of us is to burn him alive lest he calls a thousand legions to come possess us too', the Janitor says suggesting the killing of Williams.
    The Dean of Students, Dr. Thumble Rooseblue appears behind the mob on the stairway as they drag poor Williams to be murdered and buried in a fiery grave. 'What is going on here? Unhand this minute,' Dr. Rooseblue asks a little terrified although he does not show it. Williams is thankful that the dean has shown up just in the nick of time to prevent his murder. He makes to catch some relief from the time they would use to talk to the dean.
    'He is possessed by a demon. We want to burn him before the demon in him conscripts some other legion to come posses the rest of the school', the Janitor says without an iota of remorse.
    The Dean of Students is worried about the spectacle. He wonders if par-adventure he has not shown up when he did, it may have escalated and he would have had a dead roasted student on his hands. He decides to get to the bottom of the matter. But he would later join the rest of the school to have him burnt alive. The Dean orders that Williams be brought to his office immediately.
    'Bring him to my office immediately', he says to the two students, holding him like a common criminal, sternly. Getting to his office, 'Leave us this minute', he says to the two students who had assisted in bringing him in for the meeting with the dean.
    Pacing around for a few minutes, he does not say anything but only paces around wondering what he would do with Williams.
    'Just let me go. I'm innocent', Williams replies to the Dean's thought.
    'What?', the Dean asks for a clarification.
    'You asked what you should do with me. Didn't you, sir?' Williams asks
    'Yes', the Dean replies. 'But how did you know that?'
    'Because you said it'
    Putting the dots together, the Dean realizes that the janitor was actually telling the truth. Williams is really possessed. Handing him over to the janitor, the dean says,
    'He is yours now. You have my full support to burn him alive. We can't have him contaminate our institution with his evil powers'.
    Dragging Williams away into the field, they drench him in gasoline as he pleads to their deafened ears to be spared but they will have none of it as they only pound him with kicks and blows while pouring on as much gasoline as they can lay their hands on and without further ado, they light him up like a candle watching him scream for help as he burns painfully and helplessly to death.


  • mrspectacular 65w


    It started out like a fable,
    The cutting of the uniting cable.
    No one ever thought of such, the Kiribatis would be able.
    They only believed growth in love was the only thing for which they were capable.
    The saying of the little foxes became so apt.
    By holes, the Kiribatis got gap't
    And before long, their loving home was lap't,
    Lapt with an attention so rapt.

    Run over by lust
    Or at least that was the diagnosis given about the head's crust,
    The winds from the west brought a load of dust
    Like the heavens had sneezed with a great gust.

    The love could be seen no more than very little
    So much so that 'to your tent o Israel' was adopted as the title.


  • mrspectacular 76w


    It was sinister,
    I mean the manner in which Z4 News showed up like a blister,
    Forming around my doorstep, a cluster.
    I thought of doing them a dister
    But I was determined to get to the bottom of this news Easter
    Because for a while, they had avoided my trail as though I had an injury that did fester.
    There has to be a good reason for these infesters
    Unless the news station is now breeding jesters.
    What could they possibly want with this mister?
    Letting them in, they treat me like I am some meister,
    Giving me the full privileges of a golden nester,
    A man of the poster.

    Demanding to know the reason for the action after granting them an interview,
    They give me some news that is of a very sumptuous brew.
    I am pulled aside by the head of the crew
    And given the powerful news that felt like morning dew.
    I had been shortlisted for an award that was only accessible to a few,
    Smiles lined my cheeks as my joy grew
    Knowing that I waay steadily climbing the golden pew
    In excitement my hands I, in the air, threw
    For I could already imagine the new view.

    Today I live the life that's gold
    And I must say it is a sight to behold.


  • sukruti_07 94w

    To be desire of the garden of heaven..
    A flower lean by the author himself,
    No astonishment, ur heart bests al...
    Honestly, there's no greater than u.❤️
    For where & when i am man,
    Then & there u are women
    One must muse at ur strain moment...
    What a disgrunttle sip u left behind
    Now that mine lust has been exiled, me from u!!!


  • lolakshi29 109w

    Where nature is the queen

    Where the wind speaks its own language,
    and for every one it becomes adage
    where the frozen lake enhances its grace
    where fruits vegetables saffron are sold on shikaras in DAL Lake
    where leaves play with dew drops
    where snow feels blessed to be resting on mountain tops
    where the valleys symbolises serenity
    where nature makes you feel heavenly
    where morning fog astonishes you
    making your mind askew
    where roof-tops wait for rain
    it's a place where nature is insane
    where each breath feels like a blessing
    where when wind passes by the feels like caressing
    where nature is the queen
    then how can we fight to be the king
    we can fight over a place
    but how can we fight over nature's grace


  • mrspectacular 122w


    To her station I had gone
    To get my belly singing happily in the highest sone-zone.
    Being attended to by her colleague at the counter,
    To her colleague's duty station she took a saunter.

    Already negotiating with her colleague,
    She gave me a stare that was goodly oblique
    As though she had missed seeing my face
    And was glad to be honoured now with this rare grace.

    I didn't pay to the glance, much attention,
    Rather I played pretention.
    Then she spoke out, a jovial fellow
    Smiling playfully, "Won't you say hello?"

    By this action was I stunned;
    By disbelief, I was gunned.
    Maybe I was blushing,
    My blood seemed to be rushing.

    I smiled back at her like a child;
    She was so mild.
    I then gave her the hello
    Her reaction made my heart feel as though it were listening to a playing cello.

    We hit a conversation, very short
    But sweet of some sort
    My order is ready,
    I pick it up slow & steady.

    While I take my leave, she flashes another smile
    That makes my heart run a mile.
    I scurry off like a hare
    But truth be laid bare

    She touched, so warmly, my heart.
    I cannot wait to re-act this part


  • gyro_scope 153w


    The day I loved you, I trusted you more than anyone. She is such a cutie pie for me and may be I am her Prince Charming. We both made promises for being lifetime partners. I always try to amaze her. She is always happy by my astonishment. We walk on the street just keeping each other hand in hand leaving the else apart. We share each moment of life by doing crazy things. She is preparing for doctrate and me for getting the degree as a engineer. We sacrifice alot for each other. We made lifelong commitment of never ending relationship. Love is just spread all around our relationship. But, As you know past is past and you cannot even forget all the moments you made with the past and as he was her first love, feelings do come up. I planned a trip to her destination to petrify her by my presence. We meet their and she kept her head on my shoulder and asked for permission "Can I tell you something ?". I answered "You are my priority how can you take permission to ask me something!" She started crying hard and said "Recently my ex came to my town and we made some moments. Please, I beg you don't leave me for that." I was completely destroyed and hyper at the moment she told me. I pretend to be nice to her and left the city in anger. Coming back to my place I am still confused "What to do ? What not to do? Who to trust? Who to not?". I am completely broken.


  • ranchani_sankar 205w


    A dream with expectation but without experience

  • sagarisiyal 259w

    You had lots of secrets;
    I solved this mystery.
    It was filled with astonishment,
    And a breathtaking entity.
    Smile came right after
    The exhaustion dispersed,
    All then I could find,
    Was only your true love.