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    Virgo a sign who can be messy themselves but don't like others being messy.
    Virgo ♍ ( August 21- September 22)
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    ♍ ♍ VIRGO ♍♍

    ♍ They are very private person. If they let you into their lives, you should feel flattered.

    ♍ They see things clearly, so they are not the blind in love kind

    ♍ They care the most about food and more food

    ♍ The most picky one

    ♍ A shy, grounded, self-directed and always helpful one

    ♍ They can be annoyed very easily

    ♍ If they love something they can hear them on repeat mode

    ♍ Mastered in being shy and loud at the same time

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    Aries :- Dancing
    Taurus :- Sketching
    Gemini :- Songwriting / writing
    Cancer :- Acting
    Leo :- Cooking
    Virgo :- Writing/ acting
    Libra :- Logical pyzzle
    Scorpio :- Investigation
    Sagittarius :- Journalism
    Capricorn :- Singing music
    Aquarius :- Photography
    Pisces :- Painting

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    Birthmark Fact Of Woman

    Birthmark is a cogential (birth defects). It are caused by an overgrowth of blood vessels, fats or fibroblasts. Different culture have different perspective and opinions about it. Superstition, teaching, blessings, curse, wound, lucky or as an omen.( Believing it or not is completely your choice, I'm writing out the fact which I studied through books)

    Corner of the eye :- Scandalous, jealous, controlling and superstitious.
    On nose :- Humorous, fun loving, lively, romantic and free minded
    Under nose :- likely to behave provocatively around men
    Ear :- Logical, rational being,found in conflicts
    Cheek bone :- leaders, achievers and guides
    Chin :- Beautiful,charming, strong and wise
    Arms :- Have a good married life
    Elbow :- Make huge money
    Neck :- Alluring, charming and cheerful
    Breast :- Passionate, strong, into troubles and have a struggling life. Sign of great mother and are loyal.
    Back :- Suffer physical health issues and some psychological problems
    Butt :- Sociable, cheerful and outgoing
    Belly :- Highly passionate, emotional, foodie
    Foot :- Loyal and caring
    Shoulder :- Calm, composed and intellectual