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  • davinci 19w

    aurora - Roman goddess of the dawn; equivalent of the Greek Eos. Sister of Luna and Sol.



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    as moon plays moonlight
    as stars grace divine starlight
    we dance to aurora's glow

  • dhruvi_diaries 29w

    In the search of Northern Lights,
    She found her whole beautiful Aurora in him

  • isalittlebroken 38w


    I spend my time
    in the light of day,
    underneath the waterfall
    where we dance and play.

    I spend my nights
    by the fireside,
    staring at you
    hanging onto every word you say.

    Sun kisses
    the moon whispers,
    paint our souls the colour of stars.

    Aurora, bring us the dawn
    so we may marvel upon
    blossoming flowers in first lights embrace.
    Diaphanous morning mists
    lovers first kiss
    dancing silhouettes
    and she,
    She is celestial 
    an angelic gift
    this earth. 


  • divshetty04 43w

    The Aurora

    Dew drops, Dew drops
    Forming on the foliage
    Looking like pearls,
    The warblers warbling
    Fluttering on the bush
    Soothing the souls,
    The vivid buds
    Ready to bloom
    In the meadows,
    The shredded leaves
    Twirling on the ground
    With the fresh gusts,
    The yellow green skies
    With the faded moon
    & the spongy clouds,
    The serenity of the aurora
    Along with its aroma
    Is worth loving.

  • unsaid 50w

    #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite @writersnetwork #wod #motif #unsaid #Kashmir @writersbay #sya #khumar #sleep #aurora #Borealis

    #Unsaid - Neend aaye to khumar h vo , na aaye to subeh ka intizar.

    #Bg - Do you know Aurora Borealis ? They say sky conditions have nothing to do with it.

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    خمار - Khuma'r

    Meri palko'n pe wo neend ke khuma'r jaisa.
    Raat ke safar mei, subh'u ke intizar jaisa.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 50w


    The time that when I spend with the inner me,
    when the dust of chaos rests in the tranquil silence,
    wanes like the moon, the mist of perplexity,
    when I am only mine, the moment I truly live, in essence.

    Foam of worries surface on the waves of thoughts hitting me hard,
    like a phoenix I burn and emerge endlessly, thinking what's in my card,
    dams of smiles I hold intact all day long to be pleasant,
    floods my pillow with tears when sharp razor like moon light causes a dent.

    The crochet of dreams I weave all day with utmost care,
    nights I spend to detangle the knots caused by my fate,
    trying to not lose the needles of hope and prayers,
    asking him to shield me, safeguard me from my dream-slayers

    This Is the time when I feel I stand in front of my creator,
    to present the petals of confession and gratitude in his feet, the ultimate emperor,
    when I question myself about the real worth of what I achieved as a defeater,
    scaling with what I lost in the battle, my happiness, my peace, my temper.

    It's the time where I let my bounded self to carelessly wander,
    in the lanes of past where Chrysanthemums of my youth still didn't wither,
    till the chariots of dreams ride my soul back to the roads of present,
    So that rest of the night in the world of sub consciousness, can be spent.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86*


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 50w


    Have you ever seen something extremely enormous?
    stooping down gracefully in search of the drops of solace,
    to fetch a kiss from it's mirror image, the heavenly gorgeous,
    though they can't touch each other, but they seem to embrace.

    Striving since ages, they cease to forego or surrender,
    they agitate, sometimes in form of cyclones or quakes, sometimes as lightening or thunder,
    but the tales of their love are least spoken about or narrated,
    the mirage of their amalgamation, the skies and oceans, I fall for, is the most underrated.

    Their love is pious and pure, exquisitely scenic is the illusion,
    to be beheld in astonishment, is their collision, their unison,
    painting the wall of eternity with the message of love even in distance,
    that can survive without the sense of touch, is only true love, in essence.


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 50w


    Let me narrate an interesting tale about a peacock,
    the one who dwells within the Empyreal lock,
    the one who has gracefully crossed the rainbow bridge,
    the one who dances ecstatically when leaks the cloudy fridge.

    The hues it splashes allure the dullen ashy carpet,
    where fairies walk on ethereal ramp while thunders blow the trumpet,
    vibrant purple and radiant green fall like perfectly articulated arcs,
    rich blue with mellow yellow gets arrayed, the collusion of celestial quarks.

    The unicorns that serve the angels from cloud to cloud, which slide,
    hold tints and shades of variant hues on their neck, with utmost pride,
    when they race with speed, coloured hair that flips and tosses,
    splashing the colours like mild crimson and tangerine, the welkin glosses.

    The mermaids that dip and dive, playing with the heavenly waves,
    with glittery lustrous mien, scintillating the expanse caves,
    when emerge out of the oceans to sense the tranquil breeze,
    emanating the hues orange and red, lengthy hair when they fling and squeeze.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • asteroidxae 50w

    In your cloudless summer
    spare me a beehive
    for I'll hibernate in there
    till first rain comes giggling
    I'll be chanting this prayer
    with an army of frogs
    till your welkin waters
    my withered spring
    at purple nights, I'll watch
    your pearlish fog laughing
    while capering comets
    tuck me to sleep
    for cloudberries cascade
    in chuckling chimeras
    at sheeny veils of morning
    I'll be swirling to meet
    schools of gouramis
    at emerald rivulet ripples
    as daylight marries twilight
    I'll be their bestman
    bursting crimson cherry bombs
    while northern lights shimmer
    and balmy incense waft
    I'll invoke to the highest heaven
    marvelous it is, marvelous!


    #Aurora @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #pod #wod #imagery
    bgpic : unsplash

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    as daylight marries twilight
    I'll be their bestman
    bursting crimson cherry bombs
    while northern lights shimmer
    and balmy incense waft
    I'll invoke to the highest heaven
    marvelous it is, marvelous!


  • _snapsdiaries_ 51w

    And I was running far away,
    Would I run off the world someday,
    Nobody knows..
    I was dancing in the rain,
    I felt alive and I can't complain...
    But now take me home, where I belong,
    I can't take it anymore.

  • voices_as_thoughts 54w


    Up there in my world
    that perfect serenity in the midst of the market
    where my sorrows are in the farthest depth of my shelf,
    when it is just basking and not penning
    and the slideshows of my made up series syncs undifficult like a well written script, down to the extent I am left with no choice than believing.
    Take me home
    outside the windows, the mirrors, the pane, the mind
    take me home
    just behind those slim sheets I'm locked within.

  • invictuz 55w

    Even that aurora is a masquerade of the sky to hide it's pain.

  • aachiram 65w

    I'll show you,
    How small are all the materials that we run for,.
    But how magnificent is this bizarre just as the love looks like without lust.....

    #aurora #aurorae #cosmos
    #love #him #dreams #goals
    #infinite #mine #space #light
    #heavens #sky #nights #showers
    #snow #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Let us keep all the luxurious hotels aside,
    Throw all the expensive jewels away,
    I want us to travel across the oceans,
    Go through the negative degrees,
    Feel frozen winds on the cheeks,
    Just keep looking into my eyes and
    I'm gonna show you,
    How sky dances when infinite Cosmos showers it's love from billions of distances....


  • jaya___ 75w


    Singers croon me to life
    a bright cascade of divine bliss
    That excitement of Niall Horan
    The profound power of Aurora's kiss
    The delighting depth of Ashe
    And calm of Kuhad
    Bands too like Cigarettes After Sex
    Prevent my life from turning a mess
    5SOS mornings
    And evenings for Lauv's songs all dark
    A pinch of Bruno's easy charm
    As Jason and Melanie bring in a lively spark!
    Without music to help me be full of glee
    What would my life sadly be?
    A lot dull and morose
    But for Little mix's hot wasabi!
    What'd I do without such sweet melody?The only respite from this worldly tragedy!

    //And your lips are red and all the pictures that you send
    Wearing white or black, all leading up to when we met
    Truly, know that you really don't need
    To be in love to make love to me//

    © Harfkaar 10-12-20

    #music #5SOS #CigarettesAfterSex #Ashe #Aurora #BrunoMars #JasonDerulo #MelanieMartinez #LittleMix #Lauv #NiallHoran #PrateekKuhad

    Lines quoted of Truly by Cigarettes after Sex.

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  • pari_phrasis 77w

    I remember thee,

    I Remember Thee

    When the setting sun unfurls all over the twilight sky,
    in between the drifting clouds of diverse shape,
    I remember the curve of thy smile dotting thy dimples.
    As the night lingers by and the stars twinkle,
    I remember thy finger tips running over my back and it tickles.
    When the soft breeze blows over my skin
    and the moon lights up my room,
    I remember thy fragrance
    spreading like a perfume.
    When silence diffuses in the aurora air,
    I remember the stillness in thy voice
    whispering love into my ear.
    To the depth and breadth and height
    I love thee.
    Oh my Sweetheart, I remember thee
    in every bit of me.


  • ice_adonis 86w



    called it out once with a voice like the passing breeze
    and a second time, like a worship, he chanted it,
    rolled it between tongue and teeth, tasting it and slowly chewing

    spat it out like a vile substance, a string of curses following closely after
    made a face only one who had tasted poison would make
    said it was quite a heavy name for such a little bundle
    set out in even strides, armed with her little coat, to get a cure,

    for such a heavy burden is more lethal than the deadliest poisons


    journeyed to the end of the world seeking the cure for his daughter's illness
    but none could heal an illness as chronic as she had
    and so
    returned home, defeated and dejected
    to the sound of her laughter resonating in
    the once silent house

    Just once more,
    called out
    She's dawn, she's warmth


  • beneranda 88w

    and it rained that night/it rained heavenly/the heavens opened wide/and flooded the entire town/seamlessly/ for the very first time/in a really long time/so she thought to herself/that maybe this is/what it feels like to let go/ to finally be able/to speak the truth/ that's been kept hidden/inside one's heart for so long/to be able to speak/from the depths of one's heart/for the very first time/without any expectations/without any care in the world/whatsoever/she then came to a conclusion/that maybe this is what/real freedom tastes like/so she danced/she danced in the rain/not bothered by the onlookers/and went on dancing/for the rain was/music to her ears/and stopped only when the rain stopped/till the sun came back up again.


  • abhivk 88w

    Oh little Aaroma..

    Even though there is no one to visit,
    Oh petal, did you wait for some touch ?
    Even though there is no breeze at night.
    Close to you, did ur feelings start to rush?

    Buried in the fog of memories,
    Did the dawn take away your fears ?
    Living in a soil of tales and fairies,
    Can the rain wipe your lonely tears?

    Can the sun raise without caressing you?
    on it's path, did it leave you all alone.
    Can the droplets flow from the bayou ?
    wide awake, each night until u are gone.

    Did the shadow fall from the moon ?
    Oh petal, for whom do u raise ur aroma,
    Keeping a distance did it go far away?
    A sweet butterfly, did not come ur way.

    From your own roots, hiding ur pain,
    You wish to fly away with the wind,
    The petals wish to separate again,
    But the aroma holds them to the end.

    The valley passes dropping ur petals ,
    Did the stream check where it settles ?
    Will the fish take a jump to have a look ?
    But the Fisherman takes his long hook.

    In fierce thoughts & fragile dreams,
    You stare the sky and call out it's name.
    'Oh my mighty friend, my glory Aurora! '
    Sky replies, 'I've missed u my Lil Aroma'.


  • alxita 92w

    A submission to a brilliant and wonderful challenge by @writersbay

    Bingo line: "N" horizontal (roof, dream, stars, aurora, constellation)
    Challenge tag: #bingoc
    ~~ Astral Memory ~~

    Yearning for you..
    Dreams rotating by our axis..
    I do not wish to describe "my" night,
    But I want to describe it with you..

    Yearning for you..
    Since I still remember you by my side..
    Beatific with you, emotions showering us..
    Just like the raindrops by my window at sunset..

    Longing for you..
    Dreaming so much that I won't hold it back anymore..
    I wish you'll set your eyes clear..
    To see the ineffable emotions of mine..
    Verklempt to utter anything..
    Yet I know you'll still listen..
    But I won't hold back
    And utter my words,
    For this moment
    On this second,
    Beyond stars,
    I truly.... I...

    But.. you..? I don't... really know.. The last rays of sunset has succumbed to the night's surreal firmaments.. But.. those stars.. those milky dots in the sky.. the scars of mine.. it's as if a movie is imprinted in the faces of the night.. of a love that is light years away.. from us.. All in one movie, yet in reality, all are distanced from the ceaseless dimensions of space.

    Sometimes, I wish.. that if tears were crystals, I'll keep them in a jar to show how much emotion of mine yearns for you.. Even if you left me... astray.. I still cherish those pictures of us.. Because these are a thousand times more special than gold..

    Sometimes, I wish.. that even if you left me here, I wish you'll still remember me as that infinitesimal speck on the lands of Earth.. Small, yet sentimental; small, yet sempiternal.. Sobriquets of you.. written in scenes of my mind.. and displayed in the night sky as all the characters and scenarios of us..

    // Sitting on my roof, dreams swirl around me, like the stars spangling forth, the transcendent constellations, and it all ends.. with a sweet, vivid aurora of a new day.. //

    I still yearn for you.. Yearning for you.. and longing for you.. as that one milky speck in the night sky, beyond constellations and beyond galaxies out there, you're still there, as that one.. milky speck..

    But, the sun has risen from the lairs of the horizon, and this time.. I will try moving on from now on, to the cheerful days before two became "us". But.. I'll still remember you eternally..

    I love you.. My night will always be our night..
    -- SUMMARY --

    The beautiful night sky shows only how much the universe really contains. The one miniscule speck is a metaphor for someone who's really far away; someone who's left for certain circumstances, but still is the one speck that we really yearn and long for.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | beatific - showing happiness
    2 | ineffable - unable to verbally express
    3 | verklempt - overcome with emotions
    4 | firmament - the sky
    5 | ceaseless - without limits
    6 | sentimental - marked by tiresome emotion
    7 | sempiternal - eternal
    8 | sobriquet - a descriptive name
    9 | spangle - to shoot forth bursts of light
    10 | transcendent - beyond physical limits

    #night #love #lost #memories #relationship #faraway #stars #constellations #aurora #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 14, 2020, 10:30 AM (GMT+8)

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  • sattar_x 92w


    In the blackest of nights, my soul yearns
    For the one that placed me in such darkness, her backs turn
    Forever it felt, as I wallow in Oblivion
    On my skin,The cold hands of loneliness was placed on
    Piecing my body and soul, it's fangs made of ice
    This evil, is the deadliest of loves price
    I wish to move, but no path to follow
    My mind runs in fear but my feet won't go
    In this death valley of hopeless adventure
    A voice I hear my soothing cure
    I close my eyes, and heart shut tight
    To let the darkness sink , for the light of tomorrow shines bright
    I traced the voice of the angel, out of twilight's Aura
    To see the dawn of a new day, my glistering Aurora