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    Authenticity is about becoming
    It’s about finding your path, accepting your past and embracing your future.


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    Authentic Survival

    Authenticity, this day is resigned
    and all nasty are promoted.
    Materialistic-stars are easily granted,
    while hearts-real are judged and imprisoned.

    But the reality to be known is;
    Objective-plans are easy; at the same time,
    transparent deals are hard games.
    Worldly comforts die quick, whereas;
    genuine workmanship, earns an everlasting name.

    Authentic survival require sincere identities;
    cause its a responsibility to be taken over by incorrupt hands
    and only then, morality will have an immunity.
    Only then, righteousness will have an preserverance.


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    Sierra dozes off in a profound reverie while the sounds around her seem to haze out in her ears. A recurrence of the fresh events hits her heart. She feels light as if she’s levitating. Is she really drifting away from the real world? She feels tears avalanching down her cheeks and it feels like, as if they are vaporizing into thin air. She recollects how she was always besieged by people, people who told her that they loved her and would be with her no matter what. It wasn’t like she confided in all of them. But she had a trickle of people in her heart who were like a family to her. And now, here she is, all forlorn; not a single psyche around and feels stun and an abyss forming in her heart as she mulls over -

    [An arbitrary page from a “pretty” girl’s thoughts:]

    **The instant I started beaming and truly existing in this society, people have seen me as just some “pretty face”. I have been mediated, treated and rewarded based on my guise. Not to point out, but yes, that is society, and we have to live here. A lot might even think it’s just some whim or a frantic act of seeking attention. What can feasibly go wrong with being pretty? Nothing maybe; everything MAYBE. We’ve all been taught to ‘not judge a book by its cover’ right from the minute we start understanding words. But have we actually absorbed it? I agree, like everybody else, I am no angel. I have judged people based on how they look. But it’s always so diverse when apprehension hits you- subconsciously judging people and then realizing you’ve been doing the same when you sit and overthink everything through. It’s not all perfume and roses here. Being pretty too has its cons. I don’t intend to be mistaken for specifying beauty in terms of facial or physical features. I know what it truly is. At least, now I do. Prettiness and Beauty are actually worlds apart from each other. Prettiness is set up by medians of this society and is presumed to be an ‘ecstasy’ in everyone’s eyes (when it’s essentially not) while beauty is curbed to ourselves and what we feel about us and everyone around us. People can tell if you’re pretty but only a few can perceive the beauty that lies within you. Why is being pretty far from bliss, I say? When you’re pretty you’re always seen as some glossy, dainty item which might lose its value over time.

    From the trice my heart started sensing those silly hormonal changes, I have been treated as just some commodity or a triumph. For once, I crave to be loved for who I really am on the inside; at some point, I even thought I was, but turned out my life was in fact on a loop this whole time. People think it’s easy to fall in love, to see someone’s beauty and fancy them. Guys be pursuing girls (or the other way around) for like a decade or so and feel like they are in love. It’s so much more than that! When you love someone, you love their real self, their virtues along with their blemishes. And when I say that people who are considered “pretty” have it the hard way, it’s because they have half-a-dozen wooers after them but it’s unknown if any of them are actually in love. Being adored and loved for my face or body, I can’t really say if you truly love me. Have you ever looked through my heart? Have you ever felt like you actually know who I really am? When you aren’t studied as pretty by the society and someone still falls in love with you, you can actually say that the person loves you for YOU; because there isn’t a filter keeping him/her from comprehending the real you. They know you from your heart and love your soul in its realest sense. Also, it’s not like people with a face-filter won’t have someone to truly love them. If a person sees through your filter and masks, you’d know it’s true. You’d know when he is always beside you, you’d know when he always comforts you, you’d know when he sees how you feel, you’d know when he cares for you, you’d know when he loves you, you’d know when HE STAYS!

    Having a good heart is what I yearn the most. A good heart can love people and deserves all the love in the world. People are not born with a good or a bad heart. The goodness in you depends on you yourself, your actions and your thoughts. The goodness in you is mutable with each second. It’s you who can keep it persistent throughout. If you feel benevolent and if you feel the goodness in you, just know that you are loved. If not now, you will surely be, someday, because you deserve it. Just because you aren’t loved right this instant, doesn’t mean you let your desolation get the better of you. The goodness in you might help someone find the goodness in them.

    Some of you might still be thinking it’s better to exhibit both loveliness and beauty in you. Maybe for some of you it might be but according to me, it’s not. I have lost people because of this “pretty” face. I’ve lost amities and I constantly hope that people don’t fall for my pretty face. It’s hardly the same when someone you trust and are friends with, tells you how they aspire to be more for you. Attractiveness might be a blessing to the material world but beauty is what the world actually needs. **

    Sierra wipes off her tears and bizarrely doesn’t feel any pain in her body. It’s just her heart that’s still aching. “But that, too, will decease soon”, with these thoughts she closes her eyes trying recall all the pleasant moments she had, where she felt truly loved and important to someone. “I don’t know if I’m going to make it through, but I know, I don’t have to”.

    Author’s POV- I don’t intend to differentiate people based on their looks or call someone attractive or ugly. These are just some thoughts in the back of my head that came pouring down in writing. I have no intention to hurt someone or judge them based on their looks. Also, I’m not aiming to make anyone feel ungrateful or self-conscious about themselves. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. It’s you who are blessed with it and no one can be You better than you yourself. Embrace who you are, and strive to be better than you were. And regarding this piece; it’s just a chunk of feelings that each of us have felt at least once in their lives but are too afraid to speak about it. There I said it! Now just relate❤️

    “Be Kinder Than You Feel”
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    Chap: 2
    Are you Authentically Beautiful?

    “Don’t let those Stains reach your Heart”
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    YOU, will always come back...
    Shattered and torn, maybe...
    Heartbroken and weary, perhaps...
    Discouraged and forlorn, possibly...
    But you will always return, to YOU!

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    The essence of purity lies in authenticity


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    I have wept tears of such pure and honest emotion that I was proud of each cascading tear.


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    // Caption //❤
    Is there any obligation to succeed?
    Isn't it high time that failure is expected to be a part of growth and not a matter of embarrassment?
    Isnt it necessary to fail to ensure that we remain grounded ?

    In my opinion , we must let ourselves out of the shell of fear of failure ,
    embrace them ,and thank those causes of failure, because without those we really wouldn't become the better people we are , than before.
    Thats how we learn to live.❤

    What's your opinion?

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    All the queries

    To all the whats,
      ask your existence
    To all the whys,
      ask your resistance
    To all the wheres,
      it always comes to an end
    To all the Hows,
      ask the process
    To all the whens,
      Its never going to happen
    Queries without worries
    just makes no sense
    Relation without emotions
    Create dilemmas
    No one to ask
    No one to answer
    And no one to blame
    In The world of dramma
    Its a shame
    and monotonous
    So be it anonymous!

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    Enormous Wings

    Enormous Wings
    As in, a Very old Man With-
    Was a story that stuck with me over the years.
    I re-read it countless times
    To myself
    Or others
    As we lay in summer beds
    Soothing our beach skin
    And drinking tea
    With tiny chips of ice nearly
    Gone away melted.
    I empathized with that poor old man, sympathized, and wept for him.
    I understood as strangers tried to size him up
    He; dirtied and frazzled in the chicken coop.
    As the people tried to make him something he wasn't.
    Something they desperately wanted him to be.
    They tried to mold him, prod him, poke him, hurt him, bend him into what they thought they needed.
    Yet still he remained himself.
    I respected that so much.
    When I was younger, I wondered how he managed to do that?
    How could he be so resilient in his being?
    As I grew old I understood more, how it is always best to stay yourself regardless of how others try to sway or force you into being something else.
    Wether we have wings to spread or simply feet to put one in front of the other, it is best to make a quick escape from those who would see you captured up in their snares.
    It is dark morning here now, as I am up far too early, before the sun I hold so dear. And a very old man with enormous wings comes back to me from the past. He is a messenger for me, or perhaps I am making him into something he is not? Just like the rest?
    I dust off my book, creak it open, smell the age of it, the importance of it. I feel the textured pages with my fingertips. How I cherish these physical books. How permenant I once thought they were. But time changes and degrades things and people.
    The message I find in these pages changes too through my years. Different messages for different phases of my life. And though my eyes see blurry now, I read again and listen, for my message, my epiphany.
    My empathy has never wavered for the old man, although now I understand the mean-ness and cruelty of the people a little more. Life let's you experience both sides the longer you go at it.
    I sit with the story. Let it resonate like some ancient tuning fork picking up my frequency. I need adjusting. To find my way back to a more authentic me, without influence of others on my truth.
    I sip my now cold coffee. I once loved it sweet but now prefer it bitter. Time spins me into new iterations of what I once was.
    I close my cherished book. I wonder how sad it must be for someone to never have had such a tactile experience with words.
    I fold my tattered wings, curl up in my blankets and try to catch a dream again before the sunrise.
    And that old man, he smiles at me, from a past I used to know. Goodnight old man. I love you.


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    Be authentic, not unique

    The need is to be authentic than that of being unique, because you might not be real and still be called unique. But to be authentic, it requires a great sense of self-acceptance, genuinity, integrity and vulnerability. And the moment you choose to become your own authentic self, you bare no competitions with the outer world, no universe has the power to resist your authenticity.


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    Don’t lose yourself from your being that you become a whole new person in the process of pleasing other. You cannot ever deny your true authenticity . Be with those who welcomes your true being as their own home.
    You will only distant yourself from you .

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    I have extracted
    Every little drop of
    your being from my
    Existence to feel my
    best friend, how I was
    keeping me and myself
    so in distance.


  • raindropsoncacti 78w


    Hearing my children's voices from afar,
    Within them I can sense and relate to how they feel disappointed and let down.
    They're finally starting to see the unfortunate truth
    As I remain here feeling lost without them, whilst they're out of town.

    They're feeling the impact of an unhealthy operator,
    And it's materialistic motives and greed.
    My children don't want to be away stuck in that anymore -
    They miss our time, our values, our closeness and our creed.

    I wrote my primary goal down a few years ago:
    "To create not 'a house', but a warm, loving home to live in".
    After growing up a drumming-monkey, in a house so cold, despite my ever-obedient abiding,
    I promised ours would be peaceful, nurturing and safe for my children.

    They're now understanding why I've been dedicated my life healing, choosing to 'not be like her',
    Since making a big decision, though way too young, to head out alone.
    They're empathising now why their own mum took so long to even like herself
    After being under control of the narcissistic mother of her own.

    They're sadly discovering the hard way how some people in this world
    Will try to use money, pretty things, and guilt as leverage, to manipulate, puppet and bribe.
    They have both called me daily, in secrecy, to let me know,
    They don't like it, it goes against *our* motto: "we all play our part, to together, be a good tribe".

    I'm sad of course to hear them say this, yet appreciative as well.
    It's validation that I've taken the right path.
    The fact they know they can reach out to me for anything is comforting for one,
    The fact they're reacting strongly and maturely, an even more impressive half!

    They have learned to stand up for themselves though, this time.
    And I'm so proud they have, without my need to intervene!
    They've politely handed cash back, as it came with "demands and conditions"
    To make their statement of: "we'd rather wash our hands clean".

    My children have learned from me giving is essential.
    It's how we show people they're thought of, and we care.
    But through this they've mastered how to recognise "giving is actually taking",
    If it's self-interest, not altruism, that's at play there.

    I still lament things are as they are with my own mum.
    I feel a sense of grief, not for what I have in lieu.
    Rather for what I haven't, mourning my ideal mother, one maternal, who wanted me.
    Instead have one who no matter how much love and light you give her, nothing will ever do.

    I don't resent her, though. Through my efforts I have overcome that.
    I feel sad questioning: what did she endure herself to end up that way?
    Truth is we'll ever know. She'll never be close or open enough to tell us.
    Or perhaps that's she just is how she is. Who knows? Who can ever say?

    I thought about driving off to collect my kids this morning.
    They always know if they asked, I would in nano-second fractions of a heartbeat.
    But I know, for this particular lesson to stay with them, for life,
    It's better they ride it out this time, than to escape, or feel defeat.

    To keep standing their ground will give them the insight they need for future
    When deciding how and where to direct their energy, effort and time.
    Though these two small beautiful pieces of my own heart are missing right now
    We'll reconnect soon, united and stronger, in our little sanctuary, our "Leibenheim".


  • raindropsoncacti 82w

    Life Lessons

    It's amazing how many times I've stopped and realised during life
    That I feel like I'm still growing up; there's so much I don't know.
    And in those moments also realise just how far I've also come
    And imagining just how far I've still to go.

    This week alone I've gone out on a limb so many times.
    I've done many things I'd have never believed I would.
    So much has come down to my lifelong lack of faith in myself, thus a fear of trying;
    Underestimating myself, seldom believing that I could.

    I'm on the "closer to forty" side of my thirties now
    Starting to feel older, sure, yet feel perpetually naive.
    I still experience this sensation that I'm still so young
    Not "immature", just aware we have latent minds, and likely a lifetime learning and deciding what to believe.

    My studies, my therapies, my immersing in the arts
    Have all contributed to how I am finally coming to know
    I'm not the pain or burden I was always convinced to believe I was as a kid
    Not as worthless as I felt all those times throughout life that I was bad just because someone said so.

    It took almost 35 years for me to actually "like myself" at all.
    Though I still second-guess or doubt myself sometimes, it's hardly ever compared to always.
    I'm the least thin than I've been in ages, yet feel more confident than I did at half the size.
    I admire who and how I am now, and have my "put yourself down" days.

    The thing that helped me most to get from loathing to liking
    Was learning to identify things I can control and what I can not. That being:
    The judgements, opinions of others, the behaviours of humans who haven't got the same kind of heart I've got.

    I know I can only change how I respond instead
    To people who perplex, hurt, judge, misunderstand or even scare me to my core.
    Yet no matter what people do, the choice is always there, to decide those words or actions don't serve you any more.

    I wish I'd only learned earlier I didn't deserve to be bludgeoned into my poor self-image.
    'Nor to believe what I was belittled with so much I joined in; ended up beating myself up too.
    I'm glad I'm still learning now, not just about myself, but the entire world
    I am "here", I matter. I am likeable!
    I'm authentic. I do "like me", now: the me that's real and true.


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    When you feel uncomfortable with yourself ,talk it out; to yourself and others and take time to be peace with yourself. It sounds silly but you need to chill with yourself before you make peace with others.

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    ©bethinkful #rooted #authenticity
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    Superficial love, artificial acts
    Is that what you called life?
    Far from truthfulness and authenticity

    Live in a lie

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    As you start to become authentic and let yourself be free, it's like a light starts to shine out of you everywhere you go.

    Most people have been hiding in the dark caves of their limited self-images for decades, so when they're suddenly exposed to the light of your authenticity + freedom, it's like a flashlight shining in their eyes; they'll immediately want to dim your light.

    Because your light exposes their conditioning. It exposes that they've been hiding their true self for decades, and it forces them to see themselves, which is very uncomfortable.
    So your presence will subconsciously make them feel insecure.

    Depending on the person, they will either be inspired by your light, look at who they really are and come out into their own light.
    Or they will have to dismiss your energy mentally.
    And the easiest way to dismiss someone is to paint a negative picture of them in your mind.

    So they'll perceive you as a "show off" or assume that you're trying hard to stand out, because they have no other way of making sense of your freedom.
    Of course they won't say this. You'll notice it in a subtle snicker or subtle joke when you dance, sing, or express yourself in a way that makes them uncomfortable.

    In a subtle way that hides their insecurity, they'll try to undermine you. To pull you back down to their level as if to say "You're not better than me so stop acting like it."

    Most people will quickly 'dim their light' to make these people feel more comfortable around them. But as Marianne Williamson said, 'Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.'


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    Fake people
    hate the company
    of real people
    because it instantly
    reminds them
    of the mask they're wearing.


  • mmbftd 103w

    Fitting in

    No one talks about it
    When fitting in
    Doesn't fit
    Did you get in?
    Trick em so they didn't realize
    That you don't fit in
    To their group
    Of sunny smiles
    White teeth shining
    Colgate grins
    Like Cheshire cats
    And pussy on display
    Is this where you wanted to be?
    Is it everything you thought it would be
    To be seen?
    Collected and molded
    To shapes that hurt your tender body
    And bent
    Till you are on your knees
    Get up
    Get up
    You don't need what they are selling you
    Polished and manufactured
    Smooth lines
    Fresh wax
    Reflecting your pain
    Are you a car
    Meant to floss your worth?
    A woman is not a display of a man's power
    Don't fight so hard to get in there
    It's twisted and delirious
    The pain numbed over
    By powder up your nose
    And fire into your vein
    You sleep
    Wake up
    Do it all again
    And I'm only watching
    From the sideline
    An old voyeur in a world
    Turned mad
    Kids are not kids
    They aren't allowed to be
    They get processed
    Into someone else's
    And it makes me sad
    Because I do remember
    What it felt like
    To believe I was on the outside
    But you've got to find the right tribe
    Where it fits and feels like the family you never had
    Where they lift you up to be what your passions scream
    Listen to those
    Because nobody talks about
    How fitting in hurts
    Once you fake it to get there
    You can't remember who you were
    Don't fight so hard
    To exterminate
    Who you really are
    You are no one else's commodity
    Stand up
    Fight for your self
    You matter.