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  • snehajacob 8w

    Flower Tale

    Her blushed cheek says it all
    both madly love each other.
    I was planted
    an alluring garden
    now I'm in her hands
    her tear drops
    kissed my petals
    I'm a red rose
    now I'm in his lover's hand
    she holds me gently
    with care and so much love.

    He proposed, a spectacle
    if you ask me
    but elegant in a special way
    he proclaims his love
    and yes... she accepts him
    now I'm gently lying
    to be dried
    flower preservation.

    I'm happy
    dried and to be immortal
    her eyes filled
    with love
    when she saw me

    Now I'm tucked away
    I hear murmurs
    everytime you know
    It's a great feeling
    to see a person
    happy, jovial.

    I hear the baby wailing
    wait a minute
    did they procreate
    now I'm going to cry
    I saw her gently opening
    to see me
    It's been almost 4 years
    I've seen her
    now she's transforming me
    Into a pendant
    a small one
    for that cute little bean of theirs.

    Today is the day
    that angelic eyes
    mesmerized me
    soo much love
    now I'm immortal
    a pendant
    she surprised him
    by showing him
    his thoughts
    the proposal
    his eyes full of tears
    seeing their bean
    wearing that cute little
    pendant filled with my red petals
    I'm immortal
    A spectacle
    If you ask me.

  • heidilore 14w

    For Christiano

    I feel like an empty vessel
    Drifting out to sea
    Landing at deserted islands
    Metaphorically me.

    There you are, a light in the distance
    An anchor to bring me to shore
    You are beyond an anchor, the purest light
    And you have opened that elusive door


  • nocturnal_enigma 14w

    * 586th; 92 posts till 678th
    * 26.8.2021; 2.18 A.M (Malaysia)
    * #Autobiography of a #carpet #Challenge by @Miraquill
    * Mr. Alladin is my crush #AHBA's father


    Sea Waves Carpet ~

    Hi! I am a carpet. The spelling is: C A R P E T. CAR + PET = CARPET! But, I'm not a car's pet! (Word play). I'm just a normal carpet. Not a magic carpet like in Disney's Aladdin. (But, I wish, I can fly.) I belong to Mr. Alladin's family. I am their only carpet. I'm not too big and not too small. Just the right size for their living room. They don't have any pet. I imagine, if they had a cat/cats, I would have been licked and scratched. Thankfully, there's none of them. Mr. Alladin & wife are happily married for many years. They are given many children. I lost count of the quantity. Wallahualam. (Allah knows better) I only know the names of 4 of them: Abdul Hadi, Saadiyah, Aaqil & Rahul. May Allah bless the whole family. �� Amin... ~ When mentioned 'carpet', 2 words often in locals minds: Bangladesh's carpet. But, that's not where I came from. I was made in Singapore and ordered by a Singaporean, Mr. Alladin. My design is of sea-waves. Mixture of dark blue, blue, black and white colours. When they put their feet on me, they must have imagined of the ocean's waves splashing on their feet! I am well taken care of. I feel so lucky! Well, I guess, that's all about me. Bye �� ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    Sea Waves Carpet ~

    (Read Caption)

  • cruisey 14w

    #anaphora #cees_doors #gogyohka #autobiography

    I've seen
    kids parting ways with parents
    in the early mist of dawn
    crying & crawling
    some giggling & running.

    I've seen
    students in sunny afternoon
    tired and sweating
    some departing with friends
    some alone.

    I've seen
    young adults
    saying goodbye
    with hand full of certificates
    and eyes a million memories.

    I've seen
    young adults
    entering excitedly
    and leaving an adult
    with life lessons learnt.

    I've seen
    lovers entering secretly
    and tiptoeing together
    in the starry night.

    I've seen
    with sleepy heads & curious minds,
    loyal heart and bitchy mouths
    all under one roof.

    I've seen
    and grinning
    in a moments time difference.

    I've seen
    babies crawling
    to walking their first steps
    and crying to babbling
    their first ever spoken words.

    I've seen
    school buses
    and college buses
    never waiting.

    I've seen
    entering sober
    and leaving in somnolence
    & some puking.

    I've seen
    mourners coming with flowers
    and words for ears invisible
    and leaving with
    lightly heavy heart.

    @leo0707 where's yours?

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    I've seen
    with sleepy heads & curious minds,
    loyal heart and bitchy mouths
    all under one roof.

  • iqujiger 15w

    ,,#Autobiography of# broken #heart ,,

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    I am the perpexled treasure
    Darned with the fragile strings
    Filled with the coins of agony
    Lying within the dark streets
    Of hopelessness
    I never showoff my shattering
    With noise like the glass
    I hide it within my Silence

  • seraiah_smiles 15w

    I sail ahead to uncertain seas. My captain, the one that drives me, he uses his only map to navigate all throughout this journey. Sometimes, the weather is as kind as a clear, refreshing bottle of water. Other times, a gentle breeze or faster wind would compel me to go beyond my usual speed. Oftentimes, rains would meet me like a friend that's politely pouring beverage into my cup, or vice-versa. Rains can also be like friends, fighting, or actually just having a misunderstanding. Anyhow, I continue travelling in these uncertain seas. Looking back, aren't rains actually helpful? Without them, I wouldn't be where I am right now. Why? Of course, it's the water cycle. Without precipitation, these bodies of water I'm on will be gone through evaporation. There are times when these outpours become storms and waves appear overgrown. My captain looks at the map steadfast and decides where I best go according to his judgment. In a number of detours, my captain discovered treasures. However, this time, we found ourselves surrounded by mist: tiny droplets of water in the air makes it difficult to see. I have hope, nevertheless, and always will: like before, I know that this situation will turn for the better. I have hope, indeed, and always will: that my captain and I will certainly arrive someday in the Paradise that we, O, so Hope for.

    #Royal #Clipper #RoyalClipper #ship #autobiography #metaphors #simile
    #Paradise #Hope #water #air #wind #detours #treasures #captain
    #rains #helpful #uncertain #seas #only #map #navigate

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    Royal Clipper: An Autobiography Of A Ship


  • ndeenda_elao 15w

    As carpet as I am

    My birth was not highly anticipated as that of a human. No fancy gender reveals. Just the mere stitching and thrashing of woven fabric.

    The departure from my home was quite intrusive. How rude of them to ship me off without my consent! Amidst all my complaints and tantrum throwing I found myself in a city called Windhoek.

    A city where auspicious character was at display. Where the hustle was never ending. A city that brings the statement of 'never jugde a book by its cover' to test.

    My stay at the back of a warehouse in Windhoek was short lived, as I was transported off to a small town called Grootfontein. It's funny how the name translates to 'big fountain', yet the town is small.

    It was on a scorching hot day when I was resting myself on a shelf in a PEP store, where I met this intriguing lady.

    My heart beemed as she picked me up. 'She chose me', I screamed in the face of the others.

    Thirteen years later, here I am.
    Getting a wash every weekend.
    As rugged up as I am, I'm still in use.
    As carpet as I am, my owners get excited to rest their feet on me.
    As carpet as I am, I offer comfort.


  • nemesis_here 15w

    # crumpled #life #distress #autobiography @miraquill @writersnetwork

    ������Crumpled Carpet������

    I was woven by hands. String by string, they tied my parts and made me into one big carpet. I could smell that blood on their hands. The sight of bleeding scratches, that they got because of me, made me resent myself even before I came out in this world. Those hurt hands and those teary eyes made me think why am I even coming into existence? What's the point of all this hurt? Why should I hurt them just so that I could flourish? Why is it like this? I had no control over it. I mean, it isn't like I was asked about this. I always wanted to see this world with my own eyes and feel its beauty. But nobody ever told me about this side of the process. Those hands touched me and I felt their hurt. Those hands poked me with some needles and I endured the pain because I thought that if I turn out to be beautiful, they'll be satisfied. That did happened. I was finally woven into a very beautiful carpet. I had a peculiar scent of flowers. It was as if I was a carpet of flowers but just with a faint metallic smell that only I could notice. I was so soft to touch, as if I was a carpet of clouds. The smiles on their faces were ecstatic whenever they saw me. For all the time that I was there, those hands never healed. And the story continued.

    Now I'm just another carpet, not one of a kind, but amongst the crowds here. I'm a carpet lying here in the storage of an event planning company. And all that surrounds me is just darkness and this sickening scent of grease and soil. Ever since I came out from there and was taken away from protection of the hands that made me, I've always been trampled upon. I've always been trampled upon as if I never mattered and never ever will. They stepped on me with their pointy shoes, hurting me every time. They'd spill hot coffees on me or some icy drinks and won't even have a slightest sense of regret. I think I made a mistake for wanting to come here. Maybe I should never have asked for it. They hurt me so much. I was always there in their happy and sad moments but I don't think they even care. I was there when they were celebrating that birthday when a drunkard used a lawn mower on me. I was there when they had that grand wedding but I was the one who had to taste that champagne even when those broken glasses laid and pierced me. I was there when they were mourning and that man wept, laying his head on me. I was there when that man was shot in head and I had to soak in his blood. I never knew that this is what it takes to become a red carpet. Everytime I thought I had a purpose, they would give me more scars to remind me that I don't matter. If I'm not here, someone else will come to replace me. They all tell me silently with their looks that I'm repulsive. I'm covered in dirt, grease, blood and what not but no one's here to show me some empathy. There is not a single soul around to understand me.

    They say that I'm dirty now. They say they'll get rid of me. I know what that means...It means that I'm going down an incinerator and just like that my existence will remain unnoticed and I'll fade away into the ephemeral clouds of little things. But I'm not sad anymore. I don't know what my purpose was, but I served many feet. I got stomped upon thousands of times and I had bittersweet feelings too, but now when the end is near I don't regret this life anymore. I just think of those anguished hands that made me. They made me and in return I endured so much and I did all that I could. I believe this was my destiny. I just wish that the ones who will come to replace me will understand that even if we aren't shown any special attention or love, it's our responsibility to keep doing our thing, so that we don't end up creating a void. That it doesn't matters if our efforts go unnoticed, we simply can't stop.

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    Crumpled Carpet

    I just wish that the ones who will come to replace me will understand that even if we aren't shown any special attention or love, it's our responsibility to keep doing our thing. That it doesn't matters if our efforts go unnoticed, we simply can't stop.

  • june_margot 15w

    I was once a new release
    A song which you listened with ease
    I always comforted you the way you wanted
    All your feelings came granted.

    Until you found a new pop
    And your taste in me drop
    You spent time with her and self
    I became a dusty record on the shelf.

    I have seen you from my place
    Both in your happy and broken phase
    I wanted to comfort that boy like before
    But you have forgotten me in this store

    It's been years and I am retro
    The pendulum beside goes to and fro
    Showing me my worth and my age
    Ever since I have been stuck in this cage

    From that shelf I saw you upgrade
    You are now a man of high paid
    With your income, your stress increased
    I wanted to comfort again, but I was ceased.

    If only you played me one more time
    If only you heard my lyrics and rhyme
    I could have contended you regardless my age
    But now I am a dusty record in garbage.

    #autobiography #record #song @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Autobiography of record

    Music is the only magic experienced my man kind. Because it's single touch can disappear all your eerie. Giving you a new life, music is all I need to live

  • zoker1991 15w


    Woven i was at the Kayi tent
    For no other than the main tent
    For Ertugul Bey to walk on me
    Counsel of tribes
    To be held on me

    I was witness of may important decisions
    Food spelt on me was often very delicious

    I felt the rise of a new force
    The Islamic Otoman Empire
    It was of course

  • sumedha_thinks 15w

    The Banyan Tree

    Long ago, in a barren field,
    Old Mother Hanna planted me,
    She nourished my roots,
    Helped flourish my leaves.
    She helped me grow tall and green.
    Soon I became the strongest banyan,- The Village has ever seen.

    Since then I have seen many generations,
    One of the great grandkids looked so much like Hanna!
    Kids of the village played around me,
    When tired, they would rest underneath.
    But today is my last day here.
    All the villagers have gathered,
    To watch my fall.
    They shed not a single teardrop.
    While they cut me, I pray, I hope,
    The kids watching me die,
    Long lost humanity will they revive.


  • joybirdpoetry 15w


    I am not what I seem.
    I trace myself so I don't forget
    what shape I might be in.

    I am not what I seem.
    I readjust my fluctuating heartbeat
    bridled like a skittish horse.

    I am not what I seem.
    I wave to her on the distant horizon
    and realise she is my reflection.

    I am not what I seem.
    I stir my golden syrup tiredness
    and spread it on my burnt toast.

    I am not what I seem.
    I turn up the volume to my thoughts
    but strain to hear the apologies.

    I am not what I seem.

    But I seem to be okay.

    This day.


    #autobiography #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersbay

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    I am not what I seem.
    I trace myself so I don't forget
    what shape I might be in.

    I am not what I seem.
    I readjust my fluctuating heartbeat
    bridled like a skittish foal.

    I am not what I seem.
    I wave to her on the distant horizon
    and realise she is my reflection.

    I am not what I seem.
    I stir my golden syrup tiredness
    and spread it on my burnt toast.

    I am not what I seem.
    I turn up the volume to my thoughts
    but strain to hear the apologies.

    I am not what I seem.

    But I seem to be okay.

    This day.


  • preporna 15w

    #Autobiography #School life

    Starting the most memorable journey of life
    with falling tears due to the scary feeling when we set our feet in a new environment out of our own home, a completely unknown place which is the home of our second parents...
    They become our life partners in our journey of school life , the ones who walk with us, stay with us at our tough times, take care of us and mostly teach us the most important thing i.e. how to established ourselves in this huge world and taught us to stand by our own feet in this journey of life..

    Days passed by and we started having our past with
    the days filled with all the mischievs that we did while sitting at the back benches,
    the hidden moments of eating chips during the class��,
    the unstoppable time that use to flow like the running water, and we felt so irritating while doing the forgotten homework finishing just before the teacher comes.
    the fear of being out of the class for not wearing the tiny red ribbon in plated hair....
    the time we shared our tiffin and the delicious mixing of food, the sad feeling after hearing the recess over bell.... the sleepiness during the social class and the
    irritating time of the incomprehensible physics and chemistry class.... and the day's relaxation when the last bell rang and we ran and went home...
    Then starts the unending tensions during the exam that continues till the most relaxing ending exam day... The enjoyable of the few days of vacations... And again the tensions of exam results,
    And the scolding that seems to be unending due to the unexpected hard marks ��.

    Ultimately in the long run of life, 9 years had passed, without even realizing the flow of time, but finally we have reached the end of the amazing part of school life...
    And the traces of our feet are almost dried...
    Leaving our second home with falling tears
    with the eagerness to live another level of life✨

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    A moment that lives for ever

    School times end but
    the memories last forever✨


  • _solitaire_ 15w

    Im a flickering body
    In the dust filled sky
    Which lies above
    The silent graveyard
    Holding constellations
    Of my dead selves

    In the dark room
    Lying in a corner
    Im a stiched cloth
    Of a darker shade
    Who can only kill
    Any light breathing

    The shadows of which
    Diminish the breaths
    Of my heart
    For Im a dark eclipse
    In the damaged radio
    Of frozen memories

    Im a cracked shell
    Brought back to the shore
    By the burning waves
    And in a wooden box
    Of those pretty numbers
    Im simply a vacant zero

    Im within me, And dead

    �������� �������������� ���������� ���� �������������� �������� ���������� �� ������, �� �������� ������ ���������� ���� ����.


    (P.s: The lines in // are translated below.
    Will read yall soon)

    #unique_chall #activity #autobiography

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    //तूम जो भी हो जैसे भी हो खुदको खुदमे रखो
    खुदके छोटेसे हिस्से को भी भागने ना दो//

    Whoever you are, however you are, keep yourself preserved in you. Don't let even an inch of you flee away.


  • odisparo 15w



    I am a Miraquill Post
    Created by the host
    Of this nifty little app
    Putting poetry in your lap

    Now I want to see
    Posts tagged "Autobiography"
    That's the sole reason I exist
    After today I die, disappearing into mist

  • _astitva_ 15w

    #wod #autobiography (maybe) #Haiku ~ 5-7-5 #Scribbles �� @writersnetwork @miraquill

    PS: Will read soon ��

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    Suppressed sentiments
    Staining sedentary sheets
    Soothing sinking soul


  • leo0707 15w


    Under the bureau of his room,
    He sat,
    As he heard loud bangings on the door.
    He flinched,
    Resting his chin on his bare scraped knees,

    Come out now,
    A man yelled in a slurry voice outside.
    Banging his door vigorously.

    He kept mum,
    With his heart banging inside him thunderously.

    Minutes passed,
    Leading to a dreading silence,
    Filled with his sniffles.
    He pulled me out...
    And each droplet,
    That Rolled from his eyes,
    Narrated the trauma he went through.
    Each expressing their sorrow....
    As I tried to hold everything inside my small pores.

    He held them back,
    From falling onto me....
    "But It's ok my dear,
    This remains within me.
    So let it all out."
    I said.....


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    (Autobiography of a tissue paper)

    It's ok my dear,
    It remains within me.
    So let it all out,
    I said...

  • artemiswrites 15w

    Autobiography of Rain: Tanka

    Born from something that
    is Me and Not Me at the
    same time; from something
    they call clouds, I write Life to
    life in an artistic way

  • apoeticme 15w

    Do read it...
    #autobiography #wod #pod
    @writernetwork @miraquill

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    Piece of paper

    I am a piece of paper of the poet
    Who don't even know what to say
    But when he starts to write
    Nothing can be hide
    Emotions, feelings and life starts
    Pouring in the sheet of paper
    To make it more bright and
    And then his thoughts will shine
    In this paper divine
    No need to hide anything
    Because it's his second world
    Where everything he write is
    Always right.

  • the_speccy_outsider 15w

    Humans often create a world of their own where everything is pitch perfect. Where they are encompassed by the people who love them unconditionally. And seldom they think about me. Since my existence in this world is frivolous according to their comprehensive abilities.

    They feel that I'm unable to induce satisfaction or happiness. Albeit, they should contemplate that I'm under no aegis. I'm omnipresent, a benefit I possess due to my ubiquitous attribute.

    It doesn't require anything or any amount to find me. I'm there, with the human race, within them, around them. They just need to come out of their fabricated abyss of illusions to seek and experience the powers that I hold. I'm always available, compared to my arch rival, my most favourite nemesis, Material Things.

    Humans crave about her entry into their lives, I still can't fathom the reason. For they have to sacrifice myriad of other aspects in order to attain her company. That's not the case with me. I don't have any prerequisites or conditions to which they should adhere to. They only need to lift the fictitious veil of expectations from their mind and they'll be able to spot me, gazing at them with twinkling eyes.

    I hope humans find the much needed courage to let go of their high expectations as it is contaminating their sanity. Because this mindset closes their perspective and makes them cunning to the core. Yearning for a perfect world which doesn't exist. Thus, leading to disappointments and melancholia. I hope for a better scenario and a different picture that'll make them understand my worth. I have nothing but love and prosperity to offer.

    I'm Little Things and this my heartfelt appeal to the human race.



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    Little things