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  • benny_lambchop 42w

    Fluid motions
    Natural interpretations
    Concepts are ideas
    Intangible and ineffable
    Displayed out to me
    Vision connected to thought
    Body know how to move
    Word is hard
    Thought is good
    Thought feel nice
    Identity adopted from others
    Heritage unlearned
    Culture created me
    It can be different
    I am not alone
    We are breathing
    Knowledge is intangible
    We prescribe it value
    Constructed by our perception
    Blinded to the reality
    Destruction impending
    Perhaps accepted
    Death of fresh air
    Clean water
    Abundant food
    I should get out more

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    Fluid motions
    Natural interpretations
    Concepts are ideas
    Intangible and ineffable
    Displayed out to me
    Vision connected to thought
    Body know how to move
    Word is hard
    Thought is good
    Thought feel nice
    Identity adopted from others
    Heritage unlearned
    Culture created me
    It can be different
    I am not alone
    We are breathing

  • itsmedash007 82w

    "Strings Attached"

    Staring through the terrace lying,
    Cross my bed into the divine,
    Cosmos filled with darkness and,
    Raging enigmas often untreated,
    With suspicion carry out they works,
    Various as men we not know but,
    Somehow bestowed with duty of,
    Harbingers of justice and ruckus,
    Vigilantes I see them I see it all,
    Through my glasses heavily transfixed,
    To my pallor part of my demeanour,
    I sense their presence captivating,
    Isolating at the same time their hearts',
    Pulsating mine with as I hear them,
    Breathe into my ears I feel a presence,
    Of powers great mystic not strong,
    Enough to possessed be by paltry,
    Visor of humanity fatal sinister could,
    They be might or they actually have,
    Descended from lands of honeydew,
    And daisies are prophets of some sort,
    Predicting time's ahead as if strings,
    Attached to our bodies play they with,
    All might control our emotions sensations,
    Creations some rise by good grace others,
    Crumble beneath their feet matters no,
    Much you shout they don't listen how hard,
    Wish you to drag thyself before falling,
    Back where all it began the epicenter of,
    Origin that brought you so far your,
    Creaking four legged wooden friend,
    Whilst you sleep the harbingers work,
    Tiresomely carving a world out of your,
    Subconscious you can't hide they know,
    You all your secrets pleasures you seek,
    Devoutly and sins you committed not,
    Knowingly knows it all the master cut,
    Upon your strings you're in the world,
    Of roaming cold entities existence a,
    Mirage whose language unheard of,
    And life forgotten of live thy life way,
    You want but bear in mind strings are,
    Tightly wound somewhere far far away,
    In some distant realms.

  • ryancier_ 118w

    Incoherent Standup, 4

    This other day, right,
    I was talkin'
    with my friend, Benny,
    and HE starts opening his mouth
    so... wide!!! Like, it was LITERALLY so wide, right?
    His lips just came undone, dude.
    Extending, constantly, his skin...
    ripping- Eyes enlarging...
    as his teeth
    grew to the size
    of the Eiffel Tower-
    I think my friend
    is an O L D . O N E

  • ryancier_ 118w

    Incoherent Standup, 2

    So, I was lookin' at her, right-
    Right in the eyes...
    with MY eyes!
    Our eyes
    were EYEING one another... with precision.
    And I thought, hey,
    what would happen...
    So, I took a nap,
    and proceeded
    to be devoured
    by an egg-slaying sandwich-monster.
    Just kidding, just kidding!
    Hey, don't take me seriously, yanno?
    "Can you just take... a triangle...
    to the train-station,
    for me, please"?
    is what SHE said
    last night, guys, amirite???

  • ryancier_ 118w

    Incoherent Standup, 1

    So, I was just walking, right?
    Down this lane -- down this lane, yeah --,
    with CRUMBS!
    Who the FUCK leaves crumbs
    lying around? Butt-naked, whole-ass bread-crumbs
    in Iraq???
    So, I looked "UP", right,
    and there were atoms
    at me! Like, I know!!!
    So, whatever, I figured
    I'd just start scratchin' at my leg,
    and my fucking EPIDERMIS
    just started laying FUCKING eggs!
    Last time I give Jupiter a hug.

  • ryancier_ 118w

    Avant-Garde-ish, 16, Yes&No

    We laugh.
    The show...
    is funny, yes,
    look at how he MOVES
    when she speaks-
    Isn't it a goof?
    Aren't these people a rouse?
    Is this family okay? Hm, no,
    I wouldn't say... so!
    New York
    is one hell of a sturdy bone.
    Laugh, no,
    yes, no, laugh, yo!
    Singing, staples, and bitter microphones.
    Outlines, expansions, and... updates!
    Nah, brotha- Downdate!
    D- D- Down.
    D- D- Up.
    I see the "net weight".
    What, pray-tell, is this "number eight"?

  • ryancier_ 118w

    Avant-Garde-ish, 15, Tastes

    Do you like
    spiders' legs?
    I can't get the taste
    of plastic bags
    out of my mouth.
    I can't get the taste-
    I can't get-
    I can't-

  • ryancier_ 118w

    Avant-Garde-ish, 14, Beans

    Everyone's afraid of the "edge",
    so no one's gonna make
    a fuckin' statement (with mortar and brick).
    They're all just gonna hide
    in their places.
    So, do you have alcohol?
    Where is this "alcohol"?
    Screw your flippin' tylenol-
    I like wine,
    and trading Christmas-lights.
    I guess we'll all be quiet, now, since we can't
    S C R E A M ???
    Sour Cream?
    toes and fingertips and on-sale sunscreen?
    The way your atoms
    have collided
    into one another, yes,
    makes me wanna touch... my beans!
    I JUST got these today, they're fresh beans, yes-
    Fresh beans STRAIGHT from the grocer.

  • ryancier_ 122w

    Avant-Garde-ish, 2, Wood

    I awake, I bust, I chop.
    Wait- I 'bust'?
    Wood hardens all around my castle.
    Vines, vines, vines.
    La femme, la femme, la femme.
    Wooden walls are waxing,
    and waning, all around my wailing,
    wooden, wandering waypoint.
    Wouldn't you know it?

  • sarertnoc 154w

    El amor es un cigarro.
    Te mata por dentro
    pero no puedes dejar de fumarlo.


  • faewickwillow 157w

    Hsuan Fawn

    You do not exist
    Because I am a faceless thing.
    Where my eyes once were,
    Now a simple galaxy.
    Organic flux and fire;
    My name changes as the seasons age this year.
    As our skin touches, my dear,
    OUR membranous reality collides.
    Where once was skin
    A new dynamic fractal occurs.
    Face changes contour spurs.
    Pocket dimension, projection,
    Being-in-form shapes our formless visage.
    Neither your nor mine
    Whos time is it anyway?
    Where did i set my name?
    Why must there be
    Just sixteen keys to unlock "me?"
    Unto God and Gaea
    Such was bade as is spake through me:
    Im set upon no keyring.
    The watchmaker sold a broken clock.
    With a glass eye frozen over
    Decal insignia- deity.
    Scratch out symbol divinity.
    Return unto all
    this, fate. this,
    void.-Life blood and source of light

  • sarertnoc 157w

    "esto nunca ocurrió
    pero te ví salir
    y arrastrarte hacía
    una cama de ventanas rotas"

  • sarertnoc 157w

    vida como si no existiera

    suelo de puertas
    lámpara colgando al revés
    un hoyo en el agua
    vías de trenes al cielo
    sangre que es parafina
    el hielo que ahora arde
    oler el silencio áspero
    y odiar me gusta


  • arcadeninja 192w


    Bless you thy son , bless you thy daughter
    Has your upbringing actually been deciphered.

    Ravaging thy self a pity you do , but avail still you try cleave for the cadaver you try to sue?

    Fringing on your toes , mollycoddling others , fringing on brothers , standing on shudders have forgotten the sense of amoral calamity?

    Bless you for the breath you hold , bless you for the times you fold , bless for the fact you rolled and bless you for the fact that you remain untold.

  • poet_of_filth 228w

    Shaman Dick Milk

    My mind’s gears spin like an airplane propeller possessed by the astral material of dead ancestors clinging to neuron receptors…is that you, William Blake, Ginsberg, Rimbaud, Ezra pound….Sylvia Plath, I can feel you lurking in the shadows, peeking through Lazarus’s opera glasses/two visible eyes, third one plummeged up with a fleshy forehead--oh let me, swash back the neck of this damn flask and attempt to traverse this ocean of language and symbols while you, my dear companions, just sit back on dry land and relax…have a drink or two! Your attempt to get off the island was commendable, to say the very least, but like aimless rafts, here you touch back the shore at every goddam try...fucking pathetic! So leave this exploration now to I...C.J. Garrett! Wise poet wizard who can swing from vibration to vibration of the universe so these choppy waves mean nothing!

    In the bowl of my left iris, a bearded Shaman sitting upon a buoy squirting ayahuasca out his left boobie. Like a sex addict pulling apart shields of latex and bra straps, in a moment, the distance between us turns into but a mere thumbtack--open mouth wide open; ayahuasca squirts in like a hot geyser.






    Gargle. Gargle.

    “Tell me Shaman, don’t this ayahuasca taste kind of funny?” I ask, rolling the thick liquid round round on my tongue like a molasses carousel--yes, yes...I tasted a lil’ bit of nipple and a lil’ bit of nipple hair--not the problem! Something far else disjointed the geometry.

    “Oh that’s not ayahuasca...that’s semen.”


    “Yes, semen. Your semen more specifically.”

    Ahhhh. Now we see, the completion of the geometry! My semen quickly terraformed into the taste of my poetry...slightly better tasting semen. I spat out my cum...disgusted, but turned on as the shaman sprouted a beret, turtleneck, scarf and afro and began masturbating while making dick jokes.

    Feeling like a more tragic Gilligan, I swam back to my ancestors to apologize, but they all pissed on me while telling me to go to hell. Except Lady Lazarus...she was dead in my easy bake oven, billowed over with shame as it were. But they ensured me, she’d be back tomorrow with theatrical insults and burns and you just drank shaman dick milk out of a shaman nipple so don’t expect to get out the roasting that easy.

    They all laughed at me, drinking the last of my scotch while waving middle fingers.

  • doubleyeasi_dy 259w


    In die Nische gedrängt
    alte Kunst verschenkt

    von geistigen Tiefflug
    ist es ein Fluch
    dem nicht genug
    sie wird vergessen
    klingt vermessen

    birgt eine Problematik
    von sinnfreier Thematik

    nur noch umgeben
    ohne tiefgreifendes Gedankenleben
    stets auf Irrwegen

    DY, 17.05.2017