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    A wild ride

    She had no clue what to do...

    she had never done this like this. How do people do this all the time, she thought.
    She didn't even know how to sit. This was not her idea.

    She had once told him in the past that she had never done this and she would like to try some day. She never even thought about it after that. "I'm gonna screw this up and your gonna hate me and divorce me" she said to him. "you are gonna screw up but i am not gonna hate you and definitely not divorce you. You are like a friend now to me" he said.

    Are we now? she thought. They met one day in front of each others parents and boom! and Here they are married for 7 months. They didn't talk to each other that much at first. TV shows made them talk to each other. She showed him shows he never watched. He would want her to watch it with him. Thats how they are here 7 months later. She watched this on some show and said to him she wanna try it. And here they are.

    That’s how it always is. She shows or tells about something and he will try and make it happen. She finds new recipes, shows or songs he likes and introduces it to him. "Now put your legs on either side, yeah like that" he said. "I gonna screw up" she said. you are not, you are the most talented, determined and beautiful woman i had ever met, he didn't say it out loud.

    He took her hand and placed it on the handle bars. "So it's an RE 350 classic powered by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, twinspark, air-cooled, 346 cc engine that makes 19.8 bhp and 28 Nm of torque. The motor is oPered with a 5-speed gearbox and -" " I have no clue what you are talking about" she cut him oP. God, you are adorable she thought when he explained it. But she did not here what he was saying.

    He stood beside and watched her. I would marry you again if i could, he didn't say it out loud either. "wait, here", he kick started the bike and sat behind her. "I have to feed more just to start this thing" she said. He was teaching her and it went good. Just when it was getting dark they called it oP and stai1ed to go back. "How much does this cost?" she asked.

    "um »
    "you were reciting the specs"
    "you know money doesn't matter right" "what did you do!?!"

    "as i said, Money. doesn't. matter. lets go out have dinner and go back home. I heard that they opened a new dhabha. Lets go and -" he started rambling. She knew he wouldn't say the price. She would look it up afterwards. But now...

    She loved this man for making her smile...