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  • anjuzzzz 2w

    Donom ka baroza nahi hai ab

  • angels_halo_shines 3w

    The first 3 lines are taken from Fleetwood Mac
    A song entitled Never Going Back Again. It sent some vibe of inspiration, and I take no credit for those lines. Thank you 🙏

    #empath #empathmind #never #going #back #again #fleetwoodmac #ceesreposts

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    Been down 1 time
    Been down 2 times
    Never going back again

    I guess you could say
    I learned my lesson
    Never going back again

    Sometimes I don’t learn
    The first time ‘round
    Never going back again

    I can’t run from me anymore
    That is the way it has become
    To never go back to Hell again

  • itsssiya 4w

    #love #friendship #price? #true #back hey yall I'm sorry I was gone for so long I'm guessing I've been forgotten but it's fine I had stuff going on... but I'm back now hopefully... I hope you like this one it hits close to my heart.
    Siya ��

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    What is love?

    Love is a price
    Comes with compromise
    Are you willing to give it a try
    Knowing If it fails your life is a lie
    When you know for sure he doesn't like you
    But that small hope still makes you feel whatever is in between true
    Love becomes a compromise
    That anyone will pay
    Regardless of the price

  • thedaddy 6w

    Well It's ....

    A dark night it is,
    3am in the morning,
    Well, she does come without warnings.◾
    Those brown eyes of hers
    Followed by the lips
    The smile they make together
    Forever hits.

    And there I am, rolling on the floor
    And there I am, half past four.
    Thinking 'Who was she? '.

    She's cute,
    She's kind,
    A teeny tiny bit messy
    That's okay, being beautiful isn't that easy.
    Still, who is she you ask?
    She's someone who makes me feel happy
    Someone who brings out the child in me
    Someone who's given me a Purple Heart to cherish☺
    An Idiot..... Just like me.

  • puneetkumarpk 7w

    तू ही है

    हर शुभ हर शाम
    हर दिन हर पल
    हर बार बस तेरा ही
    बस तू ही हर जागा
    हर घड़ी दिखाई देती हैं
    तेरा बाते तेरी याद
    हमे हर पल ऐसे
    घेरा लिया करती हैं
    तेरा ये उदास होना
    तेरा यू मुझ से दूर होना
    ऐसे चुप चुप कर रोना
    तेरी हर मुश्किल हमे
    भी महसूस होती हैं
    कहने को दो जिस्म है
    पर जान एक है
    ये खुद को दोषी मानना
    हालातो के आगे ऐसे
    हर मानना खुद को
    ऐसे हर रोज तडफना
    क्या यही साथ होता है
    हर मुश्किल में साथ
    देना यहीं समय तो
    बताता है तुझ से दूर होकर
    भी महसूस करना हमें हिमत
    देता है तेरा खुद को
    वापिस पाना यही तो
    हमें जिंदगी देगा
    तू इतनी खास है
    तुम हर मुश्किल आसान
    कर सकते हैं और
    हर उस ख़वाब को
    वापिस पा सकता हैं।


  • dadiesprincess 9w

    N jaane kyu fir yeh aakhein ro si rahi hai ...
    Yaadon ki zanjir me fir dubon si rahi...
    Jine ki vajh q khatm si krkr...
    Fir aaj meri zindagi mujhse kho si rahi...


  • akashmanofficial1 12w

    I am back

    Back to write once again
    I hope so everything will goes left

  • rachelc 13w


    The relationship was good
    Then you took control

    You took it back to the way you wanted
    You took my freedoms, my confidence
    Back to what it should not be

    The relationship is sour
    Then you refused to take it back

    You knew it was not as you planned
    Now we stand with disparate mentality and motivations

    Never to be back but on my own.


  • harsh77 15w

    Is she

    Is she HR cuz her last sentence is "I'll get back to you"?

  • pranav_sharma97 16w

    been some time since that candy,
    need to get it back.
    bring me back those quill brats,
    all their glory and eyes.
    Some call, some scream,
    in the end all around the fire.

    #child #wod #miraquill #innerchild #childhood #days #poem #poetry #need #back

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    Innocent eyes

    Scratch to the knees,
    no worry just get back up.
    Got a big fight on,
    just dust off and run.
    Eyes scorches in hell,
    praying mother lets us out.
    Big guy stole that stopper,
    let him and get another one.
    Play days in,
    play days out.
    Crayons give the elixir,
    laid out like the royal tiles.
    Just one scream to get the eyes,
    got what was wanted.
    Sneaking away from the glass,
    got them ears dragged.
    Hugging the mud with soul,
    added colours to the fabrics.
    Eyes gazing at the sight,
    eternal happiness awaits those toys.
    Hugs to the mothers,
    latching on for dear life.
    Crying like a manic episode,
    all gone with a forehead kiss.
    Forgiving the world,
    better than any pope ever could.
    Love and just love,
    no need for any demands.
    One flash of that smile,
    all the pain of world doomed.
    Bring on any thorns,
    hands would take all pain.
    Still looking for that brat,
    inside out the world has turned.

  • anjuzzzz 18w

    Jis din samaj hoge
    Usi din dhundoge


  • anjuzzzz 18w

    Kaash tumhe pata hota.....
    Ki mujhe
    Kaise laga


  • alfaaz___writes 18w

    When you are still #waiting for the person who doesn't #love you #back

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    Ke ek tamanna ab bhi hai use paane ki
    Main janta hun
    Bhut phle bhula chuka hai wo mujhe

  • priyanshu2006 19w

    Story of life

    One day It was the result day of my exams in school. The good thing was I stood first in class but the bad side of this was I was first but with bad marks. When my father got to know this he said to me, '' Getting first is not the thing that this world needs, getting intellectually first is the main thing.''

  • sosito 20w

    #Back after a long time.

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    Life changes every single day.
    Someday it is winsome.
    Someday it is hard.
    Someday it makes you laugh!
    Someday it laughs at you!

  • rathiprerana 22w

    You Are Not the Only One

    You left me then,
    I was broken and dead.
    You didn't even care for a sec,
    Now you are back,
    thinking I would again beg.
    But let me tell you,
    I Will not let you in,
    Because you are not the only one.

    - Prerana Rathi

  • miss_silentlyweird 23w

    You know sometimes I sit with all of these
    bitter tastes of toxic thoughts.
    Where the call of void echoing —
    It's so rude, always negative yet
    without it I'm feeling kinda empty.
    My life is full of fears, and I am lacking in myself.
    I am like a caterpillar crawling hard
    in branches that most likely to sever.
    I am to focus in how slowly my pace are,
    without realizing the beauty of things
    I am receiving and experiencing.
    How amazing nature is,
    how lovely the people who cares about me,
    how those little things like music, books, rides makes me happy.
    How mysterious the world yet we mange to breathe.

    Today, I write these to appreciate
    the things that keep me going.
    It's almost the end of the year, many things happened.
    Lose and gained. It's full of drama, hopelessness
    and chaos but takes time to look around
    inhale and enjoy the moment cause you never knew
    where is the last time. Either way if you still can't—
    it's okay take your time mate, remember that caterpillar
    stuck for a long time before turning chrysalis wings to fly.

    #Back #afterhaitus #miraquill
    #butterfly #flyingc #wod #collumlune
    @miraquil @writersbay #goodnight
    Lots of typos & errors

    Note so I'm back for a while, and my mood chose to be positive. It's been a long time since I write cause I'm being potato in my state univ— kinda feel like dumb among class lmao. Anyway going back, I hope my fellow writer I used to interact with are okay and living the best of life. Hoping you all still here too hahaha... Likewise for all the writer here in miraquill; wishing you all the best.

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    Like a butterfly

    I'm caterpillar in
    slow pace of chrysalis life
    waiting chances flying


  • muneeb_gulzar 28w


    My Eyes kept searching the crowd,
    Until I found my reflection in her eyes.

  • luvkitten 29w


    Isn't it weird
    How everything tends to leave
    Get afraid of me
    Is it freedom that they seek?
    Is it my fault or just a cause of time
    It is the fate, I've to accept as mine?

  • i_adam 31w

    To suffer in this world is not a guarantee to Paradise, you can be blessed with both excess

    Also, To come from a moneyed household is not a surety to dumbness...