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  • tarh_tapung 8w

    Take Me There

    A lazy Sunday afternoon
    The hot wind comes uninvited through my open window.
    As I walk out, I see the proud buildings
    Concrete, tall, foreign, nothing like my home

    But there's something 'bout the leaves rustling
    When the wind blows against them.
    Something 'bout the sound of the crushing dry leaves
    When I step on them

    Take me to where my mother grows her summer crops
    I'd stay under the shade of those wild trees
    Let me see the bugs making their paths in the soil
    Hear the crickets chirp, curious birds' melodies

    Take me to where my Dad plays with his mates
    The bluffs and trickeries, where they cascade
    Forgetting about worries that he might somehow face again
    But what better than having a little laugh while it lasts

  • mystixwater 16w

    The boy on the terrace

    The wind was flowing,
    The trees were talking,
    The oceans were waving,
    The clothes on the rope were chuckling,
    The thunder was roaring,
    The rain was dancing
    And the boy was happy thinking the Moon was singing along the stars as the wind flowed across his scars.


  • sukare 18w

    My Gold Behaviour

    My brother saw a gleaming
    And then he found a gold
    How happy I was that day
    Every human heart knows.

    We had a tough fight
    And we were so close
    I split his jaw and he broke my claw
    As we were all alone.

    I took up his peers
    With me by my side
    I breathe in relief , as I realised
    No , he wants to live for tomorrow.

    So I'm gonna sell this
    And I'll get a life new
    I've never been so shrewd
    But I'm alive 'cause I can lie.

    Poem inspiration : 'Like I'm gonna lose you' song

  • re_han 22w

    On those restlessness nights
    When I'm wide awake
    Shower on me like the rain
    That quenches the thirst
    Of a lost traveller
    For he has walked miles
    In search of his destination
    Came a long way
    From where he started
    Still wandering
    Through meadows and deserts
    Still roaming on barren lands
    That once bloomed with life
    Where am I supposed to be?
    In the end will the world engulf me?
    If it does bring me down in flames
    Shower on me like the falling rain

  • re_han 26w

    Two in the morning
    And I lay awake in my bed
    I want to sleep
    But I can't
    I've lost my peace
    Conusmed by chaos
    A heart so fragile
    That aches to beat
    A mind so soft
    That struggles to heal
    The bloodstains of heartaches
    As red as hell fire
    The scars of the past
    Stain life's canvas
    With agony and restlessness

    Maybe I'll live through the night as it changes
    To see the dawn
    That brings new hope.
    But I'll always regret
    Letting you put me through this suffering
    I'll always regret loving you

  • re_han 30w

    All these songs
    And all these poems
    They remind me of you
    But how long will I keep holding on
    To the ghosts of my past

    Shed a tear for you
    Never did I before; for anyone
    Begged you to stay
    Never did I bow; to anyone
    For my fear of losing you was greater
    Than the suffering my heart beared at your hands

    Thought I couldn't be defeated
    And yet love did
    Died at my lover's hand, alas!
    As i pleaded for mercy
    But she had no empathy
    Dropped the sword that impaled my heart

    Shed a tear for you
    Never did I before,
    But still you walked away not valuing that love
    For destiny had it for me to die
    At the hands of the people I thought I loved.

  • unsung_seagull 34w

    Bday Gone Wrong

    It's her birthday
    And she must
    Be expecting a

    And I'm all
    Caught up in
    My head,
    Preparing a list.
    The song I
    Wanted to write
    Hasn't come in

    For the train I've
    Been waiting,
    The signs haven't
    Been so dandy.
    My rhymes are
    Still broken.

    The tones are
    Out of sync.
    I have run out
    Of ink.
    It's been three
    Sky is turning

    She must be
    Waiting for
    Her hopes
    Shouldn't sink.
    The train did
    Reach late and
    She didn't quite
    Really wait.

    But I did sing
    A ballad on how
    They kicked me
    Off her
    Hostel gate.

  • mooney2201 48w


    No I'm not the one for you,
    Nor you are for me,
    I can never be happy with you,
    Bcuz all I do is bleed.

    Carrying a heavy heart,
    Watching my emotions depart,
    Here I lie in the acatalepsy,
    That is slowly becoming my idiosyncrasy.

    I hope this doesn't hurt you,
    Bcuz I never loved you,
    All we had was an illusion,
    Nothing more than confusion,
    Driven by impulse, never by passion.

    I know you will find your lucky stars,
    And I wish you a new start,
    I don't think it will be easy,
    But let's stop being so klutzy.

    I shall close my eyes as I effervesce my duende,
    I hope you don't think I'm smiling,
    Bcuz this is the sound of me dying.x

    1.acatalepsy: incomprehensibility of things; the belief that nothing is certain, only probabilistic
    2.idiosyncrasy: way of thinking that is characteristic of a person; peculiarity
    3.klutzy: socially inept
    4.duende: mystical charm of one's art
    5. anagapesis: falling out of love for something or someone

    #concretepoetry #wod #concretepoem #aestheticposts #poemporn #wordporn #pod #ballad #depression

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  • lonesome_artist 55w


    It began on a crazy October morning:
    I was the most intelligent engineer around,
    She was the most strong actor.

    She was my second cousin,
    My strong second cousin,
    My actor.

    We used to talk so well together,
    Back then.
    We wanted to travel together, around the world,
    We wanted it all.

    But one morning, one crazy morning,
    We decided to travel too much.
    Together we poked a policeman.
    It was amazing, so amazing.

    From that moment our relationship changed.
    She grew so single.

    And then it happened:

    Oh no! Oh no!

    She caressed boy.
    Alas, boy!
    My second cousin caressed boy.
    It was super, so super.

    The next day I thought my moustache had broken,
    I thought my eyes had burst into flames,
    (But I was actually overreacting a little.)

    But still, she is in my thoughts.
    I think about how it all changed that morning,
    That crazy October morning.


  • guru22 62w

    Tried writing another narrative poetry in the form of a ballad...
    Let me know what do you think..
    #ballad #narrative

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    A Circus called LIFE

    It was the time for sunset,
    And the sky was clear,
    The full moon was emerging from the horizon,
    It shined gracefully, without any fear...

    I was walking down the busy streets,
    After my usual hustle,
    With a fatigued mind and an injured ankle,
    I moved on with a limping muscle...

    On reaching home,
    I felt the necessity of a break,
    But realising my situation,
    I sat down, as no leave I could take...

    I ran through the newspaper,
    As a restless boy,
    I found an advertisement,
    Which gave me a subtle joy...

    The advertisement was about a circus,
    Giving me a show for an hour,
    It read, "Come and Enjoy with Us,
    Forget All the memories that are sour"...

    I started to feel the excitement,
    The child would get on seeing the icecream,
    I didn't have to take any leave,
    The fact made my face gleam...

    I rushed to my phone,
    That I threw on the bed in despair,
    Booked the ticket for Friday,
    As I casually played with my hair...

    Every day which followed,
    It felt like a year passing by,
    I couldn't stop my excitement,
    Howsoever hard I try...

    Finally came Friday,
    Brought with it a happiness breeze,
    Though I was loaded with tasks in the office,
    I finished them with ease...

    Completing my work,
    I rushed to the venue,
    It was a valley surrounded by mountains,
    On my hands I could feel the cool drops of dew...

    The place was strange and mystical,
    As there was no one at the entrance,
    I entered there to be welcomed by a dwarf,
    The colurs made me experience trance...

    He took me to a giant area,
    Showed me a comfortable seat,
    There was no one as far as I could see,
    I felt he was but a cheat...

    He told me with confidence,
    To sit with comfort,
    "We will do the show for you,
    No need for your mind to distort"...

    The dwarf went inside,
    Brought his oversized horn,
    He blowed it but the sound was weird,
    It was Cry of a child newly born..

    Then entered the ringmaster,
    In all his smartness,
    He took out a stick and turned it into a flower,
    I burst out in happiness...

    As I predicted, he started with magic,
    Bringing pigeons out of thin air,
    He took out his long hat,
    Vanishing the cute white hare...

    He called a joker who appeared from behind,
    I got scared as it was sudden,
    He brought the magician's hat, and told me,
    "Drop all your so called burden"...

    I laughed at his joke,
    As he took the hat from me,
    The magician took his wand and tapped the hat thrice,
    And appeared there, my dream trophy...

    With every three taps,
    He brought everything I ever dreamt about,
    From cars to iPhones,
    The magic was mysterious enough to make me doubt...

    As he saw the doubt in my eyes,
    He told me to touch them,
    I touched them and they vanished,
    He said, "Fulfill them yourself, you're indeed a gem"...

    Sadness had gone by this time,
    And there prevailed happiness,
    I couldn't sit on my place,
    Because of the excitement and eagerness...

    The magic show ended,
    As the ringmaster bowed with grace,
    He called the jokers with the animals,
    I no longer had a grumpy face...

    The jokers enacted every scene,
    From my bag of memories,
    The animals were none but the one which I feared,
    Making me tensed and freeze...

    The dancers then came,
    Dancing to my favourite tunes,
    The illusioner showed me different places,
    From the deep dark ocean, to the dry sand dunes...

    As they ended their show,
    The ringmaster escorted me to a place,
    I was very much excited,
    He said, "This place might change the expression on your face"...

    The place read, "Hall of Mirrors"
    Happily I entered inside,
    Seeing my reflections everywhere,
    There was nowhere for me to hide...

    I noticed something different,
    The mirrors could show everything,
    From past experiences to future mysteries,
    I was excited enough to say nothing...

    Every mirror showed me my different faces,
    With my enemies and best friends,
    Surprised and astonished,
    The place had no end...

    The mirrors showed me,
    My life's timeline,
    My mistakes and my bad behaviours,
    Brought a chill down my spine...

    I got frightened,
    As I rushed back to the hall,
    The sight I saw there,
    Was enough to faint and fall...

    Every joker, every animal, every dancer,
    Started looking like me,
    Be it my childhood face, or my adult grace,
    It was like I was cloned for free...

    One person did not change though,
    It was the ringmaster,
    I was in utter shock,
    So I approached him faster...

    In my confused state,
    I asked him whether this was a prank,
    He smiled at me,
    Leaving my question unanswered and blank...

    I felt terrified and wanted to leave,
    To my astonishment, there was no exit,
    Baffled and bewildered,
    I was feeling fear in every bit...

    The ringmaster started glowing,
    His smile became stronger,
    I saw every version of me merging onto him,
    My Fear growing bigger...

    He then looked at me,
    And said with a smile,
    "This is your circus, and I am your ringmaster,
    You cannot run from here, even a metre or a mile"...

    "Every dream of yours,
    Is not a product of magic,
    It requires hardwork and dedication,
    Enough to make you feel tragic"...

    "Every past incident of yours,
    Is like a mirror hall,
    It will always keep you grounded,
    Even in your greatest success or your greatest fall"...

    "Believe in yourself,
    As you perform in this Circus called LIFE,
    Believe in me,
    And you will easily face this strife"...

    He lifted me up in the air,
    As a fright started to creep in my head,
    He started glowing brighter than the sun,
    "Go", and I fall from my bed...

    It took me some time,
    To come back to my sense,
    He made me realise,
    All I lamented about is absolute nonsense...

    I rushed to the newspaper,
    But found nothing,
    It was but his play,
    To make me realise everything...

    I immediately got ready for work,
    As I cut veggies with a knife,
    I walked towards my office, but with a smile,
    As all I was a joker, in my Circus Called Life...

  • nighty 72w

    Midnight quotes

    If love is hate and hate is just but love in disguise,then what is trust??......
    Trust is you waking up every single morning having faith in stranger's hands....... So love each other ❤️❤️

  • robyyy 74w

    We met in the divines of Basilica
    With your eyes in the form of Selena
    And your raven pitch-black hair
    Embodied the silks of a queen's lair

    We met again in the galleries of La Scala
    Your grace flaunts the soul of Bellini Opera
    Your body exhibits the masterpiece of Italia
    Your features resembled the beauty of Athena

    I avowed thy desires in the fortress of Alhambra
    My fervent nympholepsy to be your inamorata
    How I yearn to grasp the qualms of your dice
    How I crave to taste the flavors of your spice

    Should you requite my impulse and fondness
    I shall mold your throne in the likes of an empress
    I shall fold your gown with delicate prudence
    I shall hold your heart with dazzling lucence

    We floated in the clouds of nine heavens
    Our joints glided in the streams of morgens
    You levitate in the euphoria of angel flight
    I drown in the ecstasy of blinding sight

    Tempest of anger lashed our peaceful skyline
    A cloudburst of rage sparked in our alpine
    Fallacy and illusion befogged our judgment
    Conflict and dispute prevailed in our ambient

    Your existence cease to a phantom of leaves
    A ghost of tomorrow vanished in grieves
    Just like how quick you came into my life
    Is how swift you left and cut me with knife

    #poem #ballad #narrative

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    A Week of Love


  • vaisampayan 79w

    Ballad of the Ranger

    The dust has finally settled
    I can now clearly see
    Hired gunners have rebelled
    Now its just you & me.

    The train has left the station
    The boat has left the bay
    Running outta ammunition
    But friend we ain't going away.

    We are children of the midnight
    Born to raze & kill
    Death dances in hindsight
    But we're gonna stand still.

    Here lies the empty outpost
    All the heroes have ran away
    The horde is pouring in through the coast
    Buckle up mate we're gonna stay.

    Making love with death my friend
    Oh what a feat it will be
    We're gonna buck the boring trend
    She ain't gonna startle you & me.

    We are children of the midnight
    Born to raze & kill
    Death dances in hindsight
    But we're gonna stand still.

    The dust has finally settled
    Swords and bullets roar
    Off we go for the last hurrah
    Immortalized by troubadours.

  • itsmedash007 94w

    "Faith in Season Perfection"

    Look out the window of your,
    Eyes as far as you wish to go,
    Beyond push yourself limits,
    Let bonkers over opportunities,
    Run wild with arms wide in air,
    Free yourself your mind clear,
    The clutter for you're more than,
    Thee think you are forget what,
    Says the world it's season of,
    Perfection of faith in perfection,
    Strive for love you deserve make,
    A name that stands out amongst,
    All of us believe in thyself world's,
    A small place find what amazes,
    You makes you sleep less at night,
    Run more on days this season is,
    Of cold opinions blunt like crystal,
    Snow and warm response blossom,
    Of ideas outpouring of creative,
    Insights perfection is a season,
    Across all bays lands over the,
    Seven seas as well those seeking,
    Faith in perfection taste its delightful,
    Beauty not it's bound by months,
    Or nature it's bound by grit in your,
    Heart and temperament of mind,
    Think beyond possibilities of this,
    World people might stab questions,
    On your back remember as I say,
    The faith is perfection not all,
    Withstand its discovery your voyage,
    To its search an amusing journey,
    Not known of but it's your time and,
    You own it live up to your life because,
    Haven't got you a pair of it.

  • abhishekkamble 95w

    So I felt sharing this, I posted this quite few months ago when this account of mine was not working due to some app issues and it was another account where I posted this. Have a read and go through the wrecks of Titanic, it wants to express it's pain.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @theultimateinsane @redolent_smile @storyteller_agam_

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #repost #beauty #life #ballad #stories #poetry #shortpoetry #longverse #lifelessons #titanic #love #romance #soulful #trending #poet #ceesreposts

    Image credit to the official sources and rightful owner.

    O captain! If every clock hold the same hours,
    Why do hour glass hollows the sand being so sour?
    Isn't it strange, a nightmare seen being alive ?
    But all who witnessed my wreck saw with wide opened eyes.
    Hot summer and chilling Atlantic,
    When I sailed I wasn't antique.
    On port, there were thousands for the see off!
    "Behold it's invincible!" gossips were spread around,
    And there I was set with whistle's blow,
    "O captain! lower the pace, it can be a peril",
    "Look at alarming calls of voyaging ships".
    And it was over heard until it came to be real.
    "Ahoy! Iceberg ahead", It caught my grip,
    Gushing waters choked me,
    I begged, "Mercy me and my children sea",
    I couldn't hold the waters flooding my deck,
    And salvage the one's trying to breathe,
    I heard, "take me on a boat for God's sake",
    And now Carpathia was too far to reach.
    I felt the horrific steps on my wooden floors,
    And trembling hands grabbing my stern,
    I never read a book of fate before,
    Oh my people were never to return.
    Soon I was sunken down,
    To rust my unsinkable steel,
    How a voyage made thousand of dreams frown!
    And those alive had goosebumps to feel,
    I cannot be pardoned, never be forgotten.
    Still you see me in colors, not like wreck in the bottoms,
    Denying a catastrophe, you imagine a safe harbor,
    Maybe I am a dream which is still ardor.

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    Voices beneath the sea


  • katyaini 96w

    Long ago, when my eyes were bright
    I heard of a witch, weathered by time
    She carried with her a coffin in a cart
    That she lugged around, rain or shine

    The townsfolk said that it was her lover,
    Who had died the worst kind of death,
    And every month, when the moon was new
    She'd try to revive him with her breath.

    'She'd breathe on him,' Old Tim would swear,
    'And cry and cry when he wouldn't wake,
    She'd shake the box and shut the lid,
    And punch and punch till the cart would shake.'

    Come morning, she'd walk to the sea,
    And wash the wounds on her hand,
    The coffin behind her, on the cart, lay
    Still deathly still on the golden sand.

    She'd spend that day at the beach,
    And laugh and laugh from morn till eve,
    She'll talk aloud to her coffin'd lover,
    Whose silence she refused to believe

    Then one night the lover awoke,
    The townsfolk rang the bell of doom,
    Pitchforks up and lanterns alight,
    They rushed to where sea met the moon.

    The two stood together, face to face,
    Under the starry sky of a moonless night,
    Just a lover's span separating them,
    And nothing but each other in their sight.

    The tears that tumbled down her face,
    Mirrored the anguish he held in his eyes,
    A million moments passed 'tween the two,
    In the second it took for the sea to rise

    Some say the sea swallowed them both,
    For sin of breaking the laws of living;
    Others believe they walked into the waves
    As it was her home, her lover its king

    And thus till date, a wooden coffin,
    Lays abandoned on that nameless shore,
    It's wood unbroken and unweathered,
    The only witness of that unsung lore...


    #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #fable #love #lover #witch #death #lovebeyondtime #story #fairytale #letters #katyini #ballad #rhyme #lyrics #haunt #melody

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The Witch and Her Coffin

  • jadeivy 96w

    The Ballad

    A ballad,
    soft, kind, wise
    and graceful, plays tonight.
    As gentle melodies blow through your hair, memories of the greatest love prevails.
    To a touch as light as air,
    kissing your blush lips, making you fall in love all over again.
    To the hand that held tightly twisted with yours
    and squeezed delicately to ensure you of their understanding and caring.
    To the eyes that sparkled moonlight back at you,
    taking you into dreamland full of dance.
    To an embrace so great
    the Gods created it just for you.

    The ballad plays as the memories glow in your heart.
    Beating for the love,
    pulsing for the day the memory could replay into reality.
    The ballad serenades you tonight.


  • divyasegar 102w


    My heart gets plunged to the abyssal depths of the ballad,
    When my fingers just warble to each strands of your hair....

  • batulvohra 103w


    We write of broken hearts
    Of those who drew apart
    We write of promises made
    Of love that fades

    We write cliched
    Of first dates
    We write proses
    For our soulmate

    We write of friendships
    Those crazy trips
    Of carefree days
    Spent with our baes
    We write of those
    Whom we lost with time
    Of those who still stood by

    We write of pain
    As it rains
    Admist those pages
    We capture our tears
    Somewhere in between
    The lines
    We hide our fears

    We write of hope
    Seen in
    Varid form
    Like firelies
    In the dark night
    Or rainbows
    After a storm

    We write on world
    And evils that thrive
    We write on struggle
    To survive

    Pouring out
    Our hearts,
    With words
    We spew
    A world seemingly true

    - batul vohra
    @mirakee @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli


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  • bobby_hill 104w


    My brilliance comes from my resilience
    The state of the world has me feeling delirious
    Trained in obedience to a broken system
    Lost all my rhythm wasting away for a lousy pittance
    Knowing one day I'll make it
    Just another year or two of faking it
    Then I'll be there to take it
    Can't help but shake this feeling of dread
    Since I put down the meds
    I've been stressing
    Wishing I had learned my lesson
    Always second guessing everything everytime
    Wasting my life away dreaming of getting paid
    But for what more pain more time I should have stayed in my own lane
    Me and Mary Jane went on a long walk
    We were talking among the wrong rocks
    Missing the bees loving the trees
    It's all I really need
    I found myself by the sea
    Humbled sick of life's rumbles
    Barely have the energy to mumble
    Let alone get up and fight
    But I bounce back give it all my might
    And just maybe tonight we will do alright
    Keep fighting and keep believing and the future will be bright so long as you don't loose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel
    I know you've been sinking down a funnel
    Hit hard by life's struggles
    Aching muscles bloody knuckles
    Your opinion is always muffled so you sit back and chuckle
    Cause your lost in the puzzle of life
    Hanging off the edge of a knife
    How are we gonna overcome and live
    Lost sight of wrong and right
    You just need to stoke your embers keep striving to have your soul burn bright and you might just do alright
    Don't stop fighting and don't stop believing and you can change the world before ya leave it.