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  • stecia 33w


    Can you ignore the badges sagging under my eyes?
    Forgetting the map of patches kissing my skin.
    If I could elude the past I will.
    Yeah this patches of badges follows me around like it's got a map.
    Hence we love ourselves and it introduces me before I speak for myself.

  • riley1307 46w


    I react big when it feels big to me
    I lose my balance... for things that throw me off
    Im human
    If its big to me, I will react accordingly
    Im only human
    I may seem big
    But I feel small
    I yell, because Ive been silenced for so long
    I feel alot
    Its the only thing I can do without reacting
    Its safe to feel
    Its not safe to react
    Its safe to feel
    Its not safe to react
    I think I tell myself that atleast five times a day
    Its safe to feel
    Its not safe to react
    If my emotions get the best of me
    I shut down
    I cant risk reacting

    Its safe to feel
    Its not safe to react


  • mrspectacular 57w


    Williams cannot believe what is happening. He does not know what to think as he walks into the Sylvester Donnigan College hallway. He never thought people see him in such a manner. He runs through the crowd as he hears their voices but their lips unmoved. It is like his worse nightmare. Running to the ones he called friends, he cannot believe his eyes either. They seem to despise even more than the others. He wishes to die at this point.
    'No....no, stop it', he screams out loud as he runs off leaving everyone confused as to what his issue is exactly. Unknown to him, he can hear all their thoughts by just looking at them. It leaves him so distraught, he goes to sit somewhere secluded so the voices can stop.
    'What's going on with this kid? Why is he here?', Williams hears the janitor's thought as he walks into the supplies' closet where Williams sits feeling gloomy.
    'The entire school hates me, that's what's going on and I cannot face it. That's why I am here', Williams responds to the Janitor shocking him.
    'How did he hear that?', the Janitor thinks to himself. 'It was just a thought...'
    'Because you said it', Williams blurts out.
    'Said what, Williams', the Janitor asks Williams surprised that he heard what he was only thinking. The Janitor is astonished at what is going on. He begins to sweat before Williams who is seated on a mopping bucket.
    'You want me to read people's mind for you, right?', he asks already knowing the janitor would ask him to do that but what he does not know is that he can only read people's thought about him and not about other people.
    'Yes', the janitor says with an outburst as he pulls him in for a hug. The janitor is grateful that finally he could not only clean out the physical environment of the school as is always left to him but could understand why these student behave the way they do. He could be an untrained psychologist.
    'I'm not quite sure about that', Williams says dismissing the Janitor's dreams as far-fetched.
    Ignoring what Williams says, the Janitor drags him into the hallway so Williams can read their minds and tell him what people are saying about him. Unfortunately Williams powers can only read thoughts directly associated with him and not thoughts about other people. Pulling Williams out before everyone in the hallway, the janitor asks to be intimated on what people are thinking about him in their minds but Williams cannot as he only has powers for people's thought about himself and nothing more.
    'They are not saying anything about you', Williams says to the Janitor innocently but the janitor would not have it as he feels Williams is lying and only obscures what they are thinking about him in order to escape telling what he also feels about the janitor and to protect his personal interest.
    Infuriated, he warns that if Williams does not tell him what he wants to know, he would tell everyone that he is possessed by a demon hence the reason he has been acting strange, running away from everyone and hiding in the janitor's closet but Williams still maintains they are not saying anything about the janitor. Holding his head in pain and screaming so loudly in pain as he hears the thoughts of over a thousand people who crowd the hallway to listen to the janitor, he pleads for the voices to stop,
    'Stop it, please', he yells. 'No more thoughts. I cannot take it anymore.
    'This is what I was about to tell you all. He is possessed by a demon and the only way we can keep from bringing any harm to any of us is to burn him alive lest he calls a thousand legions to come possess us too', the Janitor says suggesting the killing of Williams.
    The Dean of Students, Dr. Thumble Rooseblue appears behind the mob on the stairway as they drag poor Williams to be murdered and buried in a fiery grave. 'What is going on here? Unhand this minute,' Dr. Rooseblue asks a little terrified although he does not show it. Williams is thankful that the dean has shown up just in the nick of time to prevent his murder. He makes to catch some relief from the time they would use to talk to the dean.
    'He is possessed by a demon. We want to burn him before the demon in him conscripts some other legion to come posses the rest of the school', the Janitor says without an iota of remorse.
    The Dean of Students is worried about the spectacle. He wonders if par-adventure he has not shown up when he did, it may have escalated and he would have had a dead roasted student on his hands. He decides to get to the bottom of the matter. But he would later join the rest of the school to have him burnt alive. The Dean orders that Williams be brought to his office immediately.
    'Bring him to my office immediately', he says to the two students, holding him like a common criminal, sternly. Getting to his office, 'Leave us this minute', he says to the two students who had assisted in bringing him in for the meeting with the dean.
    Pacing around for a few minutes, he does not say anything but only paces around wondering what he would do with Williams.
    'Just let me go. I'm innocent', Williams replies to the Dean's thought.
    'What?', the Dean asks for a clarification.
    'You asked what you should do with me. Didn't you, sir?' Williams asks
    'Yes', the Dean replies. 'But how did you know that?'
    'Because you said it'
    Putting the dots together, the Dean realizes that the janitor was actually telling the truth. Williams is really possessed. Handing him over to the janitor, the dean says,
    'He is yours now. You have my full support to burn him alive. We can't have him contaminate our institution with his evil powers'.
    Dragging Williams away into the field, they drench him in gasoline as he pleads to their deafened ears to be spared but they will have none of it as they only pound him with kicks and blows while pouring on as much gasoline as they can lay their hands on and without further ado, they light him up like a candle watching him scream for help as he burns painfully and helplessly to death.


  • heyoka_warrior 60w

    Breech Journey

    From God's breath of life in mum's womb,
    An embryo was formed, a peculiar;
    Head up, feet down, why didn't I turn?
    I was conceived, received in wonder.

    Did the thunder beings favor me?
    Did lightning strikes when I was born?
    I didn't choose nor did I plan this;
    Did God thinks it's best for me?

    Breech birth it was but not Caesarean
    For I did come out of mum's birth canal;
    Was I forced to do it or did I finally decide
    To face the world with strange eyes?

    Childhood years were not so pleasant
    With all its drama, pain, and lessons;
    An outcast in this exile, I bore
    The weight of my life's purpose.

    Darkness was fond of me, I adopted
    The void, the depths, the fire, the storms;
    My soul was battered, mind injured
    From fighting foes and my violent demons.

    Innocence torn like broken angel wings,
    My wounds they turned into wisdom;
    Obstacles bumped along the way, I fell;
    Thank God, my Messiah caught me.

    I came out fine, resilient, and able
    With carefree, happy-go-lucky nature;
    I withstood the serious blows and thrived;
    God upheld me in the power of His might.

    With all sobriety I focused on the race
    By the grace of my Lord and Savior;
    He shall finish in me until my last journey
    And I shall dwell in His Presence forever.


  • deannarabb 89w

    An Abusive Man

    An abusive man
    Will do the best he can
    To tear you down with words
    If he can't hit you with his fist
    He'll put them down
    And open his lips
    To say some of the most horrible words
    Then sit there after
    Feeling absurd
    But he won't tell you how he's so weak
    Just listen deeply to what he speaks
    And know that an apology is soon to follow
    So when he does just let him wallow
    And get away as best you can
    He'll hit again, that abusive man
    It's all he knows to do
    Know you can't change him
    It's not your job
    I know you love him as you sit and sob
    But take your strength and get on up
    You've cried enough over his abusive but
    No longer will you let him beat you down
    You have the power, don't make a sound
    Just escape from him the best you can
    And ask your god to lend a hand
    Then everything in time will be okay
    Once you throw your abuser away

  • t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r 145w

    The bruised and the battered men.

    The bruised and the battered men,
    Took a stand,
    For the victory flag;
    On the battle land,
    To the people who sacrificed,
    Blood, sweat, tears and all they had,
    So, this is for those patriots,
    And their motherland!


  • bint_atik 152w


    She smiled
    Then quickly turned away
    To hide the toxic tears trailing her swollen cheeks.
    A question asked
    unearthed a pain she keeps
    hidden within her battered being ...

  • the_unknown_writer_20 159w


    When I am continuously being battered by the storms of life, and my very spirit is ebbing away, then all I need to do is hang onto that gift called ‘Faith’, that one support which will weather the storms.


  • mkp_08 189w

    Battered House

    He turned the door knob of the battered house, and as expected, it creaked open. He pushed it gently, entering into a living room which was covered in a pile of dust, a few spare pieces of furniture scattered here and there. The windows had been broken into and the curtains swayed, torn here and there. The house smelled of mould and damp walls. He surveyed through the kitchen, and the pantry, which still stored some unopened, rusty old cans of soups and beans. He climbed the fragile stairs, delicately, his footsteps muted by the layers of dust accumulated. Upon reaching the landing he felt a wisp of cold breeze, sending a chill down his spine, and he realised that there was a hole in the roof, probably the work of some urchin or maybe thw rodents were the goons. He saw two doors, each on his left and right. His feet turned left, implementing the decision taken by his mind. Another wisp of air and as he turned the doorknob, she smiled. 45 years it had been since he last turned this doorknob! Then with the intention of robbing and killing her, now to surrender himself, unknowingly ofcourse, to her, he had finally come to get devoured by her soul which had been incapicitated to rest in peace until this moment. Now that she had him, she will have her much deserved peace.

  • venomousrose 196w

    Chapter 3, part 5

    Our relationship took a dark turn after that night (shocker). I was beginning to understand the amount of power I had in the dynamic: none. At that point, I gave in easily to more and more demands; I was near-effortlessly controlled and manipulated. Watching it happen and being aware-ish left me stunned and confused.

    I stopped seeing anyone else but my best female friend (emphasis on the *female*) Lauren and my godmother, but not even they knew, not at the time. They didn't know he'd keep me up all night nursing a petty fight, especially if I had to wake up early for work or a test at school. They didn't know how often I threatened or attempted to break up with him, only to back down because he was threatening to kill me or himself.

    Things would get physical if I argued for too long or in any other way attempted to "disobey" him. He'd slap me and shove me into the wall behind me. One night this happened I, per usual, tried to make him leave. Also per usual, he made a big dramatic scene and refused to leave, alternating between aggressive insistence and pathetic begging. He blocked me in my room, standing in front of the door and pushing me whenever I approached. When I said I would call the police if he refused to leave, he snatched my cell phone, breaking the case into pieces to rip the battery out. I collapsed to the floor, falling to his feet with the scattered pieces of my lifeline to assistance, feeling helpless.

    Fortunately, I was still living at my mother's house and we were (not per usual) not alone. November had heard the screaming coming from my locked bedroom in the back of the house, as I'd become quite upset. She demanded that my mother intervene.

    As soon as Tim heard the pounding at the door, before he even heard my mother's angry voice, he threw my phone at me. Scrambling, he rushed to straighten up and appear calm before opening the door to two scowling faces.

    "You need to get out of my house," she said, voice deep and deadly serious. November stood next to her, attitude at 100 and arms crossed.

    He tried to sweet talk my mother into letting him stay, but she was having none of it; as this brief conversation played out, I was still deflated on the floor, tears streaming down my pale face.

    He gathered some of his things and left.

    And by "left" I mean he moved his car so it SEEMED like he left, parked it around the corner and came crying to my open bedroom window. After lurking for a while, he started stage whispering my name, begging for me to let him back in. I shut the window and the blinds as he cried my name out again and again.

  • eivine 197w

    Pick me up!

    Pick me up from the deep ashes!
    Hold me close, away from the stinging pain!
    Hold me tight away from the recurring nightmares!
    Caress my deep wounded soul!
    Because, i'm tired, wounded and battered!
    A little love is what i need the most!

  • viyuuu11893 203w

    Dashes ....

    .... She saw him in dreams but his reality shattered her dreamy fantasy bubble ....

    .... Now she doesn't even dream about him even by mistake as those bad, hurting and haunting memories where he made her cry tears of blood, anger, pain and frustration make her hate him more than anything ....

    .... But even now whenever she sees his picture on Instagram it bruises her already battered and crumbled heart which bleeds with blood, pain and tears on seeing it and still gives her flutters in her heart ....

    By Vrinda Mundara.


    Copyright 2018

  • aparna_hurtis 221w

    A Battered spirit
    Hurts more
    Than broken bones
    For the bones mend
    To be aligned again
    But a battered spirit
    Once uplifted
    Is the never the same

  • bright_as_the_stars 240w

    Resilient and Beautiful

    Beautiful flower she is
    Trampled by all of Earth's sins.
    Battered by the wind,
    Stomped by the man,
    Crushed by their hand.

    Wilting flower she is
    Drowning by their evil bliss.
    Battered by their dreams,
    Stomped by their actions,
    Crushed by life's transactions.

    Resilient flower she is
    Remaining beautiful through the hits.
    Standing against the wind,
    Strengthening under the man,
    Unbroken by their hand.

    Surviving flower she is
    Living for her dreams,
    Living to create her own actions
    Living to make beautiful transactions.


  • livingoffaprayer 259w


    "I don't think this will work."