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  • abditory 1d

    Dilemma of a cupid

    If he keeps running, she'll never catch him. If he stays, she won't even notice he exists. If he chase after her, she'll run away. And if she doesn't, he'll pass right through her.

  • abditory 1w

    So many shits to get off of my chest, to talk about.
    I feel like I am in need of covid to cough it out.
    I get off topic chasing clouds, I think and doubt.
    I sing they flout, the voices, they give me bout.

  • abditory 1w

    I wasn't aware of the ability I have of climbing until I hit the bottom. It took all my strength to look up but when I did, I saw there's always an option. It ain't really over until it's over. You know what I mean? I mean i found out that untill there's one last breath to take in. I am in the fighting.
    And sometimes it takes that last bit of energy you conjure up out of nothing, made of sheer will to not give up to change the course of the battle you are in. 

  • alltimefamished 5w


    I'm craving for his attention. He is lost in world. Love is such a battle. You cannot leave them or live with them. Only love them for who they are.


  • vasu_maddy 7w

    Every one is undergoing a Battle...!!!
    Some battles are faught within
    Some are with loved ones
    Some are with enemies
    Some are for survival
    Some are to protect loved ones

    So never give-up on yourself all it take is patience...!!!

    Be kind ...!!


  • angels_halo_shines 7w

    Me vs. Me

    A war cannot be won without a battle
    A war that begins inside of me has never been won without a battle.
    Me vs. Me. Actually it’s ongoing. Intuition chimes in one or four issues, my mind says another couple of thoughts. Then I’m left to battle them out. Sometimes it’s not an easy battle. I don’t win a lot of the times. So, I learned to surrender when it’s necessary. A voice loud & clear saying “This is necessary.” On repeat. Intuitive thoughts go gut deep strong persuasion. It took many years to differentiate which was who or what. Not knowing anything besides I am losing my mind. That’s exactly what it felt like. Maybe I did, get lost only to find answers. The answers no one knew. Of course, I was nuts (still am.)
    So, be it.
    Let them judge upon their thrones.
    Let them think as they will.
    Who the Hell am I to try & change their dictations? Their thoughts, their beliefs? For I am just me, trying to figure out my path as I go along. Knowing damn good & well it wasn’t going to be an easy task. Lost many people along my way. Shedding tears, shedding skin & shedding what I thought was a permanent version of me, it was never me. Those were just temporary versions of myself. It turns out I feel that all I have done, my addictions, the drinking until I threw up, it was all necessary. To become the me I am today. Without any of those doings of self sabotage I would not appreciate life today. I would not appreciate me. That’s what I had to learn, a hard lesson to learn I might add. I was always lost, or thought I was lost. I felt I was lost. I look back and think what the Hell was I thinking. Thankful I am alive. Thankful for more than words can even express. At least for now. I can’t express them now. One day they will come to me. Until then patience my dear. Just patience. Others don’t understand. They want to put me down try to put me in my place & be hard on me. What they fail to realize is that I’m the hardest & most demeaning to me. The battles I have had to overcome. The self control I had to learn. The respect for myself I had to learn. It never came natural. It is a forced behavior I had to learn. Deep down I always knew I had to do so. I just procrastinated. As long as I could, admittance to oneself. Now that looking back was rough. Through inner work through all my darkness it has been found. Turning the lights on when I do wanted to leave the light off. Self made realization, it’s a powerful source of energy. A source of energy no one can give you. Only a bit of guidance with a little hope. It was enough to get me started. I learned to dance with myself, through thoughts alone. No more battles to be won. At least not against myself. I surrendered at most vulnerable of states of mind. At the right time.
    As I always have said timing, timing is everything. The devil wanted to dance with me. The devil had his claws directly inside of me. I turned around, I took myself & ran like the wind on a cold blustery day. It was cold, it was dark but I needed to find me. See the devil gave me a starting point. To this day, it still confuses me. As to why it took the devil to lead me there. Took me by my hand & led me dancing with me in the darkness. Showed me around of the depths of Hell. Taking me to the unknown. Leading me to the most beautiful of places, one that I will never forget. One I will be forever grateful for. The devil himself walked with me within myself. Getting to know her, getting familiar with her. And that is why I’m here today. It has brought me to know myself better than I ever have. I do apologize to myself, to all involved that’s what it took. I’m glad to be alive to tell my story as best as I possibly can. Nobody has to believe me. They can twist it to make it sound worse than it was, or even better. I was there. I lived it. This is my version. I hope you can understand a little more about me. As I have learned myself.


  • pratibhashet 7w

    Make happier the people who make you happy.
    Let the people who hate disappear.
    Don't forget to carry the bright smile all day,
    Coz you win battles everyday.
    And may you always remember these lines:
    "Life is not something that happens twice".


  • raman_writes 7w


    कोई इरादा नहीं मेरा दुश्मनों से जंग जितने का ।

    मुझे तो दिलचस्पी है उनकी नाक़ाम कोशिशों में ।।


  • raman_writes 8w


    तूफ़ान महज़ कश्तियाँ तोड सकता है हौसला नहीं ।

    समंदर हो जब दोस्त तो लोग तूफ़ान से भिड़ जाते है ।।


  • _minnaa_ 8w

    The splurge of emotions
    spilled tears of torment.
    Decaying memory of a flummox
    recrudesced without a warning.
    The deluge of information
    ransacked the leftover beliefs.
    Brittle heart valiantly fought
    for a piece of peace,
    yet psyche drowned into
    the ocean of consternation.
    This on-going battle may not
    get its fairy tale ending,
    but one thing is for sure
    we'd remain the same, forever.

  • skyenet 8w

    The wave

    A chill on your nape, a crawl on your spine, the vision transcends dimensions, time freezes, palms sweat, the only thing agog is your beating heart,
    Crest of the wave, you no longer feel your body, the soul for an infinitesimal moment hanging in ether.
    And just as your sanity appears to crack, the sweet sweet trough,
    Awashes you..
    Time unlocks,
    Your heart slows down almost abruptly,
    The vision shifts,
    The lights have turned green.

  • smilinpanda 9w


    Gave up on him, gave up on the idea of loving him..
    Sweared to never do that to myself again!

    Stopped looking for someone & started searching for self..
    Found you during the time I wasn't sure of myself!

    You made me laugh, you made me giggle..
    You made me believe in myself again!

    You gave me all the reasons to put up a fight again..
    To give myself & us a chance 200%!

    Only to realise that the battle wasn't worth it again..
    As in the end it left me shattered..!
    Left me to myself.. swearing to never do this ever again!!

  • nemesis_here 15w

    We all have our hopeless battles,
    where we're just
    to free ourselves
    from some enigmatic chains.

  • travellers_nirvana 15w

    The aftermath

    When the war is over
    The flowers will bloom again
    Those dead shall be remembered
    Those living shall clean the stain

    When the war is over
    The debris will be cleaned
    Those toiling away will build the nation
    While a few will shout and scream

    The cities carpeted will rise again
    With dwellers returning to their chores
    The barren city roads will get hustled
    There's a cosmos that these metros once bore

    When the peace will finally set in
    The horrors of the bygone days will be written
    The affairs of life will carry on
    While the lessons of past will be forgotten

    #afghanistan #afghan #war #warzone #battle #peaceshallprevail #city #cities #wod

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    When the war is over
    The flowers will bloom again
    Those dead shall be remembered
    Those living shall clean the stain
    When the peace will finally set in
    The horrors of the bygone days will be written
    The affairs of life will carry on
    While the lessons of past will be forgotten


  • dee_kye 15w

    ʟɪꜰᴇ ✧

    Darling days and blazing battles,
    Reaping runs,
    With soul's chattel,
    Locked by esoteric enchantments,
    Forever ready,
    To reel the soaring segments,
    Legends named it 'life'...


  • jpbaldwin 16w

    Rap Battle

    He wanted a rap battle so I would adapt to Act
    Moving so quick like the fastest rap
    Putting hands together like you had to clap
    Hitting so hard that it slapped you back
    Like that's a fact, so get back on track
    Like a locomotive, with no impact with motion
    Rhymes so fine that it's smooth as lotion
    I'm not boasting, I'm not bragging
    Let's do a battle and see what happens
    I'm the captain your the Seaman
    I keep rapping while you keep dreaming
    I believe it but it's you that needs it
    My raps stick out like a pair of cleavage
    Embarrassed easy cause your hair greasy
    No doubt your a mouse plus you're stale & cheesy
    Don't care if you need me, I'm aware I'm teasin'
    Dropped you on the corner, how dare I'm leaving
    You're a flaring heathen who barley breathing
    I'm rapping demon with lair that's deepening
    Close your eyes no surprise you're glare & peeping
    You slowly cry then you're there just weeping
    I'm saying all these words without repeating
    I'm beating your verses with a lot meaning
    They lock me up  because I'm talking freely
    This rap battle is over you gotta believe me


  • detour 16w

    Being with you

    A heaven sweet I thought it would be
    Rainbows of blithe we would see


    Little did I know

    A battle constant it did mean
    Days never were serene
    I will lose you
    Or remain we will together
    Like a pendulum
    Kept I moving to and fro
    And losing myself instead
    I had to let you go

  • nemesis_here 16w

    Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process they themselves don't become one.

    #gaze #monster #save #yourself #life #battle

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    If you gaze long into abyss,
    the abyss will gaze back at you.

  • geetikaadhikary 17w

    A short poem I wrote for instagram with the prompt "cherished scar"
    #imagery #scars #poem #poetry #soul #chained #darkness #shortpoem #cherish #battle

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    Cherished Scars

    heart wounded so deeply

    soul chained in the shadows

    bleeding my viens empty

    ready to fight until the last breath...

    now even in darkness

    the scar that I cherish, glow.

  • czarcasm 18w

    Warrior Spirit

    Treacherous was the blade that entered upon his skin

    What a sight she has to fight while hoping he could win

    In a war full of brothers she struggled to reach his side

    Dodging orcs and elves alike just to change the tide

    She slaughters the beast that dared to breach the armor of the wise

    'hurry love is still have time to heal you if the magic will play nice'

    She takes him through a magic portal and they appear upon a hill

    Overlooking the ongoing battle the sights of blood made you fight your will

    Her worries eyes scour over the wound oh what a sight

    Her husband watches while she fights the poison with every breath and with all her might

    'Without you this battle is through we need you here with us'

    His skin she mended with a hiss the rest without a fuss

    'My warrior bride yet again have you come upon my aid

    So beautiful with magic full of life you know you should have stayed'

    She brushed her hair as white as snow with hands all red with blood

    'Id never leave you even in death, let me help you out of this mud'

    Loyalty she breaths as they join back into battle

    Fighting for her husband the King

    Later one would tattle

    A woman doesn't belong out there a woman's place is at home

    Yet if it wasn't for her great skills her husband the King he'd be dead with a sword stuck in a bone