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    #random 8:35pm 01.05.2021 #bb_luvzu

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    An art without you is just "eh"

    I've picked out the words from my poetry
    dipped them in colours and
    sketched them on a canvas
    to find whom the words illustrate.
    Guess what?
    It portrayed you.

    ~every painting has a tiny bit of you in it~

    ©bouncy / an excerpt from a poem I shouldn't write but couldn't resist.

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    1. Main Tumhara
    2. Bolna- Arjith Singh
    3. Runaway - Aurora
    4. Talking to the moon- Bruno Mars
    5. Can we kiss forever- Kina
    6. Dance Monkey - Tones and I

    6:30am 29.04.2021 #bb_luvzu

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    A journey through my playlist (2)

    //Rishta Raha Bas Rait Ka,
    Aye Samandar Main Tumhara Kinara Raha//

    I wonder why I always find you in this song. Perhaps because I've put all your piece's into every single word and tune of this song.

    ~love had done it's part in my life, but the person hadn't~

    //Tere Sang Hasna Mai Tere Sang Rona
    Tujh Mai Hi Rahna Mai Tujh Me Hi Khona//

    I want you to be the sky that holds my poetry forming constellations of you. I want you to be the air that my lungs cling as if it's the last breath they'll ever beckon to breath.

    ~I want to be the night you light up into~

    //I saw a face in the sand but when I picked it up
    Then it vanished away from my hands, gone//

    I want to talk about our story in which only I exist and you are just a mere illusion of mine. Illusions where you're like hot chocolate, soo hot and I’m like marshmallows who want to be on top of you. I won't say your name. I won't say your name. I'll describe moon instead, is that a cliché?

    ~I'm in love with clichés and you are my favourite cliché~

    //At night when the stars light up my room,
    I sit by myself
    Talking to the Moon, trying to get to you//

    Hallucinating that you are on the other side, I stare in to the sky talking to the moon. But I wasn't planning to think about you. So I try to hide myself from the moon, but the luminance always finds a way into my home, peaking through the window and I could feel my heart start to beat faster as if it is still trying to chase after the moon.

    ~Perhaps I'll tell myself not to think about you tomorrow again~

    // I crossed the ocean of my mind
    My wounds are healing with the salt//

    These feelings engraved deeper into my heart and every pore of cells on my skin. I've tried many times to swim back on to the shore yet these waves drive me back into the river. It's like I've been living in the river for too long and I now belong to it completely.

    ~ I've mastered the art of drowning in unrequited love~

    //You know you stopped me dead while I was passing by
    And now I beg to see you dance just one more time//

    Unrequited love is the man who caught hold of my wrist when I was passing by the streets alone. I couldn't get rid of him because I fell in love with his company. Now eventhough he tastes like the venom, rather than hating him I've labelled venom as my favourite drink.

    ~I wasn't spoon fed love ,so I chose licking the knife instead~

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    Lines in // belongs to different songs
    I guess I'll come back with part 2.

    1. Main Tumhara -Dil Bechara
    2. Never be the same- Camila Cabello
    3. Dangerously- Charlie Puth
    4. Save myself - Ashe
    5. Drum machine - Parekh
    6. Cold/mess - Prateek Kuhad
    24-28/04/2021 #bb_song #bb_luvzu

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    A journey through my playlist(1)

    //Tu Hi Pehli Guzarish Hasrat Bhi Tu Aakhri
    Maahi Mere Masiha Marzi Bata Kya Teri//

    As I play this song for the eleventh time on loop, writing my boring mathematics notes, my lips dance along with the tune at a low pace. My thoughts make its way back to you even as the slightest frequency of this song reaches my ear.

    ~I've fixed pieces of you in every song I listen to~

    //Something must've gone wrong in my brain
    Got your chemicals all in my veins
    Feeling all the highs, feeling all the pain//

    I don't know where these feelings come from. Neurons in my head make strong relationship communicating all the time only about you. They run across my mind, travelling beneath the skin into the nerves, reaching my finger tips they bleed into poetry. I worry, I write too much about you.

    ~The chemistry of my brain is at fault~

    //I loved you dangerously
    More than the air that I breathe
    Knew we would crash at the speed that we were going
    Didn't care if the explosion ruined me//

    I've walked over into your life, only to walk away tired from the after party. Blindly drunk. Sobbing with only a letter left in my hands, risking everything knowing I will have to face hangover the next morning with a heartbreak. But this hangover, isn't packing it's bag with a cup of coffee or even a hundred.

    ~You are the hundred and sixtieth time I tried to quit drinking~

    // I know everything worked out
    the way it's meant to be
    But honestly, If I had the chance
    I would take it back//

    I fetched for too many reasons to walk away ignoring the fact that they will never be valid enough. Who am I kidding? Everytime I tell myself I've moved on, my unconscious mind whispers "I could die for him".

    ~Loving you makes me love myself more~

    //All my love is wasted, Inside of drum machines
    Me inside the grid, And the grid in me//

    This Sunday I took a long shower to wash away all your dust that settled on my skin but the water is too hot, it burnt my skin. Perhaps I love you with entire force of the universe and it's too much to ask you to take in.

    ~Love deserves to be mourned, so are you~

    // I wish I could leave you my love
    But my heart, is a mess
    My days they begin with your name
    And nights end with your breath//

    I fall asleep with this song most of the nights and wake up from your thoughts, screaming your name out loud. I sometimes think of leaving the doors unlocked, for if one day you might want to come back hoping I'd meet you between the spaces of these words and lines that connect us.

    ~And the space is full of love~


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    #creafic 12:50pm 22.04.2021 #bb_luvzu

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    Lovesick girl dreams

    The glimpses of white stars hit through the white lace of an open window with fluttering curtains. The echo of his vocals kissing treetops and crickets, songs leaving his mouth, reach rubbing against my teeth. Prayers for Eros scattered like ashes of offering spread across my bedroom floor.

    I wake up hearing the buzz, surprised, looking into the man's twinkling eyes staring back at me. He comes closer saying, " There's not much time left". I hold him in a way only angels can hold the other and wait for him to sing me the songs of our first, second and hundredth meeting.

    He begins to sing with the sync of my thoughts and I begin to understand the language of our dead silent love. I feel his breath in my veins and his heartbeat in the pit of my stomach.

    He sings the songs that knit my bone to his bones and I cut myself open to let the thunderstorm dash against my ribs.

    He sings to me. He sings of me.

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    I've never experienced a love like this.
    It feels as hot gentle breeze in the summer walking me on the air having a grin on my face like a cheshire cat and thinking of your name makes the oxytocin dance in hypothalamus intoxicating my ebullient soul.

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    #bb_luvzu #Ltmusec #bb_wlt #repost 10:30am 16.02.2021
    I decided not to write for a while due to academics but I couldn't stop myself from posting bcz

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    Letter to my muse

    My muse, an aparichith.

    Everyday I pick up my pen and begin to write, hoping atleast this time I could write of something which includes about anything other than you. But I somehow end up writing about/for you. I have no idea what sort of block this is. Apparently, this is the only way I could admit to myself about what I feel because I've put all my feelings for you behind the closed doors so I couldn't talk to you or any of my friends about it. But let me consider the bright side, because you bring out the messy doodler in me who doodles and scribbles in the margins of my notes while studying. Dang! You bring out the artist in me, perhaps the childish artist. Do you remember the day I told you, the moon always reminds me of your name? Back then, I didn't realize that I'm in love with you and the fact that the moon doesn't just remind me of your name but you, the entire you.

    You've hung your hat in my head. You are all that resides in it, like the shards of glass buried in my skin though I wasn't even aware I'd broken anything. But the pieces of glass in my head are a joy to behold. They neither tickle nor cause any kind of ache. They rather give me pleasure and I'll be found walking on air, having a grin on my face like a Cheshire cat, just on thinking about you. Well in that case, you can honour me with the-professional-over-thinker or perhaps the-best-dreamer awards.

    My love for you has grown like the seed which I've never sown or perhaps I did but didn't remember sowing it and is still growing each day. I don't know for how long it keeps growing or if it will ever stop growing, although I ain't curious finding it out. But since I promised myself that I wouldn't restrict myself from anything that I feel (after all love doesn't restrict people) and put everything in black and white until the last moment, I will keep you alive in my poems or prose for that matter. For they are what I'll be left with in the end, because of the fact that I don't have any memories with you to secure forever in my brain.

    Only yours, crazy loon.

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    O2:30pm 14.02.2021 #bb_luvzu

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    Not a Love Letter

    Not a love letter because you don't love me. There's one kind of love, the cruelest kind, the one that almost kills the victim, the unrequited love and I guess I'm being an expert at this. Do you know how painful it is to tell someone that you love them and not happen to say it back.

    A question always hangs to my ear, why am I attracted to a person who I know isn't good for me. Perhaps, I have an answer for this. I think you are the wrong one and everytime you do something that tells me you're good, I ignore it and everytime you come through and surprise me, you win me over and I lose that argument with myself that you're not meant for me. No matter how many things I try during the day to divert myself, at the end of the day I still go to bed every night going over every detail wondering how did I ever fall in love with you and how did I even for a moment believe that you could one day see the light and show up at my door. I can’t help but see how all my attempts at rapprochement generate little more than shame when I realize how ridiculous I am. Are you noticing? Probably yes. But honey, this is not a love letter. Here, I don't give you reasons why I love you.

    I wish I never laid my eyes on you, if I never laid, I would've never fallen for you. But I did, don't ask me to fall out of love, if I could, I would by now. I’ve said a lot of goodbyes, too many to even remember, but why is it so hard to wave you a goodbye despite the fact that I never had you. There is so much I want to tell you but I shouldn't because this isn't a love letter. There is so much I need you to know, bleed for you to know, but I shouldn't have you knowing, because this isn't a love letter. There is so much that would need to be avoided, skirted around, because this is not a love letter and I'm a coward to leave a painful record of unrequited love. It's not your fault, neither mine. Indeed, it's no one's fault. It's like how it is. It's about unrequited love, not a love letter.

    What am I going to do? I hate you. But I love you. I hate that I love you. I love that I can be myself around you. No one has ever made me feel that way before. It’s the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for.

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    Inspired from a vedio by Rutwik Dhweshpande
    07:00pm 13.02.2021 #bb_luvzu

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    In love? Why though?

    It is past midnight and I doubt if staying awake with the thoughts of you lying next to me is worth my time. With the tag of hopes for us attached to my heart, with the scribbles of armour imprinted on my skin, with the feelings for you painted on my nails and the hairs braided with the desire to have you. The idea of us with no legs kicking my back, I question myself "Why do I love you?". Because they say the answers lie within. So I take a deep breath, bringing together the logic filled brain and the heart overflowing with emotions, I ask myself again "Why do I even love you?" Do I love you because I loved the idea of love? Or the idea of us? The idea of us waking up next to each other, the idea of us quarrelling at silly reasons, the idea of us being cheesy and classy couple, the idea of us together for the rest of our lives. So, do I love just the idea? Or do I love you? Or do I love you to be able to prove myself that I can give love too? You know, sometimes I doubt if my love will make your heart sink into the deepest core of my heart tattooed with images of us. I wonder if you are really listening to the music of my words spilled into the air from my tongue or if you ever feel the words dancing around you. I cry wondering if I'm being wasteful and the thoughts of you lying next to me drowns in the ocean of my tears. This love is difficult but it's real. I reached the side of love, I hope to never know though this isn't what I planned for.

    It is past midnight and I question myself "Why do I love you?", because they say the answers lie within. So I take a deep breath, and tell myself I love you because I'm in love with you and loving you is simple yet complex in itself, so is the reason behind it.

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    11:00am 07.02.2021 just a random one :)
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    If I were a bird, I would be your myna

    If I were a bird, I would be your myna
    I would build a nest in your heart
    Be your pet and do some mischief
    Crazy as a loon, crazy as a loon

    If I were a bird, I would be your myna
    Just call my name, I'll be there like a duck to water
    I'll spin round in circles around you
    I'll master your language,
    Call your name infinite times in a row
    Crazy as a loon, crazy as a loon

    If I were a bird, I would be your myna
    Singing those three little words
    Get lovey dovey, head over heels
    Unfurling the essence of love in the wind
    Crazy as a loon, crazy as a loon

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    Let's be the visitors to the doorway of the palace which is waiting since ages for someone to feel it's lap and bring back it's life.

    Let's walk through the hallway watching and imitating the paintings, that the people in paintings giggle at our imperfections and thank us for recalling them about their love, deserted. Then walk across each and every abandoned room and recite the poems for each other in a room lit by candles and bring the life back of the walls.

    Let's listen to the classic, "The love is all around", while drinking black coffee and write each other letters and poems for there's such a tender and raw feeling attached in the act of handwritten letters. Then walk into the library and pick out books for each other and read those wine spilled golden books and fall in love with the elegance of words, feeling their essence. You know, the more we do it, the better we get to know each other. Not just our taste in books but also what our hearts speak and how we feel.

    Let's then walk into the smaller hidden library and get pinned to a bookshelf by the academic rival, staring daggers at each other, restraint breaking and the book in our hand dropping with a thud as we both let impulse dominate instead of logic and reason. Let's bring back romanticism. I'm tired of trying to be rational. We all need love, ain't it? You don't necessarily need to admit that you love me. Let's secretly fall in love with each other with every passing minute but not admit it.

    I wanted us to be, as the poets say, a mess, probably a couple of classical mess.

    ik, this is never gonna happen, probably I have read too much of unrealistic romance or whatever but no matter what I keep coming back to you in my head though loving you was the most exquisite form of self distruction, I can't help but to distruct myself.
    #building #goldenc #bb_luvzu 10:00am 05.02.2021

    3 reposts from WN and 2 from WB this year
    Me is cho happy ���� thank you so much @writersnetwork and @writersbay ����

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    #imageryc #past #bb_luvzu
    11:20am 30.01.2021

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    Unburnt love

    We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, I left too. I left my words for you, soaked in a soft blanket wrapped with white flowers and the words didn't plant garden around, instead they've burnt the whole forest down. But the burning forest couldn't smoulder my words, for my love towards you is too pure and eternal to get burned.

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    Journey through my playlist (0)

    //Tum Na Hue Mere Toh Kya,
    Hmm Tum Na Hue Mere Toh Kya,
    Main Tumhara Main Tumhara Main Tumhara Raha,
    Mere Chanda Main Tumhara Sitara Raha//

    You are my shimmering moon in the sky of my world. My feelings for you are the stars that are fathomed into constellations. And I'm okay with being the constellation which fades away within a blink of an eye, for I can see my galaxy floating in your eyes and the sparkle that shine when you think of me as the constellation, and I'll wait forever, putting my ego's head in the sand, to have a glimpse at the sparkle in your eyes.

    //Rishta Raha Bas Rait Ka,
    Aye Samandar Main Tumhara Kinara Raha,
    Main Tumhara Main Tumhara Tumhara Raha,
    Tum Na Hue Mere Toh Kya//

    My love for you can never get old like the smell of the ocean. I love you like the ocean, because it's calm, beautiful and infinite and so you are. I know, you say you are a choas and angry but so is the ocean. I'll be the sand dancing to the rhythm of your waves, swimming along with you, quenching my thirst of love. I'll also be ready to drown in the havoc that you creat and dive deep into you to discover all about you and fetch for the lock of my heart in which I've buried my feelings, so that I can open up to you. But, it's okay if you don't find my existence in you

    //Tum Na Hue Mere Toh Kya,
    Hmm Tum Na Hue Mere Toh Kya,
    Main Tumhara Main Tumhara Main Tumhara Raha,
    Mere Chanda Main Tumhara Sitara Raha//

    So what if you don't believe somewhere in the world, a teenage girl has fallen under your spell and seeing the map of her universe in your eyes? So what if you don't trust in my love for you, just because the love you've experienced in the past wasn't true? So what? It doesn't matter coz honey I'm all yours and will always be yours.

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    You are like a song

    You are like a song, the special song in my playlist which I want to keep safe within the walls of my heart and hide it from the world because I'm afraid, the world will ruin it.

    You are like a song in my playlist which makes me wanted to plug in ear phones, hide under the covers and live in the music forever.

    You are like a song in my playlist which makes me wanted to go out in the middle of a night, walking under the streetlights and drown deep in the lyrics.

    You are like a song in my playlist which makes me wanted to live along side of a beach with chilly winds passing by, sitting with a campfire, looking up for the star in the sky shining like they never did before.

    You are like a song in my playlist which makes me wanted to go on a walk at a pleasant evening watching birds chirp and kids play in the playground.

    You are that one special song in my playlist
    Singing the lullaby which can keep
    An insomniac asleep.

    // You are like a song, which I didn't search for and now I'm addicted to. //

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    I wore you like-

    I wore you like
    I wear my heart on my sleeves.
    My love for you is an open secret.
    The most obvious thing in the world
    and the most hidden,
    with no apparent reason as
    to why I keep it a mystery.
    I have placed my love within
    the walls of my heart,
    And no one can know it's state but you.

    I wore you like the sky wore clouds,
    And when you appear in my sky,
    Like the moon among the clouds,
    My eyes glow brighter than the fire,
    and I build castle in my sky with you.

    /I wore you like the night wore darkness/

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    Random again #bb_luvzu

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    Is it just me?

    Is it just me?
    Or do you feel the way that I feel?
    I've fallen head over heels in love with you.
    Love is a foreign word to me
    But what I feel for you I know is different
    Is it puppy love?
    But ever since I fell under your spell,
    I've been on cloud nine

    Is it just me?
    Or do you feel the way that I feel?
    No honey! It's no attraction!
    I love you with all my heart and soul
    It's not like getting over you is impossible
    But I don't want to coz honey, it feels so right
    It's not like I can't move on
    I just don't want to coz honey it feels so right

    Is it just me?
    Or do you feel the way that I feel?
    I've no hots for you, you are the apple of my eye
    I'll carry torch for you even if my love isn't reciprocal
    If poems are what it takes to get you
    I'll put them in black and white
    under your pillow every night

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    I love you

    I have a different kind of connection with you, a spark that I haven't felt with any of my crush. Talking to you feels like being under a warm blanket on cold nights. I don't know what's it about you, but you make everything less chaotic and lively. You bring out the kid in me, which I've buried deep in my heart so safe that no one or even I could never reach it. But you made it easy. I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed of being silly, amatuer or whoever I wanted myself to be. I find you so cute when you are frustrated and yell on some random people. May be it sounds little weird, but I feel your presence listening to your playlist, every evening walking across the road under the streetlights.

    Somedays I can't stop thinking about you but the other days i think why am I wasting my time even though I can't see any future together. Well! I'm hopeless. One part of me wants to think about you and the other part regrets doing that. End of the day, your thoughts make me feel alive and fall asleep with a mischievous smile on my face or can I say, I blush thinking of those rare midnight conversations we hold?

    Why is all of my thoughts so pure about us? I don't know. All I can ever think of is how perfectly weird couple we could be and how much of cute byproduct we could together creat. I think of disturbing you when you are busy cooking in the kitchen and playing who-completes-first sort of games with food, because of the fact that we both are foodies.

    May be, I loved living in my own little world, and so I never had any rush to confess about my feelings for you. I won't, probably never. Or perhaps, I might tell you the day I'm completely over you, because then it would be all about past and makes it easier for me. But the question here to myself is, can I get over you? If I did, then probably because it's just crush. What If I can't? And this thought scares the shit outta me.

    I don't know if all these feelings are temporary or permanent but I loved them. So, I'll keep writing every now and then about you but will never show them until unless I get over you.

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    I think I fell in love

    I had crush on many guys. I usually go on a date with them in my head. The scenes that I play in my head are 90% physical and in some rare cases, just rare, they are emotional. I always had this rush to confess it to them. I did, to a few of them. I had butterfly or can I say bitterfly rush in my stomach, the moment I think of them.

    But, you are different. You are unexpected. I truly didn't expect you or your effect on me, my mind, my heart, my feelings. No! It wasn't love at first sight. My feelings for you formed gradually. I don't know whether it is called the crush or love, neither do I want to find it. You are the calming breeze that entered my life. You didn't cause any bitter-butterflies in my stomach. There isn't any storm in my heart. You aren't a holiday crush vacation to have and then forget the next morning. You are magic. I don't feel any rush to confess it to you. Because, I enjoy this. The scenes I play in my head are 100% emotional, it's all about a pure bonding.

    I met you and all the things I wanted in my lover just started to disappear. I wanted deep blue eyes like clear ocean but all of a sudden your brown tipsy eyes became my favourite. I wanted someone who says few words to make me feel better but the silence around us and the way you hold me with no intention of letting go when I'm crying makes me feel better than any word. I wanted someone who hangout and have bike rides with me but the company you give me on the terrace, gazing at stars on the midnight is precious. And suddenly you are like what I wanted him to be.

    I don't crave for 24*7 conversation with you. An hour midnight conversation can feed me for the rest of the days until I talk to you the next time. Maybe you will never know how strongly a girl felt for you. I'm too shy to tell you, so I'll hide it behind I hate you texts. Sometimes, I wish I could ask you, what you think of me. I know, you are not mine and will never be, but I creat this idea that we are together, me being simple and whatever you want me to be. And I often forget it's something I've made up in my head.

    I'm not sure if it's love, but it's magical. You are magic. And of all the crushes I've ever had, you are special, the way i felt for you is special and will always be special.

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    Lovesick girl promises

    I'm a hurricane.
    But if you can only manoeuvre a little rain,
    I can turn out to be a mizzle for you.