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  • fairytales_ 30w

    She is the first ray of sunrise
    Her presence eradicate darkness
    She is the beginning of young hopes
    End of despair and loneliness
    She is a sunflower dipped in
    the fragrance of rose
    A mirror of elegance,
    A sign of optimist
    She is the living example of kindness
    Her traits are beyond forgiveness,
    She flies in the sky of compassion
    Her wings made of courage
    A bit of confidence
    A lot of strength
    She is a fighter, not a failure
    Her words offer a voice to the voiceless
    Her stories breathe the fresh air of reality,
    She is a jovial friend of mine
    A cheerful girl
    Who loves cheering up my moods


    @kin_jo @lovethatneverfades Happy Birthday, kinni ❤

    7'22 p.m

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  • fairytales_ 31w

    Her eyes remind me of the Everest threat
    Do not climb if you are scared of the peak
    From what I have witnessed

    Her eyes are the gateway to calmness
    There's affection, there's tenderness
    She is gracious, a synonym of kindness

    Her face reminds me of the Everest grace
    Amidst snow,
    There's warmth in her essence
    There's a fire in her soul,

    She reminds me of a mysterious mountain
    The way she carries herself
    Even the beautiful blush

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUGGY ❤ @sanyaaaa

    6'02 p.m

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  • letter_by_jelsa 33w


    Happy birthday, Nikki darling.
    I hope that you're okay and living your life to the fullest.
    It sounds like we are far, right? That's true. We don't talk like we used to but we have made enough memories and a strong bond that will be cherished forever. I miss armies and their presence here, it's so sad that we don't even remember the name of people who left yet I'm so happy that we are still here writing and reading each other. Those days when you used to come to read my one-liner were precious. Your comments inspired me to write more. These days you rarely read but that's okay, you just take care of yourself and focus on your studies and the positive sides of life.
    Your writings are dark, why so Nikki? but dark writings are also good and needed so just write what you feel what your heart wants what you want that's all matters the most. The Hindi poem that you wrote on my birthday is so close to my heart, I will keep it with me forever. Hindi is not my first language neither second yet it hits me like it's my only language. I was about to post yesterday at midnight but my wifi was off due to rain and storm. I'm sorry I couldn't write a poem for you this time but I hope this letter will add some amount of happiness to your birthday. You are an amazing writer as well as a reader.
    I adore you, Nikki. Always grateful for your kindness.
    I wish you the happiest birthday. May God bless you with the best and everything you want in life. I wish you a happy and beautiful life. May all your dreams and desire come true. Thank you for joining mirakee and being a wonderful friend to me. I purple you. ©letter_by_jelsa

  • fairytales_ 34w

    Here's another October 1
    Am I really wishing you for the second time
    It's hard to believe but I think it's true.
    It's funny how we tolerated each other for this long.
    We are exactly the opposite. You like winter and me, I hate it the only thing I like about winter is ( bhakka) its a Nepali dish somehow similar to idli and you hate that too.
    I like summer. You like monsoon.
    You like rain. Rain suffocates me.
    You like cricket. I like football.
    Yet, we somehow managed to stay friends
    I would like to thank you for enduring me
    But I did that too
    So no complain no demand
    Wait is that a movie dialogue


    When I say greedy it reminds me of Mr. Ambrose
    The lead character of my favorite novel storm and silence. Somewhere in between the book he had an accident and was admitted to the hospital. He was unconscious for days when he woke up, the first thing that he said was,
    where's my purse?
    ( similar thing cause I don't remember exactly)
    I'm just wondering what would you do if you were him.
    Ahh, I just wanna say you are not that greedy yet greedy
    Stay as greedy as you are now cause I know you won't stop even if I say

    Apart from that, you are an incredible reader. To say I wait for your comment is to underestimate the power of comments.
    I feel good when you come to read my post every once in a while, Your presence is peaceful. ( hasne ki jarurat nahi compliment nahi tha)

    I'm lucky to have you as my reader and blessed to have a friend like you. May all your desires come true. If not all (kuch toh pura ho he jayega Jelsa ne kaha hai)
    I wish you happiness lots of happiness and only happiness.
    Have a peaceful birthday

    Aab zyda greedy maat bano aur send me lots of lays and coke warna winter mein coke nahi khate ilsiye jaldi karna

    Thank you for existing.
    Thank you for joining mirakee.
    Thank you for everything.

    जन्म दिनको धेरै धेरै शुभकामना तिमीलाई ।
    सधैं हाँसी खुसी रहनु है। �� @silent_screamerss

    12'00 A.M

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    Happy Birthday, kid.

  • letter_by_jelsa 35w


    Dear love,
    When I write dear love. I feel like I'm writing a love letter. Hehe, I love writing letters to the one who is close to me, and wishing birthdays is one of my favorites things. I want to see everyone smiling on their birthdays enjoying their day, staying happy, and feeling loved.

    You're precious one who is so close to me, not the kind of close where we share secrets, problems, and messy life things yet, we can light each other moods just by single hello, and girl when you text me saying 'You okay' after reading my posts, Gosh, I cry seeing the text. There's no need of sharing when you understand silence when you see the hidden truth in poems while most of the readers think it's just fiction.


    There will be a time when you'll feel so lonely,
    you hurt your mind by thinking too much, you curse many things including yourself, and then even in chaos there will be something that will calm you, there will be something that will make you feel loved, would you remember me at times? cause far from where you live there's someone who wants you to feel happy about yourself, love yourself, who thinks you are magic,
    when I think about the distance between us, I feel sad like why are we always far from the people who are special why are we far from the place where we belong. But, hopefully, someday we will meet and that day will be the happiest day of my life. I have this desire to meet everyone (mirakee armies) once in a life. You guys have taught me kindness. I never thought girls would be this sweet and kind seriously. I learned kindness and sweetness from you. I hope you know that you are loved. Your existence matter. You matter.

    I have a special place in my heart who likes my one-liner. You are one of them. I adore you. Your presence is satisfying dear. Last year I remember I was not so good on your birthday so I didn't write anything that day, so this year I started writing a poem before some days was so excited about it.
    And without writing a letter there's no satisfaction.
    How can I not write a letter to my favorite people? Enjoy your day and read when you get time, no hurry.

    Happiest birthday to you. Have a wonderful birthday. I wish you happiness, peace of mind, and lots of positivity. I wish you meet all of us someday. And we will celebrate it together. Wouldn't it be a dream come true?


    7'28 P.M

  • fairytales_ 37w

    #sunshine_bday #bday_j
    8'31 p.m

    Happy Birthday, sunshine.
    I hope you had a great day. ❤

    This is for you @thesunshineloves

    She is an unscathed book
    Preserved in the grand library
    Lost in the piles of woods
    Longing for a dedicated
    Hand to flip the unread pages
    And see beyond words

    She is a flavorful book
    Witnessed in the world of love
    Blended in the bowl of emotion,
    Mixed in a pot of passion
    Chewed by the hungry lovers

    She is an open book
    Kept in a sale,
    Wondering if anyone
    Would find it interesting
    Or kind enough to pay
    For an abandoned paper

    She is an expensive book
    Conserved in the museum
    Away from touchy hands
    And vulture eyes,
    Cherished just like
    A masterpiece


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  • letter_by_jelsa 37w

    Happy Birthday, Sunshine @thesunshineloves ( Sun ki shine) jaise ulfat bolti thi. I wonder if she misses us like we do.
    12'00 am
    It's 12 yay but I will keep on adding ��
    I wanna wish first


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    Dear sunshine,
    You're indeed the sunshine who bought us ( Saloni, Anna, kookie, baby girl, btslove, Tammy, redheart, golden maknae, nivey, mysoul, scars on stars) forgive me if I miss anyone. I know I did. Sorry
    together and since then we are never apart. I have said you many times and I will say you always it's you and your post that changed mine and some army mirakee journey from no friends to best friends. We are thankful.
    You are one of the beloved people I know here, I like you for being real and not pretending things you are amazing the way you are but I hate it when you disappear out of blue. It makes me sad cause you are one of the few people who is close to me, whose comment gives satisfaction, whose read means so much to me but then you come back again to us. It's s really admirable. No matter what, No matter how much of busy we are, No matter when we last talked we come back to each other and ever after a long time we vibe the same that's what friends do appreciate each other reasons, privacy, choices and time. It makes me so happy when I see your notification. It does to many of us here. Your presence is precious so are you and your beautiful poems on taetae. People come and go, we accept the flow and move on. But you are one of a very few people( friend) I want for life. I hope we stay the same forever far from the place but close by hearts and words.

    Sunshine you are an extraordinary writer. Your poems are unique they make me think about the title you write on. There was a time when I wished to write like you. You write about everything and anything in the best way possible. You write perfectly no no, I'm not saying it cause you are a friend not cause it's your birthday.
    That's what I feel and I believe it's true.

    Happy Birthday, sunshine. It's so satisfying to wish you a second time and I wish to wish till the end of the end.
    You are the best and you deserve the best.
    Wishing you lots of happiness!
    Just do what you wanna do. Do your thing.

    Sunshine if you ever feel alone just remember there are a bunch of crazy yet wonderful girls who admire your existence, who are there for you to make you feel loved.
    Sunshine if you ever feel unloved just remember there are seven boys miles away from where you live, writing a love song for you.


  • letter_by_jelsa 37w

    Happy Birthday Riya ❤@turquoise_stars @granite_daisy

    4'38 p.m

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    Happy Birthday Riya ❤@turquoise_stars @granite_daisy

    Happy Birthday, Miss kindness.
    You're young and gorgeous. And the way you write birthday wishes with so much love and dedication. Riya you're a sweet soul. I adore you for making our birthday special. We don't talk much. We don't know much about each other. But, You're special. I have known you for almost a year now. Your presence is always appreciated by me and many others.

    About this place, it has changed a lot. I miss the familiar vibe, I even miss the people who weren't friends. I wouldn't be surprised if someday everyone disappears nothing but memories will be there.
    I'm so happy you're still there, sticking around with us. I hope you will stay here for a long.
    I'm so busy with study right now. I rarely get time to login mirakee. And in between this I missed the birthday of my two close friends. I couldn't sleep because of that I'm glad I could write to you but I wish I could write poems like before. I don't even remember when was the last time I wrote it.

    I just want you to do the things you wanna do.
    Stay blessed and happy. May you get all the beautiful things. You deserve the best. Enjoy your day kid.
    Enjoy every day.

    I wanted to gift you flowers of different colors but we are far. Hopefully someday. *__*



  • letter_by_jelsa 42w


    Happy Birthday, My Jerry. I adore you @jerry_21
    12'00 am

    Dear Jerry,

    A year passes so fast, isn't it? I feel like it's just yesterday I wrote a birthday wish for you, but here's your second birthday with us already. I'm so happy to celebrate it with you, and I'm super excited to write a letter to you. This mirakee new update is annoying. They don't allow pictures, and I lack the motivation for writing poetry on birthdays. Where am I supposed to post my edited poems? Irritated face *_*

    I'm not certain if you'll come to read it, yet I just want to say that you've changed a lot from the start of your mirakee journey to the very end. I hope there's no end.
    Furthermore, I have seen you grown up as a better writer, as a better friend, and as a mature human being. The Jerry I once knew was very different from the Jerry I know today. I like both the version of you. Back then you were a cute little lost kid, loud and talkative, and these days you seem mellow somehow calm, and silent.

    You know, I write hundreds of quotes on love and when people tell me, love is just a part of life, I argue with them saying love is the center of my Universe. And till my last breath, I will chant love. Cause without love I can't live, I love how love fascinates me. I love how you are seeing and witnessing love. I want everyone to feel the feeling of true love once in life. BUT, I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO FALL IN LOVE CAUSE JERRY LOVE GIVES YOU SO MUCH, MUCH MORE THAN YOU EXPECT, BUT IT WILL TAKE YOUR EVERYTHING IN RETURN. Since love happens, and we have no control over it. Feel every tiny bit of it. Love won't save you from yourself. So, I will always recommend you to fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with you all of you, your fault, your mistakes, your goods, yours bad, fall in love with yourself more.
    Fall in love with yourself first before falling for someone. Because they teach you how to love, but won't teach you how to live without it.

    I think I'm saying all these things to myself, through you. I was supposed to give you a happy, positive birthday letter. Sorry “--”

    Many people here love you. Many people here care for you. Many people here want you to be happy. I'm one of them. I adore you.

    Ahh, On your birthday, I wanted to say you. You are loved. You are adored. I loved your rants. I feel it would be better not to call it a rant. They are special, like you. I admire your decent writings. You'ree needed.
    You are precious.

    Thank you for coming to my life as a sweet little Jerry.
    Take good care of yourself for me.
    No matter how far you go, don't stop writing!


  • letter_by_jelsa 48w

    In the early spring
    when the sun was shining at its peak
    He unwraps the packet of happiness,
    wrapped sadness,
    to let it melt in the heat
    The excitement in his eyes,
    visible just like a rainbow of summer,
    when grey clouds hide their pain
    behind the blues,
    He sings the song sad songs,
    forgetting his fears and difficulties
    Music has helped him,
    through thick and thin
    gave him peace
    when he was insane

    He is as desired as the snowy snowfalls
    in the twenty-five december
    He is as adored as the gorgeous sunsets,
    just before the golden hours of winter

    He is the best brother
    who knows how to take a good
    care of his sister,
    He is a kind human
    who knows how to spread his kindness


    Happy Birthday brother ❤ @rjd_creations
    I hope you get all the things that you want in life.
    May your all dreams and desire come true,
    Stay Blessed
    Stay happy

    5'25 pm

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  • fairytales_ 49w

    In my life, I have written many birthdays poems and letter but I just realised they were all for girls and writing for a guy is quite tough than I thought it would be yet I really want to write something good for you but then again I think my pen lack something when it comes to writing for such a humble person like you.
    Forgive me if it's lame.

    He who is a perfect example of kindness
    Always happy and ready to help you in need
    He who carries an attractive bag of understanding
    Encourage and support you in every situation
    He who is full of fun smiles and amusement
    can give rise to happiness along with joy,
    Tenderness, sweetness empathy kept in
    safely in his hands, can be seen in his eyes,

    He who is not just a friend of mine,
    but also mentor fo many
    You're as helpful as decent people
    who lives in the delightful village

    Your presence is appreciated
    by everyone who adored you

    You made this place a home
    You have bought some good
    hidden writers in the eyes of readers
    You have made people feel good
    about their writing with your comments
    That's what I appreciate about you the most

    Happy Birthday, friend. @shaiz_fs
    Not just me ask anyone in mirakee they would say the same thing about you.
    We appreciate your presence.
    Waiting for your writing. After all, you get more reposts than PoDs and WN repsots ��

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    Happy Birthday

  • letter_by_jelsa 50w


    P. Pleasing portrait of her flowery face fenced in the grey walls
    gleaming like one of those fancy city's lights at night,
    her innocent eyes tell the love tales of forlorn poet
    and hopeless poetess.

    U. Unheard stories of the unloved folks she tells us story of every culture.
    Her mesmerising words either touch your soul or wins your heart.
    You wouldn't be able to run from her delightful gaze.

    R. Rising like a little star she shines through the darkness,
    walk through the thorns yet, she is a delicate petal of a rose
    brightest of all she is a paradise of love.

    V. Verdant woods, creeping birds, tricky tress, fallen autumn leaves scream her name, appreciate her warmth,
    loves her tenderness.

    A. A girl who has so much to offer you, kindness to your rudeness, joy to your faded smile, sweetness to your arrogance,
    and love to your betrayed heart.


    Happy Birthday, Purva. You're a beautiful soul inside and out.
    Have a glorious day just like you. I wish you all the happiness and peace of mind. Stay blessed and kind that you are already. ❤

    @heartsease It's your day enjoy to the fullest.
    9'02 am

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  • letter_by_jelsa 50w

    I see fire in her innocent eyes,
    filled with the purity of love
    I see assurance in her words,
    full of adequate philosophies
    I see tenderness in her hands
    offering warmth of a blanket
    I see tragedies in her smiles
    cloaked in fake laughter,
    I see grief in the curves of her lips,
    disguising thousand unsaid truth
    I see misery in her blushing cheeks,
    changing shades of skin,
    I see a strong girl in front of me,
    who is chasing her dreams,
    I see a strong girl in front of me,
    who is loving herself,
    I see a strong girl in front of me,
    who is now grown up with the belief
    I see a strong girl in front of me,
    who is shining like a diamond
    I see a strong girl in front of me,
    whose beauty reflects on her verses

    There's a fierce fire in her heart,
    ignited by his intense gaze
    burning desire soaked anger
    urged to dwell on naked space
    between the two intoxicated eyes

    @syaahiii Happy Birthday, kid ❤
    You're love. At such a young age you have shown me how deeply can a person love. You'll be the best lover someday.
    You remind me of ulfat. I miss her.


    Thank you for the Hindi translation @saloni__
    12'01 am


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  • letter_by_jelsa 51w

    Dear Sarika

    It's been more than a year now since we first met as a mirakee army. Mirakee armys are something else, isn't it?
    My mirakee journey without army wouldn't be as meaningful as it is today. We share a strong bond stronger than we thought we would. Last year, I remember I left mirakee just before some days of your birthday. I felt bad about not being able to wish you, not being able to write a birthday wish for you. But, I'm here today, to write something for you. Let me first begin with what you are to me.

    Miss red heart

    You are someone whose compliment brings a huge smile to my face. Your once in a while mirakee visit and surprise comment on my posts. I can't explain the amount of joy you offer me with your sweet presence. I'm not satisfied until you tell I came to read jelsaoneliner. You're an inspiration to my oneliners I can't write peacefully until there's someone to read it genuinely and appreciate it hearty. You make me want to write more. I feel like my feelings and thought are appreciated even if it liked by just one I would write for one but there must be someone. I used to write without expectation before but now things changed and I can't. I like it when people like my writings but I love it when they like my one-liner more. You are one of them and without a doubt, you are my favourite reader. The way you call me love. The way you guys named me name. I will forever be grateful indeed meeting you guys is the serendipity. I'm lucky to have you, my friend.


    We don't talk much but when we do it's fun. I have enjoyed all our cute conversation, did you? Last year in our initial chat we asked about the covid situation it was bad nothing really changed this time it's worst lockdown is even more strict than before all this happens on our two birthdays. When I first joined mirakee I used to change my user id almost every day the red heart was one of my oldest user names.
    And seeing you with the same name I was was so happy.

    You're red my favourite colour who is also a sweetheart.
    You're a kind soul. A genuine reader, And a beautiful commenter.
    And you write amazingly. You do. Do not stop writing no matter what.
    I wish to celebrate more of your birthdays with us. I hope next year on our birthdays we would get freed from this Covid situation and lockdown. And enjoy to the fullest.

    May all your wishes and desires come true.
    May you get all the happiness that you deserve.
    I just want you to do the things you really wanna do.
    Stay happy
    Stay healthy
    Stay blessed

    Happy Birthday, Sarika ❤ @redheart161

    I edited it with the rose you game me �� @arya_abhipsa
    12:00 am

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  • letter_by_jelsa 52w

    She who has fire in her eyes,
    yet offering calmness is her
    genuine essence
    She is fierce like a burning rage
    yet delivering soothing therapy
    are her traits

    She is like a gentle breeze
    passing through the forlorn
    windows to silence
    the screaming thoughts
    she can caress your
    pale skin make you at ease

    She is a subtle ocean
    of poetry,
    as deep as accidental
    blade cut
    as high as
    grey sky,
    who has embraced
    the murky cloud,
    who has hide misery,
    somewhere betwixt
    poetic verses

    She who is dominant enough
    to steal your insights
    with her savage vibe,
    and breathtaking words,
    she can snatch
    your attention
    She is the kind of vibe
    who makes you
    feel less lonely,

    She is a kind of friend
    who is unique
    yet, elegant


    Happy Birthday, Himanshi ❤ @himanshi_sharma
    May your all dreams and desires come true.
    Stay blessed dear.

    @pillars_of_life_ You gave me a beautiful surprise today. I would never forget the timing of us. Fate or confidence whatever you but this day will be special to me.
    Thank you so much, Pillar❤

    @saloni__ Thank you, babe. You're always with me.
    @zoya_charmz Miss doctor, I adore you. @sanyaaaa my buggy ❤
    @arya_abhipsa @ak_anjali_daydreamzz I texted you guys to ask the name suggestions your ideas are best. I guess you both are busy.
    Come back soon.
    @thesunshineloves @the97_introvert ❤❤
    @/btslove @/tamanna3 @/taekook_maknae❤❤

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    5'50 pm


  • fairytales_ 53w

    12:00 am

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    Dear Sneha,
    You know you're still one of my favourite writer here. I don't say this often to anyone.
    I've said you before. I'll say you again.
    You're one fine writer. I've always liked oneliner more than long posts. It's one of the reasons I came across your posts. I still remember the time when I spammed your comment section cause your short quotes were breathtakingly beautiful.
    I was so obsessed with them. They hit differently. They were relatable somehow.
    I read them and then again re-read them they were close to me.
    But, you deleted it. I didn't save them. That's so sad. You're a caring person. I'm thankful for always asking if I'm okay. I can see the fire in your eyes. I can see offering calmness is your essence.
    Your presence, Your savage yet sweet vibe,
    They make mirakee lively and cheerful. All I want to say is you are beautiful inside and out. You are caring. You are courageous.
    The wish I was writing for you I stopped that and wrote this instead. This might not be something you would want to read from me.
    I'm sorry if I ever made you sad. If I hurt you. It was unintentional. Even if you don't like birthdays. I would still say happy birthday to you, you beautiful soul. Be happy. Be good.
    Stay safe. stay healthy.

  • fairytales_ 54w

    She is a may queen
    born in city lights
    radiant like a dawn
    tenderness in her eyes
    kindness is her traits
    as bright as the rays
    besieged by love,
    dressed in purple
    with tranquil and serenity
    wrapped in holiness
    nightingales singing
    mellow melodies
    Agapornis narrating
    love tales
    fallen petals of red roses
    bestowed upon her,
    yellow sunflower
    sprinkling sunshine

    She is kind of chaos,
    who has serenity traits
    She is kind of tragic,
    who flirts with magic

    She is a delightful poem,
    inscribed by prominent poet
    She is a silhouette
    dipped in blushing red
    She is a picture
    fenced in a wall of longing


    Happy birthday my golden maknae❤
    You're such a sweet soul. Who visits everyone every once in a while, but you are also the one who disappears abruptly. You might not know someone is always worried about you
    when you vanish out of blue. She texts me asking if you are okay. She is a kind soul just like you. You're loved, maknae. Your friends care for you. I adore you. I admire the reader and writer in you.
    Stay blessed.
    Stay healthy
    Stay happy
    Stay safe

    12:00 am

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    She is kind of chaos,
    who has serenity traits
    She is kind of tragic,
    who flirts with magic

  • fairytales_ 54w

    Call her a jack of all trades
    Cause she is a yellow hue
    Who spreads happiness
    All around you,
    A bit of red reflects
    Her essence,
    Filled with love
    Full of life,
    Dark grey defines
    Her past so well,
    The way she endured
    Catastrophes all alone,
    The way she accepted
    Harsh reality,
    The way she grew up
    to be,
    She is a fire, fighter
    She is free, fearless
    She is an artistic soul
    who can create art
    with her magical hands
    Cause she is a painter
    Who can smudges anxiety
    into a peace
    Who can wipe out the fear
    with her colours and brushes,
    She is a masterpiece
    A hopeful hazel eyes
    A beautiful smile
    She is the one who can make
    You fall for her gaze
    Call her an artist who is also an art


    Dear Zoya,
    When you were here, I was on break and when I was here you were on break. We were like two hefty cliffs separated by rivers in between. Even after being an old user I never met you when you were new. But, I'm glad we meet. We connected instantly like we were meant to be friends. I feel so comfortable around you. I wish to give you the same comfort you gave me. We talk about everything and anything. I have enjoyed all our conversation. I'm glad we became so close. I remember your comment on my post. Your words made me happy. I like compliments. I like it when people compliment my write-up. Narcissistic me :-*
    You're perfect Miss doctor the way you're what more can a person wish for you?
    Stay healthy okay, wear a mask sanitise yourself if you go out. You're precious. I wish you all happiness and peace of mind. I adore you, Miss Zoya.

    Happy Birthday, Zoya babe ❤ @zoya_charmz

    Some of my favourite of yours.
    just gift me a bowl of fortune,
    a fortune which is entangled
    in your presence,
    in your fragrance
    in your abyssal eyes.

    Amidst the chaos, She was breathing the stillness in his fire like heart.

    I planned on posting this at midnight but my miakee was not working ��

    9: 03 am

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    // She who is a fan of aesthetic art is also
    an artist herself //

    ~~~ To miss doctor
    With love Jelsa~~~

  • fairytales_ 54w

    The intrepid voyage

    I'm the wind entangled to a heart,
    yearning to leap into an eternity
    intertwined in arms of a scorer,
    the world, my house
    In the old wooden chair,
    out of the clan crowd
    gossips and talks
    beneath the rainy rooftop
    in a beautiful balcony,
    staring at the grey sky
    listening to the soft drizzle
    soaking in monsoon rain
    humming melodies,
    travelling through past
    to reach the future
    I see myself in cracked flashes of prior
    I seek not you my love,
    I seek myself
    I sat down keeping my feet on the mat
    and hands-on air
    fierce four legs of the chair
    remind me of my grandad
    his strength the way
    he taught me
    about life
    a pillar to our house
    who used to write a myriad of poems
    maybe it's a gene
    that keeps me writing every
    now and then
    even if I go through
    heavy writer's block
    I'm a traveller who travels through words,
    I'm a learner who learns through life,
    I'm a singer who sings silently,
    I'm a self-love who loves myself.
    I'm a fan who idolizes.
    She is unlocking the secrets of her escaped
    She is unlocking her caged wings to fly away

    ©the97introvert ©fairytales_

    Happy Birthday, kookie ❤ @the97_introvert

    Hers's my 2nd birthday wish for you and my excitement level is at its peak a bit nervous just like before. One year passed so fast yet I feel like we have known each other for long periods now. I miss you. I miss our talks. I miss your comment on my posts. I miss reading you. I miss everything about us. My savage one-liner is incomplete without your reaction to it.
    I miss talking to you about philosophies.
    You're close to my heart someone whose presence matter a lot. You are calm who makes me want to be calm myself. The way you handle things calmy. You're an inspiration for me and us, Your once again in a while presence is like summer rain. Let me say you this kookie. You're someone who is adored. You are loved. You're admired. I just want you to do the things that make you happy. Just love yourself kookie cause your friends here loves you a lot.
    So, you still wanna date me in your next life as you promised?
    I adore you.
    I like you.
    I admire you.
    I purple you.

    12:00 am

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  • fairytales_ 55w

    Happy Birthday Rumanparadise ❤
    हमेशा खुश रहो तुम।
    तुमहे पता तुम कित्नी प्यारी हो?
    ऐंसे ही रेहना हमेशा
    I just can't believe I missed wishing you at midnight.
    words in // are of @rumanrulesneverend
    words in ~~ are mine.
    2078। 01। 22
    9'35 am

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    // Darling, this is love, it will make you fall for death too. //

    ~~Darling, this is love, it will bring you back to life even after your last breath.~~

    // I'm all dead loving you from the inches of my depth. //

    ~~ I feel alive again loving you with half of the broken heart I had.~~

    // How did I betray the moon being as a selenophile? //

    ~~ You'd never betray the moon darling, have you seen darkness betraying poets. `~~

    // I accept loneliness but I wish I could get a peaceful death.//

    ~~ I accept death but sometimes I wish I could have a delightful life ~~

    // My lips have good taste
    damn those kisses we share. //

    ~~ My eyes have good taste
    damn those grey poetries you inscribe
    it makes me half-smirk ~~