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  • rajan_mistry 15w

    Did he expected more?

    They are friends... I mean beyond the friends.. very well understanding...
    He is in love but she is not!!! Still he care for her .. always adoring her..

    He is more happy on her birthday rather than her .!
    He is just wanting her happy...
    But in return he just wished..
    That she came and wish him on his birthday... Not for whole day but 1 hour.. he can meet her... Just.. want her presence..

    But he didn't get a call... Or picture update on insta..
    Maybe..!! It's sounds silly..but he hurt.!

    Maybe... He expected more


  • miss_sia 120w

    Thodi pagal si ha wo
    Mano ankh me saje kajal si ha wo....
    Dil ki bhut achi hai...
    Per dimg se abi bi bchii hai...
    Khubsurti ki misaal ha wo...
    Holi kaa gulaal ha wo....
    Khoon se badh kar hai hmara ristaa...
    Jaise ho insan ke sath ek farishta..
    Bhale mujhe bahut satati hai...
    Per naraj jo mai ho jao...
    To sbse phele wohi manati hai....
    Dua ha khuda se uska dil kabhi na toote....
    Itna majbut ho hamara rista... Ki uska sath kabhi na chhutte❤

  • zarmina_suleman 148w


    Listen!!!!! I know u r vry bsy in ua lyf
    But ur presence will always b needed yaar
    Bcoz i know i will mess things up & i will need u always to rescue me....I may b rude sometimes but always at the end of my day ...i make sure to think about u...❤ lv u loads

  • rajan_mistry 172w


    It was my birthday.. And I'm exited for her call..!
    Cause her call came once in a year for that day

  • 21st_century_phoenix 185w

    Well since Today is Kind of the Most Important Day of Your Life. I could only Write this. I'm not Good at Remembering Dates but This Stuck in my Head. Honestly. Hopefully Next Year I scare you Dearly with Diabetes. Just Letting you know that I'm still Human, Not Turning into a Demon... I'm adding Yours in My Early Morning Prayers... Because I believe that God's Grace and Blessings of Awesome Health is what I Give as a Gift. Don't Kill me. I cannot stop being your Quirky Impulsive Non Sarcastic Mad Angel. Coz This Day is the That I Can Tell you what I do in the Morning at 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM. Have a Great Time Bug. Don't Repost... I'll die of Happiness.
    I wrote this because you are my Biggest Support after Aleena. And I give you same Importance as I give her. Don't Kill me, again.
    Ciao! ❤️

    @writersnetwork #BDY #Diary

    @angika_singh @jinia_ @black_diva @thedarkangel @shwetha_n @voice_of_my_diary @kyaramie

    Just in case if you Guys don't Hear from me. Please Call Amber Heard. I'm gonna Need someone for CPR. Demi Moore is also Accepted. THANK YOU. ❤️

    NOTE : No Humans or Animals were Harmed during the Making of this Scribble. I just Bear Hugged my Mum and Kind of GOT squashed. Sprained Rib is what I Get back as Payment. Thank you God. Really. THANK YOU. God.
    I was Harmed during the Making of this Post. ��

    Peace ��❤️

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    I would be Lying if I Expect to Walk on Roses,
    Without Stepping on a Thorn...
    When I'm Walking with my Family,
    I make sure they don't Step on a Thorn.
    Ugly Fights Made us a Picture.
    Bitter Truths and Situations,
    Made our Lives Better...
    It Started with Me and Your Father...
    Our Love In Flesh and Blood,
    Will live on like the Eternal Fire...
    Because that's what I Sacrifice for,
    My Children...
    Only For You...

    Yours Friendly,


  • imagin 191w

    I m very much looking for my birthday,
    Not because it's special day,
    But because it will became special when i would hear his voice after so long ...

  • d_r_e_a_m_c_a_t_c_h_e_r 210w

    #bdy Broken

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    ചില ദിവസങ്ങൾ അങ്ങനെയാണ്..
    അത്രയ്ക്ക് പ്രിയപ്പെട്ടാതാണെങ്കിൽ കൂടിയും.....
    നമ്മെ വല്ലാതെ അത് വേദനിപ്പിച്ച് കളയും


  • blooded_lines 216w

    Waking up before the morning preparing the sweatest food,the caring shoulders,her loving hand on the head,the smile that erased tears,a world she builded up between four walls ,making them her whole world,the kitchen knows all her music,the songs which was left behind the cleaning vessels,that lap that could relay on, no matter what the insecurity is,her voice the most secure sound that will hear,there are no words yet to define you,you are always the best, blessed to be yours Ma,wish you a happy birthday mother,blessed to be yours♡

  • complicated_prsn 229w

    Harami se lekr Jahil hoo tum...
    Mere liye Dosti se bhi badhh kr hoo tum...
    Dramey tere hain annek ...
    Aur harr time ane mein late..
    Pr woh jo smile tere se nhi ho pati fake
    Buss chale toh romantic movies mein dubb jaye tu..
    Ek dum pagal hai aur cuteness ki dukan tu...
    Mr. Nautanki se jada mahan ho tum..
    4 mahine mein darshan do woh eid ka chaandh ho tum..
    Marr pade tujhe aaj kyun ki ese bhi lattkhor hee hoo tum
    Paar unn sabhse pehle mere idiot hoo tum
    Happy Birthday Vinu..