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  • iamsatyajitrout 1h

    Walk untill you touch your destination...
    Drink one cup of coffee untill all of your sorrows drowned...
    Be generous to give help and love...
    Indulge to spend some time alone...
    Educate yourself from past incidents...
    Prepare for the worst...
    Keep strengthening your mind and soul...
    Revisit your old hobby sometimes...
    Give priority to your loved ones...
    Sit in silence and breathe...
    Walk barefoot on grass...

  • let_me_make_you_laugh_gj 4d

    This not meant to hurt anyone sentiments.. It's just view towards life... It's just meant to laugh don't take it personally especially if you are topper.. So i Apologize in the beginning itself ����
    Okay it's beginning of the day but still it's all funny you know let me tell you something funny of being topper I make economy in my life balancing every day of mine with equality on both side I do business with my thoughts so I score up in the sky ☁I hope you all can guess the subjects by above line.. ��if yes the reply the emoji with answer in comment side okay. ..

    The one thing the world fears no no students only when externals arrive can you guess the process of the title if yes then comment with ����this inside...
    Okay okay ho gya guess toh start krte guys
    Okay let me introduce you to life of topper in school life okay r u all ready...
    Popularity bhaisahab inkei kitne h �� kei log no. kei piche bhagte h mazak ni hakikat h yeh
    Yes do you think they have friends might be but reality is all fake around..
    After every class inke copy ��pei akraman ⚔️ hota h �� n what else can they do the good ones surrender in the war... Okay I know you all have guessed what puzzle was in beginning... ��

    It's about viva of topper okay let me start the roll no was called with perfect greetings exchange sitting on chair ��like bhai ab aya na apna time ⌚okay the external asked what's ur favorite subject
    Response was: All are my favorite ones... �� Then the external as he was commerce teacher was ��shocked okay after that question started as he thought he being fooled by student but truth at last was actually amazed let mein continue ...
    Being a commerce teacher he asked questions about economy & account as well because in beginning all are my favorite one line killed his spirit �� After all answers given correctly being amazed �� he tried to pursue topper ki commerce hi sabse accha h smjhe ki ni ... Mazak h kya... At last while evaluating time he asked do you know who is the topper of your class??
    The response was.. Point towards yourself I am the topper of my class �� the shock n expression on his face was remarkable ��
    Sabse accha complement topper ko kya milta h companions sei examination hall
    "Bhai abhi hamne question dekha v puri tarah sei r iska paper complete ho gya... ��

    Try to laugh a bit okay one thing I wanted to know how do you make your life sweet?
    By adding sugar daily ����

    It's full of guesses I know it's not too funny but i will come something more funny... Next time
    If you like do mention your friends under comment section...
    Enjoy ready...
    ������N try to laugh��

    #laugh a bit if you can#funny #smile #be happy��

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    Let's laugh how interesting Life Is ??

  • borahae_07 1w

    Yah! Be yourself and do your Best until your says that you are the Best


  • snehatiwari_ 1w

    #be a real man #be humans ..

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    Rather than being a man of attitude ,

    Be a man of morals...

  • snehatiwari_ 1w

    #be humans ,
    No need to show your wildness


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    If a girl says no ,
    It means no
    You don't need to throw
    Acid on her face ,
    Just for your ego satisfaction

  • snehatiwari_ 2w

    #we need to speak for ourselves
    Speak for urself as well as your daughter ..
    #be independent

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    Be brave .

    Dear girls ,
    Stand and speak for yourself ...
    If you have married someone doesn't mean
    You have to tolerate abuse ,
    If u sign for divorce doesn't mean
    You are characterless
    If u speak for yourself doesn't mean
    You are worthless

    Stand and speak
    Speak for ur rights

  • rakshupari 3w

    #be confident #be you #Stop makeup

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    Reality check

    Confident is the best jewel one can have . Your confidence makes you more beautiful and classy. So stop wearing makeup wear confidence.

  • walkingshadow 3w


    If They don't value your sacrifice.
    Don't sacrifice your value.

    ©Walkingshadowpoetry by Precious Owoko.

  • cassiopeia_sky 4w

    Release Me

    Release any preconceived notions or subconscious conditioning that you allowed to control your life be free to allow abundance to fulfill your needs

  • anammm 4w

    #be yourself....

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    हकीकत रूबरू हो तो अदाकारी नहीं चलती,
    खुदा के सामने बन्दो की मक्कारी नहीं चलती___

    तुम्हारा दबदबा खाली तुम्हारी ज़िन्दगी तक है,
    किसी की कब्र के अंदर ज़मीदारी नहीं चलती....

  • sweetwords 5w

    Push yourself to the good part of life,
    b'coz no one is gonna do that for you.

  • harithareddy 5w

    #hoping for a new journey which puts my heart full of joy and prosperity#make prayers #make dreams#create happiness#create youself#be with many#be with joy and love#

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    Merry Christmas

    I wish all my prayers come truee....

    I hope Santa will put us into our prayers & dreams

  • jeetspeaks 5w

    Be yourself

    Be yourself. No role models. You yourself can do wonders. Have that confidence. Role models may be wrong at some point. But you can create the best version of yourself. Yes, you can look at others from time to time for some inspiration but this version should be absolutely original. No copy paste.

  • holybible 6w

    रोमियो 1:28

    जब उन्होंने परमेश्वर को पहिचानना न चाहा, तो परमेश्वर ने भी उन्हें उनके निकम्मे मन पर छोड़ दिया कि वे अनुचित काम करें।
    © HolyBible

  • holybible 6w

    Psalms 18:24 (KJV)

    Therefore hath the LORD recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.

    © HolyBible

  • inked_by_charu 8w


    Nothing in this world is ours,
    We're not gonna keep anything forever..

    After all this world is Rented,
    And our deeds are the pays!

    Then why should we be selfish?


  • nike_zaher40 8w

    What makes you special , is being different!✨

  • blue_nib 9w


    The crust was smooth !!!
    Seemingly clam and quite...
    But, beneath boiled the lava...
    In the core, everything was unsettled...
    The undercurrent were hidden...
    By that slim blue film of water...
    Yet preparing for tsunami eruption...
    Thee was judged by his face...
    Irrelevant, every second he fought...
    A war within...
    To prove to the world that...
    He is quite and clam ...
    As he knew the eruptions...
    Will melt the cacophony voices...
    Judging him every second...
    Instead he choose to remain quite¡¡¡


  • bukkki 10w

    #Be wise
    #Be you
    #Be all shades of good

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    Life gives opportunities to be better and badder, one therefore writes his fate.

    The journey of life centers on two characters: the rich and poor. It covers the battles fought by those in the slums covered with guts and those conceived in affluence set to influence.

    At two cross road, one is only allowed to trade on one path, ensure your pathway opens the gateway for therein lies the treasures of earth.

    Be wise and upright
    For all that glitters now look like gold. Beating them comes with resilience.
    Therefore note the road never promises to be easy but is easy.
    Understand your root and know this truth.

  • bukkki 11w

    Be Better

    Its next month
    It's festivity
    It's love
    It's peace
    It's colourful
    It's Family
    It's you and I
    Be better